Teeth Whitening For Kids – Parents Should Know!

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Due to the excessive consumption of sugary candies and soft beverages like soda or bubble tea, children nowadays are more likely to experience discoloured and yellowish teeth at a young age!

The common solution that most parents opt for is to use teeth whitening products. However, is it 100% safe to use teeth whitening for kids? How to offer and teach your children proper oral hygiene? Keep following our article to get the answer!

Is Teeth Whitening Unsafe For Kids?

Although teeth whitening products are generally safe for small children to remove stains and brighten their teeth, there remain some potential risks to too young ones.

For example, the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide can make their teeth less yellowish by intensively eliminating food particles and stubborn stains; this power can adversely cause tooth sensitivity.

If your children use whitening products with this ingredient for a long period, they will likely run the risk of decreased enamel and tooth numbness.

Moreover, as most teeth whitening variations on the market taste pleasingly fresh and sweet, there is a chance that your kids can accidentally swallow the strips, consequently lead to negative impacts on your children’s teeth and health.

Therefore, when considering teeth whitening for kids, you should always consider their age, product ingredient list and safety level. Never fail to supervise and instruct your child to use such products correctly.

How Age Is Ideal For Teeth Whitening In Children?

Teeth whitening in children

Teeth whitening in children

If kids use teeth whitening products before their adult teeth come out, they are prone to breaking down their tooth enamel and damaging their gum tissues. Those consequences can lead to negative dental health in the long run.

Therefore, it is advisable to let your kids use teeth whitening when they reach fourteen or fifteen years old or older and make sure that they have replaced milk teeth with adult ones.

Using Teeth Whitening Products For Kids

Among the teeth whitening products on the market, a custom-fitted tray is the best choice. You can let your kids use it at home as long as they are under careful supervision. This solution contains a lower peroxide amount than others, so it is safe and allows frequent use.

No matter which method your kids are using, it is vital that you keep them under control and supervision since potential choking incidents may occur.

Use Of Whitening Toothpaste

As the name suggests, whitening toothpastes focus on brightening the teeth while deodorising and freshening the breath. It is worth noting that those products cannot change the teeth’s natural colour. Instead, they only lighten the stains that go deeper into the surface.

Including special abrasives, peroxide and other chemicals, whitening toothpastes effectively break down and dissolve the most stubborn stains to create an optical illusion and lessen the yellowish hue on your kids’ teeth.

Apply Natural Methods For Teeth Whitening For Kids

Natural Methods For Kids’ Dental Care

Natural Methods For Kids’ Dental Care

If your kids’ teeth are sensitive, and you cannot find a suitable product, there are various other natural methods to choose from. One of the commonest and widely used ones is the combination of baking soda and lemon.

Those two ingredients are excellent for deodorising and stain removal from the enamel. The steps are straightforward: mix them and brush the mixture on the teeth. Please wait for a minute, brush and rinse it off carefully once a week to see the results.

Consuming hard fruits and vegetables is another great solution thanks to their scouring action. Carrots, apples, or celery include malic acid, a special chemical effectively removing surface stains and strengthening the teeth.

Besides, it will help if you encourage your kids to limit sugary and acidic food intake to prevent tooth decay and stubborn food staining.

Effects That Can Occur

Whitening toothpastes show both great whitening functions and some inevitable side effects. Without a shade of doubt, a quality product contributes to an optical white and bright smile, makes the breath much fresher thanks to the elimination of food particles.

However, when using whitening toothpastes, teeth of users, especially young kids, can react differently. A more unveiled tooth layer is the most obvious side effect, which can ruin each tooth’s nerve’s protective shield. It means the kid is more likely to feel tooth numbness or uncomfortable when eating.

Another negative impact for young kids is the opening of tiny holes in the dentine layer. Those holes are more responsive when exposed to whitening products and expose the nerve, leading to sharp sensitivity pain.

Prevent Tooth Discoloration After Whitening 

After whitening, if your kids fail to take proper care and maintenance, their teeth will quickly become yellowish and easily catch gum diseases or decay. Not to mention the optical effect of tooth discolouration.

Therefore, here are some tips for maintaining your kids’ bright and shining teeth:

  • Avoid stain-causing food and beverages: try to reduce tea, sports drinks, sodas, tomato sauce and even berries.

Stain-causing food

Stain-causing food

  • Brush your teeth immediately after eating stain-causing food: cutting down on your favourite food at once seems impossible. Nevertheless, you should brush and rinse your teeth carefully after consuming them.
  • Strictly follow oral hygiene practices: it’s best to simultaneously keep your teeth in good appearance and good health. Don’t forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly to remove all plaque or stains. Also, rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash is highly advisable to kill bacteria.
  • Take regular treatments: depending on which whitening method your kids are taking, you should encourage them to have a scheduled touch-up to ensure a bright smile.

In Summary

Overall, using teeth whitening for kids is not always a bad choice; however, there are various aspects you must consider before letting your children use some products.

Age, products’ ingredients and careful supervision are only some main considerations to ensure optimal safety and effectiveness. With small kids, we highly recommend applying some natural methods like baking soda.

After cleaning, never fail to instruct your kids how to prevent tooth discolouration so that their teeth are always in a good state and appear attractive and bright.

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