Best Whiskey Glasses

You don’t have to be a connoisseur to feel guilty when serving a fine Whiskey in a coffee cup. A glass is sometimes everything it takes to change your drinking experience. And when it comes to picking the glass for your poison, the opinions are diverse. So, what are the best Whiskey glasses you can choose from?

This buying guide will now walk you through the different types of Whiskey glasses, the how-to for choosing the best glasses, and the recommendations on the top 10 worth-buying options. Ready to pour yourself a dream?

What are Types of Whiskey Glasses?

Among several types of Whiskey glasses, here are the most common ones.


Also known as the old fashion/ classic type of Whiskey glass, Tumbler has long been ubiquitous in almost all wine cabinets. Its base is normally flat and large, giving the glass space to accommodate big ice cubes.

Tumbler Whiskey Glasses

This classic Whiskey glass also has other names as the lowball and rocks glass. Its wide rim and robust base makes the glass an ideal option for muddling Whiskey cocktails.


The Tulip or Copita glass is a common choice for master distillers and blenders. The beauty of this glass is not just from its flower-shaped appearance.

Tulip Whiskey Glasses

With its thin and long stem, large pedestal, and narrow rim, a Tulip/ Copita glass is perfect for nosing Whiskey, cradling it, and warming it up a little bit when necessary.


Quite similar to the Tulip glass in terms of its shape, the Glencairn is another popular option for those who don’t really enjoy stemmed glasses. A Glencairn glass, however, is a more robust vessel, catering to drinkers who want to appreciate the exclusive Whiskey spirit.

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

Solid base and tight rim in a thick glass, the Glencairn could be substantial for convivial drinking. It’d be a better idea to use it to learn how to swirl Whiskey and try nosing it for full appreciation.


There are many names to it – Cognac, balloon, and brandy bowl. The design of a snifter glass comes with a large body and narrow rim, facilitating the release of vapours. That’s why it is commonly used when Whiskey comes near cigars.

Snifter Whiskey Glasses

It deserves some light warm-up – an excellent choice for a slow sip of aged spirits. In some other cases, Snifter glasses bring about pleasant aromas in the smoking room.


Mixologists usually find themselves sticking to the highball glasses. As its name implies, a highball glass is best at preventing spillage. Because of their shape, it’s fair to say they are a cousin of the Tumbler glasses.

Highball Whiskey Glasses

The height of this glass makes it easier to mix plenty of ingredients. For this reason, highball glasses have become increasingly popular when cocktails and mixed soda are widely favoured.


NEAT is short for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology. A fun fact is that NEAT glass was originally a result of a glass bowling mistake.

NEAT Whiskey Glasses

With its open-mouth shape, a NEAT glass can negate harsh vapours from your nose. It pushes light ethanol molecules out of the opening and leaves heavy ones within the wine.

The 10 Best Whiskey Glasses to Buy in the UK 

1. English Pewter Company Tumbler with Monogram Initial – Best Customizable Tumbler Glass

If you are going to stick to the classic but don’t mind a pleasant surprise, English Pewter Company Tumbler Glass with Monogram Initial is undoubtedly a great idea. It’s an old-fashioned tumbler glass with a customizable pewter badge.

You can choose an initial and inform the supplier to have it on the peter badge. With its exclusive twist in the presentation, you can make it a valuable gift.

English Pewter Company Tumbler with Monogram Initial

The glass is well contained in a gift box and velvet bag. And the best thing is, the badge won’t come off easily. This glass can serve as your favourite item or a gift that can stand the test of time.

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However, there are some glasses of thi kind produced with a default flaw on the back of it. There’s also no option to replace it with a new one. The advice here is to carefully remind the supplier about your chosen initial and the overall glass quality before settling down with your buying decision.


  • Personalizable choice of initial
  • Classy gift box and velvet bag
  • Hand made pewter badge
  • Beautiful and durable presentation


  • Imperfection on the back of the glass
  • No option to replace

2. UKBOQO Set of 2 Homii Cocktail – Best Modified Tumbler Glasses

A set of 2 Tumbler glass with an interesting twist in the design, UKBOQO Set of 2 Homii Cocktail is the choice for those looking for a fresh breeze in their drinkware. Its modified Tumbler design creates an aesthetic look and feel to your drinking experience.

UKBOQO Set of 2 Homii Cocktail

With its gentle curves around the glass, the shape brings a natural liquid motion when the liquid is inside. If you are one of those who enjoy giving your wine a caring look before drinking, this UKBOQO Set is right up your alley.

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Because of its modified design, it can be an unwanted break during the shipping. That seems to be the primary reason explaining its 90-day money-back guarantee.

A downside of its design is that the glasses are a bit thin, and the lip shape is quite unusual. This glass then may not be a good idea for those who are new to the experience.


  • Modified Tumbler design
  • Natural liquid motion in the drinking glasses
  • Elegant appearance
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Unusual lip shape around the glass
  • Glasses are a little bit thin.

3. Van Daemon Twist Whiskey Glasses Lead-Free Crystal Rocks – Best Set of 2 Tumbler Glasses

If you are looking for a set of two traditional Tumbler glasses with just a gentle twist, Van Daemon is then a good idea. Unlike the UKBOQO, Van Daemon glass’s design sticks more to the original Tumbler version.

Van Daemon Twist Whiskey Glasses Lead-Free Crystal Rocks

The glass base is robust, quite heavy, and solid, giving it the real heft and substance. The glasses thus come with a firm grip and a strong feeling on hand.

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A solid design should always couple with a secure box. That’s also true to the Van Daemon Set. The gift box is secure with a magnetic closure, ensuring the glasses arrive safely in perfect condition.

However, some boxes are reported to be scruffy, which can be a sign of it being stored in the inventory for a long time. In these boxes, the glasses may come with slight “join” marks.


  • Old fashioned design with a contemporary twist
  • Robust and solid glass base
  • Stable heft with a sense of strength
  • Secure gift box with magnetic closure


  • Outer box is a bit scruffy
  • “Join” marks in the glass

4. RCR 25766020006 Melodia Crystal Hi-Ball – Best Highball Glasses

Made in Italy, RCR 25766020006 Melodia Crystal Hi-Ball is one of the best highball glasses to serve Whiskey. Its bright material is also one of the top-notch in the crystal glass panorama. If you want a set of highball glasses that sparkles both on your hand and on the shelf, this is it.

RCR 25766020006 Melodia Crystal Hi-Ball

Specifically, the material has a luminous effect, making the entire glass reflect gleams and lights. Combined with a stunning Melodia shape, this set of 6 highball glasses are ideal for your dinner party.

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Besides the ability to refresh your glassware and make the drinks look as good as they taste, RCR 25766020006 Melodia Crystal Hi-Ball won’t cause much trouble when cleaning. They are scratch and friction-resistant; you can either wash by hand or dishwasher.

Even though the glasses come with a high-quality and durable material, the rim is quite vulnerable. The glass base is also heavy, making it quite an exercise to hold it for a long time.


  • Bright material with great sonority
  • Luminous effect
  • Stunning Melodia shape
  • Scratch and friction resistant


  • Vulnerable rim
  • Too heavy at bottom

5. Glencairn Whisky Nosing Tasting Glass – Best Glencairn Glasses

If you are familiar with nosing and tasting Whiskey, a Glencairn glass is a highly with-buying item. The glass is specifically designed for full appreciation of the wine.

Glencairn Whisky Nosing Tasting Glass

With its tapered mouth, the Glencairn glass concentrates the aroma, making your Whiskey nosing an enjoyable experience. Also, the wide bowl allows for full appreciation of the wine colour. This gives you much time to take a dear look at your Whiskey. Chances are that it might even prompt a visual effect, having you develop a strong crave for the liquid inside. And your drinking time would be more enjoyable than ever.

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The aesthetic aspect does not stop at that. Its wide bowl and tapered rim are well balanced on a decent weight base. The design not only gives it a sophisticated appearance but also promotes the stability when holding it in your hand.

This Glencairn glass, however, is more suitable for tasting and nosing in a slow manner. If you want to quickly savour the Whiskey, the classic Tumbler glass is still a better choice. Another thing to be aware of is its package. It’s not a set/ gift box; the package is thus quite flimsy, remember to always be gentle when unboxing it.


  • Tapered mouth for ease of nosing
  • Wide bowl for full appreciation of Whiskey colour
  • Well balanced with a decent weight base
  • Sophisticated appearance


  • More suitable for slow tasting and nosing
  • Flimsy package

6. Arcoroc Viticole Tasting Glass – Best Tulip Glass

Quite similar to the Glencairn glass, the Arcoroc Viticole Tulip glass is another option for swirling and nosing. With its elegant Copita shape, Arcoroc Viticole glass serves as an effective funnel for the scent.

Even though the shape is formed as an exquisite Tulip, its feel on your hand is not fragile at all. It may look small at first, but its capacity is enough for both sampling your wine with just a tad of it and drinking yourself out over and over.

Arcoroc Viticole Tasting Glass

Arcoroc Viticole Tulip glass is made of Annealed glass, a high-quality glass that is durable and 100% dishwasher-safe. Its first impression may be a delicate little glass, but it can stay with your wine tasting experience for a long time.

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On top of that, the glass is well wrapped in bubble wrap upon delivery to make sure there’s no damage during the transit.

A downside of the Annealed glass is that it is quite thick and heavy, which does not align well with the appearance of the glass. For this reason, if you are demanding in picking a crystal glassware, this Arcoroc Viticole may not suit your preference.


  • Ideal for swirling and nosing
  • Elegant Copita shape
  • Well wrapped in bubble wrap
  • Not too fragile-looking


  • Glasses are too thick
  • Not real crystal

7. Luxbe Cognac Brandy Crystal – Best Snifter Glass

Luxbe Cognac Brandy are small balloon/ snifter glass that should accompany connoisseurs when enjoying an alco spirits. Their tapered rims allow the flow of the drink to easily come forward to the front palate and highlight the spirit’s richness.

Made by leaded-free crystal, Luxbe Cognac Brandy glasses are a delicate addition to your drinkware. There should be no worry about lead leaching into the Whiskey spirits.

Luxbe Cognac Brandy Crystal

While inheriting the sophisticated design from Glencairn and Tulip glasses, Luxbe Cognac Brandy comes with a more stable posture. Luxbe Cognac Brandy sits comfortably on your hands, making it an excellent alternative to long-stemmed glasses. So if you prefer a more modern look to your stemmed drinkware, this tulip-shaped glass can do a great job.

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As made from pure crystal, the Luxbe Cognac Brandy can be a bit too thin for certain connoisseurs. The design also enhances the tasting experience rather than nosing. Consider this drawback when making your buying decision.


  • Tapered rim to highlight the wine richness
  • Leaded-free crystal
  • Great alternative to long-stemmed glasses
  • Sits on hand comfortably


  • Glasses are too thin
  • More suitable for tasting/ drinking than nosing

8. Wine Enthusiast ‘Ultimate’ Whisky Tasting – Best NEAT Glass

Wine Enthusiast ‘Ultimate’ Whisky Tasting Glass deserves to be on the list for its design. With a wide rim, narrow neck, and large bowl, this glass accentuates the aroma while making sure it’s not too harsh when nosing.

When Tumbler, Glencairn, and Tulip glass becomes too familiar, a set of two NEAT glasses on the shelf will give you an interesting twist to the collection. Its interesting shape may provoke you into wine tasting more often.

Wine Enthusiast 'Ultimate' Whisky Tasting 

This Wine Enthusiast set of two also comes with a perfect size for the hand. Its design won’t cause any difficulty in both holding and swirling the wine. Not just Whiskey, this set is suitable for almost all wine tasting experiences.

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However, if you are new to wine tasting, this type of glass can take time to get used to. As the design is quite different from other common Whiskey glass, drinking from it can be quite a challenge.


  • Wide rim with a narrow neck for less harshness when nosing
  • Reduced burn and increased aroma
  • Interesting shape
  • Perfect size for the hand


  • Quite difficult to drink from
  • Take time to get used to

9. Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Set of Two – Best Unique Design

Bormioli Rocco Sorgente is a set of two unique contemporary Whiskey glasses. It’s fair to say that they belong to the Tumbler glass category, but the design reaches a bit beyond the traditional form.

Bormioli Rocco Sorgente

The Bormioli Rocco Sorgente may come out larger than you expected. With the capacity of 420ml, big ice cubes will still fit in perfectly. On top of that, the ridges and twists in the glass allows for a firm grip. These traits seem to balance out the bulky appearance of the glass.

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Thick glasses and nice curls on the surface, Bormioli Rocco Sorgente glasses bring about a nice ring when they are clinked. With this, it goes without saying that they go well with any party that needs some noticeable clinking or toasting. Just imagine how ear-pleasing it would be to hear hundreds of delicate clinks as these classes contact each other!

As they are quite big and heavy, the Bormioli Rocco Sorgente glasses should not be an option for slow tasting. Holding it for a long time can also be an exercise, you will feel its weight pressing down from the base on to your palm.


  • Unique contemporary design
  • Large capacity
  • Ridges and twists in the glass for a firm grip
  • Nice ring when clinked


  • Not suitable for slow tasting
  • Can be too heavy to hold for a long time

10. Jiaan Cigar Whiskey Glass – Best Tumbler Glass with Indented Cigar Rest 

Jiaan Cigar Whiskey Glass is a must-have item for anyone looking for a way to enjoy the wine and the cigar at the same time. Its innovative design comes with a groove for the cigar, eliminating the hassle of holding too much in one hand.

Jiaan Cigar Whiskey Glass

The indented cigar rest gives a good hold while creating a rough and unrestrained vibe for the overall appearance. Imagine you are at the party and need your hand to play poker, Jiaan Cigar Whiskey Glass should be there to save the day.

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Besides the creative design, Jiaan Cigar Whiskey Glass is also a crystal clear artwork with the see-through, square-like shape that curves in a little on all sides. Present it as a gift, and you’ll bring a pleasant surprise to the receiver. (If that is your boss we are talking about, this is an absolute key to scoring some points with him)

Despite its high-class material, Jiaan Cigar Whiskey Glass cannot avoid the stain from the smoke. And because it is specifically designed for cigar rest, this whiskey glass should not be an option for those not smoking.


  • Innovative design with a groove for the cigar
  • Crystal clear artwork
  • Rough and unrestrained vibe
  • Free your hand while enjoy the Whiskey


  • May have stain because of the cigar
  • Particularly designed for cigar rest

How to Choose the Best Whiskey Glass? 

This guidance of choosing the best Whiskey glasses will give you the most important factors to consider before making the decision.

Appearance & Structure

The design and dimension of the glass play an important role when it comes to picking a Whiskey drinkware. The on-hand feeling, the on-shelf look, the aesthetic vibe, they are all the top priorities.

Choosing the Best Whiskey Glasses
Choosing the Best Whiskey Glasses

Specifically, the curled rim should connect perfectly with the lips. You should also expect a balanced weight, a fine smooth touch, and a comfortable fit on your hand.

Ease of drinking

Drinkability is another top factor when choosing a Whiskey glass. The ease of drinking can translate into such specs as the weight of the glass base, wall angle and slope, and the brim diameter. You don’t want a glass that makes the dram suffocated, leaves wine at the bottom miles away from your mouth, or forces you to tilt so much that the wine may bomb your nose.


In any drinking experience, the aroma is always a crucial aspect. However, nosing preferences can be different from people to people. Some prefer the glass to have a narrow rim, so the smell gets more concentrated. Some others like a wide rim so that the spirit can reach out and mellow the mouthfeel.

Best Whiskey Glasses in the UK

Way of drinking

Depending on the way you like to enjoy your Whiskey, the ideal glass type will be different. You may like to drink it at room temperature, mix it with a small amount of water, or savour it on the rocks. Later in our review, this factor will be further elaborated.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Whiskey glasses really make a difference?

Even though it may sound snooty, the answer is Yes. Your glassware choice will have a big impact on how you perceive the smell and taste of the wine.

What is the difference between Whiskey glasses and Scotch glasses?

Surprisingly enough, they are actually the same. Scotch is just a name for Whiskey glasses made in Scotland.

What is the difference between Whisky, Whiskey, and Scotch?

They are in the same overarching category, just different spelling or different location of production.


A proper glassware comes with the territory of knowing how to appreciate Whiskey properly. Investing in an appropriate drinkware is a way to show your care to the Whiskey spirit the way it deserves.

Thank you for reading through this buying guide on choosing the best Whiskey glasses. It’s now time to pick your top favourite from the list and settle down with your buying decision. Cheers!

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