Best Wet Dog Foods

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The best wet dog foods are, without doubt, dog owners’ top choices for their adorable pets. They contain sufficient amounts of carbs, more protein, no cancer-causing preservatives, high fiber but low fat compared to the kibble types.

Therefore, it is understandable why dogs find wet foods irresistible and eat them with a gust. In this article, we aim to provide the most comprehensive understanding of this type of dog food.

Hopefully, after checking out our suggestions, you can find the most suitable one for your pets. Let’s start!

How to Choose the best wet dog foods ? 

Choosing the most suitable wet food for your dogs will not be too hard anymore with these informative guides below.

Ingredients of wet foods for dogs

Must-have ingredients

The key feature, the no.1 necessary ingredient, is nothing but the protein source. They should indicate exactly the name of specific animals like chicken, beef, lamb, etc.

best wet dog foods

Another must-have ingredient is the whole and unprocessed grains. Even though starches and grains are not extremely vital or necessary in canned dog food, you can see them in various types. In that case, the optimal choices are brown rice or wild rice.

Some veggies like potatoes, tomato paste and sweet potatoes are important as well. It is acceptable as long as they are mentioned as fifth or sixth ingredients instead of third or fourth.

Another thing to pay attention to is complete and balanced. When a wet food comes with a ‘complete and balanced’ label, that means it has been tested and earned official approval. So you can be guaranteed about its quality.

Must-avoid ingredients

As a pet owner, you should get away from products with ‘meat by-product’ due to the low nutrients it provides. The same rule happens with ‘modified beef.’

There should also be no artificial sugar/sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or preservatives. Many untrustworthy brands add them to make them taste better and preserve longer. That is the reason why we should avoid them.

Special nutrition requirements of different breeds

Each dog is unique, has special quirks and sensitivities, same as humans. So, highly recommended dog food cannot be suitable for every dog.

best wet dog food Uk

For instance, if your dogs are active and lean, go for wet dog food with higher fat and protein. On the other hand, when your dogs are older and become less active, choosing a dog food with high lean protein levels would be better. And most importantly, you should avoid any ingredient that causes your dogs’ allergies.

Textures or forms of wet dog food

There are some textures of wet dog food on the market, such as pate, mince, stew, ground and bits. It would be better to give your dogs different textures to diversify their meals and keep them keen and interested in them.

Bit or chunks are normally available in a jelly, gravy or broth, which has the highest water content level among all the textures we have just mentioned.

Top-rated Wet Dog Foods To Buy Online In The UK

1. Pedigree Mixed Wet Dog Food 364340: Best dog’s preference

[amazon box=”B077M8CKRV” title=”Pedigree Mixed Wet Dog Food 364340″]

The Pedigree believes all dogs deserve to have a lovely home and a leading nutritious diet. That may be why dogs prefer Pedigree’s wet food to other brands’ wet food. Customers say that even when they have tried multiple different brands, this Pedigree mixed wet food is still the number 1 choice.

So, what makes this mixed wet food superior to others? It combines wet food with higher moisture and dry food with more calorie-dense for healthier teeth and gums to make an incredible mixture.

Besides, the manufacturer also adds numerous nutrients such as calcium for healthy bones, natural fibers for internal health, zinc and flower oil that contain omega 6 for a shiny coat and healthy skin, vitamin E for better immune system, etc.

Most importantly, you can get this wet food just at an affordable price regardless of plenty of nutritious ingredients. However, some experts explain that because of its main ingredient – corn. Corn is inexpensive, but dogs have to take a long time to digest it.

  • No.1 of dogs’ preference
  • Affordable price
  • Contains plentiful, nutritious ingredients
  • Hard to digest

2. Harringtons Wet Dog Food HARRWBUMP-C400: Best balanced recipe for adult dogs

[amazon box=”B07D8QGMST” title=”Harringtons Wet Dog Food HARRWBUMP-C400″]

Throughout its manufacturing time, Harringtons understand which is best for your pets. That is why besides 100% natural, high-quality and healthy ingredients, this Harringtons Wet Dog Food HARRWBUMP-C400 also has many different vitamins and minerals.

The entire ingredients are all carefully formulated to offer an awesome grain-free nutrition free from artificial colours or flavours, no soya, no dairy or added wheat, which is an ideal option, especially for dogs with extremely sensitive digestions.

It also contains botanical herbs for a healthier immune system, rosehip for plentiful Vitamin C and kelp – a rich source of minerals. Some other special ingredients are green-lipped mussel, chicory extract, green tea, dried tomato, etc., which all enhance your pets’ health.

The only problem is it’s leaking mould inside the boxes. No matter how handled the boxes are on the delivery, the tray can still leak, bringing an uncomfortable moment to customers to deal with them. However, the customer service did a great job to solve it.

  • Ideal and nutritious recipe
  • Contains multiple helpful ingredients
  • Grain-free formulation
  • Good customer service
  • Leaking mould

3. Lifelong Complete Food for Adult Dogs 3D3000001AES01: Best value for money

[amazon box=”B07HN43CBR” title=”Lifelong Complete Food for Adult Dogs 3D3000001AES01″]

Are you looking for a high-quality wet food dog at an affordable price? If so, we would like to recommend an option – Amazon Brand’ Lifelong Complete’.

Normally, low-budget dog foods will contain animals and meat derivatives instead of the whole meat, such as a piece of beef or chicken breast as we expect. Although this Lifelong Complete Food is no exception, what we love is, it reflects 38% meat and animal derivatives right in the ingredients list.

If so, customers will be well-informed and pay more attention. It also includes a world of necessary and valuable protein and vitamins for your family’s best friend. For instance, vitamin D3 for stronger bones and teeth; or vitamin E to support immune function.

This product has ‘various sugars’ from caramel syrup as a natural colour. Besides, there are no other sugars added. Unfortunately, not all tastes of this wet dog food seem to be appealing to dogs.

  • Affordable price
  • Contains plenty of useful ingredients
  • Natural colour from caramel syrup
  • Contains 38% meat and animals derivatives
  • Some appealing tastes for dogs

4. Forthglade Complete Wet Dog Food 100317: Best’ no junk or filters’ wet dog food

[amazon box=”B07PJKXG8Z” title=”Forthglade Complete Wet Dog Food 100317″]

One of the most standout options for the best wet dog foods is Forthglade Complete Wet Dog Food 100317. Its mission is to build the closest relationship between you and your furry friends, taking care of each of your four-legged friends’ daily meals.

This complete food is what your dogs need to stay healthy and happy day by day. Forglade focuses on producing dog food completely with natural ingredients, mostly from the UK, added minerals and vitamins.

Besides, it is also free from junk, with no food colourings, flavours and fillers to have a healthier recipe. A balanced diet combines 75% meat content and other carbohydrates and fibers rich in nutrition, such as sweet potatoes and squash.

If your dogs are allergic to grain or have sensitive tummies, this product with grain-free formulation is specially designed for them. Instead of using individual cardboard sleeves as other competitors, the company moves back to use white trays for eco-conscious purposes.

There are no specific negative complaints about this wet dog food, except for some leaking trays because of delivery.

  • Natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals
  • Free from junk, food colours, fillers and flavours
  • 75% meat content with other nutritious ingredients
  • Grain-free
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Some leaking trays

5. Nature’s Menu Wet Dog Food 04NMMP: Best for high-quality ingredients

[amazon box=”B009YRVH0C” title=”Nature’s Menu Wet Dog Food 04NMMP”]

If you want to find the best wet dog foods, an option you should not ignore is Nature’s Menu Wet Dog Food 04NMMP. With more than 40 years of experience, Nature’s Menu has improved its products day by day to satisfy all pets and pet owners.

It only contains real, fresh, high-quality ingredients, 55% of the whole cuts of human-grade meat with tasty fruits, vegetables from reliable farms without meat meals or meat derivatives, artificial colours, flavours or additives.

High fresh meat content creates a complete and well-balanced, awesome wet dog food for adult dogs that are nutritious and digestible. Each can is filled with top-quality ingredients and steam cooked to ensure every nutrients are within the products.

Besides, the manufacturer also adds some vitamins and minerals to keep a healthy and active life. Nevertheless, some customers still have negative reviews about it. They find it quite hard to get food out of the can and difficult to rinse and recycle after using it.

  • Top-quality ingredients
  • No meat meals or meat derivatives
  • Human-grade meat
  • Free from junk
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • Hard to take food out
  • Hard to clean and recycle

6. HiLife Banquet Wet Dog Food 2339: Best for luxury

[amazon box=”B07B79HFTW” title=”HiLife Banquet Wet Dog Food 2339″]

With over 30 years of experience, HiLife knows what your dogs need and designs the most suitable recipes for each developing process, like when they are young, in their prime or during their golden years.

As you can guess from its name – HiLife Banquet 2339, this dog food is an ideal choice if you want to offer a big and luxurious feast for your dogs.

It is made of high-grade ingredients such as chicken breast, liver, vegetables, etc. and a well-varied, rich recipe. It is completely all-natural and free from junk, artificial additives or preservatives.

Unfortunately, this Banquet wet dog food is only designed to suit normal dietary requirements in a particular age group or size. So, you should be careful and check out the ingredients list thoroughly in case your dogs have any other special dietary requirements.

Due to its top-quality ingredients and optimal nutrition in each recipe, some customers may find it quite outrageous. However, in general, the quality is worth it.

  • Delicious, luxurious feast
  • High-grade, nutritious and all-natural ingredients
  • Free from junk, artificial additives and preservatives
  • Suitable for normal dietary requirements
  • Quite expensive
  • Unsuitable for special dietary requirements

7. Barking Heads Wet Dog Food BWLT300: Best for fat dog slim

[amazon box=”B07F899F5K” title=”Barking Heads Wet Dog Food BWLT300″]

Are your dogs showing a sign of being overweight? Or are they simply watching their weight because of health problems? This Barking Heads Dog Food BWLT300 with low calorie is what they need to be happy and healthy.

This reduced-fat dog food uses a lower fat recipe and includes added minerals and vitamins. Made of 85% free-run and fresh chicken, this dog food blends well with garden vegetables and herbs, creating a seriously tasty combination.

Other ingredients are also natural, fresh with no artificial additives, preservatives, colours or flavours. This low-calorie food is only made of high-quality, healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Most importantly, it uses a slow-cooked technique to create a perfect grain-free, yummy recipe for your puppies while still helping them lose a couple of pounds.

Although there is nothing to speak of its yummy flavours, the only minus point is its non-recyclable packaging. This problem is a serious and unacceptable point for environmental lovers, especially today and during this eco-conscious period.

  • Low-calories meals
  • 85% fresh chicken with garden vegetables and herbs
  • Natural ingredients, free from junk
  • Slow-cooked technique for perfection
  • Non-recyclable packaging 

8. Cesar Wet Dog Food 358046: Best for homemade taste

[amazon box=”B071FZV8GN” title=”Cesar Wet Dog Food 358046″]

Keeping your dogs’ health in mind, Cesar always hopes to bring the healthiest, most nutritious and balanced meals with homemade taste for your close dogs.

It is a high-quality food dog that uses a diverse range of hearty and rustic dishes with lovingly homemade flavours. It is not hard to understand why your best friend often craves for more and kee.

Each portion of this Cesar Wet Dog Food comprises thoroughly selected natural and fresh ingredients as what you can expect from luxurious brands’ products. It là a great combination of delicious taste and well-balanced nutrition.

Besides, it contains added vitamins and minerals for more positive energy but free from added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives so that you can be assured about your dogs’ health. A single tray will improve their health, immune system, as well as keep them keen and interested.

From dedicated and enthusiastic manufacturers, this product almost receives no negative comments about the quality.

  • Homemade taste
  • Natural and fresh ingredients
  • Well-balanced diet
  • N/A

9. Natures Menu Dog Food 05AMNMCD: Best for chicken and duck dog food

[amazon box=”B01N6424MP” title=”Natures Menu Dog Food 05AMNMCD”]

Another product from Nature’s Menu we want to introduce in this promising list is Nature’s Menu 05AMNMCD. It is made of fresh, high-quality, human-grade meat together with blended fruits and vegetables, creating a wholesome combination for your adorable pets.

This dog food is nutritionally balanced and complete, easy to serve within a couple of minutes for preparation. It contains high meat content levels (more than 45% of chicken and 15% of duck meat) without meat meals or meat derivatives, no artificial colourings, flavourings or other additives.

It is also grain-free, which is especially suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies or grain allergies. To bring the best nutrition for your four-legged friends, the Nature’s Menu only uses the finest, tastiest and locally sourced ingredients to produce food.

All ingredients will be cooked gently to ensure the best flavours in the cans. So now, let’s see how this amazing dog food can help your dogs’ well being, from cleaner teeth, fresher breath, shiner coat to healthier weight, and so much more.

Everyone appreciates this product’s high-quality, the way it improves their dogs’ development and has no bad comments about it.

  • Fresh, high-end ingredients
  • High levels of chicken and duck
  • Cooked gently to retain tasty flavours
  • Improves dogs’ well being
  • N/A

10. Pooch & Mutt Wet Dog Food TETRA375MP: Best environmentally friendly dog foods

[amazon box=”TETRA375MP” title=”Pooch & Mutt Wet Dog Food”]

Although the Pooch and Mutt is not an enormous brand in dog food, never underestimate its reliable quality. All their products are inspired by Pooch and Mutt owner’s dog that suffered from hip dysplasia. It is easy to understand why he is enthusiastic about creating complete dog food with healthy supplements.

The entire ingredients are natural, locally sourced with fresh vegetables and meat for different sizes and breeds. It contains about 32% fresh chicken, 20% fresh tuna, 4% fresh salmon with vegetables, yucca extract and probiotics for better digestion.

It is a natural complete dog food and a grain-free, cereal-free and gluten-free product, especially suitable for dogs with allergies.

What’s more? In addition to your dog’s health, this product can do good to the world we live in. The company has designed 100% recycled packaging with the TetraPak cartoons. As reported, they can reduce 80% global warming potential compared to cans.

It deserves to be a great option for flavours, quality product, not too rich but perfectly balanced with a dedicated recipe for healthy dogs.

  • Perfectly balanced diet
  • Fresh, natural, locally sourced ingredients
  • Junk-free, grain-free and complete dog food
  • Eco-conscious product
  • N/A

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are the advantages of wet dog food?

wet dog food

There is a wide range of benefits of wet dog food. First, they contain more moisture or greater water content; therefore, they are especially valuable for hydration.

Using wet dog food is an ideal option for dogs who have chewing problems, which can be caused by many reasons, such as losing teeth, misaligned jaws, etc. So, canned food is easier for them to manage.

Besides, dogs seem to show more interest in natural forms of ingredients like meat. It is easy to understand why they tend to love wet food flavors more than a dry one.

2. Is wet dog food better than dry dog food?

To the best of our knowledge, the answer is yes. In general, the benefits of wet dog food outweigh that of dry food. The distinctive differences you can realize are the texture and consistency. The former contains more meat proteins, moisture and less carbs, fat to ensure the best nutrition.

You can see more detailed information about its advantages from the previous question. Meanwhile, the latter is also good for their development, especially their teeth. It is also more cost-effective, convenient and eco-friendly.

Because both types are great for dogs’ well being, nowadays, there is a mixed dog food, which mixes wet food and dry food in each portion.

So, as long as your choice is nutritionally balanced, either type is great.

3. Is a wet-food-only diet good for dogs?

Yes, if you can afford it. Wet-food-only diet is extremely great for dogs as it keeps them active and hydrated, also good for digestion.

The only problem is that the price of wet food is normally higher than that of dry food, so many people cannot follow the wet-food-only diet strictly for their dogs.

4. How often should you give your dog wet food?

Wet dog food is completely safe, healthy, nutritious and offers plenty of valuable benefits for your dog’s development. Therefore, you can give it to your dog as often as you like. You can even carry out a wet-food-only diet for your lovely dogs as well.

The Bottom Line

For many people, dogs are the best furry friends ever. It is understandable why they also want the ultimate diet for their four-legged friends with the best wet dog foods.

We spent time testing, investigating, and selecting some of the options at various brands with the hope of helping you choose the optimal diet. If you still have no idea, why don’t you consider Pedigree Mixed Wet Dog Food 364340 or Barking Heads Wet Dog Food BWLT300?

They all receive lots of positive reviews from customers worldwide, regardless of some minor disadvantages. Let’s not forget to mention that their overall performance exceeds our expectations.

Now, our reviews about top-rated wet dog food come to an end. Make your final decision, and we believe that you will choose a suitable product for your pets.

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