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Sleep plays a crucial role in daily activities because it directly affects the mind, body and nervous system. However, not everyone can sleep well at night.

Also, for that reason, weighted blankets are becoming more and more popular thanks to its positive effects. This product is highly-rated to help you sleep better, as well as ease anxiety and aid sleep.

So, how to choose the most suitable blankets for yourself? Our top 10 best weighted blankets in the UK 2021 can do you wonders! Discover what they are now!

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Type Of Weighted Blankets

Nowadays, there are many types of weighted blankets on the market, and some you may not have heard of. People classify them according to their intended use or the blanket’s main material.

Based On Using Purposes

Based on the purpose of use, weighted blankets are categorized into four main categories: Blankets for adults, blankets for sleep, blanket for autism, and stress blankets.

Among them, blankets for autism is an interesting new type. Special materials are used together with a carefully calculated design to help the user feel secure and mentally stable.

Moreover, blankets for autism create deep touch pressure to stimulate serotonin production – a substance that positively affects the nerves and the body.

This type is suitable for everyone regarding street blankets, no matter if you’re suffering from stress or not. These blankets are favorable for making it easier for you to fall asleep faster and sleep better. With soft material and a slight compression, they will limit wobbling or turning during sleep.

Based On Materials

The main materials often chosen to make weighted blankets include chenille, mink, cotton, and fleece. Of course, each has different advantages that are suitable for specific groups of users.

Chenille blanket: The feature of this blanket is super soft and lightweight; they are proper for those who often face stress or under pressure.

Minky blanket: This material stands out with its ability to keep warm and softness. So, they’re good choices for people with low body temperature or living in temperate climates.

Cotton blanket: cotton creates the best breathable weighted blanket. Hence, it will aid in the dissipation of the user’s body and ensure a cool and pleasant atmosphere.

Fleece blanket: Blankets are made of fleece that can relieve stress and keep the body warm. This blanket is proper for autism or anyone who prefers a warm and comfortable feel.

The 10 Best Weighted Blankets In The UK 2021

ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket For Adult – Best For Improving Pathologies

You’re looking for a weighted blanket that can bring comfort feelings and help you improve your pathologies? This ZZZNEST weighted blanket is for you!

This blanket creates “deep touch pressure” that helps reassure and calm your mind. When using, you will feel like being hugged, which accelerates the process of falling asleep and sleeping better.

ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket

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The reason is this ZZZNEST blanket is made from 100% organic cotton, a material that brings a softer and more relaxing feel. High-density glass beads also help blankets hug the body comfortably, balance the weight, and limit slipping.

It’s notably effective for people suffering from sleep disorders, Restless Leg Syndrome, or those with other conditions such as ADHD, Fibromyalgia, and so on.

However, if this is your first time buying a weighted blanket, consider carefully as this product is quite heavy and can sometimes make you uncomfortable.

Mela Weighted Blanket – Best Of Quality

If quality is the first factor that you always consider when choosing a product, this Mela weighted blanket will definitely worth your investment!

This product is made from 100% cotton that ensures your health’s safety, and minimizes skin irritation. Also, this cotton also keeps heat and dissipates heat to a moderate level, not making you feel too hot or cold.

Mela Weighted Blanket

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Besides, its removable cover is made of polyester to increase ventilation and make you feel cooler. In case you prefer being warmer, you can separately purchase a cotton cover from this brand.

Another advantage that makes users like this product is that it’s filled with glass quartz pellets. This filler keeps the blanket close to your body as you move while balancing the weight distribution.

This product has three sizes available: single, 135cm x 190cm and 150cm x 200cm. And according to the manufacturer’s information, the third one is for adults, but many users affirm that the size is still quite small.

HIGH LIVING Weighted Blanket – Best Budget Weighted Blanket

You want to find a weighted blanket with stable quality but a limited budget as a challenge for you? Here we have a great solution!

Many people believe that “the cheapest is the dearest”, but for HIGH LIVING weighted blankets, this is completely wrong! Because the quality that this product brings will exceed your expectations!

HIGH LIVING Weighted Blanket

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The material is similar to other blankets; this product is made from soft mink fabric to make you feel more relaxed during your sleep. Moreover, the removable cover is made of polyester for increasing ventilation without making you feel stuffy or sweat.

Also, you have two choices of size and weight: the medium size is 122cm x 185cm and weighs 6.8kg, the large size is 152cm x 203cm and weighs 9kg so that it can be the weighted blanket for both children and adults.

There is nothing to complain about except for its small size. Medium (122cm x 183cm) and Large (152cm x 203cm) won’t be suitable if you’re tall or for anyone who often turns while sleeping.

SNUZI LIFE Premium Weighted Blanket – Best For Beginner

If this is your first time buying weighted blankets and still wondering which one to choose properly, you can try this SNUZI LIFE blanket.

The main reason for the popularity of this blanket is that it has the correct and proper weights. While some heavy blankets are typically heavier than what key specs show, this one doesn’t. You have three options: 5.5kg, 7kg, and 9kg; you should consider the one that is closest to 10% of your body weight.

SNUZI LIFE Premium Weighted Blanket

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What’s more, regardless of the design, SNUZI LIFE often chooses cotton to create the most comfortable feeling when in contact. Cotton is not too soft or too hard; this material makes it easier for users to get used to the new blanket.

Besides all the pros, this product has one con that the blanket comes without a removable cover. That means you will have to spend an extra amount to buy separately.

Soporis Deluxe Weighted Blanket – Best Of Design

Choosing any products for your family sometimes doesn’t only stop at its utility; it’s also a matter of aesthetics. If you are looking for a weighted blanket that achieves both of the above, then we have a great suggestion!

Soporis Deluxe weighted blanket impresses users with its design. With a neutral grey tone, this product easily harmonizes with bedrooms of different designs.

Soporis Deluxe Weighted Blanket

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Besides, the removable cover with velvet surface increases the sophistication and elegance of your room. At the same time, it can also increase the ability to keep the body warm.

Last but not least, a 7-layer design combining soft cotton and polyester will maximize stress relief as well as provide better sleep. It also increases the durability of the product even if it’s machine washable.

Although this product is recommended for king-size beds, the real size is quite small if you want to use it for two people. So it would be better if it’s for one person or kids.

Baloo Soft 6.8kg Weighted Blanket – Best Overall

Baloo Soft weighted blanket is always appreciated for its quality, design, and utility. Or even, there are compliments that it deserves to be the first position on the market.

About the main material of this product, it’s a lightweight cotton. The material is blanched carefully to maintain users’ body temperature but can still be breathable, not causing pressing or sweating feelings.

Baloo Soft 6.8kg Weighted Blanket

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The producer also creates a deep pressure touch by balancing the compression from the fillers to make it feel like this blanket is hugging you. This light pressure eases mental stress, stimulates serotonin production, and helps you sleep better.

Moreover, while some heavier blankets are quite small in size for king size beds, you don’t need to worry about the size problem with this product. The largest sizes are up to 225cm x 264cm and weigh up to 11.3kg; the smaller ones also fit in with king-size beds.

There is nothing to disparage about this product, except that its price is a bit higher than average. However, this difference isn’t significant, and the price is still worthy of the product quality.

SCM Weighted Blanket – Best Value For Price

While many other heavy blankets are marketed at the same price but don’t include removable covers, this product comes from SCM and two pieces!

You can use the microlight shell with a soft and cozy cotton face for use on cold days or when your body’s temperature is low. In contrast, a Coolmax shell will be favored by those with high body temperature or living in hot weather areas because of its ability to breathe quickly and dissipate heat.

SCM Weighted Blanket

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And with these two removable covers, you can save energy bills while the blankets also act as air-conditioning products. So you sometimes won’t need the air conditioner or other similar devices.

Moreover, at a mid-range price, this product is still focused on quality by the manufacturer. 100% of microfiber is strictly tested to ensure that it doesn’t create harmful substances affecting users’ health.

You have three choices: the 2.7kg for the kids, the 6.8kg, and the kingsize 9kg. However, according to many users, 9kg is relatively heavy and difficult to turn or change position.

BUZIO Weighted Blanket – Best Weighted Blanket For Kids

Do you need to find weighted kid blankets for your children? Honestly, choosing a blanket for children is even more difficult than for adults because we need to find the right size and material that is good enough not to cause allergies.

BUZIO is the heavy blanket that is often recommended for home product listings. It offers a wide weight range, varying from the smallest size for kids weighing – 2.3kg to kingsize weighing – 9kg. Of which, the weight of 2.3kg, 3.2kg and 4.5kg is what you can consider to choose for your child.

BUZIO Weighted Blanket

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What’s more, this product has the main material of high-quality cotton, which is selected and carefully processed combined with non-toxic glass beads to ensure 100% safety for users’ health. And these materials have also been shown not to cause skin irritation or respiratory ailments.

Like many of the above products, although slightly above average, this product is not sold with a removable cover. That means you have to pay extra money to buy it separately.

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket – Best For Extra Cool

If you’re a “hot sleeper” or you like the feeling of cool and airy when sleeping, YnM cooling weighted blanket is worth your consideration!

This product has a surface made of 300-count bamboo viscose outer-layer. Hence, it makes contact thin, light, and airy compared to other blankets made from cotton or flannel.

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

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Besides, the blanket surface is also tufted to form squares with a moderate size, ensuring the balance of the density of fillers inside and avoiding focusing on the compression at a position.

Also, the weighted bamboo blanket has fillers of glass pellets. This material allows you to wash YnM cooling blanket with the washing machine without worrying about damaging the beads inside.

This product has nine colors for you to choose the best suitable for the room. However, the covers are not included in the package, and you must purchase them separately.

Gravity Blankets: Weighted Blanket For Sleep – Best For Enhancing Sleep

Insomnia is a symptom that many people suffer, regardless of being elderly or young. Therefore, this Gravity blanket was created to help improve the sleep of users.

Because this product has a smooth and cosy velvet surface, it won’t make the atmosphere too hot or too cold, and can maintain the user’s relative temperature.

Gravity Blankets- Weighted Blanket For Sleep

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Because this product has a smooth and cozy velvet surface, it won’t make the atmosphere too hot or too cold and maintain the user’s relative temperature. Thanks to this feature, the compression disperses evenly and embraces the user’s body.

In addition, with more than 60% cotton, you can use this product at any time of year. So, there is no need to buy two blankets for hot and cold weather.

Overall, this is a worth buying product. However, because of that admirable quality and design, the product’s price is quite high compared to the general market level.

How To Choose The Best Weighted Blankets In The UK 2021?


The most important factor you should consider before choosing a weighted blanket to buy is weighing options. Because each of us has different body weights, the blankets’ weight is not the same.

According to experts’ advice, you should choose blankets that weigh 7% to 12% of your body weight. Or according to the rule-of-thumb of many users, 10% of body weight is the most suitable choice.

Best Weighted Blankets UK

As we know, a weighted blanket’s function is to bring comfort and make you sleep better. It can perform that function only if the blanket’s weight creates a slight compression and deep touch that makes you feel like your body is hugged.

For that reason, if you buy a too light blanket, it won’t create enough pressure to make you feel comfortable, and vice versa. Also, heavy blankets can make you unbreathable and toss and turn in bed.


Usually, people still choose the size of the blanket equal to the size of the bed. However, this calculation method isn’t totally correct and suitable for all cases.

So, besides the 10% body weight rule, there’s a rule to calculate the blanket’s length from the user’s chin to the feet. Although many users prefer to cover only the upper body from chin to knee or the lower body from belly to toe, experts recommend protecting the blanket from chin to foot to receive the full comfort.

Moreover, it would help if you also considered the purpose of using the blanket. If you only use it in your bedroom, then the blanket width could be the same as your bed. However, if you regularly use blankets for long flights or long trips, it needs to be more compact.


The thickness of the product usually depends on the gut inside it. Weighted blankets are often stuffed with fillers such as pellets, poly-pellets, cotton, or rice, and of course, each has a different density and thickness.

And as usual, the thickness of the weighted blanket will fall to about 2.5cm. This isn’t a standard or required one; you can slightly change its thickness as long as you feel pleasant when using it.


Whether it’s flannel, cotton, fleece, satin and so on, you will often tend to choose blanket materials according to your preference. However, the material itself also greatly affects the quality of sleep and the feeling when your body comes into contact with the blankets.

Best Weighted Blankets In The UK

If you have a low body temperature and get cold easily, choose flannel or fleece materials to keep warm better. On the other hand, if you sweat a lot at night, choose lightweight cotton for increased ventilation and heat dissipation.

Besides, the feeling of contact is also extremely important. Many people prefer satin material because it feels soft and comfortable to the touch. Meanwhile, others prefer fleece one as it brings a warm and smooth feeling.

The Weighted Pellets

Stone: This is a material that exists in some cheap blankets. The manufacturer put the stone in the blanket to reduce costs, but it’s not comfortable, very heavy, and makes a pile filter sound.

Best Weighted Blanket

Rice, bean, corn: these fillers are easy to find and don’t cost much. However, they aren’t suitable for long-term use because when you wash the blankets, they can be damaged or become moldy, etc.

Plastic poly pellets: This is the most popular material because it’s not too expensive and durable. This material is also within a safe level for the user’s health.

Micro glass beads: they are more prized than others because these blankets make you feel completely soft. Although glass pellets are a bit more expensive than ones, you don’t have to buy several times or worry about the weight distribution because of the heavier weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Choose The Most Suitable Weighted Blankets?

To choose the best weighted blankets for you, you can follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Measure your body weight and calculate the weight of the blanket. You can choose a blanket weight from about 7 to 12% of your body weight or apply the 10% rule.

Step 2: Choose the material you love the most: cotton, fleece, flannel, or you can refer to the information on the materials mentioned above. If possible, don’t forget to check the filler inside, you prefer glass or plastic beads?

Step 3: Determine the size of your blankets. Remember that the best length is from the chin to the feet.

And that’s all. You can enjoy the new blanket now!

How To Wash Weighted Blankets?

If your washing machine is big enough, just throw the blankets in and let them do their missions. Cold or warm water can be used, but remember to choose the drying air’s low temperature. And you can also add some cotton towels to balance the washing machine if needed.

In case your blanket is too big, take it to the laundry!

Are Weighted Blankets So Hot?

This issue also depends on the blanket material you choose. As we mentioned above, each material brings a different temperature.

The materials that can keep warm and heat up include fleece and flannel. On the contrary, satin and lightweight cotton make you feel cooler thanks to ventilation and heat dissipation abilities.

Are Weighted Blanket Machines Washable?

Depending on each blanket’s material and pellet filling, you can clean them by washing machine or not. The manufacturer will attach information about the blanket to rely on that to choose the most suitable type..


Overall, the top 10 best weighted blankets in the UK 2021 has been revealed with helpful reviews and information. We hope this article will assist you in considering and making a decision.

The product that we consider to deserve the #1 position is Baloo Soft 6.8kg weighted blanket. As we mentioned above, this product meets all standards from quality, design to the positive effects it can bring to users.

Anyway, don’t forget to take a look at the buying guide to know what you should depreciate to find out the best one for yourself!

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