10 Best Water Guns Reviews of 2021 in the UK

It is hard to imagine a summer without playing with water guns or pistols. The best water guns will turn your bland summer into an incredible holiday. And nothing is better than participating in the water fighting with your active children, right?

Unfortunately, there are various water guns from countless brands on the market, leaving customers hesitant about making the final decision. In that case, this article is what you need. Hopefully, at the end of these reviews, you can find the most suitable options for your demands.

Top 10 value-packed water guns to buy in the UK

1. Nerf Super Soaker Twin Tide E0024EU4: Premium Super Soaker

Nerf Super Soaker Twin Tide E0024EU4

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Nerf is one of the world-leading toy manufacturers and well-known for its diverse and high-quality in different types of childhood toys. And this Nerf Twin Tide E0024EU4 is no exception.

The most distinctive feature of this water gun is that instead of a single stream, it comes with 2-barrel storage with two independent water streams. Therefore, it can hold up to 970ml of fluids like water at once, enough to get your opponents wet.

Joining the competition with the Nerf Twin Tide, you can be a real aquatic queen or king. Fulfil the water tank, pump the handle back to fire a twin tidal wave of water simultaneously from its double barrels.

Coming in various sizes and styles, this item can unleash different levels of water waves for quite a long distance. So the next time your opponents see you with the Nerf Super Soaker Twin Tide, they have to get ready to get soaked by separate twin streams.

However, the dual output means it uses water quite rapidly, and you have to refill it constantly. During a water fight, this will be a real disadvantage.

  • Dual barrels
  • Twin tidal water streams
  • Easy to unleash the water
  • 975ml tank capacity
  • Requires constant refill

2. Nerf Super Soaker Microburst 2 Blaster A9461EU8: Best compact water blaster

Nerf Microburst 2 Blaster A9461EU8

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Another promising pick for the best water guns from Nerf is the Microburst 2 Blaster A9461EU8. It is a compact water blaster which holds up a full 295ml of fluids for a super water soak.

This compact water blaster can go places the large blasters cannot go, making the sneak attack on your opponent even more surprising and awesome from 10m away.

This sleek and super-stealth water gun can easily fit in the palm of your hand in addition to the water-firing arsenal. To fill up the water tank, twist the cap off, and you are ready to join in your water fight.

However, a small caution of choking hazard can generate small parts during use. So, it is advisable that children under six years old, especially under three years, should not play with this water gun to avoid unwanted incidents. For safety instructions, don’t aim at the face or eyes and only use clean tap water.

  • Super-stealth, sleek, and compact water gun
  • 295 water capacity
  • Fires water up to 10m away
  • Easy to use with the pump-to-fire technique
  • Unsuitable for under 6-year-old children

3. Nerf Super Soaker FreezeFire 2.0 B8249EU4: Best ice-cold water blaster

Nerf Super Soaker FreezeFire 2.0 B8249EU4

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The Super Soaker’s product we want to mention in this article is Nerf FreezeFire 2.0 B8249EU4. It is a pump-action water blaster that can hold 591ml of water. But instead of ordinary water, this water will be ice-cold because the wide mouth cap allows kids to add ice cubes.

You go back and forth with this trigger and shoot water up to 11.5m. When you hold this water gun, you can feel the cold right from your hand. It is not insulated, though, so the ice cubes are going to melt rapidly.

So, nothing is cooler when you shoot this ice-cold water on your opponents on hot summer days. Fill it up, and get ready for a chill competition.

Like the previous products, this water gun is also for kids above six years old and has the same safety instructions. Remember to follow them strictly to have exciting water gun fights without getting into trouble.

  • Blasts ice-cold water from 11.5m far away
  • Tank capacity of 591ml
  • Wide mouth cap to fill with both ice cubes and water
  • Pump-action water blaster
  • Unsuitable for under 6-year-old kids

4. Prextex Water Blaster PR-FFWC667: Best fireman water gun

Prextex Water Blaster PR-FFWC667

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Do your children always play with the garden hose, trying to mimic the firefighter? We are sure they do. You can help them have a creative mind with this Prextex Fireman Water Blaster.

The kit contains a backpack with a medium capacity, a water shooter and a plastic fire cap. That kit surely keeps your kids enjoying every hour, looking forward to having a great bath time, pool time, beach time, and any other interesting summer activities for your kids.

Instead of refilling the water tank over and over again, fill it once and have fun. Besides, its firing distance is comparatively far, about 9m.

Some negative reviews are all about the leaking water issue at the bottom. This water gun becomes helpless when the water starts to leak through the center. Moreover, the plastic cap is quite big for young children.

  • Good capacity
  • Worn on the back to reduce the weight pressure
  • Full protection with fire cap
  • Leaking water issue
  • Big plastic cap for young kids

5. Lenbest Water Gun B0831D39XJ: Best well-built water gun

Lenbest Water Gun B0831D39XJ

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Are you looking for the best water guns to relieve the intense summer heat or play a water battle with your kids? Then, this Lenbest Water Gun B0831D39XJ will be your perfect summer toy to create an unforgettable experience.

Made of 100% safe materials and high-quality ABS plastic materials, this product is durable, tough and long-lasting. So, it will not negatively affect your children’s health when using it.

This water gun offers quite a big shoot distance, ranging from 7.6m to nearly 11m. The distance depends on your pumping pressure. To be specific, the more pressure you put, the longer the shoot distance you get.

To avoid the leaking problem and improve your water time, this water blaster is designed with a top-quality seal, wide enough to fill both ice cubes and water.

Unfortunately, many customers find it annoying as they have to pump constantly to build the pressure. And especially with young kids, pumping this water gun is quite difficult and effort-consuming.

  • Made of durable and high-quality materials
  • Fires water from 7.6m to nearly 11m
  • Pump-action water gun for easy use
  • Top-quality seal to fill ice cubes and water
  • Big water capacity
  • Requires multiple pumps to build pressure

6. Balnore Water Gun B083W1YVVH: Best for family’s water fight

Balnore Water Gun B083W1YVVH

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Water guns can bring happiness, create memorable moments for both children and adults. Balnore, created by full-time mothers and early childhood teachers, is always keeping that in mind, is dedicated to developing toys for kids.

It comes with a pack of 6 pieces for a water fight of the whole family members. It only weighs 60g and holds up to 60ml for each, so even a young kid can easily handle it.

Compared to other competitors with the same styles, this water gun has a larger handle. The manufacturer clearly understands the main reason for losing the water fight is the small and easy-to-slip handle.

It is also easy to operate. You need only to pull back the handle to store water in the cannon and force the handle forward to fire water at your targets or opponents. Because of its easy operation, except for children under three years old, all kids can get used to it quickly.

However, its water capacity of 60ml is quite small, so you need to load it with the water regularly.

  • Comes with a set of 6 pieces
  • Lightweight, easy to control even for children
  • Large handle to reduce slipping
  • Easy to operate
  • Small water tank
  • Requires a regular water pump

7. Edealing Colourful Children’s Water Gun B0725BF7L5: Best for user-friendly design

Edealing Colourful Children's Water Gun B0725BF7L5

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It comes with a set of 4 separate pistol blaster shooter pumps, and each piece will have a random colourful appearance supplied. Children feel attracted to colourful things, so it is easy to understand why they love this water gun enormously.

It is lightweight (only 219g), compact and made of an EVE foam material on the outside for a more comfortable grip. So, how exactly can you participate in the water fights with this water gun?

It is super easy. You have to immerse the gun into the water before pulling the lever back to fulfil the gun with water, aim at your target and shoot it.

The only thing you need to remember beforehand is to immerse the gun completely in water. Although, in general, it is a great water gun to invest in, it has a minus point. Compared to other competitors in this list, its distance range is quite smaller, only for 6m.

  • Various colours available
  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • EVE foam for external materials
  • Average distance range

8. PAW PATROL Water Gun B086K1Z93H: Best water gun with large capacity

PAW PATROL Water Gun B086K1Z93H

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If you want to find reliable water guns, a prominent product you should not ignore is the Paw Patrol Water Gun B086K1Z93H. So, here are what make this water blaster superior to others

One of the outstanding features we would like to mention is the incredibly large water tank, also its backpack, which can hold up to 1.1l. You can fill it easily from the top and be ready to get your opponents soaked from heads to toes as far as 9m.

The large capacity allows you to survive in the fight longer and do plentiful shots before refilling again. Another considerable feature is the adjustable strap.

Many water guns are designed for kids six years old and up for some noticeable reasons such as their heavyweight, big size, etc. With this strap, even children from 3 years can have fun, especially for Paw Patrol fans.

Some customers find the strap is not so soft that it may rub your children’s skin when they do not wear a T-shirt.

  • The large capacity of 1.1 liters
  • Distance range up to 9m
  • Suitable for children from 3 years old
  • The adjustable strap
  • Tough strap

9. Queta Water Gun B07FX1CBD5: The best combination of water gun and cute backpack

Queta Water Gun B07FX1CBD5

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This Queta Water Gun B07FX1CBD5 combines a water pistol and its impressively large water tank of 2-2.5 liters designed as an adorable heart backpack. Without a doubt, this is an ideal option for either the young or the old for the summer party.

It offers practical designs with an independently adjustable strap, which fasten on your children’s back. So our kids still can move with it easily even when they carry a large amount of water behind.

This water gun is also well-built so that you will not find any problem like the leaking issue or non-durable construction. You will be guaranteed to experience the most interesting water play for summer.

Besides, buying this product also means you support environmental protection as this Queta’s item is completely made of safe and environmental-friendly materials.

The only problem with this water gun is its short shooting range. Nonetheless, it did the job well and still a wise investment.

  • Large water capacity of 2-2.5 liters
  • Comes with a cute backpack and adjustable strap
  • Well-construction
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly materials
  • Short shooting range

10. Boxer Gifts Water Pistol PK1003: Best outdoor gift for children

Boxer Gifts Water Pistol PK1003

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Founded in 1982, Boxer Gifts has always kept customers in mind, aiming to bring the top-quality gifts and the most comfortable moments for everyone, regardless of age and gender. And this water pistol PK1003 is no exception.

Even though it has a cute, bright and sweet shape like an adorable llama, never intend to underestimate this water gun. Because anytime a split happens, it splits back right away.

Do you have difficulty in refilling the water in the fights with your friends? It is no problem with this llama water gun. Why? Because it is extremely easy to refill with a pleasant trigger and handle. It brings hours of enjoyment in the hot days.

As it costs only small pocket money, it is understandable why this Boxer Gifts’ water gun is appreciated and got no negative reviews about its quality from customers.

  • Affordable price
  • Adorable appearance as a llama
  • Easy to refill 
  • N/A

How to Choose the best water guns ?

Picking out the most suitable water guns among plenty of options seems to be an impossible task for several people. But hopefully, with our detailed and dedicated buying guides below, you can narrow down some of your favourite choices.

Three main designs for water guns

Pump-action water guns – also known as water blasters

If you want to find the best water guns with powerful artillery, no option is more suitable than a pump-action water gun, which takes advantage of compressed air to fire a stream of water.

best water guns in the uk

Their drawbacks are a big size and sometimes even heavyweight. Though the bigger the size is, the larger the water capacity is, which means it is not easy to move around or pack up for days off and not suitable for small kids.

Basic water guns – cheap and portable 

This type of water gun is an ideal choice for anyone who only cares for a simple, portable toy to have fun at an affordable price. However, you can see some modernized models that have upgraded both in size and tank capacity on the market recently.

It is also an effective way to give some unwelcome garden visitors a warning without hurting them like birds or cats.

Foam Tube Guns – lightweight

For those who are not using water ‘guns,’ this foam tube gun is the most different from the real guns among the three types.

best water guns UK

They are small, lightweight, able to float on the water and have an impressive shooting range. But tube guns do not hold much water in the tank, so you will have to refill them after each shoot.

The total weight

Your water guns’ weight is quite unnecessary for big children, but it is a vital factor when you buy them for smaller kids. Nothing is more disappointing than realizing your new water guns are too big for your child to use.

The tank capacity

Another vital point to consider is the total amount of water that your new water guns can hold. Some versions have a larger capacity than others, thus, require fewer refills. It is extremely useful when you are far away from the water source.

Maximum Spray Range

Checking out the maximum distance of your sprays beforehand is essential as well. For small spaces or water, water guns that can shoot up to 5m are enough. But for those playing in a larger area, you should choose the one of 7 to 10m

Safety instruction

Almost all children’s toys come with an age requirement, including water pistols as well. Take a look at the information on the package to see whether this water gun is suitable for your child or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are water guns dangerous?

We have to admit that playing with water guns is not always safe and secure for children, although its initial aim is to have fun hours in the summer. Some experts also claim that toys should not come with ‘guns,’ which seems to be a word for dangerous things.

Some incidents may happen when a kid unintentionally shoots water into other friends’ eyes, etc. To prevent these unwanted incidents, children must strictly follow the instructions, and parents also have to keep an eye on their children while playing.

2. At which age a kid can begin playing with a water gun? 

On average, most manufacturers encourage children above six years old to use water guns. Meanwhile, for some products with user-friendly design, children who are three years old and up already can play with water guns.

water guns

But in any way, children should only be allowed to play under their parents’ supervision. So when anything unexpected happens, they can immediately assist and support them.

3. Can you make a homemade water gun?

Absolutely. If you can’t afford an available water gun or are interested in doing handmade things, there is good news that you can completely construct a water gun on your own. The main factor in making a homemade water gun is water bottles.

To the best of our knowledge, there are three ways you can try. The first method is using just a plastic bottle. The second one is creating a simple pressurized water gun with a bike pump. And the last method is to make a PVC gun.

For more detailed instructions and a guide, you can check out How to make a handmade water gun.

4. What is the most powerful Water Gun?

All of our prominent picks on this list are highly recommended for their high quality. But if we have to choose the final winner in terms of powerfulness, Nerf Twin Tide E0024EU4 will be our choice.

Instead of having a single stream, this water gun offers twin streams of water for double efficiency. Thus, when you join the competition with it, your opponents need to be careful because they will get soaked twice as normal.

The Bottom Line

Well, water guns are an indispensable item for an exciting and active summer season.

We spent time testing, investigating, and selecting some of the best water guns at various designs with the hope of helping you choose the best option for your precious summer. They all receive lots of positive reviews from customers worldwide, regardless of some minor disadvantages. Let’s not forget to mention, their overall performance exceeds our expectations.

Now, our reviews about top-rated water guns come to an end. Make your final decision, and we believe that you will choose a suitable product for your kids.

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