The 10 Best Washing Machines In 2021

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If you are looking for the best washing machines, you should check our list below. It includes many great products bringing a great experience in laundry.

Buying an excellent washing machine is not an easy task because it needs to meet many of your requirements and unique situations. Some of the factors to determine are process time, clean or spin abilities, etc.

Therefore, today we want to share with you the best products which are worthy of investment.

Top 10 Best Washing Machines In The UK 2021

Let’s check the top 10 best washing machine UK below and find your suitable product.

#1: Bosch WAN28281GB Series 4 Freestanding Washing Machine – Best For Saving Water 

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Bosch WAN28281GB Series 4 Freestanding Washing Machine

The first product on the list today is the Bosch WAN28281GB Series 4.

A machine with a water-saving feature is beneficial because it is friendly for both the environment and your electricity bills. Thus, this product should be the best choice.

Bosch has successfully applied the ActiveWater technology on this washing machine. Thanks to its adjustment system, it can automatically control the water level to suit the clothes capacity.

Moreover, it shows the detail parameters via the LED display, allowing you to observe the washing process easily. The noise level is suitable for hearing ability from 52 dB to 74 dB.

Keep in mind one thing that the door is slightly smaller than a regular front-load machine. Therefore, sometimes you may be troubled with putting clothes in, especially when you are in a hurry.

  • Easy-to-recognise parameters with LED display
  • Intelligent control system to save water
  • Low noise level
  • Slightly small front door

#2: Hotpoint NSWM843CGGUK Washing Machine – Best Setting

Hotpoint NSWM843CGGUK Washing Machine

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Homemakers are often busy with countless chores. Only caring about washing clothes will waste a lot of their time; hence, being able to multitask is essential. Therefore, Hotpoint has designed NSWM843CGGUK with the best setting.

It is easy to set up the duration the machine operates. The delay timer is up to 24 hours, within which you can set up the time to start. Thus, you will no longer have to worry about forgetting to wash your laundry or hang your clothes too late.

This model has an 8-kg capacity, measuring enough for a family of 4-5 people. Besides, if you only have 30 minutes for laundry, you can use the rapid mode for the quickest result. However, note that this mode is suitable for small and lightly soiled items, such as underwear.

The machine proudly possesses an A+++ energy-saving feature. On average, it consumes only 195 kWh/year for every mode.

However, its inverter brushless motor is not enough to reduce the noise. During the spin phase, it is quite noisy, caused by shakes and vibrations. Therefore, it is advisable to put the appliance in the basement or a more soundproof place.

  • Convenient time setting
  • Suitable capacity for small family
  • Energy saving
  • High durability
  • Loud noise during spin phase

#3: Hoover DWOA412AHC8 Freestanding Washing Machine – Best Hygiene+ Function

Hoover DWOA412AHC8 Freestanding Washing Machine

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Everyone wants to have clean clothes, especially when you have sensitive skin. Hoover has solved this issue easily with their model DWOA412AHC8.

The solution is thanks to the Hygiene+ feature, allowing it to wash clothes in hot water conditions. A combination of installed 60-degree-Celcius program and Hygiene+ function plays a role in killing bacteria and cleaning the stuffs in-depth.

As a result, harmful factors for the skin will be removed, and you will no longer have to worry about skin allergies.

Additionally, it only takes 59 minutes to finish a full-load of 12 kg of clothes. You also can mix white and colourful clothes to save time, owing to its All-in-One cycle feature.

This model also has a WiFi connection feature, allowing you to control it via the Hoover Wizard app on your smartphone. In the long run, it is a great convenience as you can wash your clothes while cooking.

You should open the door and detergent drawer carefully because they are made of a not too durable plastic material.

  • Effective in killing bacteria
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Short operation time
  • Controllable via an application
  • Flimsy plastic front door and detergent drawer

#4: Beko WTG741M1W Freestanding Washing Machine – Fastest Process

Beko WTG741M1W Freestanding Washing Machine

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Beko has manufactured the WTG741M1W model to meet your requirements of time-efficiency. Let’s check how it is!

Do you believe this machine provides a 28-minute washing program? The quick mode is beneficial as you can do little things when waiting for it, such as dishwashing, floor or kitchen cleaning, etc.

In the long run, you can use this product every day. It contributes a lot in preventing bacterial and fungus from damaging your clothes.

Moreover, its operation is at average speed with a low capacity (lower than 7 kg) to remove the dirt without wearing and tearing the cuffs and collars.

If you have baby clothes, this one is a great choice. The reason is that its program includes baby mode deep-cleaning and protecting the clothes from bacteria.

Regardless, it is rather noisy when spinning because the inside door’s rubber does not fit the circle shape. If you don’t mind the sound, it is one of the solid picks for the best washing machines.

  • Quick mode for daily washing
  • Low capacity for deep cleaning
  • Baby-clothes program
  • Low capacity under 7 kg
  • Annoying sound during spin phase

#5: Samsung WW80K5413UX Freestanding Washing Machine – Best For Saving Electricity

Samsung WW80K5413UX Freestanding Washing Machine 

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Samsung successfully applied the best feature of power-saving for this WW80K5413UX. If you wish to have a machine that drains less electrical power while operating, this item should be the best choice.

The newest inverter technology is a highlight point. While other machines take around 170 kWh on average for each mode, this model only consumes 116 kWh.

Do you see the difference? It means you can save a lot of money on the electrical bills in the long run by using this product.

It meets the standard requirements of 8 kg capacity per cycle, 77 kg for weight, etc. Especially, the AddWash innovation allows you to open the door and add more clothes after starting.

It also applies the Ecobubble technology that mixes detergent with air and water to create bubbles. This mechanism will maximise deep cleaning and give you the cleanest laundry.

This model has a minor minus, though. The minimum time for an average-load is around one hour. It is quite bothersome if you are in a hurry.

  • Power saving with 116 kWh for each mode (annually)
  • Enough capacity for small families
  • Ecobubble technology for maximising deep-washing
  • Slowly process

#6: Haier HW100-BP14636 Freestanding Front-load Washing Machine – Best Overall

Haier HW100-BP14636 Freestanding Front-load Washing Machine

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It is worth putting this Haier HW100-BP14636 on our top product list because it’s the best overall.

While most washing machines offer a low capacity (casually lower than 8 kg), this model has an average of 10 kg. This capacity is ideal for a family of 5-7 members.

Moreover, the average acceptable noise level is around 55 dB. So, it is one of the great options to choose from as it has a 56 dB level. It is quite hard to detect the noise, and you will feel comfortable during the spin phase.

The best overall assessment also comes from its weight. 74 kg are suitable for an average weight.

Haier also applied the Anti-Bacteria Treatment feature to maximise your laundry’s freshness. They will be friendly with sensitive skins and prevent the allergy by completely removing harmful bacteria.

You should protect the upper cover carefully because it may be prone to breakage. Its materials are thin, average-quality plastic.

  • Low noise level
  • Great capacity for 5-7 people
  • Antibacterial treatment for sensitive skin
  • Low-quality plastic upper cover

#7: Bosch WAU28PH9GB Series 6 Freestanding Washing Machine – Best Control

Bosch WAU28PH9GB Series 6 Freestanding Washing Machine

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Do you believe that you can control a washing machine by just an application? Yes, Bosch has upgraded this product from the 4th generation.

If you use Amazon Alexa, this machine can sync with it to use voice control and accept your orders. You simply need to check the “Home Connect” on the Alexa application, and you can easily control the machine after connecting.

Besides, i-DOS automatic dosing is a great technology for saving electricity. This product minimises energy consumption, and you will not have to worry about the monthly bills.

It allows you to open the door quickly with the Touch to pause button; you can add more clothes during the washing phase. Time to wash also decreases by SpeedPerfect technology, which reduces up to 65% time than the series 4.

This model includes all the features of its predecessor but comes at a higher price due to the advanced upgrade. It doesn’t include “Home Connect” instruction, so you have to discover this feature if you are not familiar with Alexa apps.

  • Great control with Amazon Alexa
  • Time reduction with SpeedPerfect technology
  • I-DOS automatic system for saving power
  • Not budget-friendly
  • Excludes “Home Connect” instruction

#8: Miele WSG363 Freestanding Washing Machine – Lowest Noise Level

Miele WSG363 Freestanding Washing Machine

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Miele understands the uncomfortable feeling when you can’t put your mind at ease because of the sound from a washing machine. Hence, they have released this WSG363 model to solve this issue.

Its noise level while the machine is working has a rating of 46 dB, which is nearly impossible to notice. You are now free from the disturbance in your house every time it spins. An exceptional quietness will bring you a great time of relaxation.

Besides, it has an average capacity of 9 kg for 4-6 persons; washing not only a duvet but several for the entire family at once is possible.

This product provides a quick, powerful wash that uses all the put-in detergent to clean clothes with maximised performance. It only takes 49 minutes for a full-load washing.

Miele has also applied a WiFi connection feature, supporting you to control it from a far distance via mobile apps. You can connect with an online shop or ask for guides, although, in general, the installation is straightforward.

Among many strengths it has, a power-saving feature also attracts many people. It consumes 130 kWh on average per year for each program.

However, its durability is improvable as the outer layer is easy to crack upon strong forces.

  • Comfortable with the lowest noise level
  • Adding clothes easily during the washing phase
  • Saving power with every mode
  • WiFi connection for convenient remote controlling
  • Low durability outer layer

#9: LG F4MT08W Freestanding Washing Machine – Best Lightweight

LG F4MT08W Freestanding Washing Machine

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This product is suitable for people who love to clean. It is really helpful with a weight of 60 kg as the manufacturer tries to decrease unnecessary compartment’s weight to make it as light as possible. As a result, you can push or pull the machine easily.

Moreover, while it operates, the noise it generates is insignificant, from 53 dB to 74 dB level on average. It won’t annoy you, even if you work next to the machine.

You can also save your electricity bills with this washing machine as it only consumes around 137 kWh per year for each mode (based on average usage).

Moreover, you can take advantage of it with many corresponding modes, such as temperature, Vario and spin speed modification, etc.

Its clothes capacity is 8 kg, meaning you can use this machine to clean laundry from 4-5 persons per day. It is suitable for a small family with average demand.

There are no disadvantages detected until now. We will update information about it if we find one.

  • Noise reduction to an acceptable level
  • Suitable capacity for families of 4 – 5 persons
  • Electrical saving
  • Lightweight for ease of moving
  • N/A

#10: Bosch WAT28371GB Series 6 Freestanding Washing Machine – Best For Removing Detergent

Bosch WAT28371GB Series 6 Freestanding Washing Machine

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Bosch WAT28371GB is another version of the series 6, but its highlight comes from the added AllergyPlus, the best choice for people with sensitive skin.

This mode will remove all the detergents on the surface of clothes by maintaining a high temperature (from 40 – 60 degrees Celsius) and a high water level.

Consequently, after hanging up your laundry to dry, there won’t be any harmful factor for the skin lingering. The only thing that remains is the freshly washed fabric odour.

It also has an improvement in reducing 65% operation time and 50% energy drain. In the long run, it is economical for your condition.

The capacity is at 9 kg, so a medium family of 5 – 7 persons can use it.

Yet, this product heats the water slightly slowly. You have to wait more time if you plan to use the ideal temperature for specialised programs such as wool clothes.

  • Removing 100% detergent
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Electrical and water-saving
  • Great capacity for medium families 
  • Heating water slowly

How To Choose The Best Washing Machines ?

If you don’t have much experience purchasing a washing machine, it is advisable to check this buying guide.

Choosing the best washing machines is easy when you keep an eye on the necessary factors which indicate whether the product is suitable for your situations or not.

best washing machines

A Suitable Size For Your House

Does your house have enough space for a big washing appliance? This question implies that you must consider its size.

Before purchasing, you should check your house and decide the suitable place for this machine. It is vital to measure the parameter, including length, width and height.

Besides, a top-load washing machine has a smaller size than the front-load one, but it requires a suitable height to open its door.

An Eco-friendly Product To Save Money For Each Month

You should look for a machine with an inverter technology that drains less electrical power. It also needs to save water for both environmental and economic goals.

best washing machine UK

Determining Fully or Semi-automatic For Maximum Convenience 

A fully-automatic washing machine is a combination of all processes as you just need one button to execute.

On the other hand, with a semi-automatic one, you need to move clothes between two tubs, but this mechanism will save water and allow you to have a break during the process.

However, if you need a product to do everything for you, a full-automatic one is the best washing machine.

Top- or Front-load Type To Suit Your Condition

The basic difference between the top and front-load type comes from the position of the door. It also decides the features, pros and cons of each type as it meets your requirements.

Child Locks 

A washing machine needs to be safe for children; thus, the child lock function is a must-have function. It will lock the machine’s door and prevent the children from opening it during the operation.

washing machines

This feature only appears on the front-load type because the door is at an easy-to-reach height, even for children.


For a family of 4-5 persons, you will need a product with medium capacity. The advice is to choose a front-load one as it provides great capacity from 8 kg or higher. The samples to choose are Samsung WW80K5413UX or LG F4MT08W products.

If your household is larger, you should choose the 12-kg capacity like the Hoover DWOA412AHC8 model.


Each type of washing machine has a specialised design with many corresponding features and modes. It provides suitable speeds and settings for every type of clothes such as whites, woollens, silks, etc. The only task left for you is to choose the correct program.


Questions will pop up while buying the best washing machines, so let’s check some below to get the answers you need.

Does the washing machine consume much water and electricity to operate?

You will not have to worry about water and electric bills at the end of the month because manufacturers have applied modern technology to solve these issues. It’s advisable to choose the one with inverter technology to save electricity.

Semi-automatic machines are highly recommended, for their water-saving mechanism. You can also look for a product like Bosch WAN28281GB Serie 4, which has ActiveWater technology to control the water level automatically based on the clothes capacity.

Is it complex to use a washing machine?

A washing machine will have many modes corresponding to the clothes types you want to clean. If you need a specialised mode, please check the included instruction papers. It will be a piece of cake when you understand the button on the control board.

However, auto mode is always available if you have any trouble operating the appliance. You just need to touch a power and start button to execute it without any mode modification.

Is a washing machine easy to install?

When you purchase a washing machine, you can ask the staff to install it. Yet, if you have to set it up yourself, you should follow the instruction paper carefully.

It is especially important to connect it with a water source. Some machines require the water tube in the vertical position to create a suitable pressure for operation.

Moreover, the washing machine wire is often short, so it is convenient to set it up with an available power outlet next to the machine.

Do I need to clean a washing machine? 

Although its mechanism can filter the dirt through discharging water, you still need to check the washing drum for dust or other particles that stuck on it.

A detergent tray that keeps powder or liquid detergent must be cleaned periodically. The residue often sticks on the surface and causes grime even after completing the process.

Again, if you want to have the best performance, you should clean it regularly.

What are the notes when using a washing machine?

We want to share with you some notes to improve the product’s life span and user experiences.

  • Classify your clothes colour into white/ light and dark because the mixing dyes can damage lighter-coloured items.
  • Classify clothes based on their materials to increase washing efficiency. For example, you will need to wash silk clothes in specialised mode.
  • You can use powder or liquid detergent, but it is advisable to use the liquid counterpart to not leave any residues on your clothes after washing.


With technological development, a washing machine is a necessary tool for our life, and choosing the best one is essential for it brings convenience and time-efficiency.

It is advisable to purchase Samsung WW80K5413UX or Beko WTG741M1W products because they have the most functional roles in our life.

In reality, you must consider many preferences to pick a good one. It’s normal to spend time and effort to find out the factors that bring out the highest quality. After reading this article, we hope you are ready to find a product from the list of best washing machines.

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