Best Washing Machine Cleaners

We all don’t want those stinky residues in our washing machine. It’s thus always a good idea to clean it with a specialized cleaner. And as the market is now saturated with many different cleaner brands, it’s crucial to do some research before making the buying decision. There’s no need to panic; this complete buying guide on the best washing machine cleaners will now put your mind at rest.

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2Calgon 3-In-1 Washing Tablets Buy on Amazon
3Ecozone Washing Machine And Dishwasher Cleaner Buy on Amazon
42x Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner Buy on Amazon
5JYW Store Limescale & Detergent Remover Buy on Amazon
6Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3 In 1 Buy on Amazon
7Hotpoint Washing Detergent Remover Buy on Amazon
8Charminer Washer Machine Cleaner Buy on Amazon
9SEGMINISMART Washing Machine Cleaner Buy on Amazon
10GREAHWD Washing Machine Cleaner Buy on Amazon

Benefits of Washing Machine Cleaners 

There are good reasons for having washing machine cleaners in your home kit. If you are still new to the term, here are the most significant benefits of washing machine cleaners to persuade you to start using some.

Remove residues 

Washing machine cleaners are specifically designed to remove the gunks that build up inside the washing machine. The residues inside the washing machine can be harmful bacterial, pathogens, mould and mildew.

Best Washing Machine Cleaners UK

The damp environment is ideal for microbial growth, which can cause skin allergies and diseases over the long run. Washing machine cleaners thus play an important role in removing these health risks.

Remove unpleasant smells

The buildup of old detergent and limescale bring about plaques, which promotes a breeding ground for germs and releases unpleasant smells. Without specialized cleaners, your washers will harbour stinky odour particles. Even worse, the smell will start coming off on your clothes.

Improve washing performance

Keeping your washer well sanitized with washing machine cleaners is vital for a spotless result of the laundry. Regular maintenance will keep the machine stay at its prime performance for a longer time. As cleaners can pass through hard-to-reach corners in the washer, they help get rid of all the grimes that may slow down the machine.

washing machine cleaner

Clean your clothes better

As cleaners can extend the washing machine’s life, they assist a lot in better cleaning your clothes. Limescale, bacteria, and other harmful products are kept at bay. The machine then works more effectively, saving the energy used to wash clothes.

The 10 Best Washing Machine Cleaners to Buy in the UK 

Dettol Machine Cleaner – Best Versatile Washing Machine Cleaner

Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner is one of the best cleaners on the market for its versatility. It has 5-in-1 cleaning properties, so if you are looking for a cleaning product to thoroughly sanitize your washing machine, this is it.

Specifically, Dettol Anti Bacterial Washing Machine Cleaner does more than just removing harmful bacteria and pathogens. It also eliminates bad odour, limescale, and hidden dirt to give back the lasting freshness to the washing machine.

Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner

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There are now countless multi-purpose cleaners, but if you would prefer to lay your trust in a reliable brand, Dettol should always be on top of the list. The brand has been known for several cleaning products with active cleaning ingredients while requiring minimum frequency of use. You won’t need to come back for it after every two months.

A small downside of the Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner’s formula is that it releases a light smell of acid. And as it has deep cleaning properties, it can be corrosive to metal. Don’t leave it in the basin for too long and everything will be fine.


  • 5-in-1 cleaning performance
  • Remove bacteria, bad odour, limescale, and hidden dirt
  • Reliable brand
  • Low frequency of use


  • Light smell of acid
  • Maybe corrosive to metal

Calgon 3-in-1 Washing Tablets – Best Cleaner to Remove limescale

Calgon 3-in-1 Washing Tablets is one of the best cleaners to remove lingering limescale. This cleaner provides excellent protection and extends the life of your washing machine.

Depending on your frequency of use and the severity of the limescale, you can opt for a suitable pack. Calgon 3-in-1 Washing comes with five pack options: 15 counts, 30 counts, 45 counts – pack of 1, 45 counts – pack of 5, and 75 counts.

Calgon 3-in-1 Washing Tablets

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The Calgon 3-in-1 helps clean your laundry better in every wash. There’ll be less limescale and dirt accumulated behind the drum, in the pipes, and in the filter.

A disadvantage of the Calgon 3-in-1 is that the price per count is higher in smaller packs. Regarding its formula, beware if you have a sensitive skin. Its ingredients can cause mild irritation when they come in direct contact with your complexion.


  • Multiple choices of packs
  • Excellent protection against limescale
  • Cleaner laundry in every wash
  • Ability to minimize energy consumption


  • Need to buy larger packets to save money
  • Can cause irritation to sensitive skins

Ecozone Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner – Best Vegan Certified Cleaner 

Ecozone Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner is a flexible cleaner that can be used for both washing machine and dishwasher.

As compared with the Dettol and Calgon, Ecozone is also a brand with a long history. However, its selling point is quite different from others. Ecozone set itself apart in the competition for its certified vegan formula. The cleaner is packed with soluble wrapper, and the ingredients are all non-toxic and septic tank free.

Ecozone Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner

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Ecozone is quite similar to such home-available cleaning products as white vinegar, Coke, or baking soda. After the cleanup, it leaves a light smell of fresh lemon, which will soon fade away if you leave the washer’s lid open.

As its formula focuses more on the safety, the cleaning performance is a little bit compromised. Putting side by side with other top-notch cleaners, Ecozone is lagging behind. This also means you will need to use this cleaning product more often to ensure the like-new hygiene of the washing machine.


  • No-mess soluble wrapper
  • Light lemon scent
  • Compatible for both dishwasher and washing machine
  • Non-toxic, septic tank safe formula


  • Decent cleaning performance
  • Higher frequency of use in need

2x Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner – Best For-All-Washing-Machines Cleaner

There’s a good old saying: It can’t go wrong with a Beckmann. 2x Dr Beckmann Service-It Washing Machine Cleaner should be the choice if you want something quick and easy.

With its exclusive deep clean formula, 2x Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner can remain effective within 30-40 wash cycles. You won’t need to notice the maintenance schedule so often. Normally, the cleaner works within three months until you need to run another round of cleanup.

2x Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner

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One of the best things about 2x Dr Beckmann Service-It Washing Machine Cleaner is that it works well with very old machines, both top-load and front-load machines won’t be much of a challenge.

That being said, 2x Dr Beckmann Service-It Washing Machine Cleaner works better with limescale and dirt than smell. If you want it to completely remove the smell, a higher frequency of use will be in need. Another drawback of this cleaner is that its package is also quite loose, be careful when unboxing them.


  • Service-it deep clean formula
  • Compatible with both top-load and front-load machines
  • Effective up to 40 wash cycles
  • Ability to clean very old machines


  • Loose package
  • Not quite work with musty smell

JYW Store Limescale & Detergent Remover – Best Cleaner to Remove Detergent Residues

JYW Store Limescale & Detergent Remover is another good cleaner option for removing smell and limescale from the washing machines and dishwashers. The biological ingredients are an excellent treatment for unwanted scent. Even dreadful smell from sinkholes or sewages won’t cause much trouble to this cleaner.

JYW Store Limescale & Detergent Remover 

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The packets are carefully sealed, and once released to the washing machine; they can easily reach to the “challenging” corners inside. After the cleanup cycle, JYW Store Limescale & Detergent Remover gives you back the fragrance-free washing machine.

An outstanding feature of the JYW Store Limescale & Detergent Remover is that it does not only remove the smell but also prevent it from building up. However, it’s advised to use the cleaner once per month for the best result. Also, during the washing cycle, the temperature needs to set up at a high level so that the packets can take a stronger cleaning effect.


  • Excellent treatment for detergent residues
  • Ability to remove bad smell from sewage
  • Useful for hard-to-reach parts of the machine
  • Protection against smell buildup


  • Need to use monthly
  • Require high temperature for best result

Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3 in 1 – Best Cleaner for Front-Load Washing Machines

Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3 in 1 is an ideal choice of cleaner for front-load washing machines. Its 3-in-1 formula can clean, descale, and freshen the washer’s interior. It also includes a treated wipe so that you can thoroughly clean the drawer and drum.

Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3 in 1

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Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3 in 1 does an excellent job at getting inside the drawer, ensuring all the gunks are removed with ease. So if you are looking for a cleaner specifically designed for your front-load washer, Dylon should be the go-to brand.

Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3 in 1 also includes a dye kit so that you can further improve its white clothes washing performance. Your supposed-to-be white clothes but actually pastel or grey due to all the daily dirt smear or sweat blotch that your daily life recolor it with will be pristine clean again!

However, the dye kit may not be a good idea of coloured clothes as it may cause mild discolouration. And please note that this Dylon cleaner is only for use with stainless steel drums; otherwise, it can cause corrosion to the metal.


  • Clean, descale and freshen your washing machine
  • Contain a treated wipe for deep clean
  • Very useful for getting inside the drawer
  • Improve white clothes washing performance


  • Only for use with stainless steel drums
  • The dye kit may affect coloured clothes

Hotpoint Washing Detergent Remover – Best Cleaner to Remove Stubborn Dirt and Grease

Among all mentioned cleaners, Hotpoint Washing Machine 3in1 is best at removing grease and dirt. That’s also the reason it works on both dishwashers and washing machines.

It helps block the grease and dirt buildup inside the appliance. And with its limescale purifier, it’s quite comparable to Calgon in killing limescale and stubborn dirt.

Hotpoint Washing Machine Detergent Remover

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Hotpoint Washing Machine 3in1 is safe to use for all internal parts of the washers. Its strong cleaning effect can thus improve the performance of the appliance over time.

This cleaner does better at removing grease and dirt than odour. And it tends to have the best results on dishwashers rather than washing machines. If you are dealing with washers damaged by oil/grease from the clothes, this cleaner will help. For other ordinary purposes, the use of Hotpoint Washing Machine 3in1 could be quite extreme.


  • Genuine Hotpoint limescale purifier
  • Best at removing grease buildup
  • Can sanitize the internal parts of the dishwasher or washing machine
  • Improve the efficiency of your appliance


  • Not so good at removing odour
  • Work better on dishwashers that washing machines

Charminer Washer Machine Cleaner – Best Professional Odor Eliminator

If your problem is more about the smell than the dirt, Charminer Washer Machine Cleaner should be your choice. Its powerful odour-eliminating formula allows for deep clean of all unpleasant smell, granting your washer a new fresh start.

Specifically, Charminer Washer Machine Cleaner is packed with triple decontamination and active oxygen decontamination properties. It keeps all the bad smells at bay, whether you’re using it for a septic tank or a washer.

Charminer Washer Machine Cleaner

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Each tablet of the Charminer Washer Machine Cleaner is packed individually. This package prevents direct contact between your skin and the tablets, making them 100% safe to use. And for all mentioned reasons, Charminer deserves to be the best professional odour eliminator.

Something to complain about Charminer Washer Machine Cleaner is that it takes time to really take effect. The instructions are also not in English, so you will need a bit more patience with it.


  • Triple decontamination and active oxygen decontamination features
  • Powerful odour-eliminating formula
  • Suitable for cleaning septic tanks and all kind of washing machines
  • Each tablet is packed individually to prevent direct contact


  • Need long time for deep clean
  • Instructions are not in English

SEGMINISMART Washing Machine Cleaner – Best Deep Cleaning Product

SEGMINISMART Washing Machine Cleaner should undoubtedly be on this list as it provides deep cleaning performance for both dirt and smell. This cleaner can effectively remove the harmful and stagnant dirt even if it is invisible.

Comes with a deep cleaning quality, SEGMINISMART Washing Machine Cleaner; however, does not require any learning curve. Simply put a tablet before the washing cycle and let it do the job. There’s no need to detach any internal part of the washing machine.

SEGMINISMART Washing Machine Cleaner

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EGMINISMART Washing Machine Cleaner dissolves slowly when it’s in the washing process. It lasts throughout the entire wash cycle, ensuring the deep cleanup for all surfaces and corners inside the machine.

When tearing the packets, it’s unavoidable to have direct contact with the tablet if you don’t wear gloves. The package outside is also not so durable; there are some reported cases with the packets smashed in each other because of the indecent package.


  • Strong dirt removing performance
  • Effectively clean the harmful and stagnant dirt even if it is invisible
  • No need to disassemble the washing machine
  • Lasting throughout the entire wash cycle


  • Packets are not well arranged
  • Not durable package

GREAHWD Washing Machine Cleaner – Best Effervescent Tablet Cleaner

Among all tablet cleaners, GREAHWD comes out as one of the most effective cleaning products. This cleaner contains high-quality effervescent tablet washing machine cleaning agents, facilitating the removal of bacteria, mould, and mildew.

GREAHWD consists of 12 washer cleaners and one cleaning net. You will need only one tablet for each wash cycle. Simply put it in the net, throw it in the washer, and empty run the machine.

GREAHWD Washing Machine Cleaner

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Despite the fact that GREAHWD is packed with deep cleaning properties, it does not cause any irritation or allergy whatsoever. Even if you have sensitive skin, it should not be a worry at all.

Fresh smell, sparkling clean quality, and low maintenance required, GREAHWD is in this top list for all good reasons. However, the add-on cleaning net is not so durable, and the tablets’ validity period is quite limited. You’d better use them up within two years from the manufactured date.


  • High-quality effervescent tablet washing machine cleaning agent
  • Complete Set of 12 washer cleaners and one cleaning net
  • Cause no skin irritation
  • Fresh smell after cleanup


  • Cleaning net is not durable
  • Limited validity period

How to Choose The Best Washing Machine Cleaners in the UK ? 

A quality washing machine cleaner is an important part of your cleaning regime. Here are the factors you should think about when choosing a cleaner product.

Cleaning purpose

There are cleaners that mention specifically about reducing limescale. There are others just for neutralizing the smell. And there are some multi-purpose cleaners that can both deep clean the washer and leave pleasant scents after cleaning.

WashingWashing Machine Cleaner Machine Cleaner

Cleaner’s texture

There are three types of cleaner’s textures: powder, tablet, and gel. While powder and tablet products provide more concentrated cleanup, gel cleaners tend to work more quickly as they are more soluble in water.

Cleaning method & frequency of use

Most cleaners are used while running the machine on an empty cycle at a high heat. There are some others that can be added in each wash with your clothes. Similarly, depending on your expected frequency of use, you can choose the cleaners formulated for biweekly, monthly, or quarterly use.


If you are sensitive to scented cleaners, go for the fragrance-free products. With that being said, there are always cleaning chemicals in all cleaners; you may notice a slight scent of boric acid when in close contact.

Dirt removal performance

A washing machine cleaner should have a highly efficient active formula. Its enzyme ingredients should be strong enough to be able to remove stagnant dirt and stubborn odour residues.

Best Washing Machine Cleaners in the UK


Top-brand washing machine cleaners these days are normally compatible with both top-load and front-load washers. Their active ingredients can battle mould, mildew, and bacteria, regardless of the washing machine load’s layout.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are some other tips to keep the washing machine clean?

  • Don’t let your clothes sit for too long after washing
  • After removing all clothes from the washer, leave the lid open so that the basin will dry faster, preventing the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew.
  • Clean your washing machine once you notice an unpleasant smell
  • Scrub, wipe, dry the rubber seal (in a front-loader) to prevent moisture

How often should I clean the washing machine?

As a rule of thumb, your washing machine should be cleaned both inside and outside once every month. However, the frequency can also depend on how many times you use the machine every day. And for whitewashers, the cleanup should be more often as the buildup is more noticeable.

What happens if I don’t clean my washing machine?

Soap residues and chemicals from the detergent are trapped inside the washer’s basin. They can clog the mechanism, causing the machine to work less effectively.

Can Coke, baking soda, bleach, and white vinegar clean the washing machine?

Yes, they all have grease-busting abilities. However, if you want to save your time and effort for the cleanup, a specialized cleaners for washing machine is more recommended.

Are washing machine cleaners safe to use?

Yes. While providing intensive clean to the washer, most quality cleaners are 100% safe to use and won’t cause any damage to the machine. However, to avoid adverse reactions, you should never combine cleaners with any other cleaning products.

The Bottom Line

If your washing machine smells funny or there’re some noticeable specks of dirt inside it, it’s about time to give it a fresh start again with a cleaner. Our buying guide has just walked you through 10 best washing machine cleaners. Don’t let your maintenance work be such a hassle. Let the cleaner do its job, lay back and take a rest.

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