Best Vented Tumble Dryers

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Have you recently realised that the weather in the U.K. becomes too wet and milder in the winter, while it is hotter and prone to heavy rain in the summer? It is an effect of climate change. More or less, you have to take actions to adapt to such a situation. For example, consider these following best vented tumble dryers and bring one home.

This tool helps dry out your clothes quickly inside the house without leaving any odours.

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Best Vented Tumble Dryers: Unbiased Reviews

Cookology CMVD25WH Mini Dryer – Best Budget

[amazon box=”B07PHV59HH” title=”Cookology CMVD25WH Mini Dryer”]

Vented tumble dryers are preferred for their affordability, but you will be surprised that the Cookology CMVD25WH Mini Dryer is that cheap.

Still, the features are beneficial.

First off, many single occupants will fall for its compact size. The machine is only 66 x 53 x 43 cm, small enough to sit on your worktop or be mounted on your kitchen wall without causing bulkiness.

Secondly, there are several drying modes despite the mini size, including Cool, Warm, Hot, Anti-Wrinkle, and Air Dry. The Cool is ideal for handling recently-dried clothes; the Warm and Anti-Wrinkle prevent wrinkles; the Hot is to dry a lot of clothes as fast as possible, and the Air-Dry is to refresh your clothes with cool air in the summer.

You can choose one mode with a push-button and dial. The timer is also available.

Thirdly, the load capacity is around 2.5kg which is suitable for one or two people.

In drawbacks, the efficiency is just around 800W, so it takes longer than other big models. Moreover, it fails to dry thick fabrics like an odd towel after a bath.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Light and portable around
  • Various drying programmes available
  • Easy to operate with button and dial
  • Average efficiency
  • Not for thick fabrics

Technix TKDV25W 2.5KG Dryer – Best Compact

[amazon box=”B07ZJR2XN3″ title=”Technix TKDV25W 2.5KG Dryer”]

The Technix TKDV25W is also able to dry 2.5kg of clothes at a time like the Cookology machine. Nonetheless, its dimensions are even smaller, making it the best compact out of the ten best vented tumble dryers.

Accordingly, the unit is around 41 x 49 x 58 cm, and the whole weight is 17kg. Such a bedside cupboard size means it is not a problem with the installation. You can place the dryer on any flat surface and have its hose through an open window so the team can get out.

Even better, the opening door is 180-degree. You can open it easily, even in a limited space.

The machine offers five standard drying programs with benefits as you see in the first product in terms of performance. They are Cool, Warm, Hot, Anti-Wrinkle, and Air Dry.

Interestingly enough, the Technix TKDV25W seems to consume less electricity and also cause less noise.

However, like other compact and budget vented models, this unit does not have useful advanced functions like Sensor Drying or Delay Timer.

  • The most compact on the list
  • Budget-friendly for students or single families
  • Smart 180-degree opening door
  • Energy-saving and low noise
  • Lack of advanced features
  • Slow drying because of low efficiency

electriQ 2.5kg Mini Dryer – Best Ease of Installation

[amazon box=”B08HN1KDFX” title=”electriQ 2.5kg Mini Dryer”]

electriQ 2.5kg Mini Dryer is an alternative to compact dryers.

At first glance, the machine looks similar to the Cookology dryer with a white design and transparent glass door. The size is about 58.5 x 41.5 x 9.5 cm. It can dry about 12 to 15 T-shirts at a time.

Simple dial control is available at the bottom side so you can set up the dry programs quickly. However, we recommend placing the unit on the top of tables to reach the control more easily.

With such a placement, the installation is also effortless because the vent is located at the bottom.

We appreciate that the unit comes with a child lock safety feature, thinking that your kids might be curious about this spinning gadget.

One disadvantage of the dryer is its programs. There are only four settings rather than five as some above. But to make it up, you can use the additional “mix” mode when you need to throw different fabrics into the machine.

  • Light and moveable around
  • Easy to freestanding install on surfaces
  • An extra mix mode and lock safety supported
  • Easy to operate with button and dial
  • More expensive than expected
  • Low capacity and efficiency

Hoover HLV10LG Dryer – Best for Large Families

[amazon box=”B07KKL69PV” title=”Hoover HLV10LG Dryer”]

The next on the list is the machine by Hoover. This is a well-known manufacturer who provides household and family dryers. Do not be surprised to see several models of theirs on this best vented tumble dryers list.

Let’s get started with the Hoover HLV10LG Dryer.

As its name suggests, this model can handle 10kg of clothes – around 50 T-shirts within a single load. It would be great for prominent families who need to wash big loads frequently. More importantly, they must prepare a large space enough to place the Dryer.

The overall dimensions are 85 x 60 x 60 cm.

Now, get insight into the control panel.

Some who used to use mechanical buttons might find it a bit hard to work out the machine. This HLV10LG Dryer comes with extra buttons and programs. However, it is convenient for modern buyers because you can connect it with the app on mobile phones.

There is an advanced sensor capacity so the machine will turn off itself once all clothes are dry. Thank that you do not have to keep an eye on the operation all the time. It also helps save energy.

  • Large capacity for big families
  • Not expensive for 10kg dryers
  • Smart operation with an app
  • Energy-saving sensor capacity
  • Space-consuming
  • Professional installation required

Hoover Link HLV10DG Freestanding Machine – Best Seller

[amazon box=”B084P6SMW9″ title=”Hoover Link HLV10DG Freestanding Machine”]

Compared to the Hoover HLV10LG, the HLV10DG is more popular when it comes to large-capacity tumble dryers.

On the one hand, the two share many standard features such as drum capacity (10kg); overall dimensions, built-in display, delay timer, moisture sensor, and more.

NFC technology is also adopted. You can install the Hoover app to keep an eye on the Dryer right on the smartphones rather than hanging around with it all the time.

On the other hand, HLV10DG is more dedicated to all types of fabrics. For instance, consumers reported that the machine could dry even silk or sports clothes with its pre-set drying programs.

The price is far lower, as well.

Nevertheless, there are not as many programs available as the HLV10LG. Besides, the Dryer consumes more energy per hour.

  • Even cheaper than the HLV10LG
  • Good quality build and warranty
  • Friendly to silk and sport clothes
  • Able to connect with the Hoover app
  • Space-consuming
  • Not very energy-saving

Hoover HLV8LG 8kg Vented Dryer – The Best Balance for Money

[amazon box=”B074XF1PHH” title=”Hoover HLV8LG 8kg Vented Dryer”]

10kg dryers are worthy of making the laundry less time-consuming. However, we only suggest those models for frequent big loads of clothing. If you do not need so, use smaller loads in between – using the Hoover HLV8LG 8kg Vented Dryer.

It is made out of quality parts so you can stay assured that the Dryer will last for years to come. The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty for parts and another 1-year warranty for labour manufacture.

The size is 59.5 x 60 x 85 cm, so it takes less space and effort to get the HLV8LG installed.

The drying programs are fewer than the 10kg version. However, some helpful features remain the high-efficient reverse action, dry sensor settings, NFC connection, and delay timer.

What to complain about is the noise. When you run it at night, your whole family might be disturbed. Thus, I recommend using the delay timer when it takes lots of time to dry the clothes.

  • Save more space and energy consumption
  • Cheaper than the 10kg versions
  • Many additional features found
  • Good warranties for parts and labour
  • A bit noisy
  • Take time to install

Candy CSV9LF Vented Tumble Dryer – Best Rated

[amazon box=”B0765PQWK5″ title=”Candy CSV9LF Vented Tumble Dryer”]

The Candy CSV9DF machine is between the two Hoover dryers. It provides a mighty load of 9kg. The size and weight are between 58.5 x 60 x 85 cm and 28kg – ideal for three to five people.

Most excitingly, this Dryer is very powerful, with a variety of settings for all fabrics. You can dry jeans, synthetics, cotton, or mixes of those clothes.

Moreover, there are four drying levels, including Iron Dry, Extra Dry, Hanger Dry, and Cupboard Dry. Choose one based on the types of fabrics and the number of clothes in the drum. Thet set a specific amount of time for the machine to turn off itself.

The smart sensors are all along to keep an eye on the clothes for you as well.

If you are busy, you can enable the Rapid Dry Options to accelerate cycles’ speed. Then, it will take only 30, 45, and 59 minutes to dry all loads.

Good as it is, the tumble dryer will occupy lots of space. Preferably, you will need a permanent installation through the wall.

  • A significant drying capacity
  • The quality structure that is built to last
  • Many dry programs available
  • Good energy-saving performance
  • Space-occupied and time to install
  • Not transparent door

Candy CSV9DF 9kg Dryer – Best for Money

[amazon box=”B07B9KDF2X” title=”Candy CSV9DF 9kg Dryer”]

Keep reading another model with the same drying capacity by Candy – the Candy CSV9DF 9kg Dryer. This machine is lower in price, but the features are nearly as useful as the CSV9LF.

Overall, the design is not very different. They are both classics with a circle door, large drum inside, built-in digital display, and the dial settings. Like other smart dryers, you can control the machine via the app, but some consumers complain that the app is not available on Apple.

Some functions are removed to cut down the price, but still, you get all common ones to run this large Dryer. Take a moisture sensor, adjustable spin speed, and child lock, for instance.

Of all, we like the high-efficient reverse action. The machine will rotate the movement of the drum while drying clothes. In the end, clothes come out evenly dried and less tangled. Believe us; it saves much time on ironing.

What we dislike is its noise – understandable for big machines, yet you will still feel annoyed. Moreover, like the CSV9LF, the door is not visible. You would have to stop in the middle if you wished to check the clothes.

  • Cheaper than expected
  • Also, a significant drying capacity
  • Quality structure with warranty
  • Effective reverse action
  • Noisy operation
  • Not transparent door

Beko DTGV7000W 7kg Dryer – Best Mid-sized Unit

[amazon box=”B08244Z75F” title=”Beko DTGV7000W 7kg Dryer”]

Medium-sized household residents of four people can save extra money and household space with the Beko DTGV7000W. The size is 85 x 59 x 58 cm.

At this rate, it would be better to prepare a permanent space close to a permanent vent so the machine will work more stably and effectively. Of course, you can get the hose outside through the windows if there is no space available.

The selling point of the Beko DTGV7000W is an exciting array of 15 drying programs, making it helpful to dry all kinds of fabrics.

Some advanced bells and whistles are included in the machine despite its affordable price. They are the Anti-Crease, built-in Humidity Sensor, Child Lock, or 9-hour Timer Delay.

Ideally, the Dryer runs more quietly than the bigger models, so you can turn it on through the night and get dried clothes ready in the morning.

So far, so good as the best vented tumble dryer UK, except for the fact that the build quality is not excellent. Some users claimed that parts broke on transportation.

  • Quiet affordable for all features
  • Mid-ranged sizes to save space
  • An array of 15 drying settings
  • Quiet operating process
  • Not durable over time
  • Not app connection

Whirlpool Atlantis 3LWED4705FW – Best Commercial

[amazon box=”B0772TL142″ title=”Whirlpool Atlantis 3LWED4705FW”]

The last option is less popular because of its bulky dimensions. It is a Whirlpool Atlantis 3LWED4705FW.

Thanks to the ultra construction of 74 x 71 x 91 cm, the machine can dry more in a single drum load – up to 15kg. In return, it consumes more electricity – but still under an acceptable rating.

Thus, we find it more suitable for a laundry shop than a household appliance. If you plan for a home business, you can consider this unit.

The Dryer runs fast and efficiently with 18 different drying programs, along with the Patented Wrinkle ShieldTM option. Clothes will be fresh and smooth out of the machine.

The price and bulkiness, however, are the primary concern that prevents you from buying.

  • An ultra drying drum
  • 18 different drying programs
  • Patented Wrinkle Shield™
  • Built to last under frequent big loads
  • Extremely pricey
  • Bulky to install and get around

How to Choose A Vented Tumble Dryer?

vented tumble dryer

In general, a vented tumble dryer works to transmit damp and warm air from drying clothes outsides. It often features a hose through a window or vent installed in external walls.

Simply enough!

However, you will know that choosing the best vented tumble dryers is not that easy when you go through a purchase. Fortunately, we have some notes for your reference.

Temporary installation or forever fix: which do you want?

Although the vented models are often cheaper than condensers or heat pumps, they are more tricky to assemble.

There are two options available.

If you build a new room, you can permanently vent the machine through an external wall with the venting kit’s support. We recommend that you have a professional take care of this process for you. It means you will need to pay an extra fee.

Otherwise, temporarily hang a flexible hose through an open window. No kit is required. However, this method is not ideal in wet or cold weather.

Secondly, consider the size and running cost of the dryers

The size will directly affect the cost of the tumble dryers and its efficiency.

Most dryers we know are within 3kg and 10kg. The small ones are for single occupants and small families. Meanwhile, the largest vented tumble dryers can hold many clothes from big households.

best vented tumble dryer in the UK

Think carefully and pick up a size based on your daily drying.

In terms of running costs, meaning the energy efficiency, you should check the letter grade of energy rating. It ranges from A to G, in which the A+++ to C is the best.

Compact dryers require less energy to dry out the clothes. But interestingly enough, some large modern machines with the latest technologies now consume less than expected.

Moreover, also check the control panel of the machines

Appliances in the list almost all come with a digital display. It is easy to read and understand. That’s why you hardly find it challenging to start and run the dryers.

Just make sure that the digital control is at hand so that you do not have to bend down to check it all the time.

Besides common settings, many unite feature well-worth purchasing features, such as:

  • Automatic sensor: Sensors inside the drum, if any, are supposed to detect whether your clothing is dry. Then, the appliances will shut off themselves to provide a more energy-saving service and, more importantly, prevent damages from over-drying.
  • Anti-crease: Dryers will reduce folds and creases while drying clothes. You can save significant time for ironing tasks then.
  • Low noise: During the wet or cold weather, you might need to frequently turn on the dryers. Imagine that the noise is annoying enough to wake your family up in the dead of night! For that reason, consider the noise level.


Is a vented tumble dryer better than a condenser and heat pump?

best vented tumble dryer

No, in terms of efficiency and versatility.

A condenser is easy to place everywhere with almost no installation. It works by collecting water vapour from clothes into a water waste tank. Nonetheless, you will have to empty the tank frequently.

A heat pump, meanwhile, is extremely quiet and gentle on clothes. It will re-circulate the damp air from clothes. Thus, they do not need a hose and they also dry items quickly for a better energy-efficiency.

However, it does not mean that a vented dryer is not good. It is on the budget side.

How to install a vented tumble machine?

As shared above, you can install the dryers in a hole inside the wall or more efficiently, through an open window.

The hose is often located on the machines’ back, making it less bulky to the eyes and more convenient for installation.

Where should you install the tumble dryers?

If you select to install the hose through a window, you should have it stayed near the window or door.

If you wish to fit the vent inside the wall to let the condensation be released, please find a sturdy wall and easy to drill a hole.

Moreover, many drying machines have the door in the front, meaning that you should also leave some comfortable spaces to open that door.

How to clean and maintain vented tumble dryers?

First off, check your fabrics to know whether they are suitable for a tumble-drying. You should classify materials before adding them to the machine because similar fabrics have a typical temperature to be dried.

Moreover, shake the clothing and sheets out to help them dry faster.

Please do not overload the dryers, particularly with stuff like blankets or duvets. Otherwise, you might overheat and break your machines.

Speaking of cleaning, please make sure that you empty and wash the lint filters on frequency. Every several months, clean the drum with a stainless-steel cleaner or white vinegar.

How to save energy while using the dryers?

Cutting down on energy consumption is to save the Earth and your wallets from over bills. Then, we have some pieces of advice.

  • Put your vented units in a garage which has a window to get the hole through.
  • Clean the filters carefully to remain the peak performance.
  • Sort clothing based on their fabrics.
  • Wring out the wet clothing (in a washing machine) beforehand.
  • Invest in a model having a sensor or timing features.

Wrapping Up

Above are the best vented tumble dryers coming at different sizes and price ranges. You can buy one machine based on your daily laundry requirement. There is no need to hesitate any longer because the dryers help the unexpected weather in the U.K. They keep your clothes dry, fresh, and comfortable. All good, no bad!

We strongly recommend the Beko DTGV7000W 7kg Dryer as a balance at capacity and price of all the options. It will last as long as you handle and maintain the machine with care about the quality build.

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