The Best Toilet Seat – A UK Buying Guide With Reviews

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We doubt that there can be a worse feeling than sitting on an ill-fitting, broken and uncomfortable toilet. This suffering is unnecessary, as it can easily be fixed by getting the best toilet seat as a replacement.

However, these days there are just too many toilet seats available on the market. Thus, it can be hard to pick out the best ones among a sea of options. That is why we have made this buying guide and compiled a list of the 10 best products.

The Best Toilet Seat UK

Bemis 7210ZART000 Chester Toilet Seat – Best Overall

Bemis 7210ZART000 Chester Toilet Seat

The Bemis 7210ZART000 Chester Toilet Seat is the best overall.

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The Bemis 7210ZART000 Chester Commode has a unique and patented fixing system called STA-TITE. Thanks to this system, you can quickly install the commode onto your pan without making a mess. Yet, once it’s on, it will never loosen, unlike the general cases.

That’s not all; this piece is also virtually indestructible due to its famous Tecno-plastic material. Aside from the superior durability, this material provides a unique recyclable nature.

This commode’s design is also quite praise-worthy, as it does a good job at utilising the adjustable hinges. As a result, most of the Universal pan models will fit with the commode after some minimal reconfiguration. With these advantages, it’s clear that this piece is the best overall.

The only problem we found with this product is that it looks and feels quite cheap. As it is made of Tecno-plastic, you should never expect it to look fancy. After all, this material is not that different in look from normal plastic.

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Affordable price
  • Unique fixing system
  • Temperature retention technology
  • Adjustable hinges for easiest installation
  • Cheap-looking plastic toilet seats

MASS DYNAMIC 9993035300 Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat – Best Durability

MASS DYNAMIC 9993035300 Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat

The MASS DYNAMIC 9993035300 Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat has a strong structure.

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The MASS DYNAMIC Soft Close Quick Release Commode may lack some additional features, but its durability is absolute. this commode can easily deal with lots of force thanks to its solid urea-Formaldehyde material.

If you don’t like the huge sound made when the commode lid closes, you will surely love this product. As it incorporates a good soft-close function, all you need to do is gently push the lid. Then, it will slowly go down without making a single sound.

Just like the Bemis 7210ZART000 Chester Toilets, this piece is incredibly easy to install.

Due to the 360-degree hinges and dual fixing installation feature, you can fit the commode onto practically all types of toilet. Also, the dual fixing adds in a layer of stability, leaving no room for movement.

The only issue we have against this piece lies in its weight, specifically the lid’s weight. As we all know, the soft-close function relies on the weight of the lid. Due to how lightweight this commode’s lid is, the closing process can take forever.

  • Strong structure
  • Elongated design
  • Good against water pressure
  • Durable
  • Heated seat
  • Beautiful gloss
  • High-gloss finish
  • Soft-close function
  • Attachable with bidet
  • Too lightweight lid

Croydex WL400022H Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat – Best Anti-Bacteria

Croydex WL400022H Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat

The Croydex WL400022H Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat can reduce bacteria.

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As toilets are where we take care of our most personal businesses, they are likely to accumulate bacteria. It is not at all an overstatement when we say that toilets, in general, are full of bacteria. With the Croydex WL400022H Anti-Bacterial Commode, this issue is solved.

Thanks to the utilisation of a new, unique anti-bacterial treatment called Hygiene ‘N’ Clean, this commode can limit bacterial growth. There is almost no germ accumulation, making it the most hygienic and sterile among all options.

We also love that this piece includes a removable seat for children. This feature can be a life-saver for many families with little kids, as their bottom cannot fit the regular seat. Moreover, both seats have a fresh and sleek white finish, improving their looks significantly.

We want to note that this piece is not as durable as the other options on this list. The plastic material seems weaker and more vulnerable. As a result, you may need to be careful while using it to prevent breakage from happening.

  • Antibacterial technology
  • Removable child seat
  • Polypropylene material
  • Suitable for bidet
  • Great gloss
  • Good look
  • Good against water pressure
  • Many color choices
  • Extra features
  • No stream of water
  • Not durable

MASS DYNAMIC B076Q6YCQ9 D-Shaped White Toilet Seat Cover with Soft Close – Best Soft Close

MASS DYNAMIC B076Q6YCQ9 D-Shaped White Toilet Seat Cover with Soft Close

The MASS DYNAMIC B076Q6YCQ9 D-Shaped White Toilet Seat Cover closes quickly.

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While there are many toilets with soft close functions, none can come close to the MASS DYNAMIC D-Shaped White Toilet Seat Cover. Due to having a reasonable weight on its lid, this regular toilet seat can close softly yet quickly. Thus, you do not have to wait forever.

this commode also has a quick release feature, providing you an easier time cleaning your toilets. While other seats may require you to use some tools like screwdrivers to install or disassemble, you can use your hands here. Believe us, this ease of cleaning can make a world of difference.

Of course, the commode also has rotatable and adjustable hinges, so it will not require you to wrestle while installing. These hinges can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees, allowing complete ease of installation. You will not lose too much time putting the commode on your toilets.

There is, however, one big issue with this piece, which is the matt finish over the plastic. Yes, this finish does give the commode a sleek shine, but it will absorb water quickly like a sponge. Consequently, the commode will become unsightly due to the stains.

  • Quick yet gentle soft-close function
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of installing
  • Comfortable seat
  • Good for bathroom decor
  • Inexpensive model
  • Easily stained

STOREMIC B08BFWWST5 Simple Top Toilet Seat Soft Close – Best Anti-Rust

STOREMIC B08BFWWST5 Simple Top Toilet Seat Soft Close

The STOREMIC B08BFWWST5 Simple Top Toilet Seat Soft Close does not rust.

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The biggest advantage that the STOREMIC Simple Top Toilet Seat Soft Close holds over competitors is its anti-rust nature. All the hinges of this commode are made purely of stainless steel, minimising the risk of rusting.

Aside from its biggest selling point, the commode also has a good soft-close feature, allowing quiet operation. All you have to do is give its lid a gentle push for the automatic closing process to begin. You will no longer need to worry about accidentally making huge noises at midnight.

this commode’s fixtures are quite smartly designed, providing two ways for securing the commode. You can either use the blind hole or the pot’s underside to access it. For this reason, we believe that this commode is among the easiest to install.

What we don’t like is the fact that this piece can be quite fiddly at times. It is not a pleasant experience when your toilet seat fiddles while you are finishing your business. If they can improve the hinges’ tightness, this commode can compete with the best.

  • Anti-rust components
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation
  • Bidet extra features
  • Huge range of colors
  • Easily fiddle

ECOSPA B01MA4YFD9 Slow Soft Close White Bathroom Toilet Seat – Best Value

ECOSPA B01MA4YFD9 Slow Soft Close White Bathroom Toilet Seat

The ECOSPA B01MA4YFD9 Slow Soft Close White Bathroom Toilet Seat has the best value.

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Despite having quite an affordable price, the ECOSPA Slow Soft Close White Bathroom Toilet Seat has many interesting features. We believe that this thing offers the most value, as it does not falter against more expensive competitors.

Installing things into your toilets is not an easy process, so we all appreciate anything that can lessen the hardship. this commode does exactly that with its easily reachable bottom-fixing hinges. Thanks to these hinges, you can quickly fasten the commode in.

Another bonus point that we observed from this product is that its dimensions are exactly the same as online information. Only someone who has had to deal with false dimensions knows how much of a pain this issue can be. We do appreciate this truthfulness.

We do want to specify that, as it is made from lower-quality plastic, this piece is quite flimsy. If you are on the heavier side and not that careful, we do not recommend getting this commode. At the end of the day, none of us want any incident in our bathroom.

  • High value for the price
  • Reachable bottom-fixing hinges
  • True dimensions information
  • Durable finish
  • Heated seat
  • Variety of colors
  • Temperate retention technology
  • Many sizes
  • Flimsy
  • Plastic hinges

eSituro B08VW1KJJX Soft Close Wooden Toilet Seat – Best Stability

eSituro B08VW1KJJX Soft Close Wooden Toilet Seat

The eSituro B08VW1KJJX Soft Close Wooden Toilet Seat is incredibly stable.

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These days, wooden toilet seats have become a new sensation, which is why we put the eSituro Soft Close Wooden Toilet Seat in. this commode is made from the highest-quality of Medium Density Fiberboard. As a result, it has incredible stability and a sleek surface.

You can also choose from a multitude of color options for your seat. With this feature, you are allowed a lot more freedom to customise your bathroom according to your preferences. Also, the finishing coat does not absorb water, so it does not stain easily.

Besides, there are some anti-slip dampers further improving the stability of this commode. These dampers will stick to the surface under and make it even harder for the commode to fiddle. Naturally, the hinges are also tight-fitting for more stability.

We want to complain about the user manual, which is incredibly helpful if you are fluent in German. As this commode does require you to read the manual quite a bit, the language barrier can be an issue.

  • Incredibly stable
  • Affordable price
  • Many color choices
  • Anti-slip dampers underneath
  • Good for elongated toilets
  • High water resistance
  • No stream of water
  • German instruction book
  • Bad if water pressure is too high

Landlord Direct Supplies B07212F1L2 White Heavy Duty Seat – Best Quick Release

Landlord Direct Supplies B07212F1L2 White Heavy Duty Seat

The Landlord Direct Supplies B07212F1L2 White Heavy Duty Seat is best at quick-release

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Each time you want to clean your toilets properly, you must completely remove the commode. However, this can be quite a hassle unless you have something like the Landlord Direct Supplies White Heavy Duty Seat. this commode’s selling point is its unique one-button quick release feature.

The only thing you need to do is lightly tapping on a special button, and the commode will automatically loosen. From then, you simply pick it up and start your cleaning process; no fidgeting is needed.

this commode is made from the Heavy-Duty Duroplast material, providing incredible durability and a longer life span. That’s not all, as it has also undergone an anti-bacterial treatment, the commode can limit germs from spreading around.

We did observe that despite how easy it is to displace, this commode is very hard to set up properly. The quick-release hinges are all placed at awkward spots, requiring immense concentration and effort from the owner. The slightly differing dimensions sure don’t help, either.

  • Unique quick-release feature
  • Heavy-duty material
  • High-quality polypropylene
  • Wide range of colors
  • Anti-bacterial treatment
  • Suitable for elongated toilets
  • Affordable price
  • Good alternative to bidet toilet seat
  • Not easy to set up

Tiger B00MFHPJUCMDF Scaffold Look Toilet Seat – Easiest To Clean

Tiger B00MFHPJUCMDF Scaffold Look Toilet Seat

The Tiger B00MFHPJUC MDF Scaffold Look Toilet Seat is easy to clean.

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Aside from being made from wood, the Tiger MDF Scaffold Look Toilet Seat also has a unique and special coating. Thanks to this coating, you only need to wipe gently to take care of all types of stain. Truly, this commode is the easiest to clean on this list.

Furthermore, the MDF material that makes up this commode also turns it into a heated seat. This material only needs seconds to take in your body’s temperature, heating the commode. For this reason, this commode is among the most comfortable ones around.

Moreover, this commode is very resistant to both aggressive disinfectants and UV rays. You can now expand your detergent choice and make it much easier to clean the commode thoroughly. Even the most power disinfectants will not affect the commode negatively.

We do want to note that the lid can make an uncomfortable squeak each time it is closed. After a while, this sound will disappear, but it can be quite annoying for some people in the beginning.

  • Unique seat coating
  • Heated toilet seat
  • Very comfortable
  • Effortless to clean
  • Seat heat benefits
  • Comfort features
  • Budget benefits
  • Uncomfortable squeak sound from the lid

Sanfino B07926HVNV Wooden Core Colourful Design Toilet Seat – Best Design

Sanfino B07926HVNV Wooden Core Colourful Design Toilet Seat

The Sanfino B07926HVNV Wooden Core Colourful Design Toilet Seat has some interesting designs.

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If you want to personalise your toilets, the Sanfino Wooden Core Colourful Design Toilet Seat is a must-have. Because of its many unique designs, this commode can provide a specialised style for your bathroom. A total of 16 designs will surely satisfy even the hardest customers.

As this commode only uses environmental-friendly materials, you are also playing a part in bettering the Earth. Despite these materials, you do not have to pay too much for the commode. As such, we consider it among the ones offering the most value.

Even if you slam the commode lid down, it will not make too loud of a sound. Thanks to its soft-close system, the lid can slowly close on its own after you give it a sign. The hinges are also tight-fitting to make sure that the closing process can be as gentle as possible.

We are not that impressed with the instruction manual of this commode’s lid. While other toilets give out detailed installing and displacing guides, this product’s tutorial only has diagrams.

  • Many unique and eye-catching designs
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Tight-fitting hinges
  • Suitable for bidet
  • Low noise when closing
  • Good for elongated toilets
  • Many color choices
  • Budget benefits
  • Attractive toilet seat
  • Sparse tutorial

How To Pick The Best Toilet Seat ?

The Link Between Shape And Comfort

There is no denying the importance of the toilets’ shape, as it will decide the comfort level. After all, we will be spending quite a bit of time sitting on these things. There are two main shapes for toilets on the market, round and elongated.

Best Toilet Seat in the UK

It is quite easy to know which type of standard toilet seat you have. The only equipment you will need is a ruler, as it will help measure from the toilet bowls’ centre to their mounting holes’ centre.

If the distance is somewhere around 42 centimetres, your seat is undoubtedly round. On the other hand, if the distance is around 47 centimetres, you have an elongated toilet seat on your hands.

For the most part, people tend to find elongated ones more comfortable because they allow more space. Nonetheless, there still are a substantial number of people finding round seats their perfect choice.

Material Will Decide Durability

There are quite a lot of materials being used for the making of toilet seats. Nevertheless, two types of toilet greatly dominate the market are wood and plastic. Among these models, plastic in general and polypropylene, in particular, is the most popular.

The main reason for this popularity is its high resistance against cracks, scratches, chips and especially stains. However, there still is one thing that limits plastic’s potential, its flimsy nature. Plastic commodes are, more often than not, much weaker than wood toilet seats.

Best Toilet Seat UK

As long as you can treat the wooden seats properly, they can be both hygienic and durable. Nonetheless, if the finish happens to be low-quality, this type of toilet seat can easily be stained.

The best choice is to look for wooden toilet seats that have plastic coats. After all, they have the durability of wood and the stain resistance of plastic.

Soft Close Is The New Trend

None of us is a fan of the loud noise produced when a toilet seat slams down. This kind of noise is both annoying and anxiety-inducing, so the new trend is to look for an answer to this issue. The most common solution is to employ the help of a soft-close mechanism.

This mechanism will stop the lid from slamming down as hard as it can. Instead, it will slowly drop the lid down. Hence, there simply is no noise.

Best Toilet Seat FAQs

Is It Necessary For A Toilet Seat To Be Easy To Dismantle?

Toilets are among the places fostering the most bacteria and germs. For this reason, it has become vital to clean toilets as frequently as possible. At the end of the day, none of us want to take care of our businesses on a dirty toilet seat.

Toilet Seat

However, to clean things properly, the commode must be separated from the toilet. In these times, you need to dismantle the commode quickly with as little effort as possible. Therefore, the best toilet seat must be easy to take apart.

How Does The Bumpers Work?

Bumpers are little mats under the commode that serve to keep toilets from fiddling around. There is no worse feeling than when a toilet seat is sliding around. Additionally, it fiddling around may also damage all the fittings, further reducing your toilet’s lifespan.

With high-quality bumpers, the commode will be tightly glued onto the toilet’s surface, thanks to friction. As a result, there will be no room for the commode to move, effectively eliminating any chance of sliding.

Do I Need To Pay Attention To Dimensions?

People who are already having toilets and are only looking for a seat replacement must pay attention to the dimensions. This aspect will determine whether or not your seat can be compatible with your toilet during installation.

If the commode cannot fit to the toilet properly, it is as good as trash. The best you can do is send it back and start to look for a new one. Remember, dimensions will make or break your toilet seat purchase.

Is Nightlight Necessary For My Toilets?

Nightlight can be a life-saver under specific circumstances. For instance, if it’s during the night and you just woke up, still half-asleep, it can be hard to find the toilet. In this case, having a toilet seat with an integrated night light will lead you to the bathroom.

Do I Need A Deodorising Feature?

No one in this world likes to smell what’s in the bathroom. It is even worse if the lingering smell belongs to a previous occupant. For people who are sensitive to this kind of odour, a toilet seat with deodorising features is the best.


As you can clearly see, there are so many options capable of challenging the best toilet seat title. With this guide, we hope that you can now confidently pick out the most appropriate choice among them. You only need to remember that comfort and material are the most vital aspects.

Of course, there must still be people not able to choose due to a lack of experience. For you guys, we recommend getting the Bemis 7210ZART000 Chester Toilet Seat.

Essentially, this commode is a perfect mix between low price and interesting yet useful features. It is also really easy to install.

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