10+ Best Tile Paints to Apply to Your Room Tiles!

Floor or kitchen tiles are sparkling themselves. However, you might soon get bored with those common patterns and start looking for the best tile paint to refresh your titles. Unfortunately, clay tiles are slip and glazed. You cannot randomly apply any types of paints.

Using a fair lick of paint, then, your kitchen or bathroom looks lovely. Otherwise, you ruin the whole expensive tiles.

Keep reading here to prevent any bad luck!

10 Best Tile Paint Options to Buy in The U.K 2021

Rustins STBLW250 Quick-Dry – Best Budget

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Coming in the first place is Rustins STBLW250 – a budget choice for those who repaint tiles frequently.

The paint is suitable for almost all indoors and outdoor tiles with a gloss acrylic-based formula, except for quarry and glazed ones. The STBLW250 is even usable on brick walls and concrete, meaning you can save the leftover paint for other projects.

The selling point is that the paint is thin and quick drying. You will find it easy to apply the paint with rollers and paintbrushes. A small tip is to pre-treat the surfaces with oil-based paint; then the Rustins STBLW250 will adhere exceptionally well.

In the end, the gloss finishes give your tiles a new elegant touch.

In terms of quality, this tile paint is safe and environmentally-friendly to use. However, the thin coverage runs everywhere and easily peels under impacts. As a result, you will have to apply several layers, making it a little less cost-efficient.

Another slight drawback is the colours available. The paint is only red or black.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Ease of paint application and quick drying time
  • Suitable for almost all tiles
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly
  • Limited in colours
  • Prone to run and peel under impacts

Rustins BRITW250 250ml – Best for External Tile

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The Rustins STBLW250 can be applied to in-house and external tiles. However, its thin structure is not ideal for outdoor environments – especially for the weather in the U.K.

That time, you can consider the BRITW250, which is also under the budget range of Rustins. This paint has all outstanding features like the first choice.

Accordingly, the paint is a high-quality acrylic mat paint for both internal and external materials – from concrete, tiles, to brickwork. In particular, the improved pigment in the red oxide helps improve the durability even under outdoor situations. It enhances the opacity as well.

Overall, the coating is thicker and takes more time to dry – about 30 minutes for the first coat and additional four hours for recoating the tiles. To make it up, the thick paint helps save more paint in one go.

The texture features a smooth and durable finish as you can expect from Rustin’s paint.

What to complain about is that the paint is not water-resistant. You should always avoid paint in rainy weather because the Rustins BRITW250 is almost washed off and becomes patchy everywhere.

  • Still budget-friendly
  • Beautiful red mat finish
  • Thicker to save paints
  • Safe ingredients to use
  • Take more time to dry
  • Not water-resistant

Rust-Oleum 250ml Painter’s Touch Toy – Best Safe Paint

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For those who might be concerned that cheap paints are not quality and safe for use, you can rest assured that all affordable choices here are carefully picked.

Take the Rust-Oleum 250ml Painter’s Touch Toy, for example.

As its name suggests, the paint is certified to be unleaded and non-hazardous to apply on toys and furniture. Solvents will evaporate once they are fully cured. Then, you do not have to worry about painting the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Toy on tiles of kitchens or anywhere your family might be frequently exposed to.

Speaking of the coating quality, the paint is easy to apply. It will not drip and make a messy situation because this Rust-Oleum product dries to touch within 60 minutes. Even as quick as 30 minutes if the surrounding temperature is under 32 degrees Celsius, while the humidity is less than 85%.

We also like that the paint comes in various colours so you can easily find one match with your tiles.

So far, so good except that two coats are required – even the thickness is quite decent. You might find the paint run out in the middle of painting work, so it is better to buy two tins.

  • Unleaded and safe formula
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • The decent smell when applied
  • Many colours available at a choice
  • Two coated required
  • Darker in colours

Rust-Oleum 250ml Universal Paint – Best Seller

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Rust-Oleum not only provides safe paints like the one above, but the manufacturer is also known for its versatile options, in which the Rust-Oleum 250ml Universal Paint is the most popular.

This paint is available in three finishes and 17 colours, so you have a bunch of choices. We strongly recommend the gloss finish for tile-wise projects or matt/satin finishes if you desire to revamp your rooms.

Aesthetics apart, this paint is preferred for its solvent-based structure that is thin enough to apply to ceramic tiles or even non-ferrous metals directly. No primer is required in advance.

However, the second coating layer is required to make substantial changes in colours or offer extra protection.

Such a formula also means that the paint covers imperfections very well and dries to high-sheen coverage.

Nonetheless, many consumers reported that the paint has a strong smell and the colours sometimes dry to darker shades.

In addition, the paint takes a long time to dry than some options above, and you must be careful to prevent drips.

  • Versatile for almost all materials
  • Solvent-based structure to apply quickly
  • No primer required in common projects
  • Not expensive at all
  • Strong smell
  • Longer to dry completely

The One Paint Satin Finish – Best Finish

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Its name reveals how the paint works – The One Paint Satin Finish. You will only have to use one coat on any surfaces with no use of primers or undercoats. It helps you save lots of time, effort, and money on painting tasks.

The water-based paint will quickly adhere to those surfaces and provide a satin finish, ranging from black to winter white. To be exact, there are 11 colours for your reference. In case you want to clean the paint, some warm water is enough to help.

It is worth mentioning that this paint is environmentally-friendly with low VOC content. You can use it on your indoors tiles or furniture or in low temperatures for outdoor projects.

What to take note of is that the tin is smaller than its look. You must use the paint wisely to save on your budget. In addition, the colours are not true – sometimes brighter and sometimes darker than the images.

  • A smooth-to-touch finish
  • Many colours provided
  • Low VOC content
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Smaller capacity than expected
  • Not true in some colours

Johnstone’s 389464 Bathrooms Paint – Best for Bathrooms

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Our next favourite brand of tile paints is Johnstone’s. And the Johnstone’s 389464 is our choice for the bathroom – for good reasons.

Just looking at the colours available makes us excited about the paints’ high-quality finishes. You can select from 16 mid-sheen hues provided or even mix neutral shades in boulder tones to make a pop colour.

Upon applications, the paint proves itself as an excellent choice in challenging environments like bathrooms due to its durability. The subtle mid-sheen coverage strongly repels grease, stains, and moisture.

The paint can cover up to 24 square metres, equivalent to a mid-sized bathroom. So, we can say that Johnstone’s 389464 is a great deal of money.

The paint’s consistency varies from customers’ reports so you must stir the paint carefully before applying it to the tiles. This procedure is a bit inconvenient.

  • High-resistant to moisture and mould
  • Low odour suitable for internal projects
  • A vibrant range of colours
  • Affordable for a 2.5-litre paint tin
  • Not consistent in thickness
  • Leaking lid on delivery

Johnstones Revive J-431006 – Best Rated Tile Paint

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If you like Johnstone’s 389464, there is a likelihood that you will also like its Revive J-431006.

What is different?

Firstly, the sheen is still lovely and smooth. However, only one colour is available under the Revive J-431006 model. It is the Pale Grey.

Fortunately, this sheen is between light and dark, and it helps enhance a spacious and fresh feeling for any room. We find the colour well paired with pastel shades in the kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Secondly, this J-431006 is up to 750ml compared to the 250ml of Johnstone’s 389464. Meanwhile, the price is nearly as low. In other words, the paint is a bargain for the money. You can store it for other projects.

Apart from that, the J-431006 is a self-priming option, meaning that you can use it as a primer or paint. It will be ideal for up-cycling tiles and splashbacks.

In this painting, the disadvantage we found is that the colour is darker and less soft than the other Johnstone’s paint.

  • Cheap to get a 750ml tin
  • Versatile and easy-to-use pale grey
  • A self-priming paint
  • Easy to clean with warm water
  • Limited colour options
  • Darker and less soft than expected

Dulux Tile Paint Pure Brilliant White Paint – Best High-Quality Tile Paint

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There is a significant lack when not mentioning Dulux on this best tile paint review. This company is well-known for providing quality paints for all purposes.

This Dulux Tile Paint Pure Brilliant White is not an exception.

The paint is promised to be ten times durable and shower-resistant than conventional satin paints. It is also a self-priming and quick-drying paint. For that reason, you can expect the paint to last in a high-moisture environment like a bathroom.

We often give a tile three thin coats to have the best results without letting the paint form drop. Then, the white finish is smooth and uniform.

Some consumers complained that the price is extremely high, but we think it is still reasonable because you have a large 600ml tin for different applications.

The real drawback we found so far is its perfect white colour. If you have multicoloured tiles, the old colours will hardly be covered by the Dulux Tile Paint Pure Brilliant White.

  • A favourable price for the quality
  • Big capacity to paint more with a tin
  • Durable and shower-resistant paint
  • Uniform and smooth finish
  • Not for multicoloured tiles
  • Multiple coats required

Dryzone Anti Mould Paint 1L – Best Mould-Resistant

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Johnstone’s Revive paint is good at fighting water and moisture – yet, it is still not as excellent as this Dryzone Anti Mould Paint 1L.

The paint has a special formula that is developed to stay resistant to mould build-up and water. You can wash the tiles after painting for several hours and maintain them with mould-cleaning sprays.

Thanks to such a feature, the Dryzone is commonly used for bathroom ceilings, tiles, or in a cupboard. Low odour and VOCs come up, so you will not be annoyed when working with the paint.

The resulting finish is in brilliant white like the Dulux paint, and with an extra soft sheen to touch.

The capacity is up to 1 litre, so we suggest it for big tile renovation projects rather than use it on small-sized bathrooms or kitchens.

  • A big tin of 1-litre paint
  • Excellent against black mould
  • Easy to apply and wash
  • Low odour and VOCs
  • Expensive for small projects
  • Limited colour options

Ronseal One Coat White Satin – Best Self-Priming Paint

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The last on the list is Ronseal One Coat White Satin, brought by us after considering its high quality.

A formula of mould-proof ingredients makes the paint ideal for tiles in high-condensation environments such as the bathrooms or kitchens. It takes between two and four hours so that the paint can naturally dry and stay durable on tiles for a long time.

The soft satin coverage, in the end, provides good protection to the tiles. Otherwise, you can use the gloss finish to make your rooms more appealing at the look.

Plus, this Ronseal One Coat White Satin features a self-priming formula, so it adheres to surfaces and dries quickly with no requirement for a primer.

However, it is misleading that the paint is a one-coat paint because we often need to apply several paint coats to get the best results. If not, the paint might run quickly in one coat.

  • A decent capacity of 750ml
  • Mould-proof ingredients
  • Smooth tin finish
  • Low odour and VOCs
  • Very expensive
  • Misleading one-coat description

How to Choose the best Tile Paint for Your Room ?

If you buy paints for tiles for the first time, let our experts be involved with some advice. You can find it much easier to make up your mind – considering the ten best tile paint reviews above.

Firstly, understand the tiles and surrounding environment

Tiles come in different types, but the most important is ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. They can be used in any room. Which paint to use is commonly latex. It smells more comfortable and exposes less toxics.

However, for areas that are prolonged contact with moisture such as bathroom or splash zones, you need to use more durable and mildew-proof epoxy paints. They cure into a harder coating to boast more protection to moisture and heat than the latex counterpart. In addition, epoxy paints do not produce a strong smell.

best Tile Paint

Natural stone stiles often require acrylic latex with a sheening formula for stucco or interior masonry. Its finish ranges from flat to high-gloss, in which the glossier option is more slippery.

When it comes to a worktop for kitchens’ countertops, you should choose special paints like ecological paints that are safe to contact with food. The reason is that knives might create scratches on the tile surfaces and open the paint coating.

Secondly, consider the colour of the tile paint

Most of the time, paint for tiles comes in a limited range of grey, white, or black colours. However, there are still some manufacturers who provide additional choices.

You can paint the whole tiles in one colour. If you have natural slate stone tiles, it is safe to stick with neutral blues, greens, or beige. Meanwhile, glass or gloss paints are well paired with a darker colour scheme of paints to reflect more light.

best Tile Paint UK

Interestingly enough, some creative users we know will create a checkerboard pattern for every other tile. They will secure a tile with masking tape after the first coating and paint the other with a contrasting colour. The pop of colours gives your room a more visual appeal.

You should apply two paints – a primer and tile paint for a better result. Thus, you also need to consider the colours of those two paints – or, you can go for two-part tile paints to eliminate the application of primers.

Finally, check the ingredients of the paints

Painting is great, but you might be exposed to many harmful additives in the paints without choosing carefully.

For that reason, check the paints’ ingredients and read customers’ reviews throughout to make sure that the paint is safe and natural to use.

Otherwise, you should opt for branded paints even if they are more expensive than average. They are worth purchasing for your health’s sake.


Why should you paint tiles rather than replace them?

If you have ever ripped up your old tiles, then you know how time-consuming and expensive the work is. There is a lot of mess related to it, such as dirt, dust, noise, etc.

Tile Paint UK

At that time, painting is a cost-efficient way to give a renovation for your outdated tile styles. We recommend this method for those who prefer a quick makeover to the room decor on a spur of time.

Can you use wall paints for tiles?


Wall paints often do not stick to the smooth and watery surfaces like kitchen or bathroom tiles.

Even when some DIYers say that they use a good waterproof primer before applying the tile paints, we still recommend the typical paints for tiles to save your time and effort.

Which type of paint is the best for tiled floors?

It depends on your expectation.

Please consider the buying guide for the best tile paint above and choose based on your rooms and budget.

Which tile paint is the most durable?

Of the three common tile paints – Acrylic tile paints, epoxy paints, and Alkyd urethane paint, the third one makes the most abrasion-resistant surfaces.

How much does it cost for tile paints?

The prices vary significantly based on the brands, colours, the number of layers, and paint package volume.

How to apply the tile paints on titles?

Different tiles and paints might need specific treatment. However, there are three common steps to keep in mind.

  • Clean the tiles

Get started by cleaning all areas with a degreasing solution for tiles. Take extra attention to remove oily residues and greases. Otherwise, paints can easily peel off once they are dry.

Use water to rinse the area and let it completely dry before you paint tiles.

  • Prepare the tiles

Do not forget to sand the tiles with fine sandpaper to improve the grip of the paints. Also, fill large holes and cracks with caulk and remove the excess caulk in advance.

Use a vacuum cleaner or rag to remove all dust.

If the paints are not self-priming, you had better apply a primer and wait for it to dry.

  • Paints your tiles with a roller or brush

For tiles, we recommend rollers or paintbrushes instead of paint sprayers.

Paint tile by tile and take care of the joints. You must remove the drips because it is hard to get rid of dry paint then.

If several layers of paints are required, wait for at least 16 to 24 hours between coats.


A lick of the best tile paint on your kitchen or bathroom can work wonders, so do not hesitate to buy one tin and try a DIY project yourself. If you do not know what to choose, we strongly recommend Johnstone’s 389464 Bathroom Paint. This product is mid-priced, lovely coloured, and exceptionally durable over time.

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