Best Tie-Dye Kits

The tie-dye design is a hot trend and is loved by many people all over the world. The proof is items with tie-dye patterns are always sought after by the grave.

Making your own tie-dyed items will be more wonderful. Most importantly, if you can enjoy time together with your family and friends, it’s completely worth buying a tie-dye kit!

But how to choose the best one? Refer to the top 10 best tie-dye kits in the UK 2021 for more great recommendations!

Top 10 Best Tie-dye Kits In The UK 2021

I Love To Create Tie-Dye Kit – Best For Taking Away

If you are looking for a compact tie-dye kit convenient for outdoor activities such as picnics, you should consider this product from the brand “I love to create”!

This is a relatively compact kit with five of the most popular base colours: yellow, lime, pink, blue, and purple. They are packed in a tight plastic bag that you can carry anywhere.The amount of dye isn’t too much, but enough for you to create your wonderful items. It’s evaluated to be usable for about 30 different projects.

I Love To Create Tie-Dye Kit

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In addition to colour powders and bottles, the product also comes with plastic gloves and elastic bands. Because of the compact element, other accessories such as aprons, table covers and so on are offloaded.

With this tie-dye set, you need to be aware of soaking fabrics in the dye for a little longer. If other types, the waiting time is six to eight hours, for this kit, soak for about eight to nine hours for the best pay-off colour.


  • Compact size
  • Can be used for about 30 projects
  • Affordable price


  • Processing time is a bit long

TBC The Best Crafts 8 Colours Tie Dye Kit– Best Budget

You want to find a tie-dye kit for entertainment and utilize the free time, but you don’t want to pay too much for it? TBC’s tie-dye kit will be the most economical solution for you!

When we mention low prices, you will think of this product’s quality. Is it “the cheapest is the dearest”? The answer is not at all!

TBC The Best Crafts 8 Colours Tie Dye Kit

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Although its price is among the lowest in the market, its pay-off ability and colour retention are not inferior to more expensive products. After dyeing, the colour on the fabric will be vibrant and bright as you expected. There will be no discolouration or staining on your clothes.

When purchasing the product, you will also be provided with gloves, elastic bands and a detailed instruction manual. Therefore, even children can use this product.

Nevertheless, you need to take a longer time for the dye to penetrate the fabrics. It’s better to soak them in the liquid for about ten hours or more.


  • Bargain price
  • Good pay-off ability
  • Gloves and rubber bands are included


  • Need longer time to soak

Imoli Tie Dye Kit – Best For Family

Spending time with your family is definitely the best thing to do. Moreover, if you can tie-dye clothing together, it’s a great idea! And you shouldn’t ignore this product – imoli tie-dye kit which is always highly recommended for home use as its outstanding features.

imoli Tie Dye Kit

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In terms of ingredients, this kit is confirmed to be benign and safe for the health of users. So, you can work with your children on the project without worrying too much.

This tie-dye kit includes eight bottles of dye powder and eight extra bags to refill. This amount allows you to complete nearly 36 projects, and it is obvious enough for an entire family to share.

Also, the preparing process is easy. You just need to dilute the colour powders in the bottles and start dyeing. Hence, you can easily instruct the children to do step by step.

If you use this kit at home, you should prepare to add table covers and aprons because this product doesn’t include them.


  • Suitable for family
  • Large amount of colour
  • Easy to use


  • Need to prepare some tools

Desire Deluxe Tie Dye Kit – Best Overall

A tie-dye kit with all the necessary tools, large quantities of colours with stable quality at an affordable price is something everyone wants! And of course, you can get this best tie-dye kit from Desire Deluxe!

This kit’s colour powder comes in 18 different colours available in squeeze bottles, and there are 18 extra colour bags to refill when you use up the bottle. Thus, its amounts of dyes are enough for you to carry out a big project.

Desire Deluxe Tie Dye Kit

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Also, the colour quality of this Desire Deluxe kit is appreciated. After about 6 hours of soaking, the colours pay off clearly and vibrantly. There will be no colour fading after rinsing with water.

Besides, tools are fully equipped, including gloves, table-cover, rubber bands, etc. You won’t need to spend time preparing cumbersome ones!

The product’s price compared to others on this list is somewhat higher. However, we all know that you’ll get what you pay for. Its quality is worth the price!


  • 18 colours with refilling bags
  • All tools are included
  • High-quality colours


  • The price is higher than others

Gifort Tie Dye Kit– Best Of All-Inclusive Kit

If you are looking for a tie-dye kit that includes all the colours and tools for not having to prepare anything, here we have a suggestion for you!

Gifort tie-dye kit is a product that you can call “all-in-one”. Therefore, you can embark on tie-dye anytime you want without taking time to buy or prepare anything.

Gifort Tie Dye Kit

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Specifically, this product includes 18 dye colours, accompanied by 18 squeeze bottles for easy dilution and application. It also has 100 rubber bands, two aprons, one reusable table cover, ten pairs of gloves, one funnel and one measuring spoon.

Besides, the amount of dyes in each bottle was quite a lot . You can use this tie-dye kit to complete up to 40 projects.

Although with such a large amount of dyes and many tools included, the price of this product isn’t high. It’s even cheaper than some 8-colour tie-dye kits on the market.

However, it would be better if the manufacturer equipped a plastic box to store this product. Because it’s packed only in a paper box, when you want to bring it to another place, you need to prepare your container.


  • 18 colours with a large amount
  • All tools are included
  • Bargain price


  • Need to prepare container

FabLab FL004 Tie Dye Kit Toy – Best Kit For Kids

Tie-dyeing is also an activity that you can use to educate your children and spend more time with them. Thus, buying a tie-dye set for kids is worth your money!

FabLab FL004 Tie Dye Kit Toy

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On the market, Fablab FL004 is always one of the products highly recommended for kids. According to information from the manufacturer, this product contains no harmful chemicals with 100% non-toxic ingredients.

With enough dye about five shirts, your kids will be able to enjoy their free time! Also, this set already includes rubber bands and gloves so you can get started right away.

Besides, compared to other products on the market, ít price is affordable. So, if you want to find a gift for your kids, consider this Fablab tie-dye kit!

One point to pay attention to is the colour pay-off ability of this product isn’t really good. It might not be as vibrant as you would like.


  • DIY kit for kids
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Reasonable price


  • Colour pay-off ability needs reconsidering

lenbest Tie Dye Kit – Best Of Number Of Colour

One problem that many people face when buying a DIY tie kit is that the number of colours is too small, some even only have three or four colours. This will limit your creativity.

With this lenbest set, that is no longer a worry! As this DIY kit has up to 32 colours for you to have the freedom to create and mix colours.

lenbest Tie Dye Kit

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It has all colours of the rainbow, ranging from bright tones like yellow, pink, orange to deep tones like brown, purple and black. With this variety of colours, you can choose your favoured colours and share the rest with friends or relatives.

Pigment powder comes in 32 dye bottles, and you don’t need to add soda ash, just use water to dilute. In addition, the product comes with 150 elastics, three spray nozzles, 12 plastic gloves and three aprons, so everything is ready for you to start your project.

Although there are many colours to choose from and match, the amount of colour in each bottle is not much. It’s better suited to small or thin clothes like T-shirts, socks and so on.


  • Diverse colours
  • For age 6+
  • Gloves, aprons, rubber bands and spray nozzles are included


  • The amount of colour in each bottle is not much

Copper Top Tie Dye Kit – Best Of Colour Quality

After dyeing, colours don’t pay-off or be faded right after rinse is a fear of many people. If this happens, it means your clothes are damaged! The main cause of this problem is the poor quality of the dyes.

For that reason, the Copper Top tie-dye kit is always appreciated for its colour quality. Once you use this product, there will be no colour fading after rinsing or after a period of use.

Copper Top Tie Dye Kit

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Users prefer this product since it can produce very vibrant and clear colours. So, there is no need to worry about the result since everything will be well done!

One interesting point that might make you like this product is it comes with a tote bag and a cushion cover. You can experience tie-dyeing even without the fabric to try!

Nevertheless, as this product has only four basic dyes, its price is quite high compared to the general levels. But with such commendable quality, this price is well deserved.


  • High pay-off ability
  • Long-lasting dye colours
  • Canvas bag and pillow cover are included


  • A bit pricey.

Tybo Tie-Dye Mixing Orb Craft Kit – Best For Entertaining

If the usual tie-dye method makes you feel bored, you shouldn’t miss this Typo’s three colour tie-dye kit! It will make you feel interested! With this product, you can now dye fabric in an orb instead of doing it on a table or in a bucket.

Yes, you didn’t hear wrong! This product is designed like a globe. On the surface, there are small holes to add the dye liquid, and the hollow inside is used to contain the fabrics.

Tybo Tie-Dye Mixing Orb Craft Kit

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About the process, you need to wrap your shirt or socks as you like and tie them with rubber bands. Then, place it inside the orb and pump the dye through the holes. You can also directly rinse the fabrics by adding water to the inside of the globe until the water is clear.

Overall, this is a useful toy set for entertainment. You can also give it as a Christmas gift or birthday gift for your kids.

However, since this kit is like a children’s toy set, the number of colours is also limited, and the result may not be as good as others.


  • Good for entertaining
  • New design
  • Affordable price


  • Including three colours only

12 Colors Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit – Best For Beginner

You don’t have any experience in dyeing clothes before, and tie-dyeing is even a little bit more difficult? You’re looking for a kit that is as easy to use as possible? This Tulip kit is yours!

This set has an extremely minimalistic design. Even children can completely use this kit through the accompanying instruction sheet.

12 Colors Tulip Tie-Dye Kit

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For other products, dyes are sometimes contained in plastic bags. This increases the risk of the spilling out due to a tear in the bag. On the contrary, the colour of Tulip is pre-packed into bottles, and the only step you need to do is dilute it.

Therefore, there aren’t any complicated manipulations. Measure out the appropriate amount of water according to the intensity of the colour you want, and then, enjoy it!

However, what makes users unsatisfied is the small amount of colour in each bottle. Therefore, this product won’t be suitable for large projects or tie-dye parties.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact and convenient
  • Reasonable price


  • Small quantity of dyes

How To Choose The Best Tie-Dye Kits In The UK?

The Process Should Be Easy To Do

Tie-dyeing is not only made to change and beautify your clothes, but it’s also considered a hobby of adults and kids. Therefore, the process is also important; it should be simple and easy to do so that everyone can enjoy the moment together.

So, choose the most convenient tie-dye DIY kit for yourself. Some products on the market include all the components like pigments, bottles, gloves, rubber bands and so on, all you need to do is dilute the tie-dye colour with water and enjoy!

Check The Ingredients

Many people say that when tie-dyeing fabrics, you have to wear gloves and aprons and it’s safe enough for yourself, there is no need to worry about the tie-dye ingredients.

Tie-Dye Kits

However, we should pay attention that anything we come into contact with must be safe enough because, with pigments, you can completely inhale it.

And sometimes, the tie-dye party will include very active children, and you don’t anticipate what will happen. Therefore, pay attention that the ingredient must be non-toxic.

The dye powders themselves are chemical. However, the safe ones will have the content of substances within the safe threshold. If you can find natural colourants like henna and cochineal, it’s a great choice.

The Color Pay-off Ability

What do you want to have after doing those DIY craft projects? Certainly, they must be impressive and vibrantly coloured t-shirts, socks and so on!

Best Tie-Dye Kits in the uk

Nevertheless, you can have a bad day if, after tie-dyeing, the fabrics can’t be coloured as you want. And it will get worse if the colours are patchy and smudged.

For that reason, the quality and colour pay-off ability of tie-dyeing kits are extremely important. Hence, deliberate carefully find out high-quality ones that are well-pigmented and long-lasting.

Amount Of Colors In Kit

Think about it, if you and your family or friends carry out the tie-dye project together to have the same tie-dye shirts, that’s great!

And there is a problem here! If the tie-dye party kit has too little amount and isn’t enough for your large project, it can make you lose interest! Thus, you need to estimate the necessary amount, then convert to the number of colour tie-dye kits that you need.

On the other hand, if you only want to dye one or two shirts, don’t buy a kit that is too big to avoid wastage. At the same time, small kits cost less, and you can save a little bit.

Is It Safe To Wash?

As mentioned above, the quality of the fabric dye kit is worth considering. You definitely shouldn’t buy a set that just after washing it once or twice, the colour is totally washed away.

Best Tie-Dye Kits uk

Overall, the DIY tie kit you choose should be fabric textile permanent paint. The DIY tie kit you choose should be fabric textile permanent paint.

The Packaging: Spray-on Or Squeeze Bottle

Most DIY fabric dye kits will usually include squeeze bottles. And with this type, you will have to dilute the dye powder with cold or warm water to activate first.

With squeeze bottles, although you have to take time to dilute colour powder, they have the advantage of helping you create a vibrant colour as a result.

Besides, many DIY craft kits provide users with dye in spray form. You just need to spray the dye colours as you like with no preparation time. Most of this type are kits for kids with the drawback is the result won’t be as vibrant as using the squeeze bottles.

How To Tie Dye Fabrics Correctly: 10 Steps

Step 1: Preparation

Before starting any projects, you must prepare all the tools and components in advance. The best way is noting down a list to keep track if you miss something easily.

Or you can also refer to the list below to prepare. Here is a complete list of things you need, you can also add or remove based on your conditions:

  • Fabric (handkerchief, t-shirt, socks, etc.)
  • Fabric dyes (the amount is up to but remember to prepare enough)
  • Gloves and protective gears (apron, clothing and so on)
  • Plastic bag
  • Buckets
  • Scissor
  • Water, washing liquid or powder to wash after dyeing

Step 2: Fold Your Clothes

It’s better if you can wash your fabrics or clothes before dyeing. Spread them on the table surface and stroke them out, so when you roll them up to dye, it will give a more even pattern.

Then, fold your shirt or fabrics. There are many patterns that you can refer to in the next part; the most common is the spiral curl starting with the centre of the shirt.

The last of this step is to use the elastic to tie the shirt and divide it into small parts. Keep in mind that you should connect the elastic as tight as possible. Thus, the outcome can be sharper.

Step 3: Start To Dye

If you want to use one colour only, then you can completely dip the fabric directly into the dye bucket. The result will be a combination of fabric colour and dye colour.

In case you want to use multiple colours in combination, use squeeze bottles or sprayers to dye each part individually as you have previously divided. You should do this step slowly and carefully to avoid staining.

About making dye from pigments, you need to add them to the bottle, then add water. Don’t forget to add water slowly to control the colour intensity.

Step 4: Let The Project Sit

After dyeing, contain your fabric in a sealed plastic bag to retain moisture. And then let it sit in a cool place for 6 to 8 hours.

Step 5: Rinse The Tied Fabrics

After the waiting time, you can remove the rubber bands and rinse the fabric with cold water. This step may take a while, but you absolutely must rinse it out until the water is clear. Then, wash it like the way you do every day with your clothes.

Step 6: Fin Them Then Use

Air the fabric after washing under the sun, so it will dry more quickly and can remove any damp odours. And then, enjoy your results!


How Many Types Of Tie-Dye Patterns Are There?

As usual, there are four favoured and popular tie-dye patterns. Specifically, they are:

Bull-eyes: This will give you a pattern that looks like bull’s eyes. You just need to pin in the centre of the shirt to fix, then use the elastic to tie in many circles.

Nebula: This is easy that children can do. You just need to wrinkle the fabric and compress them. Then you can use the elastic band to design the pattern as you want.

Best Tie-Dye Kits to buy online

Diagonal Stripe: Place your t-shirt on a flat surface and wrap it diagonally, from below the bodice, then, use rubber bands to tie the shirt with a distance of about 2 inches or as you like.

Sailor stripe: If you love simple plaid patterns, you shouldn’t miss this way. Spread the shirt flat first, then wrap it vertically. Finally, use the elastic to divide them into segments of arbitrary distance.

Which Types Of Fabrics Are The Best For Tie-Dyeing?

With natural fibres such as cotton, rayon and so on, the tie-dye has a very good ability to colour. It also helps keep the colour after washing and prevents staining.

However, for synthetic fibres such as acrylic or polyester, dyes may not even work. It would be better if you try in a small piece of fabric first.

Do I Need To Pre-treat Fabrics?

You don’t need a pre-treat such as a salt soaking or bleach before dying. However, it’s advisable to wash the fabric first to ensure it’s clean and can receive the best colour pay-off.

How About Tie-dyeing Dyed Fabrics?

This depends on the fabric, colour and pattern you want to achieve. Because with some coloured synthetic materials, it’s difficult to re-dye. Therefore, you should choose a colour that is the same tone as the fabric but with a darker shade. Thus, the chance of a successful project will be higher.

How Long Should I Let The Tie-Dyed Fabrics Dry?

The appropriate time for fabric incubation in dyes is approximately 6 to 8 hours. This is enough time for the paint to soak without damaging the fabric.

Remember to wrap the fabric after dyeing with plastic to retain moisture. After the soaking period, make sure you rinse the cloth with clean water before washing.


In general, you’ve got all the necessary information about the top 10 best tie-dye kits in the UK 2021! Besides considering the  list, you should take a look at the buying guide when choosing to be able to make the best decision.

To pick up the best overall, we recommend Desire Deluxe tie-dye kit to be the champion. It’s full of quantity, quality, and affordable price factors.

No matter which product you choose, consider carefully and choose the best for yourself!

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