The 10 Best Table Saws In 2021 (Review & Guide)

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The best table saw is a must-have for all craftsmen or anyone with wooden-related hobbies. Why? Because it can provide the ultimate accuracy for a gorgeous structure to finish a perfect DIY project.

We understand that nothing is more mind-boggling than lacking information when you want to invest in a gear. This article aims to provide the necessary information before purchasing the most suitable one.

We have tried, compared different types from various brands on the current market and narrowed them down into this list.

Top-rated Table Saw UK Reviews 

1. Einhell Circular Saw 4340490 – Best For Table Extension

Einhell Circular Saw 4340490

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The first candidate is the Circular Table Saw 4340490 from Einhell, a famous brand for top-quality DIY projects.

This product has been updated from the previous model and proves to be an outstanding device for ambitious artisans to work with fiberboard, solid woods and other similar materials.

It delivers an effective rate of up to 2000W, a perfect wattage for wood-related performance. This bench-type saw has a carbide tip, which can easily adjust the height and angle with a single hand operation. That is all thanks to its 2-in-1 blade adjustment facility.

A tough and upgraded parallel stop helps you carry out exact longitudinal cuts and corner-cutting. If you want to have a perfect corner-cutting, you can use an angle stop (+/-60°) and a tilt saw blade.

The robust side tables allow the supporting surface to be further enlarged. There are left and right width extensions for wider workpieces. The sturdy frame also offers a convenient 850-mm working height.

Unfortunately, due to its powerfulness, it produces loud noise. Some customers find it quite irritating, so ear plugs are of great help when working with this Einhell 4340490.

  • Extendable side tables for a larger workplace
  • Powerful 200W motor and cutting speed of 5000 RPM
  • Sturdy base frame for extra stability
  • Professional saw blade of 250 x 30 x 2.4 mm
  • Easy to clean
  • Secures perfect cutting results
  • Quite noisy

2. Evolution Power Tools Table Saw RAGE5 – S – Best Selling Table Saw

Evolution Power Tools Table Saw RAGE5 - S

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As the best seller in the table saw industry, the Evolution Power Tools Table Saw RAGE5 – S impresses us with its high-quality performance. It comes with a powerful 2.4HP motor.

The high torque motor normally operates at a low RPM. Nonetheless, a slower speed will reduce the engine stress and offer great working conditions for its versatile blade.

As other Evolution Power Tools saws, this RAGE5 – S comes with a robust multi-purpose blade called a Tungsten Carbide Tooth or TCT blade.

It allows the ultimate comfortability without having to change the cutting equipment regularly; therefore, offering the optimal performance on various materials.

Thanks to this standout blade, this table saw is 4 times quicker compared to grinding discs. It can endure and cut through all unexpected nails. Moreover, it can produce an instant finish without burrs, heat or sparks.

More importantly, the sliding carriage system with built-in folding handles and wheels is available on the table’s left side. So, moving this saw will no longer be a problem.

Although it can perfectly fit most jobs, some professionals think it cannot compare with other high-end series. They are willing to pay more to have extra useful features.

  • Sliding carriage system
  • Powerful 2.4MP motor
  • Multi-purpose TCT blade
  • Adjustable blade height
  • Adjustable face-plate for positive angle stops
  • Blade guard
  • Not have extra features like high-end models

3. Bosch Table Saw 0601B30470 – Best For Precision

Bosch Table Saw 0601B30470

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An ideal choice for professionals is the Bosch Table Saw 0601B30470. It is a powerful, multifunctional table saw with large capacity, precision and portability.

The open tubular steel frame of the Bosch table saw is lightweight yet strong. The durable design is compact with a small footprint that allows you to move it around easily when not in use.

The front controls are protected by the overhang of the tabletop and base. You can use them on any convenient table and bench, depending on your preferences and demands.

A magnifying cursor on the fence allows you to get the riffing precisely. The extra-large cast aluminium tabletop provides plenty of proper support for the workpiece.

For more accuracy purposes, the square lock system automatically aligns the fence to the blade. The V blocks locking mechanism is strong but easy to operate with one hand. So, you can secure the back and the front for exact cuts.

However, it comes at quite a high price, so not all customers can afford one.

  • Powerful 2100W engine
  • Table extension and table widener for larger and longer works
  • Versatile built-in slide carriage
  • Adjustable parallel for accurate cuts
  • Quite exorbitant

4. VonHaus Table Saw 3500158 – Best For Value

VonHaus Table Saw 3500158

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Another promising option for the best table saw not to be ignored is VonHaus Table Saw 3500158. It is a reliable, powerful and versatile saw to complete all DIY projects easily.

The top-quality 250-mm carbide-tipped cutting blade assists precise vertical and angle cuts on MDF, solid woods and other substrates.

More importantly, you can completely adjust the table saw height and angle to have mitre cuts. Those adjustments include clean sizing jobs and bevel edges.

For more convenience, it also comes with a dust extraction port. Attach the dust collection to a vacuum cleaner each time you collect and clean any debris and sawdust.

Besides, it is also equipped with a rip fence to ensure the ultimate cutting performance every time. The extra-tough base frame provides a more efficient working height and stable placement on all table surfaces.

Some beginners find minor trouble putting it together with attached tools because of the many bolts and nuts. But every customer says that the outcome exceeds what you can expect from the price.

  • Hi-spec table saw with a cross stop
  • Extendable both sides
  • Carbide-tipped cutting blade
  • Adjustable angle and height
  • Dust collection port
  • Affordable
  • Not easy to assemble

5. ParkerBrand Table Saw PTS-250 – Best For Power

ParkerBrand Table Saw PTS-250

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This PTS-250 table saw from ParkerBrand is an amazing product for artisans, even better than other competitive models on the market.

That is because of a 2000W motor, which can speed up to a maximum of 5000 RPM, powerful enough for you to do all kinds of work.

It features a 24-tooth tungsten carbide blade that can work well with various materials like wood, PDF and MDF. The blades’ height is adjustable for different cuts. They can cut through 85 mm for a straight cut and 65 mm for a 45-degree angle.

The table is 318 mm long and 568 mm wide, but it is extendable to 642 x 938 mm for more working space. The rip fence is made of aluminium and has a point locking function for safety. In particular, you can easily adjust the fence for quick and exact cutting.

ParkerBrand integrates a handwheel in this model. Through this wheel, you can easily raise and lower your pieces and control the blade tilt while working.

The only problem that users worry about is the brand name. ParkerBrand is not a familiar name; thus, there are not too many references on their products’ durability and quality.

  • Powerful motor
  • 24-tooth tungsten carbide adjustable blade
  • Large working space
  • Aluminium rip fence
  • Convenient handwheel
  • On/off switch
  • Unknown brand

6. Einhell Table Saw 4340540 – Best For Accurate Cuts

Einhell Table Saw 4340540

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The Einhell Table Saw 4340540 includes a high-quality U-bench circular saw. It allows ambitious hobbyists to make exact angle cuts and longitudinal cuts in fiberboard, wood or other dense materials.

The product also comes with a 24 T TCT carbide saw blade. You can separately adjust its height and angle to any angle between 0 and 45°thanks to the 2-in-1 adjustment.

The table is coated with powder and has a fixed length and extendable width, offering you extra space for particular workpieces. The base framework is sturdy enough for stability while working.

The machine provides users with a housing and saw blade guard with a chip extractor connection to have a clean workplace. Meanwhile, the cross stop lets you have precise angle cuts at ease.

For safety features, an overload switch, a push stick and holder are provided, too. They are always within your reach for easy access.

However, the machine body has many plastic parts, which users may question about its quality. That is not to mention the fact that it can not be collapsible for easy storage.

  • 2-in-1 height and angle adjustment
  • Precise saw blade with carbide teeth
  • Table’s width extension
  • Chip extractor connection
  • Cross stop with precise angle
  • An overload switch and push stick holder
  • Built from many plastic part
  • Non-collapsible

7. Dewalt Table Saw DWE7485-240V – Best For Compactness

Dewalt Table Saw DWE7485-240V

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If you are a beginner, this table saw from Dewalt is a great entry-level solution for you. One noticeable feature of this machine is the smaller blades (nearly 21 cm compared to the standard 25.4 cm blades). Dewalt has shrunk the blade and the table as well.

That might be a big issue for some people as you cannot cut hardwood or thick stock.

This Dewalt table is not enough for cutting anything bigger than a quarter sheet. Thus, we recommend you to get an outfeed table to bigger wood pieces or grab a partner with you.

There is a switch lock for the on/off switch, which can prevent any unwanted accident.

The push stick has onboard storage and can be stored underneath the fence. It can snap right into place and slides easily to accuracy. You have a little turn wheel for micro-adjustment as well.

It is easy for you to change the blades. All you need to do is take the insert out, loosen up the wingnut and depress it. The blade does not pop up; you need to pull it and swap it out. Another great thing is the dust collection inside the blade guard.

  • Smaller blade
  • Jobsite model
  • A switch lock for safety
  • Onboard push stick
  • High accuracy
  • May not enough for bigger jobsite

8. Einhell Table Saw 4340450 – Best For Convenience

Einhell Table Saw 4340450

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This table saw from the Power X-Change series is famous for convenience as it is cordless. That means you can do woodworking jobs anywhere you want.

That is why it is ideal for small garages, workshops and mobile applications. All you need is a charger or a 2.5 Ah or higher battery.

This battery from Power X-Change with twin pack technology can work for all tools. Unfortunately, you have to purchase them separately.

The table is made from aluminium for lightweight and has precise sliding properties. For larger workpieces, it can be extended on the right for up to 370 mm room. That increases the cutting capacity to 625 mm.

One nice feature of Einhell Table Saw 434450 is the adjustable top cordless saw blade. You can title the blade maximum of 45° to the left and adjust the height from 0 to 70 mm.

Accessories include a parallel and angle stop with a push stick that can be stowed directly on the brackets to ensure cleanliness. For less dust generation, you can install an external dust extraction.

  • Portable model
  • Lightweight table with accurate sliding
  • Additional room on the right
  • Adjustable top saw blade
  • Easy storage for accessories
  • Charger and battery not included

9. Bosch 0601B30570 Table Saw – Best For Angle Adjustment

Bosch 0601B30570 Table Saw

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Of the Bosch 0601B30570 table saw, an internal carrying handle offers the perfect balance, making it easy to carry with just one hand. The rubber corner bumpers protect it from the rough and tumble during transportation and onsite usage.

The large cast aluminium tabletop provides plenty of proper support for the wood. It can be expanded out the right to give you a maximum rip capacity of 460 mm for large panels.

This Bosch blade has 24 teeth, ideal for ripping and general-purpose cuts. The maximum depth capacity is 79 mm at 0° and 56mm at 45°. Thus, it can work perfectly with heavy construction timbers.

You can easily tilt the blade up to 47° to the left or 2° to the right for bevel cuts. The scale is very clear, and it locks a required angle positively with a built-in lever.

The rip fence comes in handy as well. You can use the square lock system to align itself automatically for accuracy. The locking mechanism is strong and can secure the fence of both the back and the front.

This table saw from Bosch is so powerful and well-designed that it can fit any workshops or onsite jobs. There are almost no complaints about its performance yet.

  • Durable design with small footprint
  • Easy and safe transportation
  • Table extension
  • 24-tooth blade
  • Wide-angle adjustment
  • Easy to operate rip fence
  • N/A

10. Evolution Power Tools Table Saw 067-0001 – Best For Lightweight

Evolution Power Tools Table Saw 067-0001

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This Evolution Power Tools Table Saw 067-0001 is well-known for its compactness of 42 x 40 x 31 cm and lightweight of only 9.45 kg. These dimensions are much lower than any competitor, making it one of the easiest-to-carry saws on this list.

The multifunctional cutting technology can easily cut aluminium, steel, plastic and wood, even any wood piece with nails.

Made in Japan, every Evolution blade is appreciated for the top-quality steels for premium performance. With only a saw and one blade, you can cut almost everything.

Each time you cut metal pieces, it leaves a workable finish without burrs, heat or sparks.

With a normal model, after cutting, you have to wait for the metal to cool down before handling. That is not the case with this Evolution 067-0001, thanks to the instantly workable finish.

It is not suitable for large or extra-large DIY projects. The reason may be its lightweightness, not allowing it to deal with a thick piece of wood or hardened carbon, coated and stainless steel.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Highly portable
  • Evolution multi-purpose cutting technology
  • Instantly workable finish
  • Superior cutting edge
  • Evolves from hazards of abrasives and dangers
  • Unsuitable for large projects

How To Choose The Best Table Saw ?

Pay Attention To The Safety Features First

The best table saw is powerful working equipment with sharp blades and high speed. So, they can be dangerous and even lethal if you do not use them correctly.

Best Table Saw in the uk

Some models come with safety features to prevent unwanted incidents and injuries, such as a blade guard, easy-to-reach on and off switch, etc. That is why the more safety features, the better.

Are There Any Interchangeable Blades?

That is another essential factor that customers often forget. However, different projects require different blade types. For instance, when you want to cut a complicated and intricate part from chunks of wood, a small and sharp blade is more suitable than a larger one.

Currently, various modern models with interchangeable blades are available on the market.

It is a sensible investment to consider getting one if you have many projects to work with. In that case, you can make sure to have the best table saw UK for your work.

Does It Have A Fence?

Normally, a table saw comes with a metal fence located parallel to its edge and blade. The fence will act as a fixed point for precise cuts by placing the materials against it.

You can freely adjust it by sliding along a gauge on the tabletop and set the proper width before cutting. It can easily be removed when unnecessary.

How About The Mitre Gauge?

While the fence helps make straight cuts, the mitre gauge plays an important role in making angled and diagonal cuts more easily and securely. The degree of rotation available is extremely vital if you plan to use the saw for multiple diagonal cuts.

Best Table Saw

Why should you check out the customer reviews in advance?

Anytime purchasing a DIY tool like this, it is wise to refer to other users who have experienced and tested the product before. By doing that, you can have more objective opinions and finally make the best decision according to your preferences.


How to protect myself from injuries?

Table saws can be useful and dangerous at the same time. Most injuries are results of its kickbacks.

To protect yourself from those unwanted incidents, you can use a riving knife or a splitter to prevent the wood from drifting away from the fence.

Always remember to use a push stick while blading the wood. It is the number 1 safety measure that every woodworker must follow.

Is a table saw with more teeth better?

Of course, the number of blade teeth determines the cutting speed and finish. A blade with fewer teeth cuts wood faster, while one with more teeth creates a finer cutting finish. The gullets between teeth help remove all the chips from your pieces.

For specific purposes, you should choose different blades and teeth. For example, a 25.4 cm blade with 24 to 30 teeth or a 30.48 cm blade with 40 teeth or fewer is perfect for ripping.

How can I know if my table saw blade is dull?

It is difficult for amateurs to tell whether a blade is still sharp or dull. If your blade is giving fine and clean cuts, it will likely still be good to go.

If you notice some changes in how it cuts, such as more tear out and chipping, or you cannot smoothly follow the cut lines, it is time for you to change your blade.

Otherwise, you can pay attention to its motor. A louder and different noise from the motor might be a telltale sign of a dull blade.

How long can my table saw last?

Table Saw

The lifetime of table saws mainly depends on the blade. A good blade can last up to 120 hours of continuous work.

That number may vary, depending on the blade quality and the wood materials it cuts. Fortunately, you can easily find alternative blades to change at any carpenter’s shop.

Do I need to purchase a stand for my table saw?

It is not mandatory, but we advise you to get a heavy-duty stand. It must be strong enough to support all your workpieces as they cut through the blade and move off the table.

If you cannot spend much money on the best table saw stand, build one. There are lots of DIY table saw stand videos on the Internet you can follow.

The Bottom Line

Either you are a professional or an amateur in wood-working, a table saw is necessary to deal with your creativity. Their capability to rip and do cross cuts will impress you in all your DIY projects.

Hopefully, with all the options we have reviewed above, you can now sort out the best table saw for your workshop. All of them are great, but we conclude that Evolution Power Tools Table Saw RAGE5 – S is the best with various standout features, despite a minor downside.

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