The 10 Best Snow Foam Lances In 2021 (Review & Guide)

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The best snow foam lance is a great alternative for a traditional washing tool for your vehicles. A regular car wash is important to maintain its shiny beauty all the time.

But it is never simple as it may sound, plus the risks of scratches and swirls if you are not careful. In this article, we will introduce a solution to all of those problems.

So, why don’t we start now?

Top 10 Best Snow Foam Lance To Buy Online in the UK

1. KKmoon Snow Foam Lance QWW3141790928446TJ – Best For Adjustability

KKmoon Snow Foam Lance QWW3141790928446TJ

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This KKmoon Snow Foam Lance is a touchless car wash, designed to save your time and energy. It is compatible with all types of pressure washers, no matter how big and small they are.

The big capacity of 750ml and the pressure range from 100 to 200 bar allow you to wash large models that require much deeper cleaning like Karcher K series.

There is a measurement guideline on the bottle surface, making it easier for you to adjust the foaming ratio. You can also adjust the top dial to control the mixture and rotate the form nozzle (clockwise or anti-clockwise) to change the spray pattern.

By producing soft and fluffy snow foam, this KKmoon model turns car washing into a fun and effortless job for any car owner. The thick suds can melt all the dirty and rods on paint, reducing scratches and swirl marks.

Generally, this is productive for both occasional and frequent use. However, many users report easy foam leakage through every joint. That might be because the bottle is not fully enclosed and connected to the gun.

  • Large capacity
  • Made from strong plastic
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Measurement line
  • Adjustable mixture and pattern
  • Makes fluffy, soft snow foam
  • Foam leakage

2. Pukkr Snow Foam Lance B07PGP42MQ – Best for Comprehensiveness

Pukkr Snow Foam Lance B07PGP42MQ

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This comprehensive kit from Pukkr includes a foam cannon, a cleaning mitt, a yellow wax pad, a microfiber towel and a chamois leather. It is perfect for making your car shine again by easily removing dirt, mud and grease.

If you find washing your vehicle too troublesome, this kit with hands-off experience is your saviour. To achieve the best result, you had better rinse off your car before using the snow foam cannon.

When the soap drips down, it takes off all the grease and dirt from your exterior paint. Nonetheless, we advise you to use the microfiber cloth in linear movements to remove any left stubborn dirt.

Next, rinse your car again with water to completely get rid of leftover soap. Then, use the chamois leather and microfiber towel to dry your car and prevent any left watermarks fully.

The only problem is that it cannot produce as thick foam as other competitive models on the market.

  • Full tools included
  • 1l capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible
  • Do not produce thick foam

3. Meguiar’s Snow Foam G194000EU – Best For Adaptability

Meguiar's Snow Foam G194000EU

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Besides 1l dispenser bottle, this Meguiar’s kit has 3 different adapters for 3 most common pressure washers, including Nilfisk, Bosch and Karcher. It also includes a roll of thread tape, which can be used on the adapter to seal the connection and prevent soap leakage.

Unlike other products, this can work for pre-wash, allowing you to remove any loose dirt and grim before a traditional car wash. More importantly, it is safe for your car’s wax. Meguiar improves its snow foam to extremely cling to a car without damaging its wax protection.

The snow foam is so thick and fluffy that it minimizes the swirling risks in the car wash. You can even adjust to get the best foaming performance by twisting the snow nozzle on the top.

Due to the outstanding quality, the product is available at a high price. But its performance is still worth the price.

  • Compatible with 3 types of washer
  • Works as a pre-car wash
  • Wax safe
  • Reduces swirls
  • Adjustable foam
  • Quite expensive

4. Pro-Kleen Snow Foam Lance MY1415 – Best For Quality

Pro-Kleen Snow Foam Lance MY1415

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With a purchase only, you can get a snow foam and a lance from Pro-Kleen. Both of them are manufactured and tested to receive the highest standard and give you the standout performance.

The dispenser bottle has a capacity of 1l with an adjustable chemical dial, which is designed for Pro-Kleen coloured snow foam. It also includes a spray nozzle, letting you choose from a thin jet spray to a wide spray.

Pro-Kleen snow foam lance pressure can reach up to 220 bar, while the temperature can increase to 60°C as a maximum. It is quality built with solid brass and a robust plastic nozzle for long-term use.

The included snow foam is made with a special non-caustic formula to produce super thick foam. That means you can equally cover every part of your car to remove all the grime without burning or corroding other materials. That is not mentioned the shiny finish look it leaves after cleaning thanks to the large amount of wax contained.

Though Pro-Kleen describes that it fits all Karcher K Series models, it might not work with some washers. They are so powerful that this cannon may produce back pressure and fool the washer to stop.

  • 1l tank with a chemical dial
  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • 220 maximum bar pressure
  • 60°C maximum temperature
  • Non-caustic snow foam
  • Does not work with all Karcher K Series models

5. Autoglym Snow Foam PBKIT – Best Seller

Autoglym Snow Foam PBKIT

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This Autoglym snow foam lance is a great company with their famous foam soap to create thick clingy and dense snow foam. It is fully adjustable, allowing you to control both the spray concentration and pattern to suit your needs.

That adjustable function helps you follow your vehicle’s contours, totally cover it and drip down all the mud, dirt and contaminants. A frequent car care routine with Autoglym snow foam lance is an effective way to keep your vehicle shiny and fresh over time.

It is partnered with Autoglym lab and specially designed to work in perfect with Autoglym Polar Series. However, it is also compatible with the Karcher K Series and other models if you also get other official connectors available.

Autoglym particularly features a quick-release function “Click and Go”. By using it, you can easily swap between Autoglym Polar Blaster and other pressure washers.

All of those features have contributed to the overall quality of this product. That is why it is the best seller for snow foam lances and receives the most positive product reviews from users.

  • Creates thick, dense foam
  • Fully adjustable
  • Leaves shiny and fresh finish
  • Works in harmony with Polar Series
  • Compatible with Karcher K and other products
  • Quick-release function
  • N/A

6. Kärcher Foam Jet Nozzle Karcher FJ 6 FOAM JET – Best For Budget

Kärcher Foam Jet Nozzle Karcher FJ 6 FOAM JET

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Another promising pick you should not ignore is the Snow Foam Karcher FJ 6 FOAM JET from Kärcher. It will offer you more options for your washing regime: snow foam and foam cannon soaps.

At an affordable price, you can own a reliable snow foam lance with almost all necessary features. To be more specific, it is one of the cheapest models among Kärcher series for beginners.

The most distinctive feature is its ultimate compatibility. So, anytime you want to swap with other attachments, feel free as this foam cannon can fit onto all of Kärcher K2-K7 pressure washers.

Besides, you have total control over the foam types. Thanks to the adjustable nozzle, you can adjust the detergent amount for each use by changing the spray fan via a dial.

Thanks to the extra superior foam, it is an ideal option for all surfaces like glass, paint or stone and all places like gardens, stairways, paths and wall, etc.

However, we have to admit it still lacks a minor area. The fact that it is made of plastic let some customers down. Because plastic snow foam lance is more likely to leak and not as strong as others made of brass.

  • Efficient cleaning on various surfaces and areas
  • Compatible with all Kärcher K2-K7 pressure washers
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Affordable
  • Made of plastic

7. Nilfisk Super Foam Sprayer 128500938 – Best For Value

Nilfisk Super Foam Sprayer 128500938

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Have you ever investigated the best snow foam lance UK? If the answer is yes, the brand named Nilfisk must cross your mind at least once. Nilfisk Super Foam Sprayer 128500938 is well-known for its high-performance and becomes professionals’ choice.

Despite the small bottle size of only 0.5L, the brand assumes that it consumes 30% less detergent than other models. It is understandable why Nilfisk 128500938 is an ideal option for money-valued people.

You can use this foam sprayer for multiple uses. By filling it with desired soap or detergent, car washing, or cleaning other parts will no longer be a problem.

Thanks to an upgraded soap dispenser, it allows you to cover the surfaces efficiently and quickly. With the Click&Clean system, all Nilfisk accessories are easy to use and easy to clean.

Nevertheless, like Kärcher, you have to be careful when using it because it does not come with brass or stainless steel components.

  • Upgraded soap dispenser for efficient cleaning cover
  • Click&Clean system
  • Economical
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Made of plastic

8. Qooltek Adjustable Foam Cannon B07T6KS5BJ – Best For Fast Cleaning

Qooltek Adjustable Foam Cannon B07T6KS5BJ

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The next candidate for the best snow foam lance is Qooltek Adjustable Foam Cannon B07T6KS5BJ. It can work well with all Kärcher K2-K7 pressure washers.

Compared to other conventional carwashing methods, this adjustable foam lance covers the surfaces with a nice layer of snow foam. That helps you do the cleaning more quickly and reduces the considerable time. Within a short time, you can have a luxury car wash right at your home at an affordable price.

It also has a large capacity of 1L. Therefore, you can wash a big SUV or two small cars with only one bottle without any difficulties. Thanks to the volumetric scale, it is easy to realize how much foam is left inside.

Overall, this product does an excellent performance and exceeds our expectations. But the actual snow foam is not as thick as other high-end series.

  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all Kärcher K2-K7 pressure washers
  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • 1L bottle size
  • Time-saving
  • Less thick snow foam

9. EAWONGEE Snow Foam B07WJW8N23 – Best For Durability


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The EAWONGEE Snow Foam B07WJW8N23 is made of high-quality materials: metal and solid brass for the whole body with durable plastic nozzle. As we mentioned above, with the bottle size of 1L, dealing with a big-sized car or 2 sedan cars will not be a problem.

The adjustable spray nozzle and rotary nut allow you to adjust the different ways of spraying and the thickness of the foam. You can choose either spray in either the decent fan pattern or decent cylindrical pattern. To create more foam and less water or less foam and more water, rotate as indicated on the nut.

The pressure level needed ranges from 1400PSI to 3200PSI, suitable for both home-use and professional purposes. We have warm tips on use for you. You can rinse this EAWONGEE B07WJW8N23 right after using it to prevent internal blockage which was resulted from power residue.

Unfortunately, the actual results do not live up to our expectation. Instead of full foam, it can only produce soapy water. You can reduce that risk by shaking the bottle before using.

  • 1L bottle size
  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Adjustable rotary nuts
  • Durable brass and metal body
  • Only produces soapy water

10. Rediboom Snow Foam Lance B07FF3PZ6Y

Rediboom Snow Foam Lance B07FF3PZ6Y

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The final product we want to introduce on this list is Rediboom Snow Foam Lance B07FF3PZ6Y. This foam lance is perfectly suitable for Karcher K Series pressure washers. But the required pressure only ranges from 1000PSI to 3000PSI.

It comes with high-quality brass connectors and a 1L large-sized bottle. With this new Heavy Duty design, the brand confirmed that you could fully clean up to 5 separate sedan cars with only 1 fill.

This Rediboom B07FF3PZ6Y produces a nicely thick cleaning foam by combining detergent, air and a high-pressure water flow. With the Adjustable spray nozzle, you can accurately mix the water and foam amount coming out according to your demands.

Rediboom also clearly described its internal components to prove its top-quality foaming effects. That is because thicker structures are better at dense foaming.

Some customers find it difficult to use due to lacking proper instruction. No picture or structure chart are included, except for the Chinese-English instructions. So, many beginners who know neither of these 2 languages are confused. Our advice is to check out the information on the Internet before using it to avoid unwanted results.

  • 1L bottle size
  • 1000PSI to 3000PSI required pressure range
  • Produces nicely thick and dense foam
  • Adjustable spray nozzle and foaming button
  • No picture or structure chart instructions

How To Choose The Best Snow Foam Lance ?

In general, snow foam lances do not cost you an arm and a leg like other pricey products. However, no one is willing to waste their time and money trying hundreds of products until their right one. Thus, we have created the buying guide below to help you make a better purchase.

Best Snow Foam Lance

What is the capacity of the dispenser bottle?

The foam cannon’s capacity has a direct relation with your car’s size. Large-sized vehicles such as trucks or lorries require bigger foam lances to cover their exterior surface fully.

Normally, the 1l capacity is more than enough for car cleaning. Each car on average consumes around 250ml of shampoo, meaning you can use a full bottle for 3-4 times.

Is it compatible with your washers?

There is no point in buying a snow foam lance if it cannot connect with your washer. Most pressure washers have special connectors. If your pressure washer has a 1/4″ connector, it will likely connect with most foam lances from any brand. Otherwise, you have no choice but buying a foam lance that is specifically made for your washer.

Fortunately, foam cannon brands all describe the types of pressure washers that their products are compatible with. Some models are even suitable for working with a few big names such as Nilfisk, Karcher and Bosch.

Is it adjustable?

The adjustability refers to the ability to alter the thickness of snow foam and the spray pattern. The thicker the foam is, the better result it produces. The best snow foam lance features a dial on top that lets you control the air and water intake.

Best Snow Foam Lance UK

Some latest models even allow you to change the spray pattern from narrow to wide by rotating the lance’s nozzle. That helps you quickly and equally cover large surfaces while better concentrating on small areas at corners.

How is it made?

The construction of snow foam cannons can impact their durability. Most old series are made from plastic that tend to break easily after a few times. Crackers usually happen at the opening top due to the enormous pressure coming through the bottle.

Hence, manufacturers have to advance the design and materials. They replace plastic threaded components with brass and stainless steel to hold the foaming mixture and make it suitable for long-term use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to differentiate a foam gun and a foam lance?

Both foam guns and foam lances are useful tools in washing vehicles, reducing scratches and lifting tough dirt.The only difference is how they deliver water to the foam tank. While a foam gun attaches to a standard hose with a special attachment, a foam lance attaches to a high-pressure washer.

Snow Foam Lance

How to mix snow foam liquid?

Though the exact dilution rate may be different by manufacturers, the popular mixing ratio is 1:5 of foam wash to water. Fill 1 part of snow foam into the lance bottle and mix it with 5 warm water parts.

How to clean a snow foam lance?

Even the best snow foam lance becomes less effective over time. To clean it, you need to remove the nozzle end and pop the gauze inside. It is a tool to mix the water and snow foam and the one needs to be cleaned.

You can also remove the small injector inside the connector barrel to check it thoroughly. But as long as there are no leaks and you can see a clear hole, it is not a must.

Put the gauze and the parts you want to clean into a caustic soda and water mixture and leave them overnight. Mix water and white vinegar to neutralize parts with caustic soda. Brush and rinse them with fresh water.

Before attaching everything back to the lance, make sure they are all dry. You can use a blower or leave them in the sun. If the gauze is too old to use, you can also buy another one and replace it.

Do I need special soap for a snow foam lance?

Yes. Good foam lance soaps are important to extend the lifetime for your lance and your vehicles as well. The pH level in soaps is what you should closely pay attention to. The ideal pH level is 7. The acidic soap with lower pH level tends to damage your car’s paint.

Can I use bleach with a snow foam lance?

Never. Most brands of both snow foam lances and pressure washers advise not to use bleach. Bleach is dangerous, and it can damage the pump’s seal and make it useless.

The Bottom Line

If you are tired of a traditional car wash with a nozzle and hose in hours, here comes a snow foam lance. With the help of it, car washing has become more effortless and easier than ever before. No more worry about paint damage, dirt, scratches or swirls. The best snow foam lance can save you from those.

A snow foam lance is such a basic tool that even the cheapest one can give you an impressive performance. All of the products we mentioned above look similar and have similar good quality. But the winner is Autoglym Snow Foam Lance PBKIT. Due to multiple distinctive features, it exceeds our expectations.

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