Best Shower Heads

Do not think that all showerheads are the same! Just try using the best shower heads on the market and comparing them to other common ones, and you will definitely see a big difference!

You may ask what the difference is, right? Alright! We will answer you by reviewing the best features of the top 10 hottest showerheads in the UK! Slide down to read!

How To Choose The Most Suitable Shower Head

If you want to get the best shower heads in the UK, better notice the following factors!

What type is the showerhead?

There are three common types of showerheads on today’s market. Each one has a specific design that serves different purposes. Depending on your usage habits, you will decide which showerhead is the most suitable one.

Fixed showerhead

The fixed showerhead is mounted completely and solidly to the wall in your bathroom. There will be tubes and pipes installed inside the wall to deliver water from the water source to the outlets of the head.

Fixed showerhead

When using the fixed type, you will not be able to adjust or move the showerhead. That’s why the head is usually mounted to the ceiling of the bathroom to create rainfall water.

Handheld showerhead

Handheld showerhead works like the fixed type. The water will be moved from the water supply throughout the pipes inside the wall to the outlets of the head.

Handheld showerhead

What makes the handheld different from the fixed type is, the tubes of the handheld is designed in a wire form to be flexible, allowing you to adjust the height of the head or carry the tool around your bathroom. This will bring you convenience in usage.

2-in-1 system

If choosing is so difficult, you can get the 2-in-1 system. Simply, the system is just a combination of both the fixed showerhead and the handheld one. There will be a head attached to the ceiling and a handheld head with flexible tubes.

2-in-1 system showerhead

However, the 2-in-1 system has a disadvantage, which is low flow. As the two showerheads take water from the same power source, the flow may be quite low if you open both two of them at the same time.

Which material is used to make the showerhead?

You surely want a durable showerhead, right? Then we advise you to get the item that is made of high-quality material.

Typically, a showerhead is built of metal, solid brass, stainless steel, plastic, etc. The manufacturer usually covers the tool in chrome or colored paint, so that all the showerheads look nearly the same.

But here is the difference! Although the metal is strong and solid, it may rust over time. Oppositely, plastic does not rust, but it is easy to break down and less durable. In this case, the best choice is the showerhead made of stainless steel. The material is sturdy and non-rusting to keep the head durable for a long period of time.

Can the showerhead save water?

A strong showerhead is good to use. But you will not like the head anymore if it gives you a high water bill. Therefore, the showerhead that you choose should be able to save water.

Best Shower Heads

Usually, the high-rated showerhead will have a cut-off valve that can stop the flow of the water quickly after you close it. This will save a lot of wasted water for every month.

Also, the showerhead can be designed with multiple spraying options. This allows you to set the amount of water that you require for your cleaning. For example, showering a pet, or a baby does not need much water. In contrast, you will need strong pressure of water if you need to take a shower in a hurry.

Top 10 Best Shower Heads in the UK

And now is the time for reviewing! Check out our ten best shower heads in the UK and see how different they are compared to normal products on the market!

#1: Ionic Shower Head M-shower-1

The Ionic Shower Head M-shower-1 is known as a powerful water saver! The manufacturer has designed the head with LUV technology for limiting current and special laser perforated technic. Thanks to this design, the head can work to prevent up to 50% of wasted water!

Ionic Shower Head M-shower-1

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Besides, the showerhead gives you three options of spraying. One is rainfall, one is jetting, and the other is massage. When showering, you need to set up the head to have the right amount of water you require. As a result, you can save a lot of water!

Although this M-shower-1 can work to save much water, the pressure will not change! What you get from this showerhead will still be a good and strong water flow. In specification, the tool can release up to 2.5 gallons of water for every single minute!

The bad point of this M-shower-1 lies at its tiny outlets. As the holes are so small, you will barely feel that the water coming out touches your body. This is quite annoying if you wash your hair because you can not know whether the water has removed all the soap on your head or not.


  • LUV technology
  • Special laser perforated technology
  • Saving water
  • Three options of water spraying
  • Good pressure of water


  • Tiny outlets
  • Pulling down the showerhead holder sometimes.

#2: H&S Shower Head EYOBE-a163

Are you having trouble finding a showerhead that suits your shower system? Do not worry because the H&S Shower Head EYOBE-a163 is here to rescue!

H&S Shower Head EYOBE-a163

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Like the advertisement has said, this EYOBE-a163 shower head is a universal fitting product! With a dimension of 25 x 4 x 11 centimetres, the head can support nearly all common shower units on the nowaday market.

Also, the lightweight of 180 grams allows the head to stay stably on all types of unit holder! You will never have to worry that the holder may fall down and make the head broken!

Do you know what the best thing about this EYOBE-a163 is? This showerhead does not require any tool for the installation! Right after unboxing the product, you only need to attach the item to the shower arm or shower hose of your unit throughout their joints. And everything is completed!

The problem appears in how the head works. As you use the product in massage mode, the head may make loud vibrating noise. This may annoy you a little bit during the showering time.


  • Universal fitting
  • Lightweight of 180 grams
  • No tool for installation
  • Five spraying modes


  • Loud noise of vibration
  • Low flow.

#3: VEHHE Shower Head Powerful Flow

Showering will be the best relaxing time if you have the help of this VEHHE Shower Head Powerful Flow! With five different modes of massage flow which are Pause, Power Mist, Power Rain, Rain Massage, and Pulsating Massage, the head will help you recover from tiredness and stress at best!

VEHHE Shower Head Powerful Flow

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For a light and soft massage, you can try using the Power Mist and Rain Massage modes. The outlets of the head will release water at a low pressure to massage your entire body. Especially, the Power Mist mode can create both cold and hot steams to all direction. You will feel like you are soaking your body in an actual mist!

For showering, feel free to change the head to either Power Rain or Pulsating Massage. The flow of the water will then be stronger to help you clean all stains and dirt on your body. Of course, strong pressure water can also be used for massaging. Just turn on these modes, and you will be able to have a water petrissage experience!

Although the advertisement says that this VEHHE product can prevent leaking, the issue seems to not be fixed at all. Sometimes, the water may leak out from the joints between the arm and the head.


  • Five modes of massage flow
  • Water-saving
  • Strong pressure of water
  • Detachable head


  • Leaking
  • Plastic as material.

#4: Autkors Shower Head A8833

Autkors Shower Head A8833 is famous due to the fact that it can create soft and smooth water flow. How efficient this A8833 model works? Allow us to explain below!

The showerhead appears with three options of water spraying, including full body spray, massage, and 2-in-1. All these spraying modes can release soft water flow to your entire body.

Autkors Shower Head A8833

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In addition, the head is equipped with spray nozzles made of silicone. These nozzles are so simple to clean so that you can easily get rid of all stain and dirt on them. As a result, the head will never get clogged. Instead, it will release a super smooth flow.

On the downside, the surface of the head is quite flat, that causes difficulty in spinning and turning. Hence, it will be a little bit tricky for you to change the spray mode of the head.


  • Three options of spraying
  • Silicone spray nozzles
  • No clogging
  • Ease in cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Universal fitting
  • Stylish appearance


  • Difficulty in changing spray modes
  • Plastic as material.

#5: Derpras Round Rain Shower Head

The Derpras Round Rain Shower Head is also a good water-saving solution that we want to introduce to you today.

In specification, this bathroom equipment can provide maximal 2.5 gallons of water for every 60 seconds. Although the water flow may be a little bit slow, you are able to save tons of litres of water every time using.

Derpras Round Rain Shower Head

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But keep in mind that low flow can not stop you from having a great shower. The Derpras company has applied Air Energy technology to build this showerhead. That’s why the head can still make strong rainfall, no matter how high the water pressure is.

Things come even better, as this showerhead can make the rainfall in a wide round. Of course, you are able to choose the width of the rainfall. The product comes with three different sizes which are 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. The bigger the size is, the more nozzles the head has, the wider the rainfall will be!

It is very bad to say that we have to give a minus point to the design of this Depras showerhead. As you can see, the tool is quite thin (2 millimetres in height). This thinnest may cause the head to be easily broken down.


  • Water-saving
  • Strong rainfall
  • Wide spraying
  • Three choices of sizes


  • Thinnest
  • No flexibility (fixed showerhead).

#6: Newdora Ionic Shower Head MH-Shower-130

Water with a high amount of bad substance may cause irritation to your sensitive skins. However, this issue will not be a big deal anymore, as long as you have this Newdora Ionic MH-Shower-130 by your side!

Newdora Ionic Shower Head MH-Shower-130

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Have a look at the showerhead and see what impresses you most! It is surely the mineral balls in the handle of the head, right? These balls can work as a filtering system to get rid of all harmful substances contained in the water. Since the water is clean, you can take a shower without being allergic or irritate!

Not only that, but the mineral balls can also decrease a lot of chlorine to soften and purify the water. If you use this filtered water to clean your body, your skin can be much smoother!

Sometimes, the mineral balls may break and stop the holes of the showerhead. This results in terrible clogging problems. In this situation, you will have to disassemble the head to remove the balls.


  • Bad substance in water removing
  • Chlorine decreasing
  • Three different spray options
  • No leaking
  • Solid construction
  • Long-lasting mineral balls


  • Clogging
  • Heavyweight for some holders.

#7: H&S Shower Head 1644 blue

If we have to describe this H&S Shower Head 1644 blue in three words, we will say that it is “small but strong”!

Specifically, the head has a dimension of 19.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 centimetres and a lightweight of 147 grams. The compact style gives the head permission to fit in mostly all shower unit in the United Kingdom.

H&S Shower Head 1644 blue

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But this does not mean that the product breaks down easily. Thanks to the stainless steel material, the showerhead can be extremely solid. In a funny way to say, if you let this head fall from a high distance to the bathroom floor, it will not break!

Also, you can rest assured that this head will not rust over time. The stainless steel material can help the head resist wearing and oxidation. So if you are looking for a showerhead that works for a long period of time, this 1644 blue is surely the one!

Unfortunately, this 1644 blue model does not increase the force for strong water flow. The low flow of the head is only enough for usual showering, instead of massage. So if you are a fan of powerful water, better choose another different item.


  • Compact style
  • Sturdiness
  • No rusting
  • Universal fitting


  • No shiny steel
  • Low flow.

#8: Y-home Shower Head H17015

When it comes to flexibility in usage, the Y-home Shower Head H17015 will definitely show its advantages!

As this H17015 model belongs to the handheld showerhead group, you can hold and carry it around the bathroom with ease. Of course, its lightweight of 200 grams is totally expectable. The showerhead must be light so that you will not get difficulty controlling it.

Y-home Shower Head H17015

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The Shower Head H17015 can make everything you need for a relaxing shower. With six modes of spray, the item can work as a fixed head in Rain Spray mode, a masseuse in Massage Spray mode, and more!

What will happen if the head gets clogged? Well! The self-cleaning function will get rid of all lime scales on the face of the head. Since there is no obstacle on the outlets, you will be able to take a shower with smooth and soft water!

About the drawback, this Shower Head H17015 may not be compatible with several old shower units. When you screw the head into some hoses, it may not fit entirely.


  • Lightweight
  • Six modes of spray options
  • Self-cleaning function
  • High pressure


  • No support to several old shower units
  • No included hose.

#9: Triton 5 Position Shower Head SFXSH600E5KKW

If you need a big showerhead, the Triton 5 Position SFXSH600E5KKW will be our recommendation!

Among ten products on our list today, this Triton showerhead is the biggest one with a dimension of 30.4 x 12 x 6.4 centimetres. This big size will be suitable for adults or people with big hands to grab and use.

Triton 5 Position Shower Head SFXSH600E5KKW

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Additionally, the mode selector used for spray pressure adjustment also comes in a big shape. This helps you change the spray pressure of the head quicker and easier. Every time you want to adjust the water flow, just hold the selector and turn it in a circular direction.

Do not think that big size means difficulty in assembling! In fact, this SFXSH600E5KKW comes along with instructions for fitting and a manual for usage. Thanks to them, attaching the head to the water system is just a piece of cake!

What makes us disappointed about this SFXSH600E5KKW model is the leaking issue. After closing the valve, you may notice that water leaks out from the sides of the head. For a long period of time, this issue may lead to a big waste of water.


  • Large size
  • Big spray mode selector
  • Fitting instructions
  • A manual for using
  • Ease in cleaning


  • Dripping from the sides
  • Heavyweight.

#10: Aecodune XL Premium Shower Head

Do you require clean water for showering? The Aecodune XL Premium Shower Head will support you with its filtering system of 5 mineral balls!

The first ball is the purest ascorbic acid that works to add more vitamin C to the water. As you know, vitamin C can produce a lot of collagen to strengthen your skin and hair. More than that, the second ball – maifan stone can infuse good mineral substance to the water to brighten the skin so that your beauty will be fully activated.

Aecodune XL Premium Shower Head

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On the other hand, the Calcium sulfite, the Zeolite and Tourmaline stones can reduce many toxins and bad substances contained in the water. Just try using this product, and you will feel no heavy smell of metal or dirt in the water!

The only issue that we have found about this Aecodune showerhead is its strong flow. As the jets of this item can release water at a super high pressure, people with thin or sensitive skin may feel hurt while showering.


  • A filtering system of 5 mineral balls
  • Vitamin C and good mineral substance adding
  • Up to 99% Chlorine reduction
  • Easy installation


  • Hard flow.


Are there showerheads that release water at a high pressure?

Our answer is yes. There are showerheads that release water at a high pressure. Technically, a showerhead is designed to decrease the amount of water flow resisting and add extra power force to push the water powerfully. When buying, you should notice the GPM (gallons per minute) of the head in the product specification. The higher the GPM is, the stronger the head can release water.

What is a good shower pressure?

A shower pressure is good when the outlet of the showerhead can provide more than 15 litres of water for every single minute.

However, if you are low on money, you can get the product that releases about 10 – 14 litres per minutes. The water pressure of this head type is also acceptable.

Best Shower Heads UK

Can you make your shower more powerful?

Yes, you can do it! If you want to increase the power of your shower, you can find some showerheads with high GPM rate and replace the recent head that you are using in your bathroom.

On the other hand, you can buy a water pump or pressurized cylinder and equip it to your shower unit. Those pieces of equipment can help the unit create more force to make powerful water flow.

Is 2.5 gallons per minute low flow?

Unfortunately, 2.5 gallons per minute is low flow.

Normally, a showerhead using less than 1.5 gallons per minute is considered as super low flow equipment. Although the 2.5 GPM is listed in the group of low flow ones, it is still enough to give you a good showering.


Have you realized the big difference between the best shower heads in the UK and the common heads? The best products always have modern features to work efficiently. With the help of them, you will have the most relaxing time while showering!

Now you have known all essential factors to find a suitable showerhead. Make sure that you consider carefully before making the decision!

Hopefully, the showerhead you choose will serve you at best!

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