Top 10 Best Shoe Polish Reviews In The UK 2021

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The best shoe polish with high quality is indispensable for leather shoes. Not only making the leather up and protecting your shoes, shoe polish also endures their service life.

But low-quality polish can reverse its original functions. So it’s essential to seek out a good product for your leather shoes. You should choose this tool carefully with helpful directions from experts and experienced customers.  If it’s what you are looking for, don’t miss this article.

Top 10 Best Shoe Polish Reviews 

You should consider many criteria when choosing to buy shoe polish, such as brand, price, function, type of leather goods, etc. So it’s sometimes too complicated to determine. That’s why we recommend the top 10 best shoe polish below.

#1 Saphir Creme Surfine Cream Shoe Polish B01C7K0OD8: Best For Colour

Saphir Creme Surfine Cream Shoe Polish B01C7K0OD8

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There is a wide range of colorful leather shoes for you to choose from on the current market. But there were just a few shoe polish colour choices. So, you can not renew your shoes after wearing them for a long time.

The Saphir brand launched this Creme Surfine Cream shoe polish with 84 colour options to solve that problem.

From traditional and neutral tone to trendy and remarkable one, you can effortlessly choose a shoe polish corresponding to your leather shoes’ colour.

Moreover, this product has many good features that can please every customer. Soft and smooth texture makes it easier to apply on many types of leather goods.

This item from the Saphir brand is now on the worldwide market, especially on many e-commerce sites. So, it’s very convenient to buy wherever you are.

Cream texture is extremely good at nourishing and enhancing leather. But it also takes more time to dry. So, let’s be patient for a better finish.

  • A wide range of colours
  • Easy application
  • Buy easily on over the world
  • Take a little time to dry

#2 Wren’s leather shoe polish cream B01ERPXGNQ: Best For Historical Brand

Wren’s leather shoe polish cream B01ERPXGNQ

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Established in 1889, Wren is one of the most historical shoe polish brands globally. Having formed and operated for over a century, this brand can please every single fastidious customer with its prestigious legacy.

Therefore, if your priority criteria when choosing to buy shoe polish are the brand’s reputation, prestige and good reviews, this Wren’s product is for you.

Not only for leather shoes, this creation with smooth and soft texture can be used for other leather goods such as bags, belts to make them look new. Wren’s shoe polish also helps nourish and enhance the surface to be more durable.

There are 4 colours to choose from, including navy blue, black, middle brown and neutral. This shoe shine can go with basic tones of leather shoes.

  • Historical brand with prestigious legacy
  • Suitable for many leather goods
  • Nourish, enhance and endure leather
  • Not for colorful leather goods 

#3 Cherry Blossom Traditional Paste Shoe Polish B07BX8YHSR: Best For Traditional Paste

Cherry Blossom Traditional Paste Shoe Polish B07BX8YHSR

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Many people prefer wax-based shoe polish. Even though more and more shoe polish types coming with other convenient textures, like cream or liquid, have launched to the current market. Because this type of texture can make leather soften, waterproof and give a better finish on leather.

That’s why Cherry Blossom Traditional Paste Shoe Polish B07BX8YHSR with wax-based texture is popular. This brand is one of the most historical shoe polish brands in the United Kingdom.

It meets customer’s demands with traditional paste polish, compact tin and useful function. So if you are those preferring the classic, this item deserves the best for you.

There are 7 choices of colour for you. They are standard colours, including black, tan (with 3 levels of tan), neutral, oxblood and navy.

You should consider that this product is a bit more complicated process and time to get the perfect coverage in your leather footwear.

  • Traditional paste for the shine finish
  • High quality
  • 7 choices of colour
  • Take more time to apply

#4 Cadillac Select Premium Cream Shoe Polish B076KR4VDM: Best For Easy Application

Cadillac Select Premium Cream Shoe Polish B076KR4VDM

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Many customers just want a smooth type of shoe polish that can quickly apply and require no experience. Therefore, easy application is one of the most important criteria when choosing to buy shoe polish.

The Cadillac brand manufactured Select Premium Cream Shoe Polish B076KR4VDM. It surely deserves to be best shoe shine for easy application, thanks for its very smooth texture.

Smooth texture helps users easily apply full of their shoes in just a minute. You should spread the cream polish well to make a shine coverage on your leather and renew your old goods.

Special formula with rich nourishment made of many oils enhances your leather goods, making them more durable. So, this creation from the Cadillac brand can be your best choice for both its convenience and function.

One more plus point for this Cadillac’s shoe polish is the packaging. The transparent plastic bottle with compact size and simple label makes the design more good-looking.

  • Easy to apply
  • Spread well and quickly
  • Rich nourishment for leather
  • Few colours to choose
  • Slightly higher price

#5 Angelus Perfect Stain Shoe Wax Polish, 2.6oz B01AAWKLQ: Best For Common Style

Angelus Perfect Stain Shoe Wax Polish, 2.6oz B01AAWKLQ

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If all you want at a shoe polish is the common style with compact tin, wax-based texture and basic colour. Angelus Perfect Stain Shoe Wax Polish B01AAWKLQ is for you.

Unlike beginners, customers with long-term going with shoe polish know what they want from a shoe polish product. They have a familiar way to apply it on their leather goods and enjoy its finish.

So, many shoe polish brands still keep their original formula after even a century of operating. The Angelus brand is a well-known example. Its wax-based formula is the favourite of many worldwide customers for over a century.

Ingredients of the formula include carnauba wax, beeswax, with a fine rate of waxes and oil. It makes this type of shoe polish helpful to preserve, waterproof and restore your leather goods’ colour.

One more useful feature of this Angelus shoe polish is multi colour choices. There are 10 colours, almost standard colours such as black, white, neutral, tan, gray, etc.

  • Traditional shoe wax for common style
  • Great formula
  • Many colours to choose
  • A bit hard to use for beginners

#6 Kiwi Brown Shoe Polish B000U564RS: Best For Easy Purchase

Kiwi Brown Shoe Polish B000U564RS

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Although you are not shoe polish users, you surely have heard about that brand once time in your life. Kiwi’s compact tin is not just a product, it’s the symbol of shoe polish worldwide.

When you need shoe polish for brown-leather shoes, you can go to the nearby store to get a Kiwi B000U564RS. Like other products from this brand, it’s popular and easy to buy.

Low price is the main reason that makes Kiwi’s products extremely well-liked, with just nearly half price as other products with similar quality. This classic shoe polish is an economical choice for users’ demands such as shining, nourishing, waterproofing and restoring colour of leather.

Kiwi has maintained the original formula for many years. There are not many changes on products from this brand, from wax-based texture to packaging. So it’s suitable for long-time users who prefer a traditional style.

This product requires a bit of skill in buffing wax shoe polish to have the perfect coverage. If you are a beginner, it takes a little time to do well.

  • Easy to purchase
  • Low price
  • Good quality 
  • Takes time for good coverage
  • Just for brown leather goods

#7 Woly Unisex-Adult Shoe Cream Shoe Polishes B01G73ESIS: Best For Bright Shine

Woly Unisex-Adult Shoe Cream Shoe Polishes B01G73ESIS

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If you want to have your shoe be like new, don’t miss this Woly Unisex-Adult Shoe Cream Shoe Treatments & Polishes B01G73ESIS. Be the best shoe polish in the UK for bright shine, this product won’t let you down.

This shoe polish is easy to apply, spread well on all leather surfaces and gives excellent coverage, thanks to a soft and smooth texture. The nourishment comes from the fine rate of ingredients, especially oils that help enhance leather goods and make them naturally bright shine like a new one.

There are over 30 colours for you to choose from. Most of them are basic colours such as black, tan, gray, etc. But there are still other tones for colorful leather goods such as red, pink, purple.

  • Naturally bright shine
  • High quality with prestigious brand
  • Many colours to choose
  • Take 10 minutes to get the perfect coverage

#8 Cherry Blossom Renovating Cream for Leather Shoes and Accessories B00H1YO1GM: Best For Versatility

Cherry Blossom Renovating Cream for Leather Shoes and Accessories B00H1YO1GM

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Shoe polish now is not used for leather shoes only. Many types can shine and nourish other leather goods like boots, bags, even furniture. Cherry Blossom Renovating cream for leather shoes and accessories B00H1YO1GM is an outstanding example.

The main reason making this leather attractive is its smooth creamy texture. The advantage of this texture is easy to apply. It can fit most leather surfaces, from soft to hard ones.

Therefore, this shoe shine product is not used for leather shoes only. It can make a bright-shine finish, renew your leather goods surprisingly, even with the soft ones like boots, bags.

Moreover, you don’t need to have any skill to make the perfect coverage on your leather shoes and accessories by cream polish. Just follow the direction on the label.

High pigment of texture removes stubborn stains very well; helps clean, cover and renovate the leather surface to make it like new.

This product also comes in many colours. There are 21 variant colours, from neutral tone to hot tone.

  • Be used for many leather goods
  • Special formula for bright shine and protection
  • Many colours to choose
  • Easy to apply
  • Takes a little time to dry

#9 Cherry Blossom Synthetic Material Shoe Polish Oxblood B01BSSFSNG: Best For Smooth Oxblood Leather

Cherry Blossom Synthetic Material Shoe Polish Oxblood B01BSSFSNG

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If you are an oxblood smooth leather goods lover, you can’t ignore this product from the Cherry Blossom brand. It’s exactly all you need to take care of your favourite shoes.

Before discovering the secret of this product, let’s get some information about the brand. Cherry Blossom is from 1906 and has a prestigious legacy in the world. It means the quality of goods is highly guaranteed.

Thanks to special paste texture, this product can be used for many types of leather goods such as shoes, bags, boots, ect. It’s a good feature of Cherry Blossom shoe polish.

The ingredients with a fine rate of waxes and oils nourish your leather effectively. High oxblood pigment creates a beautiful coverage with the colour you love, covers stubborn stains, scuffs and removes scratches.

  • Beautiful oxblood coverage
  • Suitable for many types of smooth leather goods
  • High-quality 
  • Less effective on stiff leather

#10 Dasco Renovating Polish – Oxblood B00GN6Z3C0: Best For Renovating Colour

Dasco Renovating Polish - Oxblood B00GN6Z3C0

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Not only a type of polish for shoes, Dasco renovating polish B00GN6Z3C0 is also used to renew other leather goods such as bags, belts and furniture. This utility makes it cracking and worth being the best shoe polish for renovating colour

Dasco’s polish can cover scuffs very well, thanks to its special paste texture with high pigment. Therefore, it helps renovate the colour of leather goods, turning the old ones into the new ones, just by 1-time applying.

Moreover, this product protects your leather well, waterproofs and gives them bright-shine coverage with beautiful oxblood colour. Let’s try and see the difference.

  • Restore colour from bad scuffs
  • Higher pigment than standard polish
  • Suitable for many types of leather goods
  • Take time to practice for good coverage

How to choose the Best Shoe Polish ? 

Cream or wax formula?

To choose your right shoe polish between cream and wax formula, let’s explore their prominent features below:

Wax-based shoe polish

Wax-based shoe polish is the most historical shoe polish in the world. It’s usually made of beeswax or something similar. Shoe wax is popular, cheap and easy to purchase.

Shoe Polish

Many long-time users prefer shoe wax. This shoe polish type is better in restoring colours of leather goods, covering scuffs, making your leather shoes shine like glass and having classic beauty.

Shoe wax requires a little effort to make a good finish because it takes time to dry out and needs to be buffed steadily over your leather surface. So it’s a bit hard for beginners.

Cream-based shoe polish

Shoe cream is better in nourishing leather, thanks to the oil ingredient. It also makes the coverage naturally bright shine. So, if your leather goods look dry and rough on the surface, you should consider this type of shoe polish to make them softer.

This formula allows the manufacturers to add a wide range of colours to their products. Therefore, it’s more suitable for your colorful leather goods.

Cream-based shoe polish has a very soft and smooth texture. Even though you are newer, you can easily use this shoe polish type without any effort.


Nowadays, shoe polish comes with a wide range of colours from neutral tone to hot tone, not just primary colours like black, brown, neutral, gray, etc. This is good news for colorful leather goods lovers.

Cream-based shoe polish gives you more colour choices, especially hot tones such as red, pink, orange, purple; thanks to its special formula.

Natural or synthetic

Natural elements such as beeswax, carnauba wax, shea butter are proved to work more effectively on leather. They can absorb into the leather surfaces to nourish and enhance them. But it has a weak point that just comes with a neutral tone.

Shoe polishes made of synthetic ingredients such as silicon still do their function very well. They are cheaper than those made of natural ingredients and have more colour options.


Accessories such as a brush, soft cloth are necessary to polish your shoes. You can think about buying them on their own or buy the polish kit, which includes all shoe polish and accessories.

Best Shoe Polish in the UK

There are two main types of shoe polish on the current market. Each type needs specific tools to make the perfect finish. Wax-based polish with paste texture goes with brushes, cream-based polish with smooth texture goes with clothes.

Many brands launched economical polish kits to make polishing more convenient for customers, especially beginners. Let’s think about them to start your polishing more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to polish your shoes correctly?

This process usually includes 5 steps.

  • First of all, follow the instructions of the products you choose to polish your shoes. It’s usually on the label of the product.
  • Get the right accessories to apply polish on your leather goods.
  • Clean your shoes carefully before polishing, ensure all the dirts are removed.
  • Work the polish by a soft cloth at your finger head, moving in small circular motions over the surface.
  • Buff the shoes with a buffing brush to make a shine finish. And you’re done!

Can you leave shoe polish on overnight?

The more time shoe polish leaves on the leather surface, the better. It’s true in many cases of using shoe polish, especially with the products made of natural ingredients. That time is necessary for nourishing ingredients to absorb into the leather.

The ideal time is from 20 minutes to overnight. So, you can leave shoe polish on overnight without any concern. Just don’t put on your shoes as soon as you finish your polish.

Can you shine your boots without polish?

There are many ways to shine your boots without polish, such as using nature oils (coconut oil, olive oil) in your fridges, banana peels and vinegar. These things are believed to nourish and give your leather shoe a natural shine with no harm. But do they work?

Best Shoe Polish

Nature oils are transparent. It’s undeniable that oils may help nourish the leather a bit, but it can’t cover and restore your shoes’ colour. Also, they are the necessary factors that make beautiful shades on your shoes.

Therefore, don’t forget shoe polish to take care of your shoes. It is a great tool to help you get the best version of your leather look.

What can I add to dry shoe polish?

Be dried out or cracked are some usual situations that happen to your shoe polish, especially wax-based one after a long time of no use.  Don’t throw it away! Try to revive your shoe polish just by adding some oil and melting it with an accurate temperature.

Because all shoe polishes have solvent. And it evaporates slowly, makes the wax harder. So, you can supply the lost solvent with some oil (olive oil is a good recommendation).

When you melt the dry polish, don’t heat it directly. You can use an oven that has set to 300 degrees to place the tin on. Wait for 5 minutes until your dry polish becomes softer. And you can continue to use it for many times.


Shoe polish is a saviour for worn-out, old leather shoes and other accessories with many scratches, scuffs, stains, etc. Not only restore colours, cover defects of the surface, shoe polish also can nourish and enhance the leather nicely, making it durable.

With 2 main types of texture, cream-based and wax-based, you can choose one and start to find your right product, such as Wren’s leather classic, nourishment and shoe polish cream B01ERPXGNQ and Cherry Blossom Traditional Paste Shoe Polish B07BX8YHSR.

This tool is indispensable for a bright-shine leather look. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get the best shoe polish for your leather goods. It will never let you down.

We hope this article with a lot of useful information will help you get your right product to take care of your leather favourites. Thanks for your reading!

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