Best Salt and Pepper Grinders

You love cooking but always get so frustrated when your ground salt and pepper smell musty?

Tired of having so many jars of spice on the dining counter? There is coarse pepper for steaks or tomato salad. Here is medium size for pizzas and a fine option for soups and sauces.

You can easily collect pre-ground seasonings from any grocery store or supermarket – but why not get a set of salt and pepper mills? Not only do they look the part, but they also give you freshly grounded, richer in flavoured salt and pepper, enhancing the taste of your dish.

At the same time, it helps you save dining space when eliminating unnecessary spice jars. You just need a set of salt and pepper grinders, and you can make the perfect seasonings in any size you want.

However, how to get the best salt and pepper grinders from a thousand items on the internet. Firstly, let’s find out how this essential bit of kitchen kits works.

Best Salt and Pepper Grinders Uk

Types Of Salt and Pepper Grinders

These days, salt and pepper grinders can easily be found anywhere: from supermarkets to online stores. They come in various designs and functionalities. But in general, they can be divided into two types:

  • Manual mills: As its name implies, a manual machine uses the energy of your arms and hands. To use a manual grinder, you rotate the arms continuously, provide the power needed to spin the blades and crush the rock salt and peppercorns.
  • Electric battery-powered mills: The manual force is not needed. These grinders get energy from batteries. Some other options come with an extra cord to plug into a socket.

Now let’s continue with the top 10 best salt and pepper grinders sets, and hopefully, this search will help you decide which one is the apple of your eye.

Top 10 Best Salt and Pepper Grinders For a Restaurant-class Dish at Home 

#1 Modetro Salt and Pepper Mills Set of 2 – Best for storage

The measurements of each Modetro’s mill are 𝜙6.35 x 14 cm. It looks like a simple tool that comes with a freshness-locking stainless steel lid, stainless steel mill, a durable glass jar of around 227-gram capacity, a ceramic precision mechanism, and black bases with a white “Modetro”  writing on it.

Modetro Salt and Pepper Mills Set of 2

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This Modetro mill leaves the best first impression on users with its large jar, which can keep more seasonings than expected. This saves you the hassle of constantly filling the jars.

Another highly-commended detail is the ceramic wheel. It works well with little use of force and produces a good amount of salt or pepper from each turn.

These items can do much more than just salt and pepper. Pepper flakes, minced onion, sunflower seeds, sea salt, and cardamom pods can be crushed beautifully in these stainless steel mills as well.

However, with the current prices, the manufacturer cannot fit high-quality materials into the mills. Metal springs are still rapidly oxidised by salt. Ultrafine metal particles can get contaminated with food and cause health risks. So you can extend the life of these mills by regularly cleaning it and letting it dry thoroughly after each use.


  • Easy to fill
  • Easy-to-use grinding ceramic wheel
  • No grainy kitchen mess


  • Oxidised materials

#2 LARS NYSØM Salt and Pepper Mill Set of 2 – Best for decoration

LARS NYSØM started its business with minimalistic and functional designs and has kept their style until now. These salt and pepper grinders don’t slip beyond that core vision of this German brand.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the simple design of these mills. They please their users by the anti-slip surface with matt coating. That gives an easy-to-hold feeling to those who are not used to working with pepper mills.

LARS NYSØM Salt and Pepper Mill Set of 2

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Besides, LARS NYSØM Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Mills catch all eyes by its elegant and chic design with four trendy colours: grey, silver, black and pink. That’s what makes aesthetes decide to put them in their dining room and even at parties.

These mills are not only beautiful but also functional. The structure of these 18.7cm-high, 5cm-in-diameter mills include basic details like other manual mills. But, they are one step ahead of other competitors for adding high-quality ceramic precision mechanisms that come with a turn & click system. This is truly useful when you hold the mill with wet or greasy hands.

But everyone has their own preferences. Some people might not like LARS NYSØM products because of the plastic tanks and rather have glass chambers. Others might not choose them due to the unfit lengths to their spice rack.


  • Anti-slip surface
  • Elegant and chic design
  • Turn & click system


  • Plastic storage

#3 Oliver’s Kitchen Salt & Pepper Mill Set of 2 – Best for an unstained dining room

At first glance, this duo looks like any other versions of salt and pepper mills. Even the size is not much different. However, the quality and durability of this item is highly appreciated by the majority of customers.

People really love the stainless steel lid on the top of the mill. The head cap seals the top well to keep the inside of the mills clean and does not make a mess on the countertop.

Oliver's Kitchen Salt & Pepper Mill Set of 2

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But again they are easy to remove and replace. In particular, the lid fits in snuggly, unlike some products with lids that are always skewed. This proves that Oliver’s Kitchen grinders are well made.

Another thing that makes Oliver’s Kitchen stand out is its first-class customer service. After ordering, you will receive a thank-you email with contact information should the buyer have any problems with the product.

This is really impressive because not many online sellers do that these days. Besides, an analysis based on buyers feedback shows that they all get a new replacement quickly after their complaints are sent to the seller.

The most noticeable point is that you can immediately see the brand name Oliver’s Kitchen sinks right on the surface of their mills. Those who prefer not to have brand names embellished on products might not like this.


  • Freshness-locking stainless steel lid
  • Refill less often
  • Good customer service


  • Noticeable brand name

#4 Rayuda Salt and Pepper Mill Set of 2 – Best for cleaning

Not making any difference in structure and design, but Rayuda is a smart seller. They deeply understand, the mills must not only be adjusted to the customised setting but also be easy-to-clean for the best taste enhancement.

Rayuda Salt and Pepper Mill Set of 2

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Therefore, Rayuda Salt and Pepper Mill Set of 2 gets buyers’ attention by a brush and spare ceramic cores that come with the package. This helps increase user experiences compared to other items in the same price segment. What a great add-on that makes cooks wish to own this kitchen kit immediately.

Despite owning the same measurements as the Modetro Salt and Pepper Mills, the capacity of only 170 gram does not impress customers. But filling up the chambers with too much seasoning will make the grinders so heavy that sometimes you don’t want to pick them up. Therefore, it is necessary to fill spices up to an easy-to-use amount and frequently empty the chamber for periodic cleanings.

Besides, some have said that after a period of use, scratches appear on the surface of the glass chambers. But you can’t be overly demanding for such a low-cost product.

So, before deciding to buy this set, you should make sure to thoroughly read the seller’s warranty policy.


  • Easy to clean
  • Fit-capacity handy jar


  • Glass gets scratched time to time

#5 Haomacro Wooden Salt and Pepper Mill Set of 2 – Best for Wood-enthusiasts

If you already own loads of kitchen tools made of wood, you will definitely cannot take your eyes off this duo. They look like a great fit for your rustic dining room. These items will also be a nice highlight on the side of your decorated dishes.

Haomacro Wooden Salt and Pepper Mill Set of 2

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These wooden salt and pepper mills are well made for effortless work. Simply remove the top cover, fill up the storage with salt or black peppercorns, then adjust the notched crown on the top of the grinder to your desired coarseness setting. After that, carefully hold the shaker with both hands and twist them to see the ground spices flowing out from the bottom of the mill.

The best thing about this grinder is the solid wood body. It brings an easy-to-hold feeling to your palms. This makes it different from other grinders with glass chambers. While a glass jar might give you a fear of potential broken fragments, the wood one does not.

But sometimes the upside is also the downside. Because wood easily gets mouldy when it comes in contact with water, it is difficult to clean the inside of these grinders. Remember to never wash them with water. It is recommended to clean the inside of the grinders by grinding them with rice.

The wooden body is also a big obstacle as it doesn’t allow you to see the amount of seasonings inside the chamber. That makes it hard to know when you need to refill the seasonings. It’s not the most pleasant feeling when you need some spices for your food, and you find out the blender is empty.

So, pay more attention to your cooking items to not let your cooking mood down.


  • Rustic design
  • Well made for effortless work
  • Solid wood


  • Wood easily gets mouldy

#6 Xtaviya Set of 2 Salt and Pepper Mill Electric with Ceramic Grinder – Best for busy cooks

As a handy device, this battery-powered salt and pepper mill is not only practical but also easy to use. The best part about an electric tool is that you only need to handle it with only one hand, in contrast with a manual mill.

Xtaviya Set of 2 Salt and Pepper Mill Electric with Ceramic Grinder

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This is especially useful if you are busy cooking. You don’t even need to press any button because it operates by gravity. Just fill the chamber with salt or peppercorn, put the batteries in place, turn the tool upside down, and watch it do its thing. You can twist the tip to adjust the coarseness of the grains to your desired result.

There is a lot of positive feedback from people who bought these items.  All reviews show that the mills work powerful but do not cause too much noise. Thanks to these useful pieces, life is so much easier with deliciously garnished meals and time saved.

The only concern is that it requires more batteries than expected. In fact, each mill needs 6 AAA battery cells, meaning in total, 12 batteries for both. You will need to spend a bit on batteries just to maintain the working life of these spice grinders.

Furthermore, throwing empty batteries out causes many problems to the Earth, such as groundwater pollution. Buyers are expecting that in the upcoming time, the manufacturer will design rechargeable battery options.


  • Non-manual operation by gravity
  • No button
  • Non-noisy system


  • Much battery usage

#7 Andrew James Large Stainless Steel Electronic Salt and Pepper Mill Set – Best for battery saving

Andrew James’s mills are completely different from Xtaviya’s ones. It’s not difficult to see a metal button placed on the top of the mill. Yes, it works by a one-click operation, not gravity, so you don’t have to turn it upside down after every use.

Andrew James Large Stainless Steel Electronic Salt and Pepper Mill Set

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That helps you control your grind, avoid unexpected results created when you accidentally turn your mills upside down. Using a blender working by the one-touch operation, you do not need to worry because the grinds only start when you press the button.

Plus, the low-energy performance of Andrew James’s mills allow them to score higher than their peers. While the other mills need 6 AAA batteries to operate, this four-battery option will definitely help you from wasting money. Although in reality, you might need to swap batteries more often.

Battery-powered products often have trouble with the batteries. And Andrew James mills are no exception. Feedback shows that in the process of grinding, the batteries in the mill continually pop out and lose their connection, making them unusable.

In this case, you need to disassemble them, put them back in and start again. Even then, it can wiggle around before it actually works again at a slow speed.

So, always, make sure that you read the warranty policy before purchasing.


  • Non-manual operation by one-click system
  • Four-battery requirement


  • Easy-to-pop-out batteries

#8 Cole & Mason Precision Horsham Inverta Salt and Pepper Mill Gift Set – Best for grinding adjustment

The first thing to say about these items, they are designed with integral parts, not separated sections like some other salt and pepper mills. That means it is not necessary to twist to take the mill away from the chamber, you just need to remove the stainless steel lid located on the edge of the chamber to fill the space inside. A monolithic structure definitely gives a better grip compared to interlocking ones.

Cole & Mason Precision Horsham Inverta Salt and Pepper Mill Gift Set

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In our opinion, the black textured band that wraps around the blender body makes a much easier adjustment compared to small knobs on other mills. Assume your hand is wet or oily, it is very difficult to grab a small screw and turn it. Truly, the black textured band is a smart idea to avoid that annoyance.

Moreover, it’s necessary to talk about the adjustable precision mechanism of these grinders, because I think that system is the best. The pepper grinder of this set of 2 has up to five pre-selected grind settings, not three options like other grinders. With the five-level adjustable system, you’ll always find the best grind size to optimise the taste of every meal.

A little concern, these mills do not have cover lids, facilitating the seasonings powder from the mill to fall onto the tabletop – something always annoys the cooks. This makes these grinders score lower than their opponents.


  • Monolithic structure
  • Adjustable black textured band
  • Five pre-selected grind settings


  • No locking lid

#9 Eparé Salt and Pepper Mill Set – Best for aesthetes

It’s not necessary to talk about the content of this machine, as it obviously doesn’t look different from other popular salt and pepper mills. The mills are made of stainless steel, the chambers are transparent, the grinding wings are non-corrosive ceramic blades, plus steel lids to keep the core of the grinders clean.

Eparé Salt and Pepper Mill Set

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But these grinders possess an artistic design that the items above do not have. The art deco prints are well made on the surrounding surface of the stainless mills, bright in colours and sharp in lines – in contrast to low-quality prints, that will quickly fade with time.

But the patterns on the surface of Eparé Salt and Pepper mills seem to stay in place, even after intensive cleaning. The abstract patterns make the grinders look more unique and definitely will add some sparks to your dining room!

Contrary to the compliments on these items’ look, there aren’t many positive reviews about its performance. Popular opinions from customers, it is quite difficult to adjust the size of the grinding, in some situations, large chunks of salt and pepper fall in their food. But if that does not matter to you, they still look great and get the job done for their price.


  • Artistic design


  • Difficult to adjust the size of the grinding

#10 OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinder set – Best for kids

Like Cole & Mason’s design, this item has an innovative feature, the adjusting black texture band around its body. Apart from that idea, any lengthy description of this mill is unnecessary, as it is really well made and does things that it says.

OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinder set

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However, we personally really like the acrylic chamber. It is this material that makes us list this name on the top 10 best salt and pepper grinders. Surely no one would dare to let their children hold a glass-bodied grinder because of potential broken glass fragments.

On the contrary, you may feel good when you give these OXO grinders to your kids and teach them how to grind salt and pepper by themselves. What a great way to help your kids discover their passions for cooking, or simply to teach them about independence.

The one thing might be an issue for some people is that the OXO grinders’ adjustable system is rather boring with three basic coarseness settings. It is not a nice choice for those who have high expectations for their food.

Besides, the smallest salt size setting is larger than pre-ground table salt. This size of pepper is good for garnish but not ideal for enhancing the taste of your meal. But anyway, it’s still worth the price.


  • Kid-friendly
  • Adjustable black textured band


  • Three pre-selected grind settings

Five must-remember tips when choosing a salt or pepper mill

Before deciding to buy a kitchen tool, you need to thoroughly research all of its aspects to see whether it suits your needs and preferences or not. Here are some personal opinions that we hope will be of help to you. Be sure to read them carefully.

1. Watch how it works

The salt and pepper mills on the recent market mainly belong to the following three main types.

Two-hand-twisting grinder: most common

To use this type of tool, you need to strongly hold the jar and turn it with both of your hands until the right coarseness of seasonings comes out of the blade.

Best Salt and Pepper Grinders

However, depending on the shape and size of the product, you may find it difficult to twist when your hands are wet or greasy.

One-touch mill: unique design

Also a manual salt and pepper mill, but instead of twisting it, you just need to press a button located on the top of the grinder, where your thumb can easily reach every time you hold the blender in your hand.

This type of tool is designed to bring an exciting cooking experiment. However, not much ground seasoning comes out in each click.

Battery-powered shaker: quick and effortless

As the name implies, these mills work by battery-powered operation. It is quite powerful and brings quick results.

However, customers often have problems with frequent disconnection between the batteries and the circuitry inside the mill.

2. Find the right capacity

If you find it annoying every time you have to refill the chamber with seasonings, choose a grinder with a large capacity to stretch the time between refills. For kid-friendly purposes, you should pick a small-capacity grinder so that its size does not make it difficult for them to hold.

3. Select material of blades:

When choosing a salt and pepper mill, you also need to consider the blades. Some common materials are listed below.

Cast iron blades: It is a hard metal that can crush all kinds of hard pepper with ease. But cast iron is an easy-corrosive metal, so it is not suitable in humid environments, and absolutely not recommended for grinding salt.

Best Salt and Pepper Grinders in the UK

Stainless steel blades: Stainless steel is a popular and safe material to use in humid environments. However, these steels often create frictional heat that deprives the fresh flavour of pepper.

Ceramic blades: Nowadays, many manufacturers use this kind of blade. It overcomes all the disadvantages of the two materials above: it is hard, non-corrosive, and non-heat-frictional.

4. An adjustable system may be helpful

When choosing to buy a pepper mill, you need to pay attention to the coarse or fine adjustment of the grinder. You just need coarse pepper for decoration on your dish. But the fine-grinding option is much better for seasoning, cooking and adding flavour. For this reason, you may want to choose a mill that can be adjusted with a coarse or fine grind.

5. Extra features are important as well

Cleaning plays a very important role in extending the life of the grinders. It is recommended to choose grinders that are easy to disassemble and clean. You need to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully on how to clean their items properly.

For mills that can be put in water, beware whether it can also be placed in the dishwasher. For ones that should not be exposed to water, you need to follow cleaning instructions from the manufacturer.

In addition, you should choose a grinder that allows you to see and distinguish its spice content. Either transparent chambers or labels of each spice name, they will come in handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I put salt and pepper grinders in the dishwasher?

A: For metal manual mills with detachable parts, you should take them apart before putting them in the dishwasher. It is not recommended to immerse the blender in a chemical washing mixture. For wooden or battery-powered grinders, never wash them with water, and never put them in the dishwasher. Instead, a clean damp cloth will do the trick.

Q: Do salt and pepper come with the blenders?

A: Some sellers will include salt and pepper in their prices. Some others do not. Therefore, if you see many options in the same price range, before making your own comparison, ask the seller whether the price listed on their website is an offer with or without extra salt and pepper.

Q: The previous salt and pepper mills used to leave a mess on the table after each use. Any suggestions to resolve that problem?

A: Some current salt and pepper mills come with sturdy stainless steel or wooden lids that cover the mills. That is a smart design to get rid of the annoying falling-around pepper powder.

Summative words

The best salt and pepper grinders named in this article will definitely change the mindset of those who think they never need them. An efficient grinder is practical for you to make chef-class dishes right in your house.

Invest a decent amount of money in a set of high-quality pepper and salt grinders, so you don’t have to waste money on a lot of low-cost products that are broken easily.

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