Best Reusable Ice Cubes

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We all know that ices do a wonderful job enhancing our beverage’s taste. Once they are still in the solid form, that is. Melted ice cubes, on the other hand, are nothing but a pain,  keep on diluting our savory drinks and strip away every enjoyable part of it.

Luckily, we have the assistance of reusable ice cubes. They are such an indispensable companion of every party.

However, choosing the best reusable ice cubes among thousands of products is not a simple task whatsoever. Therefore, this article is going to show you some buying tips as well as the best reusable ice cubes we have handpicked ourselves to help you reach a better decision.

Before we begin, let’s take a quick peek at the comparison among ice cube materials:

Types of reusable ice cubes

Reusable plastic ice cubes:

Characteristics: Reusable plastic ice cubes are usually made out of BPA-free plastic or food-grade plastic, which is the safest plastic in contact with consumable food or beverages.

Reusable plastic ice cubes

Plastic cubes are typically filled with purified, distilled water, or silica gel. They are the most lightweight type of reusable ice cubes so they float on the drinks while stainless steel cubes sink.


Plastic ice cubes are available in so many fun colors and shapes, making your drinks look more appetizing without dilution.

Plastic ice cubes are also easy to clean, easy to hold, not slippery as stainless steel ones.

They are also more affordable than other types of reusable ice cubes.


Reusable plastic ice cubes are suitable for all types of drinks, except for the hot ones.

Additionally, they are not as durable as stainless steel ice cubes. But then, they are cheap and efficient so they pay for themselves.

Reusable stainless steel ice cubes:

Characteristics: Reusable stainless steel ice cubes are made of stainless steel on the outside.It would be best if they are made out of food-grade material, which is heat-resistant, repellent to wear and tear, and totally safe for cooking.

Reusable stainless steel ice cubes

To cut costs, producers usually fill stainless steel cubes with pure water, non-toxic cooling gel, or no feeling rather fill them with steel. And the cooling gel filling gets frozen quicker but will not retain the cold for so long.


Since stainless steel ice cubes sink, they can evenly regulate the temperature of the drink.

Stainless steel cubes are the safest option because they will not be broken down in hot water, odorless and tasteless.

If they are made out of food-grade stainless steel, they provide a fully sanitary experience for users.

Stainless steel cubes are also the most durable ice cube option. With the finest material and decent appearance, they are suitable for all kinds of drink but the best bet would be brandy, coffee, and cocktails.


They are more expensive than plastic cubes and for cleaning, they should be rinsed under warm water.

Whisky stones

Characteristics: Whiskey stones are cubes made out of solid soapstone that will chill without diluting your drink.

Whisky stones

As its name, Whisky stones are the best choice for chilling whisky, all kinds of it.


Whisky stones are more durable than plastic and safer in hot beverages.

They have a subtle look that makes your glass of brandy more deluxe. They are also a safe choice, odorless and tasteless, not affecting the taste of the drink.


Some kinds of Whisky stones do not feature rounded edges, hence, may scratch your mouth or your glasses.

They are heavy and a bit sharp which means they can not be used in shakers.

Top 10 best reusable ice cubes

#1 Vinenco Reusable Stainless Steel Ice Cubes with Tongs and Bag – Best overall:

At first glance, you will see that these ice cubes from Vinenco are decently packed. We suppose it is elaborately designed to be a presentable gift-ready box to save time for everyone if you consider buying them as a gift.

Whiskey Stones Set

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Amazingly, Vinenco got certifications for the safety of their product’s materials: stainless steel and non-toxic cooling gel so they are 100% safe. You will never have to bear with that disturbing thought in the back of your head about getting gradually poisoned by the unknown substances made of the cubes whenever picking up your cool drinks.

This combination of materials also helps reduce Vinenco’s ice cubes  frozen time while respecting the subtle nuances of the drinks. They steadily cool up your drink without diluting the content and also do not make your drink terribly cold.

However, due to the natural instinct of steel, stainless steel ice cubes are heavier than plastic ones that makes it sometimes a bit uncomfortable when we hold a glass filled with stainless steel cubes for so long.


  • Maintain cold temperature a bit longer
  • Made of safe and durable materials
  • Decently packed with necessary tools: tray, tong, and storing pouch.


  • Heavier than plastic ice cubes

#2 BarCraft Multi-color Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes- Best Choice for Family 

Our second recommended alternative for normal ice cubes are these little vibrant blocks from BarCraft. They come in a package of 18, allowing you to serve cold drinks to your entire family without worrying about the loss of flavor over time.

BarCraft Multi-color Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes

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It meets your priority for every party: fun, colorful, and eye-catching! They liven every party up and your children are sure to love them. And of course, there is no need for your whole family to worry that ice cubes will dilute the drink anymore.

These assorted BarCraft reusable ice cubes are a worth-purchasing pack as they come with safe fillings. Rather than chemical-based gel, these cubes are filled with purified water, hence, there will be no irritation for your family if the contained liquid leaks out and people accidentally swallow it.

The downside is that as the cubes are merely plastic pieces, they can hold onto the cold temperature for a short while before the room temperature warms them up again. The producer should do something to fix this as soon as possible.


  • Sufficient number for an entire family
  • Lightweight with fun and eye-catching colors
  • Come with a 12 months warranty
  • Easy to clean


  • Might not stay frozen long enough for an elongated party.

#3 Vinsani Multi-Colored Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes – Best value

If affordability is your first priority when you choose reusable ice cubes, we highly recommend this pack from Vinsani. They are a good bargain and a perfect alternative for real ice!

Vinsani Multi-Colored Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes

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What we really like is the number of ice cubes in one set, with a small amount of money spent, you can get 20 cubes. After comparing the price and the number of cubes in one set with other brands, we confidently conclude that this set can be a real bang for the buck!

With that number of ice cubes, you will find it much easier to adjust the coolness of your drinks and there is no need to keep on refilling ice trays.

The low price does not mean that these plastic cubes have low quality but it just means that they are made of simple materials. For example, these plastic cubes are simply filled with purified water and we know that purified water is cheaper and 100% safe if we swallow them by accident.

The drawback is, sadly, these plastic ice cubes are not as solid as they are supposed to be and might rupture upon impact. Although this might not be that big of a surprise since they are plastic only, we still find the part rather disappointing


  • Reasonable price with more ice cubes per pack
  • Attractive and eye-catching colors
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to clean


  • Might not last long.

#4 EXCELLENT HOUSEWARES Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes – Best for Cooling Fruit Juice

Let’s continue with a set of 18 assorted fruit-shaped ice cubes from a brand: EXCELLENT HOUSEWARES. Living up to its name and my expectation, their quality is excellent!

EXCELLENT HOUSEWARES Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes

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The most concerning factor when buying food-related stuff is the materials, and amazingly, these reusable ice cubes are made out of food-safe plastic, which is the best type of plastic in producing food and beverage containers so they never make you disappointed.

These plastic ice cubes will also make children fall in love with them at first sight due to the funny tropical fruit shapes with a wide range of colors. We bet that these shapes will make all kinds of parties you hold for your kid much more amusing.

A set includes 18 pieces which are pretty much for the price. Just put one or two sets available in your fridge and you no longer need to stock normal ice cubes. More bang for your bucks!

There is a minor disappointing detail: these fruit-shaped plastic ice cubes are quite big but there is not much water inside which makes you have to put more cubes if you want your drinks cold longer.


  • Attractive tropical fruits shape
  • Safe material, do not leave plastic taste
  • Appealing price


  • Quite big but not much water inside.

#5 FLOW Barware Reusable Stainless Steel Ice Cubes – Best Alternative for Whisky Stones:

Although plastic ice cubes look really fun and eye-catching, stainless steel ones are still the majority’s jam due to their exquisite look.

Like Vinenco, FLOW Barware ice cubes are made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel and the filling is quick-freeze gel so they get frozen in the fridge really quick and also stay cold for longer. However, they obviously can not cool liquids up immediately like normal ones.

FLOW Barware Reusable Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

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These stainless steel ice cubes from FLOW Barware are a formidable competitor of Vinenco ones except that there is no tray, tongs, and pouch coming with. But we are well pleased with it because it means that the price will be lower.

What makes us a bit sad about this set is these ice cubes do not come with a pouch, bag, or stuff like that to store. We were a bit afraid that they might be lost but then we kept them in a plastic bag in the freezer and it has worked fine so far. If you consider buying them, you can store them in a plastic bag like me. It’s all fine!


  • Used for all types of drinks, even hot drinks.
  • Set of 10 with reasonable price
  • Subtle and shiny appearance


  • No case or bag provided.

#6 KIKKERLAND Diamonds Reusable Ice Cube – Best Brand

These charmer-shaped ice cubes come from Kirkland which we believe is a very popular brand for all of us. Speaking of quality, Kirkland always offers us high-quality products that stand up to their more expensive counterparts.

KIKKERLAND Diamonds Reusable Ice Cube

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The most outstanding feature of Kirkland ice cubes must be the safe materials: Food-safe plastic and filled with pure distilled water, as we mentioned earlier, these are the safest materials of plastic ice cubes.

The second most outstanding feature is the ability to get frozen and stay cold: it only takes 2 hours to get frozen and thanks to the big size, it lasts 40 minutes until the water inside is totally melted.

We also love the size of them, the accurate dimensions are 3.5 x 3.5 x 3 cm which is a little bigger than the other (usually measured at 2 to 2.5 cm on each side). It means that you just need to toss 2 to 3 little charmers in your glass and enjoy your chilling drink for longer.

However, the charmer shape and big size of these Kirkland reusable ice cubes create a little problem: the edges might not be 100% safe for children, especially for those who are under 36 months. It seems that the problem hardly happens but it’s just a kind reminder if you have small family members.

All in all, this product does not hype, it comes perfectly packed and it performs well its mission: keep your drinks cold.


  • Comes from a reliable brand
  • Made of health-friendly materials
  • Good price


  • Charmer shape is not really safe for children, especially those who are under 36 months.

#7 FLOW Barware Golden-Polished Metal Reusable Ice Cubes – Best for Wine

No surprise that we have another item from FLOW Barware in the list of best reusable ice cubes today because FLOW offers us excellent quality products for the price. There is no room for doubt that this golden edition is a perfect luxury gift for people who feel that whoever puts water in whisky is a crime.

FLOW Barware Golden-Polished Metal Reusable Ice Cubes

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Coming in a basic white card box, each cube is individually wrapped by plastic which is similar to almost all FLOW’s products, except for the golden polish appearance.

The golden polish reusable ice cubes look more deluxe and appetizing than silver polish ones, especially when they go with brandy such as whisky, gin, vodka, and so on. They will look very shiny and preserve the taste and aromas of the drink.

The small disappointing detail is about the card box. The quality is great but the card box does not look luxurious enough to be gift-ready. If you consider giving them as a gift, you are advised to wrap them again or add some bows for a presentable look.


  • Made of health-friendly materials: food-grade stainless steel and non-toxic cooling gel
  • Luxurious gold edition
  • Perfectly weighted, with smooth rounded edges


  • Luxurious-looking products but the box does not look luxurious enough to be given right away.

#8 YOU+ Reusable Stainless Steel Ice Cubes – Best for Gift-Giving

YOU+ set is a good alternative for Vinenco reusable ice cubes if you only feel interested in the silver polish and the basic square shape.

What makes them stand out is the materials. They are made out of food-grade stainless steel with natural antibacterial properties. YOU+ proved their quality products by having FDA Approval that these ice cubes won’t affect users’ health and also the taste of their drinks.

YOU+ Reusable Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

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The second impression is about the additional tools. This set comes with 1 mini tongs and a plastic storage box. For customers like us, additional stuff is always welcome. The tongs and the nice box are great to keep the content always clean and they are also great for presentation.

In terms of appearance, we believe that this decent look is comparable with the Whisky stones, they can create a luxury feel for the drink like Whisky stones do.

For the downside, this set is a bit more expensive than other sets in this list but it does mean that you will get what you pay for. An acceptable downside!


  • Safe for health with FDA approved
  • Presentable with useful additional tools: 1 tongs and 1 plastic storage box
  • Clean and deluxe looking.


  • The price is a bit higher than other equivalent sets.

#9 Sifcom PLC Flamingo-Shaped Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes – Best for Children

It would be a big omission if there is no appearance of this flamingo-shaped reusable plastic ice cube set from Sifcom PLC. These cuties will bring your family great fun!

Sifcom PLC Flamingo-Shaped Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes

Find The Best Price

The first impression must be the price. It is the cheapest set in this list of best reusable ice cubes but the quality can not be underrated. You just have to pay a small amount of money and get for yourself 18 cute little flamingos. What a good deal!

Our second impression is about the size. They are quite big with accurate dimensions are 2 inches high (5 cm), 1.5 inches wide (4 cm), and 1/2 inch deep (1 cm). Therefore, one flamingo is nearly 2 times bigger than a regular ice cube so just one is enough to cool up one cup of your favorite drink. That’s amazingly convenient!

Regrettably, again, there is no information provided about what types of plastic these ice cubes are. They just arrived in a plastic net with a note that is “made of plastic” which we think is not clear enough.

With the flamingo shape like this, it is also a bit hard to clean the drink’s residue stuck in the interstice of cubes.


  • A steal for the price
  • Cute pink flamingo shape
  • Bigger size so you don’t need to put many cubes in one cup.


  • Due to the shape, it’s a bit harder to clean
  • No plastic-type information provided

#10 KIKKERLAND Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes – Best For Realistic Look

If you are a big fan of minimalism, we highly recommend these transparent reusable plastic ice cubes. As shown in the picture, they look really similar to normal ice cubes but they are sure to be much more convenient.

KIKKERLAND Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes

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The most important factors regarding the materials, these ice cubes are made of food-grade and filled with pure water. So there is no need to worry about harmful substances dissolved in your drink.

We firmly believe that these plastic ice cubes set from KIKKERLAND are one of the best deals on the list because there are a total of 30 cubes in one pack – more than ever, in one pack and the price can not be more reasonable in comparison with other sets. One set like this even has the number of cubes as twice as regular ice cube trays so it will be a good option for you if you are on a tight budget.

These ice cubes are transparent but do not think that they are boring, they can fancy your drink up effortlessly due to their neat, clean, and clear look.

The only problem with this set is it does not come with any container for more sanitary storage. Has it not been for this problem, they are perfect!


  • Made of food-grade plastic
  • Cheap price with more number of reusable ice cubes per pack
  • Simple transparent appearance
  • Easy to clean


  • Does not come with

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are reusable ice cubes safe?

A: Most of them are safe. Plastic ones are safe if they are made of food-safe plastic or BPA free plastic and stainless steel ones are safe with the food-grade stainless steel materials used.

Best Reusable Ice Cubes

Q: Can you put reusable ice cubes in the dishwasher?

A: All kinds of reusable ice cubes are safe in the top rack of dishwashers, but handwash is always recommended to enhance the longevity of them. Reusable ice cubes are also not that dirty to be put in dishwashers.

Q: How long do metal ice cubes stay cold?

A: It depends on the materials of reusable ice cubes and the materials of the filling inside but it is averagely 30 minutes for all kinds. Besides, it also depends on the initial temperature of your drinks.


It is undeniable that reusable ice cubes are convenient. They never water down your drink and are various in materials as well as designs to keep your drink cold longer while

With the benefits of reusable ice cubes in mind, I have just rounded up the list of best reusable ice cubes on the market along with my realistic reviews. Hopefully, it can help you to find out the best fit and you can finally say goodbye to those watered-down drinks and the annoying wet tables due to the condensation of melting ice.

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