10 Best Resistance Bands To Buy in 2021

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Does the Corona pandemic prevent your training at the gym? Why don’t you keep practising at home? The best resistance bands will support you in getting fit at any time, any place! These items are light to carry, compact to store, and also very strong to help you build your muscles.

In this article, we make reviews of the top 10 best resistance bands UK, and share with you some tips to buy the right product. Have a look at them right away!

Top 10 Best Resistance Bands in the UK

We will dive directly into the main detail. Here come our top 10 best resistance bands in the UK in 2021!

#1: Kyhon Resistance Bands – Best For Eco-friendly Durable Material

[amazon box=”B085929L38″ image=”https://reviewaz.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Kyhon-Resistance-Bands-271×300.jpg” title=”Kyhon Resistance Bands”]

Some people with sensitive skins may not get along well with pressure straps made of synthetic materials. Luckily, we have found this Kyhon band – a product that does not cause pain or irritation to your skin.

The Kyhon company has applied 100% natural latex to make the bands. As you know, natural latex is not harmful to the environment and not toxic to your skin. Using this product, you will never worry about feeling itchy in the body.

More than that, the natural latex is also very elastic and soft. The material will allow you to feel comfortable while exercising, but it still gives much pressure for your strength training.

If you compare these Kyhon latex resistance bands to other normal plastic bands, surely this product is better! Instead of solid plastic handles, this strap will provide only natural grips for convenience and high safety of usage.

After unboxing the package, you may have to test all the bands to find out which one is heavier. It is quite bad that the manufacturer does not give a label or an instruction describing the tightness of each strap.

  • Natural latex as material
  • No harm to the environment
  • No skin irritation
  • High elasticity and softness
  • High tension
  • No label or instruction describing the band’s tightness

#2: Coresteady Resistance Band – Best For Mobility

[amazon box=”B01LX0CM0S” image=”https://reviewaz.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Coresteady-Resistance-Band-300×284.jpg” title=”Coresteady Resistance Band”]

If you aim to increase your mobility by working out, then you can see the Coresteady resistance strap as your best partner!

The product is made of natural rubber to be highly elastic and resistive. It will work its best to strengthen and improve every joint of your body. Just try exercising with this item, and you will be amazed by the result!

The stretching ability of this Coresteady strap does not only improve your body joints but also stimulate the main muscle groups. This feature makes the band ideal for physical therapy and injury rehabilitation. Thanks to this product, you will be fully recovered from injury and become flexible again after a short time!

Don’t worry that this Coresteady band loses its stretchability. The natural material allows this item to always remain durable and functional, no matter how often you use it.

Compared to other bands, this product is a little bit stiffer, which may not please light trainers. However, if you are a heavy and big person, this strap surely will impress you!

  • Natural rubber as material
  • High elasticity and resistance
  • Joint improvement
  • Physical therapy and injury rehabilitation support
  • Higher stiffness than other product’s
  • A little bit of uncomfortable grips

#3: CFX Resistance Bands – Best For Multiple Functions

[amazon box=”B07RBLJH73″ image=”https://reviewaz.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/CFX-Resistance-Bands-300×260.jpg” title=”CFX Resistance Bands”]

Honestly, it is quite hard to find a good resistance band set UK that serves multiple purposes like this CFX set does. How good is this set? Allow us to explain!

The CFX company offers 3 separate bands in 3 different colours which are green, purple, and pink. Keep in mind that each colour has a specific tightness and unique function.

For recovering and increasing mobility, you can use the green band. This item gives only a lighter resistance to your body than the others, which is enough for light exercises and injury prevention.

If you want to practice to make your body more powerful. The pink strap will be the most suitable choice. Its level of tension is medium, enough to create a challenge for your muscle endurance.

The last purple band is the heaviest one among 3 items. You can use this strap to exercise all parts of your body, such as the bottom, arms, legs, stomach, and so on.

Unfortunately, this CFX set is not a product for long term usage. Time after time, every band will start losing its elasticity. Since the straps do not stretch more, they will not be able to help you with your bodyweight workouts.

  • Green strap for light exercises
  • Pink band for muscle endurance
  • Purple band for body strengthening
  • No slipping
  • Big size with high thickness
  • Losing elasticity after time

#4: Udream Resistance Bands Set – Best For Heavy Duty

[amazon box=”B08722RBJP” image=”https://reviewaz.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Udream-Resistance-Bands-Set-300×298.jpg” title=”Udream Resistance Bands Set”]

Are you a training expert who likes working out under high pressure? We have a good product for you! Let’s meet this Udream exercise band set!

The set appears with a door anchor, 5 different bands, 2 foot grips, and 2 handles. If you want to work with high band tension, feel free to attach all the bands to the handles or the grips. The total amount of 5 bands attached together can come up to 36.2 kg! Isn’t it enough for your heavy exercise?

Do not worry about the attachments! The instruction coming along with the product will guide you how to install the bands to the handles, the grip, and the door anchor. You will have the best preparation for your resistance training.

Like the Kyhon band, all 5 stretching straps from this Udream set are constructed of 100% natural latex. Therefore, they will have a high resistance and elasticity to help you burn out all the fat and enhance body muscles.

Here is a small note for you! Every time you hook these straps on the door anchor, make sure that you lock the door before exercising. Otherwise, the anchor may slip and shoot itself in your back.

  • Total weight of 36.2 kg
  • Attachments instruction
  • High resistance
  • High elasticity
  • Slipping door anchor
  • Easy breaking down

#5: Protone Resistance Bands Set – Best For Door Anchor

[amazon box=”B00CA45MKM” image=”https://reviewaz.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Protone-Resistance-Bands-Set-272×300.jpg” title=”Protone Resistance Bands Set”]

If you want to strengthen your waist, shoulder, back, or build your arm muscles, then this Protone set is our best recommendation to you.

After unboxing the package, you will have a set of 5 exercise bands with handles, along with a door anchor and many large carabiner hooks.

You can assemble all the bands together throughout the large and strong hooks, and then hang them on your door with the help of the anchor. With this preparation, you are ready to have the best shoulder, waist, and back training!

What makes this product special is, the door anchor will not slip during resistance band workouts! Thus, you can rest assured of your safety while doing your heavy exercises! But for the most assurance, we still advise you to lock the door before practicing!

Overall, this Protone set is good to use. However, we have a small complaint about the material of the handle cover. These rubber grips usually rub between our thumb and fingers and cause irritation to them.

  • Large carabiner hooks
  • Non-slipping door anchor
  • 5 bands with different levels of resistance
  • Instruction for anchor door attachments
  • Finger irritation due to the rubber cover of handles
  • Loosening after time

#6: Proiron Resistance Bands – Best For High Tension Level

[amazon box=”B07DFZVZNC” image=”https://reviewaz.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Proiron-Resistance-Bands-279×300.jpg” title=”Proiron Resistance Bands”]

Moving up next, we have a product for professional gym goers – the Proiron resistance strap! Trust us! You will have many difficulties finding another product that has a high tension level like this one!

With a minimum tension level of 36 kg and a maximum level of 67 kg, the Proiron band is surely a huge monster of high power! Even the strongest strap of Coresteady company (56 kg) can not beat the maximal weight of this band.

If you notice, the highest weight the previous Protone set can reach is just 20 kg. This is much lower than the minimal weight of the Proiron which is 36 kg.  Therefore, this product definitely will please the most demanding athletes!

Of course, because of the high weight, the product will not be suitable for beginners to use. The high pressure that the strap creates is too strong for the newbie to hold and work with.

  • High tension level
  • 4.5 mm of thickness
  • Therapy assistance
  • Multiple purposes support
  • No beginners support

#7: Freetoo Resistance Band Latex – Best For Long-Lasting

[amazon box=”B013SB9KLC” image=”https://reviewaz.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Freetoo-Resistance-Band-Latex-264×300.jpg” title=”Freetoo Resistance Band Latex”]

It is totally not cool if your band can last for a short period of time. What you need now is a product made of durable and healthy material. In this case, the Freetoo band latex will be the best name that does the work!

How durable is this product? Well! Just try stretching the band as long as you can! It will return to its original state right after you release your hands. Even if you do this thing year after year, the product never loses its elasticity!

This great durability is due to the high-quality latex material. This material is not only highly stretchable, but also very thick and tough. You can use this band every day without worrying that it tears out or scratches.

Although the advertisement says that this Freetoo band is odour free, we still feel a little bit of annoying rubber smell from it. Luckily, this bad smell will fly away after a short time of usage. So just rest assured to buy and use this item!

  • Good elasticity
  • No elasticity reduction
  • High-quality material
  • Assisted pull ups
  • Bad rubber smell
  • High price

#8: Topelek Exercise Resistance Bands Set – Best For Handle Slipping Prevention

[amazon box=”B08BYF6RJZ” image=”https://reviewaz.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Topelek-Exercise-Resistance-Bands-Set-292×300.jpg” title=”Topelek Exercise Resistance Bands Set”]

Training with sweating hands has never been an easy task! But you will not fall into this bad situation, as long as you have this Topelek exercise set!

What can this set do to support your sweaty hands? Just have a look at its handles. They are coated with soft foams to both prevent hand sweating and bring you the most softness for a comfort and effective workout.

Since there is no sweating issue, the soft grip handles will never slip out of your hands. Thanks to the feature, you don’t have to be afraid of danger while exercising anymore.

If you connect all the straps of this set together, be careful because they can snap out at any time. It is quite bad to say that these bands can’t not withstand high force. So if you are a heavy trainer, the product may not support you at best.

  • Cushioned handles
  • Comfort grip
  • No slipping issue
  • High sweat wicking
  • Snapping issue of straps
  • Low maximal weight of 22 kg

#9: Vanuoda Exercise Resistance Bands Set – Best For Full Body Workout

[amazon box=”B0892ZRTPS” title=”Vanuoda Exercise Resistance Bands Set”]

You need to strengthen the entire body, including arms, legs, abdomen, buttlocks, in order to reach your dream figure. The Vanuoda set will be an essential gym equipment that helps you do the work!

The set with 5 bands is designed to enhance the power of your core and build larger muscles. These bands work by applying the gravity force and body heaviness to sculpt all parts of your figure, allowing them to grow naturally.

Besides, these 5 straps can burn out all the excess calories and fat inside your body, leaving behind only strong muscles. So if you want to lose weight, this product is also a great equipment that you can refer to.

However, the resistance this product creates may not be enough to please heavy training experts. Overall, the strongest band of this set can only create about 13 kg of weight, quite small compared to other products on the list.

But here is our advice to you! You can connect all 5 straps of the set together, locking them with the hooks and anchor. The total amount of weight can reach up to 45 kg, enough to serve newbies and intermediate trainers.

  • Core power enhancing
  • Muscle building
  • Calories reduction
  • Attachable straps
  • Small amount of resistance

#10: Femor Resistance Bands – Best Ease Of Carrying

[amazon box=”B08P73GJFK” image=”https://reviewaz.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Femor-Resistance-Bands-213×300.jpg” title=”Femor Resistance Bands”]

The Femor band is the last product on our list today. This item is compact and light which gives you high convenience of carrying.

With a dimension of 36 x 14 x 4.5 cm, the product is compact enough to put into the storage, but still very thick to provide high pressure to your body. There is also a small carrying bag in the package that you can use to store this item.

In addition, the lightweight of 364 g makes the item simple to carry around. With this light and compact design, you can use the Femor product anywhere you like, at home, at work, or at the gym!

“Small but strong” is the best word that we can use to describe this product. Believe it or not, the resistance this item creates can come up to 54 kg! This pressure is too good to please an intermediate trainer!

On the downside, this band may tear out after a time of usage. You will find some scratches or marks on the tapes. However, this issue is understandable, as the material used to build this product is rubber.

  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Included carrying bag
  • Heavy resistance
  • Tearing out after time
  • No hook coming along

How To Choose A Resistance Band ?

It is not hard to find the best resistance bands in the UK. In this section, you will see our tips that help you buy the most suitable product. Keep scrolling down to read!

best resistance bands in the uk

Check the resistance band type carefully!

There are 5 types of bands on the market. Of course, each type works for different purposes. That’s why you need to consider choosing the correct one.

1. Theraband resistance bands

Therapy band is used for recovering purposes. The flat surface with no handle equipped makes the band ideal for both physical and mental rehabilitation from injury.

2. Resistance tube band

The tube band has a longer resistance tube compared to other types. You can use this item for upper and lower body exercises.

3. Loop band ( resistance loops)

The loop band has a similar design to the therapy type. But the different thing is, this type can provide continuous resistance loops to strengthen all parts below your stomach, including legs, hips, and bottom.

4. Figure 8 band

The figure 8 band has 2 plastic handles at 2 ends of a resistance tube. The gym goers usually use this band type to develop their upper body strength.

5. Lateral resistance band

Instead of handles on 2 ends, the lateral type is equipped with velcro cuffs. You can wrap these cuffs around your ankle to build up your hips and thighs.

The colour will describe the resistance level!

Not all resistance bands come with the same tension level! Each product can provide different pressure to your body. That’s why you should be very careful while choosing the pressure level of a band.

resistance band

The question is, how to choose the right tension level of the band? You just need to look for the colour of the item you choose. Of course, different companies may have the same item colour describing different resistance levels. But most popular fitness equipment brands focus on using the same colour codes.

For example:

  • Red: Extra light
  • Light green and yellow: Light to medium tension
  • Pink: Medium
  • Purple: Medium to heavy resistance
  • Black Extra heavy resistance

As you see, a tension strap has a huge range of resistance, including extra light, light to medium, medium, medium to heavy, and extra heavy.

If you are a workout beginner, getting started with a light to medium resistance level is our recommendation. Don’t get the extra light band because this lightest band is usually made for kids and teenagers.

Since you get all the basics of working out, you should try the medium to heavy resistance band. Better move slowly to medium, heavy, and then extra heavy. Never jump from light to high immediately or else you will make your body painful!


Below are some common questions that you may have while reading our article.

#1: What are the benefits of resistance bands?

It has been proved by scientists that resistance straps give a lot of health benefits. If you exercise with this band regularly, it can help you build up your muscles and burn out the excess fat. In fact, exercising with a resistance band is the fastest way to reach a strong and tough body.

best resistance band in the uk

#2: Can you build muscle using only resistance bands?

Our answer is yes! Actually, you can do many different resistance exercises with the help of tension bands. For example, you can work out with your feet, tights, arms, shoulders, buttlocks, abdomens, etc. As a result, the band will increase a lot of muscles inside your body.

#3: Do resistance bands build muscle or tone?

Of course, yes! It has a reason why resistance bands are ideal fitness equipment for strength training. The bands can make your core powerful, enhance your muscles, burn out all the unnecessary calories.

With the help of it, you will be able to make larger muscles, or build up the tone of your body.


Above are our top picks of the 10 best resistance bands in the UK. Has any product impressed you?

In our opinion, the CFX Resistance Bands is the best product overall. The item is specially designed to serve multiple purposes. No matter if you want a band for therapy or body building purposes, it definitely will serve you at best!

Anyway, the other products are also very good to use. With all the tips we have taught you on our buying guide, you can now choose for yourself the most suitable product!

We hope that you will enjoy working out at home, especially in this terrible social-distancing period. Many thanks for reading!

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