Best Purple Hair Dyes

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A full head of violet colour, a berry-whisked balayage look or a two-tone lavender dip-dye?

If you are going to colour your hair purple this year, do not miss the 10 best purple hair dyes that have captured the UK by storm.

And with the review and buying guide to purple dyes below, you easily find out all the necessary information to colour your hair with a bold and creative image. Moreover, these products keep your hair glossy and velvety when dyeing at home instead of going to a salon.

Best Selling Purple Hair Dyes

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Top 10 Best Purple Hair Dyes to Buy Online in the UK 2021

#1 – Garnier Olia Violet Permanent Hair Dye – Best Overall

Rest assured, Garnier Olia will give your hair a vibrant and intense purple colour that you have longed for. Besides, it’s a permanent hair dye that can last longer in your hair without fading quickly.

Garnier Olia Violet Permanent Hair Dye

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Being ammonia-free, the dye never burns, stings, or makes your eyes tear while dyeing. It also comes with a drip-free velvety texture and a clean, light scent so that you can get a pleasant at-home hair colouring experience.

What’s the secret behind it?

This product is infused with natural flower oils to moisture, protect, and nourish hair. The oils play an important role in letting the pigments penetrate the hair shaft for longer-lasting colour as well as protecting and rehydrating it from breakage. As a result, your hair will be three times shinier.

Just note that your hair might be a bit dry after colouring. But everything will be okay after you use the conditioner available in the box since it helps to lock the oils in and make your hair look even silkier and healthier.

In sum, if you want to cover 100% of purple hair as well as keep your scalp irritation-free, the Garnier Olia is all you need at this time.


  • Lovely shine after colouring
  • Zero smell
  • 60% oil-powered to improve the hair quality
  • Gentle on the scalp and hair
  • User-friendly


  • Be careful when spreading the dye or patches might happen

#2 – L’Oreal Paris Colorista Dark Purple Permanent Hair Dye – Runner-up

L’Oréal Paris is a first-rate brand of L’Oréal, and its exclusive Colorista range is rather popular for some unique hair shades. If you haven’t tried it already, you should lay your hands on this dark purple permanent hair dye.

The entire Colorista line is developed to deliver “high-intensity shimmering and long-lasting colour” in a gel formula. Furthermore, it combines with pure dyes to make your hair three times shinier.

L’Oréal Paris Colorista

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Another good news, this purple colour dye conditions your hair as it colours, so your hair looks pretty and feels healthy as well. Many users have been impressed by the colour turning out as vibrant as they expected, even on ethnic hair.

If you have dark brown hair and prefer deep tones like purple, the Colorista from L’Oréal Paris is a perfect pick. The only thing you should notice is that the gel is a bit runny; thus, you need to be extra careful while applying it to your hair.


  • Easy to mix and use
  • Beautiful and vibrant colour
  • Soft and shiny result
  • Ideal for all types of hair
  • Good value for money


  • Runny gel
  • Strong smell at first, yet not too harsh

#3 – Schwarzkopf Live Colour + Lift Ultra Violet Permanent Hair Dye – Best for Dark Hair

Schwarzkopf launched their first hair dye in 1947, and today they top their own standards with the Colour + Lift Live line, one of the best purple hair dyes for those with darker hair.

All thanks to a powerful formula with two special effects in one simple step.

Schwarzkopf Live Colour + Lift

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The first special effect is to lighten your hair up to three levels while also adding dynamic colour to your naturally dark hair. The second one is to turn your hair into a shining purple with red undertones by allowing pigment-mix penetrating deeply into every single hair strand.

Although we found that this vibrant colour might fade after ten washes (not up to 28 washes as advertised), you can keep it longer by using more packs. Luckily, this is a set of 3 boxes that is suitable for a nice and even coverage. Even if your hair is long and thick, it does well.

All in all, the Schwarzkopf Live Colour + Lift is a good purple hair dye as it makes your hair three shades lighter without brassiness and gives your hair an energetic tone.


  • Perfect for darker hair
  • Gorgeous purple with red undertones
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable purchase for a set of three


  • Faded quickly
  • Unpleasant smell

#4 – PaintGlow Rebellious Purple Fury Semi-Permanent Hair Dye – Best for Short Term

PaintGlow Rebellious semi-permanent purple hair dye is a good option for those who aren’t willing to fully commit to the purple colour, yet still prefer a funky head.

Made in the UK, this high-quality and high-fashion semi-permanent hair colour can work well on pre-lightened or bleached hair for the best result. Besides, it boasts intensely concentrated pigments designed to give you over-the-top vibrancy that lasts for 4-8 washes, depending on hair types.

PaintGlow Rebellious

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One more terrific thing is that this hair dye is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Made from vegan ingredients without animal by-products and harmful chemicals like ammonia and peroxide, it is especially gentle on your hair.

But notice that the tube inside the box is not enough to cover a whole head. In our opinion, it’s best to buy about three tubes to avoid any interruption while colouring that might lead to unexpected patches. A bit costly, but the PaintGlow Rebellious is worth a try if you prefer a purple hue temporarily.


  • Vibrant and bright hair colour
  • Nice and thick liquid without drips
  • Easy application
  • Good moisturising effect
  • No irritations and smells
  • Beautifully-faded


  • No gloves inside the box
  • Small tube

#5 – Stargazer Lavender Blue Semi-Permanent Hair Dye – Best Budget

You need an affordable, yet effective semi-permanent hair dye like products mentioned above, so why don’t you take a look at this product from Stargazer?

The first cool thing, you only spend a little but get double capacity (140ml) to apply throughout your head. It won’t matter even when your hair is thick and long. The next great point, this hair dye is vegan and free from peroxide and ammonia, just like the PaintGlow Rebellious. This ensures your hair is healthy and vibrant all the time.

Stargazer Lavender Blue

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However, you need to be careful of stains, especially when you wash your hair. In the case when the colour is on the walls or floors, you need to scrub the stain with bleach as soon as possible.

All things considered, this hair dye from the Stargazer is a big plus for pampering your hair and delivering a vibrant colour that lasts for quite some time. And if you use it on blonde or pre-lightened hair, the result will last even longer (up to 15 washes).


  • Great colour and coverage
  • Softer and healthy-looking hair
  • Includes gloves
  • Reasonably-priced


  • Stains after using

#6 – Manic Panic Classic Purple Haze Hair Dye – Premium Pick

Next on the collection of the best purple hair dyes is from Manic Panic, a popular company known for excellent hair dyes.

This wonderful purple hair dye boasts zero harmful chemicals and does not change your hair structure. Moreover, it’s a natural vegan semi-permanent product that only covers the outer layer of your hair, giving a bold and vibrant colour within a couple of weeks.

Manic Panic Classic Purple Haze Hair Dye

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If your hair is naturally dark, you will get a purply red shade. But in case your hair is already bleached, it will deliver a vibrant purple colour which instantly attracts people’s attention.

Since this is a premixed hair dye, it is easy to use and apply to your hair. Just note that stain might happen after dyeing. But the solution for this issue is simple, wipe the stains immediately. To prevent any stains on your skin, you should put Vaseline around your ears and hairline before starting.

Generally speaking, this original top product from Manic Panic is a trusted name with its premium quality ingredients and ultimate performance that you can believe in.


  • Fantastic and vivid shade of purple
  • Vegan and no harsh chemicals
  • Includes conditioner and moisturiser
  • Gentle on hair
  • Thick formula, no drips
  • No mixing required


  • A bit expensive
  • Easy to stain

#7 – Directions Lilac Semi-Permanent Hair Dye – Best for Chemically Treated Hair

If you want a fragrant purple colour for your chemically treated hair, try the Directions semi-permanent hair dye. Its formula is free of the most harmful ingredients you might find in some hair dyes out there like ammonia, peroxide, and PPD.

Directions Lilac Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

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Further, it comes with an outstanding conditioning effect to treat your hair to a great extent and to deliver softer and shinier looking hair at the same time.

As a cream, it’s easy to use. You can apply it evenly with a tint brush to the hair strands. No need to fear damaging your hair or burning your scalp as this dye is absolutely gentle.

One thing you should pay attention to is to use the product on dry hair, not wet hair, to receive a fantastic pastel lilac-mauve colour.

In brief, this product of British company Directions is the best hair dye that suits those with bleached hair and even grey or naturally light hair.


  • Good for chemically treated hair
  • Lovely colour, subtle shade of lilac
  • Easy to apply
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Nice conditioning effect
  • Beautifully faded after 10-12 washes


  • A bit patchy
  • Not applied on wet hair or you can get the right colour

#8 – Smart Beauty Amethyst Purple Permanent Hair Dye – Best Technology

We have here another excellent permanent hair colouring treatment; a product of Smart Beauty brand, which promises to turn your hair into an amazing amethyst purple. This product does not only stick to the hair beautifully but also stays on for a long period of time thanks to the Smart Colour-Plex technology.

Smart Beauty Amethyst Purple

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What is it?

As you know, most hair products add ingredients to condition and treat the hair most effectively. Meanwhile, the Plex hair treatment is able to nurture and restore the micro-bond structure inside the hair, making it stronger and healthier.

And when it is combined with the hair dye, it will protect your hair from breakage and damage, restore your hair structure, and bring your hair strength back while colouring. After all, what you get is a shinier and better hair colour.

The only issue is that this kit doesn’t come with an applicator bottle, making it a bit challenging to get the colour out of the bottle. But overall, it’s easy to use as long as you follow the instructions carefully. And just wait for about 30 minutes, the result is what you expect from a salon.


  • Vivid colour like from a salon
  • Smart technology to protect your hair
  • Nice colouring cream
  • Effective to cover grey


  • No applicator bottle
  • No conditioner

#9 – HTRUIYATY Purple Hair Dye Wax – Best for One Day Only

If you only want a purple shade for special occasions like a party, Halloween, or a cosplay show, the HTRUIYATY hair dye wax will help you.

With this instant hair dye wax, you can easily turn your head into a vibrant colour that shimmers in the light and makes you stand out from the crowd. And you can easily clean it with water without damaging your hair strands thanks to the product’s 100% natural ingredients with no heavy metals, ensuring no scalp irritation and harm to the health of your hair.

HTRUIYATY Purple Hair Dye Wax

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How to use this hair dye wax? Is it easy?

Although it’s a bit sticky when first applying, if you layer it gradually after styling your hair, you will receive perfect results.

As a whole, the HTRUIYATY is rather ideal to give you a fashionable look yet still nourish your hair in case you only want to make your hair purple in one day.


  • Great for short-term uses
  • Gentle formula
  • Easy to come off with water
  • Pleasant smell
  • Easy to use and style the hair
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • A little sticky
  • Only ideal for short hair

#10 – Schwarzkopf Live Men Flash Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Dye – Best for Men

Although all the best purple hair dyes here are suitable for both women and men, if you want a product that is for men only, take a look at a new range of the Live Men from Schwarzkopf brand.

Schwarzkopf Live Men Flash Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

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This product comes with a special and easy-to-use formula that suits a man’s hair. Simply mix and apply the dye according to the instructions inside the box, wait about 15 to 20 minutes, and rinse to get complete coverage of purple on your head.

Since this is a semi-permanent hair dye, the colour will come off after 12-15 washes. However, if you want to keep that colour longer, you can add another layer of hair dye.

Overall, the Schwarzkopf Live Men is able to leave your hair shiny, beautifully coloured, and healthy, making this one of the good choices for men who want to change up their style.

The only thing you should notice while using this product, you need to bleach your hair first so that the colour can absorb better.


  • Nice bright coverage
  • Pleasant smell
  • Easy to apply straight from the tube
  • A complete kit with a good price on Amazon
  • Lovely and soft hair after dyeing


  • Make sure to bleach your hair first

Buyer’s Guide to Purple Hair Dyes You Should Not Miss

A purple hair dye needs to be easy to apply, yet delivers a vibrant and rich shade.

But not all the dyes are created the same. That’s why you need to consult this part before buying any hair dye for your at-home colouring.

A permanent, semi-permanent or temporary hair dye

Permanent hair dyes, of course, stick around the longest and claim to last up to 2 months. Although you might find regrowth after 4 or 6 weeks, you can once again get an all-over purple look after colouring up the roots. This type is also a good pick for covering greys.


On the contrary, the semi-permanent or temporary hair dyes are suitable for those who are still looking for their perfect colour or who prefer to occasionally mix up their appearance. The temporary dye often comes off after a single wash while the semi-permanent one can last up to 3-4 weeks. Make sure you read the information on the box carefully.

Another thing that you should notice, the result might change depending on your natural colour.

A suitable shade

There are different shades of purple, like violet, lilac, lavender, and so on.

Which one will be most suitable for your hair?

Although you can pick the one that you like most, don’t miss some rules here to get the best result.

  • If you have fairer skin and cooler undertones, you should opt for pastels or lighter purple colours such as lavender, wisteria, or lilac.
  • If your hair is blonde and light, the pale hybrid of blue and purple will be good. But since it just gives a subtle colour, if you want to be bold, consider a pink-toned or raspberry purple.
  • If you have medium or dark skin and warm undertones, deeper colours like violet, blackberry, or plum are the shades you should go with.

Harsh chemicals

Most permanent hair dyes often include ammonia to allow the pigments to deeply penetrate the hair shaft, giving a long-lasting dye.

However, all the products mentioned above are gentle and free from harsh chemicals. When you want a clean product to keep your hair look healthier after colouring, simply find one with vegan formulas.

Best Purple Hair Dyes in the UK
How to get a vibrant shade of purple?

Necessary add-ons inside the box

As long as you have enough tools, you can easily reduce damage to your hair while home-dyeing.

But indeed what do you need?

If your hair is naturally thin or dry, you should look for a hair dye with a complimentary conditioner in order to lessen the severe effects and restore the hair at the same time.

Gloves, a brush or an applicator bottle is always a big bonus as home dyeing might cause some mess.


#1 – Should I bleach the hair before colouring?

It depends on what shade of purple you want and what your natural hair colour is. For instance, if you just want the purple colour, you don’t have to bleach your hair. But in case you want to get a vibrant look, bleaching the hair is necessary.

You can also check the information on the packaging to find out whether you should bleach your hair first or not.

#2 – How to wash my purple hair?

Avoid washing your hair too often with hot water; otherwise, the colour quickly comes off. And when you need to wash it, remember to use a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner with cold water to preserve the colour longer.

#3 – Will my purple hair come off fast?

It depends on the type of hair dye you choose, permanent purple hair dyes, semi-permanent or temporary ones. As we just mentioned above, the more often you wash your hair, the quicker the colour will fade. Also, using a hair dryer or a curling iron too frequently affects your hair tremendously.

In closing

After browsing through the best purple hair dyes above, we hope that you can feel confident about choosing a product and home colouring.

All of the products are easy to use in the comfort of your home; you don’t need to spend extra costs for a salon visit. Simply pick out the purple colour that suits your natural hair and you will end up with vibrant and lovely purple hair.

Are you ready to go with the shade that expresses your personality?

No time for hesitation!


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