Top 10 Best Popcorn Makers are Ruling The Roost in The UK 

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What can be better than a bowl of delicious popcorn, especially when you have cooked it by yourself? With the help of the best popcorn makers, popping yummy popcorn at home is totally not difficult to do!

In this article, we list and review the top 10 popcorn makers in the UK. They are all the most efficient appliances that can fill your dream of sweat and tasteful pop kernels.

So, let’s scroll down and get for yourself a good machine now!

How To Choose The Best Popcorn Makers?

The UK market contains a variety of popcorn maker types. Every machine functions in a different way. Without careful considering, we will not be able to get the best popcorn makers. Therefore, we have made this section to guide you on how to choose the right product. In detail, there will be several things you need to notice when buying this machine.

How big is the capacity of the popcorn maker?

Popping kernels is fun! But repeating this work multiple times is not cool at all, right? That’s why capacity is the first factor you need to notice when buying a popcorn maker.

Best Popcorn Makers in the uk

The bigger the capacity is, the more popcorn you can cook at one time. Thus, if you only need a machine to cook for 1 – 2 persons, then a machine with a small capacity is already enough. However, if you want to pop kernels for your entire family, or friends, then looking for a bigger machine will be the right thing to do.

How long does the machine take to cook the kernels?

No time for tons of minutes of cooking! You need the popcorn right now! Of course, no one hates waiting for too long. So, always stay away from the makers that have a long burning time.

You probably ask, how to know if the machine can cook quickly or not? It is really easy to do! All you have to do is ask the provider or check the specifications of the machine for the popping cycle (cook speed rating). The rating will show the average time the machine needs to complete a bowl of kernels.

Is the maker simple or complex to use?

What you need is a good experience with the best popcorn makers. But in which world you can have a great experience with a machine that is difficult to use?

In this situation, simplicity is always the best thing. When choosing the popcorn maker, just get one with a simple design. The machine can have 3 – 4 buttons, including ON/OFF, cooking, warming, timing, etc. That is already enough to make a delicious corn bowl! Extra features are unnecessary!

Should the product be friendly with your budget?

If possible, the popcorn maker should be friendly with your budget. Nowadays, there are a lot of low-price but high-quality popcorn machines on the market. They all have the most basic features that you require to pop the corn cob. Find them and choose for yourself one!

Top 10 Best Popcorn Makers In The Uk In 2021 Review

And now comes the main part of our article today! Let’s check out the top 10 best popcorn makers in the UK in 2021 !

#1: Geepas 1200W Electric Popcorn Maker

Small but strong is how we describe this Geepas 1200W Electric Popcorn Maker! Believe it or not, you will need much effort to find another machine that is both compact and efficient like this one!

Geepas 1200W Electric Popcorn Maker

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With a small dimension of just 19 x 13 x 27.5 cm and a lightweight of 916 grams, the appliance can stand in any corner of your kitchen. The compact and elegant design allows it to work both as a saving-space solution and as a beautiful house decoration.

On the right side of the popcorn popper, there is a small button which you can use to run the machine (ON) or shut down it (OFF). Although the usage is simple, the result is incredible. Since you put corn cob inside this popcorn maker and turn the button ON, the 1200 watt heating element of it will deliver super-hot air into the cob. As a result, you will have a bowl of delicious non-fat, non-oil popcorn.

Although the operation of this machine is amazing, the way it pops the corn out does not please us much. Technically, the kernels should fall into the bowl placed under it. But instead of that, the maker pops the corn everywhere on the table out of the bowl. To fix this issue, you should cover the machine output with a towel. It will stop the popcorn from jumping out uncontrollably.


  • Compact design
  • Large capacity
  • Simple ON/OFF button
  • Hot air


  • Uncontrollable corn popping
  • No additives such as salt, caramels, etc., support.

#2: Severin 117803 Popcorn Maker

Do you want quick popcorn cooking? Just trust the Severin 117803 Popcorn Maker to do the work!

While using only a common voltage of 230 Volts, the Severin 117803 can still operate at a strong power of 1200 watt to bring hot air inside. Because the cooking heat is so high, you only need to wait about 2,5 – 3 minutes to have the popcorn completed!

Severin 117803 Popcorn Maker

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You may think that the quick cooking feature requires a lot of pre-settings or control methods. But in fact, you do not have to do anything except turning the button ON and OFF! The machine is already pre-programmed so that it can cook the popcorn quickly and efficiently every time.

Things are even better, as the button is combined with pilot light. The light can shine to help you see the machine and cook popcorn easily in the dark.

As the product works powerfully, big noise coming out of it is understandable. But just think that you can cook your popcorn quickly. So 2,5 minutes of loud noise is not much of a big deal, right?


  • 1200 watt
  • Hot air for 2,5 minutes of cooking
  • Pilot light ON/OFF button
  • Non-slipping base


  • Noisy operation
  • Raw corn unpopped leaving.

#3: Duronic Popcorn Maker POP50-WE

No extra tool required! This Duronic Popcorn Maker POP50-WE is all you need to enjoy your self-made popcorn!

As you can see, the Duronic company has constructed the popper with a big built-in bowl.  The doughnut shape allows the bowl to get all the kernels popping out after they are cooked. In other words, you will never have to worry about uncontrollable corn jumping with this POP50-WE.

Duronic Popcorn Maker POP50-WE

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Since you finish burning your popcorn, you can easily detach the bowl and use it as a serving bowl. Of course, this container is water and soap washable. So feel free to clean and install it back to the machine after usage.

If fresh corn cob does not please your taste, you can season it with additives such as salt, oil, butter, chocolate, caramel, cheese, etc. The Duronic POP5-WE supports any flavour you add to the popcorn. All are just for the most delicious batch of pop kernels!

Just like the previous Severin 117803, this POP50-WE is a little bit noisy while operating. This may annoy you or other people in your house, especially when you cook popcorn at midnight. But in our opinion, 3 minutes of loud sound for a tasteful bowl of sweet popcorn is acceptable.


  • Built-in bowl
  • Ease in cleaning
  • Additives support
  • No hot-to-touch body


  • Loud noise during operation.

#4: Tooltime Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Do you want to cook popcorn for 1 – 2 people to eat? This Tooltime Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker will be our recommendation!

At first sight, you will definitely be impressed by the simple design of this Tooltime Popcorn Maker. With a height of 20 cm, a width of 13 cm, combined with black and pink colour, the appliance will look compact and beautiful in your kitchen.

Tooltime Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker

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Because the machine is not too big, it can work to provide only a small amount of pop kernels at one time. Also, when buying this product, you will receive a handy measuring cup. This cup will help you avoid overfilling and wasting corn.

Another thing about this Tooltime appliance that we like is that it does not require oil to cook popcorn. The machine runs using hot air instead of oil. This means that you are able to have fat-free corn for your healthy diet.

It seems like the Tooltime manufacturer can not fix a common solution that mostly all normal popcorn makers have. After the operation is finished, the machine still leaves behind some unpopped raw kernels. At this time, you will have to restart the machine and recook them. It may cost a few extra more minutes.


  • Compact style
  • Nice design with black and pink colour
  • Measuring cup
  • No oil required for operation


  • Leaving unpopped raw kernels
  • A bit of rattling sound while operating.

#5: Salter EK2902 Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Oppositely to the Tooltime Popcorn Popper, this Salter EK2902 is specially designed to cook for up to 10 people at one time!

Guess how big this machine is? We believe that you will be amazed by its convenient size! Specifically, the Salter EK2902 is 15 cm in length, 15.5 cm in width, and 28,5 cm in height. This big size allows the popcorn maker to fill up to 10 bowls of sweet kernels at one use.

Salter EK2902 Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker

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The cool thing is, you can make more popcorn, but there will be no added cooking time! 3 minutes are what you need to make these 10 bowls. The power of 1200 watt gives the machine permission to bring high heat for quick kernel popping. What can be more convenient than this EK2902 model?

Here is an important note for you! After using this machine, do not touch its body! It is upsetting to say that the body of this EKK2902 can be so hot after operation. If you or your kids touch it, the machine may burn the fingers or hands.


  • Large capacity for cooking 10 bowls at once
  • Quick-cooking time of 3 minutes
  • High heat
  • Measuring cup


  • Hot body during and after the operation
  • Uncooked raw corn leaving.

#6: VonShef Retro Popcorn Maker

The VonShef Retro Popcorn Maker will work all its best to help you get a cinema experience at your home!

The Kitsch Retro design with 6 cinema-style serving boxers allows the product to have a nice vintage appearance. With cool touch housing combined with a red heat chamber made of aluminium, this VonShef Retro is a great present that you can give to your beloved one!

VonShef Retro Popcorn Maker

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Just like other best popcorn makers that we have listed above, this VonShef product uses hot air to cook kernels. That’s why you don’t need to use oil or fat to burn the corn cob. Of course, the result will still be fluffy, light, and warm corns, just like the cinema popcorn!

While using this machine, make sure that you wear a couple of gloves. The body of it can overheat really quickly, and if you are not careful, the machine may burn your fingers.


  • Kitsch Retro design with 6 cinema-style boxers
  • Red aluminium chamber
  • Hot air system
  • Additives such as salt, sugar support


  • Noise during operation
  • Hot body while working.

#7: Gourmet Gadgetry The New Retro Diner

If you like quick and easy usage, this Gourmet Gadgetry The New Retro Diner will be a great option!Just by adding corn cob and turning on the button, you are able to bring the machine into work! The 1200 watt of power will then allow the appliance to create hot air to pop the kernels with no oil or fat required. Believe it or not, all of this cooking process costs you less than 3 minutes! Really quick, isn’t it?

Gourmet Gadgetry The New Retro Diner

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For melting butter, you don’t need a fan or any stove as a traditional method. What you need is just open the scoop on top of the machine and add butter to it. The Gourmet Gadgetry product will do the rest of the job for you!

Remember one thing that after this Gourmet Gadgetry popcorn maker finishes the work, it will need about 2 minutes to cool down. During this cool-down time, you can not run the machine, no matter how much you click on the button.


  • Hot air
  • Scoop on top of the machine for melting butter
  • Quick usage


  • 2 minutes of cool-down time
  • Leaving unpopped corn.

#8: WICKED GIZMOS Popcorn Maker PM1300

Do you hate it every time your popcorn maker leaves behind uncooked raw kernels? Well! This issue will never happen with the WICKED GIZMOS PM1300!

Technically, this popcorn maker still applies hot air as the main factor to cook the kernels. But the cool thing is, thanks to the Vortex Popping Chamber, the air will flow in a swirling form to cook all the kernels evenly. That’s why you can minimize the number of unpopped corn pieces.

WICKED GIZMOS Popcorn Maker PM1300

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Of course, as the appliance uses high-heat air, there will be no oil or fatty substance needed to pop the kernels. So if you are on a diet with low-calorie and low cholesterol food as a requirement, rest assured because the machine only makes healthy snacks!

However, because there is no oil or fat, the made popcorn may be quite dry and hard to eat. To increase the taste of the kernels, you can add extra additives such as sugar, honey, salt or caramels into the popcorn box, and mix them up together.


  • Less unpopped popcorn
  • Vortex Popping Chamber
  • Low cholesterol and low calorie
  • 6 serving boxers


  • Dry and hard to eat popcorn
  • Quick overheating.

#9: SENSIOHOME Global Gourmet Popcorn Maker

Safety, portability, and ease in usage are the best things that make this Sensiohome Global Popcorn Maker special!

With 4 non-slipping feet bases, the appliance can stand stabilized every time it operates. There will be no shake, no shock, and no slipping while the machine works. Of course, this popcorn maker still works strongly to provide fluffy, sweet popcorn for you within 5 minutes, all thanks to the 1200 watt of power.

SENSIOHOME Global Gourmet Popcorn Maker

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In addition, the product has a compact style of 25 x 24 x 14.4 cm, as well as a lightweight of 1.22 kilograms. Therefore, the machine is so portable that you can carry it from place to place without a problem. And no matter where you store the appliance, it won’t occupy your room space!

If you are about to get this Sensiohome product, here is our advice for you. Always use a towel to cover the output of the machine. Otherwise, the popped kernels may fly uncontrollably on your table, instead of the bowl you prepare for them.


  • 4 non-slipping feet for safety
  • Compact design and lightweight for portability
  • Strong operation with one click for easy usage
  • Vintage appearance


  • Uncontrollable corn popping
  • Trapped popcorn inside the machine sometimes.

#10: Allied UK Laptronix Electric Popcorn Maker

Last but not least, we have a fast-operating popcorn maker for you. Let’s meet the Allied UK Laptronix!

Using a normal voltage of 240 Volts for a 1200 watts of power, the machine can start getting into work 30 seconds right after you click the button. And since the machine operates, you only need to wait about 2 minutes to have the popcorn completely cooked.

Allied UK Laptronix Electric Popcorn Maker

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Honestly, this Allied UK Laptronix is a great deal for the type of people who hates cleaning. Every time after you cook the popcorn, you just need to disassemble the machine and use a wet tissue to wipe the interior part of it. The appliance will then be ready to use again!

But this feature will be useless if you add additives to the machine. Some seasonings and flavours such as chocolate, caramels, butter, cheeses may stick into the part of the appliance. So, wet tissue is not enough to clean all these flavour substances.


  • Quick operation
  • Ease in cleaning
  • Hot air circulation system


  • No seasonings and flavours recommendation.


Below are some questions that you may have after seeing our top 10 best popcorn makers in the UK.

What is the best oil for popcorn?

There are so many kinds of oil that you can use to make delicious popcorn. For example, you can use walnuts, avocado or some olive oils for popping your sweet corn. Besides, the canola and coconut oils are also great to do the cooking job.

Is microwave popcorn good?

Our answer is no. In fact, microwave popcorn can lead to many lung diseases. In the worst case, it can even cause cancer. The reason is, the buttery flavour and smells contained in corn pop are diacetyl – a chemical ingredient that can transform to the bad substance under the effect of microwave.

Best Popcorn Makers to buy online

If you want to eat popcorn, we advise you to cook it with a popcorn maker. As this machine is designed for specially making popcorn (using heat instead of microwave), it will prevent the bad reaction of diacetyl.

What should you look for when buying a popcorn machine?

There are 4 essential factors that tell whether a popcorn machine is good or not. For specific detail, scroll up and read our above buying guide. In this section, we only sum up for you the names of the top 4 factors:

  • Capacity
  • Cook time
  • Ease in usage
  • Price.

Do popcorn makers require oil?

Some popcorn requires oil to be cooked if it is popped with heat makers. Some popcorn machines that use hot air do not need oil. But with oil, the pop kernels can taste much better. Just keep in mind that every oil tastes differently. Depending on your favourite flavour, you will be able to choose the right oil type. Normally, the oils used for popcorn makers are made of avocado, coconut, walnut, etc.

Popcorn Maker

Is it bad to eat popcorn every day?

Eating popcorn daily is not a good thing to do. As pop kernels contain a lot of salt and fat, along with harmful chemical ingredients, the food may badly damage your health.

However, if you cook popcorn with makers using some healthy oil from olive or avocado, the food will turn to give a good effect on your diet.

Last Words

Have you chosen the most suitable machine among our top 10 best popcorn makers ? Hopefully, after this long post, you can make it to get for yourself the right machine to fill your dream of tasteful and fluffy popcorn. No matter which one you get, we believe that all of them can serve you at best!

For more questions about our article today, please get in touch with us! We will reply to you in the shortest time!

Many thanks for reading and see you again at our next article!

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