The 10 Best Paint Strippers In 2021

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How many times have your attempts to repaint something taken you straight to a disaster? If you believe there is nothing wrong with the process, the chances are that you have forgotten to use the best paint stripper beforehand. Whether the problem is uneven finish or uncomfortably visible imperfections, it can get them out of the way without fail.

After testing and comparing several decent options the market has to offer, we have narrowed the world of paint strippers UK down to the following recommendations. Available for a wide variety of materials and purposes, they are what you need to keep paint removing hassle-free.

Best Paint Stripper UK 2021 – An Honest Review

Paint stripper manufacturers have been flooding buyers with hundreds of products. Getting lost during the search is no surprise unless you know what to go after. So, why not spend a quick moment digging into this well-made review we prepare and save yourself the problem?

Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper 500ml – Best Overall

Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper 500ml

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Our experiments with a sea of different brands and products showed that Biostrip 20 stood out among all for the various essential features it has loaded inside one single bucket. You can pretty much have a good guess of what it can do simply by one glance at the big “All Purpose” written across the label.

This is no gimmick to capture attention. The product actually has several materials found in household construction covered, including the typical ones like wood and masonry, to those with a slightly more complex texture, for example, glass.

If you have already had experience removing paints, there is no way you fail to realize how much help this can be of. No matter how strong they may get and what ingredients they contain, lots of products simply have their limits drawn for certain surfaces. Switching to Biostrip matters will be one of the best ways to get yourself out of those unwanted situations.

This diversity also extends to the paint variety it works for. You can brush it on water-based paints, oil-based paints, primers, and varnishes. After the effects have kicked in, all that is left to do is to peel the old paint off like ripping paper from the hinge.

Being versatile is one thing. This product also gives you a worry-free time working on your projects thanks to its non-toxic, odourless content, which is also thickened enough to prevent unnecessary drippings.

Even though we appreciate this paint stripping matter for the all-in-one features, we cannot say we feel the same with the amount of time it takes for the old paint to come off. You might need to give it half an hour or even more, and this is rather time-consuming.

  • Eco-friendly product
  • Outstanding versatility
  • Leave no mess behind
  • Take so much time to work

Bartoline 55878754 TX10 – Best For Safety Features

Bartoline 55878754 TX10

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Next on today’s list, we would like you to have a look at Bartoline 55878754 TX10, a 500ml non-Methylene Chloride paint stripper that reduces the list of what to beware during usage to almost nothing. Rubbing this on any of your furniture, and you can get their years-old paints off with no serious issue encountered even when taking on the job barehanded.

In case you are pretty clueless as to what Methylene Chloride can be, it is one awful substance that spells trouble for your skin, eyes, and even lungs if you are unfortunate enough to let it land on your body. Now that it is out of the way, the risk of having that irritation nightmare jump at you whenever planning to do some paint removal will certainly stop being so serious.

Bartoline goes beyond merely caring for our health, for they also designed this paint scraping product to provide a simple application regardless of the surfaces. You can expect decent performance on masonry, wood, metal, and even glass without any damages.

The substance is also not prone to run, so it does not matter what you want to remove, varnishes or paints, drippings that cause waste are out of the window.

Still, if you ask us, we find that the availability of the non-drip feature is a must in this case as you can never properly remove all the old paints using one single coat.

  • Safety-oriented
  • Non-flammable
  • For both professionals and DIYers
  • Require more than one coat to remove the dried paint

Nitromors All Purpose Paint and Varnish Remover – Best For Marking Function

Nitromors All Purpose Paint and Varnish Remover

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A whole host of paint strippers on our market do not come in any specific colour, or whatever hue they have is so mild that it becomes difficult to tell the unapplied surfaces apart from the coated areas. This can pretty much hinder the whole progress as you might lose track of where to scrape at some point and have no choice but to stop and find it.

Nitromous All Purpose Paint Remover is here to help you put an end to this obvious inconvenience. Rather than transparent or a faint milky white, the product is formulated to leave behind a bright soap-like green matter on the surface after applying. Take advantage of this function and you will definitely know which place to focus on without stretching your eyes wide open. Removing old paint cannot get any simpler than this!

Ready for another good news? As you can probably tell from its name, the product is an all-in-one option. In short, its special colour indicator is available for all users regardless of the surface they want to scrape paints from.

Here is a quick tip. You can achieve the most impressive results on wood, masonry, and metal, so we suggest getting this paint remover if you plan to make a stunning project out of them.

We have a major issue with this handy paint stripper, however. The way it performs may give you all the more reason to repurchase, but the odour it gives off does the opposite for sure. This does not seem to be a toxic-free option, either. For that reason, remember to put on some protective gear as you work.

  • Easy to wash away
  • Non-drip formulation
  • Can be used for both paints and varnishes
  • Heavy smell

Liberon FWS500 – Best Stripper For Wood

Liberon FWS500

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The use of wood in living space has been increasing in popularity lately. And for that, more and more products to wipe out old paints on this nature-based material have made their way to the market. You might find plenty of options, but Liberon FWS500 is one of the few that can be best described as a game-changer.

The matter contained inside this well-made can contains some unique properties that seep inside the wood fibre and strip off the old paint effortlessly. As its texture itself also has a great level of softness, we are sure that it will take good care of your wooden furniture, leaving no trace of damage when you finish your paint scraping job.

All of this would mean nothing if the product itself does not serve more than one single type of paint. Liberon seems to understand this concern very well  and has decided to resolve it by ensuring that the removable painting materials come in a massive number for this one. Whether it is common paints, varnishes, or finishing polish, you can always have it effectively stripped off your stunning wood piece.

As much as we love to use this in our home, we think that its opening should be extended for simpler usage. The substance contained inside is quite thick, and the size of the top leaves us no choice but to shake it out, turning our floor into a huge mess in the end.

  • Ideal for home renovation
  • Fast working time (less than 20 minutes)
  • Low odour
  • Narrow opening

PeelAway 1 Paint Remover – Best For Large Projects

PeelAway 1 Paint Remover

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There will come a time when you have to work with something on a larger scale, a whole fireplace, or your whole set of dining chairs, for instance. All those vast surfaces combined make it impossible to finish the job using a standard 500ml can. In such cases, investing in a giant fellow like this 15kg bucket from PeelAway appears to be the smartest option.

Once getting the lid off the top, you can rub the powerful paint stripping matter inside on several different surfaces and yield outstanding results for as many as 32 times! This number might vary depending on the size of your project, but hardly does it get anywhere lower than 20.

In addition to the numerous coats, the highly-performing chemical properties convince us to add this PeelAway paint stripper to the list. They allow it to do an amazing job of removing both new and old layers of paint from various types. Still, if you truly want to see how fast its effects kick in, try it on oil-based or lead paint.

However, the product contains harsh chemical content. That is why you must handle it carefully if you do not want to face troublesome irritation afterwards.

  • Work for masonry, wood, and metal
  • Application tools included
  • Strip several layers of paints
  • Might cause irritation

RUSTINS STNF500 Strypit 500ml – Best Non-caustic Paint Stripper

RUSTINS STNF500 Strypit 500ml

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A whole host of paint strippers you find at many stores use caustic-filled formulations to fight off old paint. However, putting them into use can open the door to several issues since no matter how you look at it, this popular ingredient is a form of toxic itself.

Surely you would not want something like that around, especially when living with a not-so-good state of health, so why not turn to RUSTINS STNF500 Strypit 500ml to protect yourself while renovating your place? This product is 100% caustic-free, driving its VOC (volatile organic compound) level down to an extremely low point. No longer will you have to freak out after unintentionally touching the matter, knowing that it does not do you any harm.

Another downright impressive part is that you can have this trusty paint remover deliver appealing results on all typical household surfaces. Want to swap out the wood stain on your desk to something more contemporary? Your metal fence’s old paint is starting to chip? Are you hoping to try out another finishing polish rather than polyurethane? Leave it all to this product!

But there is something you need to know before carrying on with the purchase. Being non-toxic, its content might not be as strong as you expect. Therefore, prepare yourself for a massive number of coats if you are about to strip down several layers of paints.

  • Work on multiple surfaces and paint types
  • Odourless
  • Gel-like form for vertical surfaces
  • Require many coats to finish your work

Polycell MSPS500 – Best For Delicate Surface

Polycell MSPS500

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Does your family, by chance, own a precious yet delicate piece of furniture for generations, and the years-old paint is beginning to peel off? A paint stripper that forms a soft layer on any surface it adheres to like Polycell MSPS500 will be more useful than anything else to save its look.

The substance contained in each 500ml bucket works like a charm for both wood and metal, of which most antiques are made out. Once being applied, the special chemical properties will infiltrate each fibre of your belonging and get the paint off piece by piece, bringing back its original surface.

If you wonder what exactly it can remove, let us do you a favour and spill the beans. From oil-based paint to varnishes, to almost anything you find coated on your interior furniture, this one can make the old paint go away without a single scratch. But we think it delivers the best results when it comes to water-based paints.

As we have already mentioned earlier, this product is soft enough, so no harm will be done to anything around your house.

However, you have to be very careful during application and put on enough protective gears. Polycell MSPS500’s biggest downside is its harsh chemical content that will end up causing irritation upon contact.

  • Leave no damage on the surface
  • Strong enough for many materials
  • Easy to use
  • Risk of irritation

Paint Panther Paint & Varnish Remover – Best For Quick Effects

Paint Panther Paint & Varnish Remover

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Out of all the paint-removing products we have tested, this item always turned out to be the fastest one. It requires no longer than 15 minutes to do away with our old mahogany finish, which we find to be quite mind-blowing.

We have tried it on other surfaces (metal, plaster, etc.) and several types of paint. The results vary, but we notice that the paint removing process begins much sooner with this one than most options of the same range. If you are somewhat short on time and have to finish your project in one single morning, you are looking at the right assistant here.

To get your work done simpler and faster, the paint stripper even comes with a special non-drip formulation. You can spread it on any vertical surfaces or angles and expect absolutely no run or drippings. At the end of the day, there will be no mess to get rid of, saving you a great deal of time.

But please be aware that no matter how easy the process seems to be, you will be working with a strong chemical with high corrosive content. Do not worry, it is not as much of a health hazard as many others, but we do suggest you wear protective gear when dipping your brush in the can.

  • No odour
  • Deliver the best result on wood
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects 
  • Harsh chemical

Autotek ATOOOPS500 Paint Stripper Aerosol – Best For Automobiles

Autotek ATOOOPS500 Paint Stripper Aerosol

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The fact that this paint stripper comes from a reliable vehicle paint gives enough details as to what its ability covers. The form of an aerosol spray can, plus the well-made solvent for sophisticated metallic surfaces, are all you need to give your vehicle a new look without compromising its quality.

Not only is this product effective, but it is also a time saver. You can use it on the sides, the front, even the alloys (be careful not to get it anywhere near the tires), and it will only take a couple of minutes to get the job done. On top of that, you never have to waste tons of coats to get one paint layer off.

Still, we cannot say we are happy with how easy it is for human skin to become irritated when being exposed to the substance. A lot of strong chemicals are inside the can, so you had better have yourself protected by necessary gears before proceeding with the application.

  • Easy to work with
  • Non-drip formulation
  • Work well on metal
  • Might burn your skin when contacted

HG Graffiti Remover 600 ml – Best for Spray Paint

HG Graffiti Remover 600 ml

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Is there any old DIY project dressed in flaked spray paint that you want to renew? Or could it be that you are looking forward to getting rid of the hideous graffiti around your areas? Make sure to grab this HG Graffiti Remover on your next shopping trip!

Inside the large 600ml can is a fairly strong chemical yet extremely easy to use since it has user-friendly content with 100% no VOC. Dab it on any paint splatter you no longer want to see, give it a few minutes to take effect, then scrub the substance away, and the old paint will come along with it.

The surprise does not end there. This handy product can be used on several different surfaces, ranging from anything smooth such as glass or marble to the tougher ones like concrete. Even already painted surfaces are included as it only removes marks left by the spray paint. Other spots are in the safe zone!

Sadly enough, we find some negative reactions when trying it on plastic (any glossy part is gone) despite the fact that the manufacturer claims it would not do anything to such delicate materials.

  • Nice fragrance
  • Yield great results on spray paint and market
  • Finish the job quickly
  • Not recommended for plastic

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Paint Stripper ?

Now that you have found the best paint stripper UK for the next home renewal, let’s move on to another just as important part: the shopping criteria to pay attention to.

Should You Go For a Solvent-Based Paint Stripper?

Solvent-based paint stripper was once the go-to option of every household for the quick paint scraping ability that seems too good to have at that price point. Holding a generous dose of chemical power, mostly from methylene chloride, this matter is all you need to wipe out old paint on several surfaces, including wood, metal, and masonry, in as little as one single go.

Best Paint Stripper

But mind the keyword: was! Being solvent-based, even one can is extremely high in volatile organic compounds – in other words, harsh fumes. For the consumers of today’s world who care a lot about safety, this is practically a sign to stay away.

You do not have to stick with the crowd, though. The chemical is actually not that dangerous once you have put on enough safety gears and only apply it in thin amounts.

On top of that, its properties do not have a severe off-limit zone for types of paint and materials, so we are sure that crossing this one off of the list would not be a wise idea.

How About Caustic Paint Stripper?

Caustic belongs to the chemical group of paint stripper, right next to the solvent-based you have been introduced to earlier. It works by taking the tough textures of old paint and making them into a substance similar to soap, which you can easily peel off in no time.

The answer as to how it manages to do so lies in the matter’s lye-rich content. This also gives it a special way of taking care of masonry surfaces and the dried-on oil-based paint that has been coating them for years. But do not expect to achieve the same effect on epoxy. That type of coating is outside the caustic’s ability.

Best Paint Stripper UK

There is something you might want to note down. As a harsh chemical, this product is far from the safest option among all you might find. Direct exposure to eyes and skin might lead to irritation, so never forget to put on some safety gears before picking up your brush.

Is Biochemical Paint Stripper A Reliable Pick?

If you cannot say you are comfortable putting the prior products to use after knowing about their perilous sides, maybe a biochemical matter would be your safest bet. Despite the possibility of your skin reacting negatively to the ingredients is still there, their nearly non-existent level of VOC certainly gives you an easier time taking care of old paint.

This is not a surprise once you know about the nature-based properties from which the matter gets its paint removing power. You can find all but plant-based solvent and organic compounds here. The properties serve as ideal picks for both oil-based and water-based paints, not to mention a wide array of surfaces, such as wood, masonry, and metal.

But do not think that biochemical paint stripper is your final choice for all occasions yet, for this user-friendly green product has to back down from epoxy and polyurethane coating.

In the end, it would be better if you consider your purpose beforehand and get something fitting it the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, allow us to address some common concerns that most people have when dabbling with paint strippers for the first time.

How to Make Sure That The Paint Stripper Does Not Ruin The Surface?

It is no secret that certain products with distinct chemical properties will do a number on your project after you spread them on.

Paint Stripper

Our advice, in this case, is to never jump straight to the task right away unless you can tell what inside the can is safe for use with the coatings you have in mind. Instead, put some on a small, hard-to-notice corner and test its performance at first. You can never go wrong with this method.

Should You Strip The Paint Inside Or Outside Of The House?

Whatever will do. But since you have to maximize the ventilation in case you intend to use a substance releasing lots of harsh fumes, we believe that bringing the project outside would be the best option. If you have no choice but to carry out all the work indoors, placing a fan behind you or opening all the windows is necessary.

How to Apply The Paint Stripper?

We do not exactly have a precise answer for this since paint strippers are quite different from each other. And for the most part, they all provide specific instructions that you must stick to.

What we can tell you is that you have to apply the substance in the recommended thickness found on the label, and only apply a thick layer after having put on a thinner layer for approximately 10 minutes. The purpose of this is to break down a certain part of the old paint, making it simpler to achieve desired results later on.

Also, you will want to prepare some masking tape to keep the paint stripper from getting on other areas.

Is there any DIY paint stripper that works?

Making your own paint stripper is a favoured method these days, given how costless and eco-friendly the methods can get. But even though they peel the stubborn paint off most of the time, we doubt that the process is as fast and convenient as that of a commercially made product.

If you happen to find no suitable options around, a heated-up bowl of vinegar can act as an apt alternative. Just rub the acidic liquid on the old paint, wait a few minutes, then scrape the areas until you no longer see that unwanted colourful spot.


We have recommended to you the best paint stripper across the UK.  Personal experience is what we primarily based on when finding the product for this topic, but users’ reviews played an important part as well. This is why you can have confidence about their reliability.

Now, what would your final decision be? Is it the Biostrip 20, our outstanding top pick that lets nothing stand in its way, or the Bartoline product with its exceptional safety features? All of them are excellent in their own way, so we hope you will be pleased no matter what you pick in the end.

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