10 Best Non-Comedogenic Foundations of 2021

Foundation is, without a shade of doubt, an indispensable part of many people’s daily makeup routines – for providing them an instant boost in appearance. Including various essential makeup components, a foundation can create a clear and beautiful complexion while hiding most of the users’ blemishes and pimples. You are sure to feel more confident when you go to public places with just a light layer of foundation!

However, as frequently used to hide pimples, some foundation types can cause clogged pores and other severe skin problems. And that’s where non-comedogenic foundations come in handy, suitable for any skin types like oily, dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin.

With the wide variety of products on the market, it seems overwhelming to decide the most suitable foundation for yourself. So our article of 10 best non-comedogenic foundations will be of great help! Keep reading to find your ideal makeup partner right now!

Types Of Non-comedogenic Foundations

Liquid mineral foundation

Liquid foundations are among the most popular skin makeup products nowadays, containing full skin-loving ingredients to ensure a perfect glo look and enhance your skin texture.

Liquid mineral foundation

Usually, liquid mineral foundations, among the best non-comedogenic foundations nowadyas, are more suitable for dry skin and sensitive skin, as they can work perfectly as a moisturizer and foundation to create a flawless complexion.

What is so attractive about this foundation type is its cream quality, easily penetrating users’ skin and offering a smooth and natural texture while providing enough moisture for the driest skin. However, if you fail to spread the foundation evenly, your skin is likely to look clumpy, caked, and show unwanted lines.

Pressed, setting, and loose powder foundation

When it comes to powder foundation, there are three main products that you are sure to come across when shopping for makeup products: pressed powder foundation, setting powder, and loose powder. Despite coming in different powder textures, those three foundations can work well for any skin type, especially for oily and combination skins.

Pressed, setting, and loose powder foundation

This is mainly because powder foundations include essential minerals, zinc, and magnesium, absorbing moisture to offer a dry, clean, and crease-free look. However, as they are in the form of light powder, you must reapply your foundation regularly to ensure a perfect appearance, especially when you take part in various outdoor activities.

Matte foundation

Compared to liquid mineral foundations, matte foundations have some common characteristics, as they also come in cream texture. However, matte products are thicker and heavier. One interesting thing about matte foundations is that they are a combination of liquid and powder products.

Matte foundation

While they are in the liquid form like the former one, allowing users to spread the cream easily and penetrate more quickly, those foundations can work perfectly to absorb unwanted creases and excess moisture, leaving a crease-free and clean look all day long.

Renowned Makeup Brands

Faced with the wide variety of non-comedogenic products on the market, you may be overwhelmed and cannot decide which brands are credible and provide high-quality products. To solve your puzzle, here is a list of reliable makeup brands we highly recommend to you:


One word to summarize bareMinerals foundations is Clean – since those foundations are made from physicians’ formula, creating 100% free of any chemical ingredients and providing users with great sun protection.

BareMinerals is also among a few makeup manufacturers not testing on animals. This brand offers a comprehensive line of non-comedogenic makeup products, including foundations, concealers, and primers.


If you have done some research on makeup products, you must have come across Neutrogena, as this is one of the best brands on the market. Neutrogena promises to offer non-comedogenic makeup products like foundations, concealers, and tinted moisturizers. These products are beneficial in the long run for preventing blocked pores and acne breakouts.

Its worldwide reputation is thanks to the unique MicroClear Technology, which helps cover up all blemishes while preventing unwelcomed breakouts. This technology also allows oil to dissolve more easily and delivers salicylic acid to the source of breakouts.

Dermablend Professional

What is appealing about this brand is its high quality and thorough examination. All non-comedogenic products are based on physicians’ formula and approved by dermatologists’ careful tests on sensitive and allergy skin.

Thanks to this excellent manufacturing process, the Dermablend foundations are 100% safe for any user’s skin type and ensure a longer-lasting coverage.

How To Choose The Best Non-comedogenic Foundations

If you are not specialized in makeup and skincare, especially a newcomer, it would be an uphill struggle to shop for a suitable yet reasonably priced foundation, as you cannot get a hold of what needs to be taken into account. So keep reading the following buying guide to choose the perfect foundation for your skin:

Things to check in the ingredients

Commonly, certain kinds of foundations look the same and offer similar skin coverage; however, you will see a world of differences when you gain a more in-depth insight into their ingredients. Those differences can determine whether this foundation is non-comedogenic or acne-prone.

The first advice is to avoid ingredients providing too much or too little moisture or causing irritants. All those three issues undeniably lead to acne and uninvited breakouts. Unfortunately, contrary to popular knowledge, many natural ingredients are comedogenic and can clog your pores, including coconut oil, coconut butter, and algae extract.

best non-comedogenic foundations in the uk

Besides, ingredients with a thick consistency can be comedogenic, including alcohol, kaolin, nanoparticles, drying out your skin. These can cause excess oil production and clogged pores. Silicones, fragrances, and lauroyl lysine should be avoided as they can cause skin irritation.

Depending on your skin, you must check those ingredients carefully before buying one.

Ingredients which help clear your acne

If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, there are several ingredients that you can refer to since they are manufactured to chase this skin headache. For example, salicylic acid helps clean your pores and reduces the chances of blockages and acne, although it can be too dry for some. Jojoba oil is another example, adding moisture and balancing your skin, while Argan oil effectively moisturizes skin and reduces acne.

The quantity of ingredients

Don’t be fooled by the appealing variety of ingredients inscribed on the label – the fewer ingredients, the better. This is mainly because fewer, simple, and lightweight components allow you to feel more comfortable and are less likely to clog your pores. Therefore, a long list of heavy ingredients is not always welcoming.

non-comedogenic foundation

The order of the ingredients

When you look for a foundation, the ingredients’ order should not be ignored under any circumstances, as this information shows the number of components in this product. Specifically, ingredients listed on the top of the list are included in larger quantities than others.

For this reason, products that contain comedogenic, irritating, or drying ingredients noted on the top should not be an ideal choice. Don’t forget to pay attention to this information.

Foundation texture

Non-comedogenic foundations come in two main forms: liquid and powder, each showing unique benefits and drawbacks. For those desiring to have the most minimal-pre clogging and avoid acne breakouts, powder foundations are a brilliant choice.

On the other hand, liquid or cream foundations can work perfectly to provide better coverage and a luminous result. Those products are suitable for dry and sensitive skin, covering up all blemishes and discoloration.

Top 10 Best Non-comedogenic Foundations To Buy Online In the UK 

#1. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Matte is sure to be a household name to any makeup lover, a makeup solution for any skin type, ranging from normal to combination and oily skin.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation

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Enlarged pores and uneven skin texture are what Maybelline Fit Me Matte aims to deal with. It can fill in pores and cover fine lines without causing congestion. Besides, the Maybelline foundation can absorb redundant oils for a shiny and perfect matte finish.

This foundation contains micro-powders to control shine level and cover any imperfections in your skin texture, especially absorbing excess oils, diffusing fine, and dissolving uneven skin tones.

The makeup foundation also includes magnesium sulfate, titanium dioxide, silica, and other non-comedogenic ingredients. Those ingredients are useful in hydrating the skin and reducing inflammation. With medium coverage, you are sure to receive a beautiful, shiny yet natural finish.


  • Affordable and reasonable
  • Oil-free
  • Carefully tested


  • Needs to apply in many layers

#2. Glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base

Are you looking for a high-performance mineral pressed powder for oily skin? Let’s take the Glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base into account on your makeup list. This compact powder foundation works perfectly to create a seamless base and makes you feel confident with clean skin from morning until night. This versatile foundation can also be used as a sun-protection cream – an essential part of every skincare routine.

Glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base

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In the form of pressed powder, this foundation allows you to spread more easily and evenly and is very handy for those busy with their work, and having little time for thorough daily makeup.

Besides, unlike other foundations, the Glo Skin Beauty foundation Base won’t ever leave your skin cakey and clumpy.No matter how many foundation layers you apply, your skin still looks natural and glowy without clogged pores.

Including powerful antioxidants with a gentle and calming skin formula, this little foundation is sure to protect your skin from harmful environmental aggressors and nourish a vulnerable complexion.


  • Available in a wide selection of shades
  • Long-lasting
  • Gentle and calming for any skin types


  • Not effective in sun protection

#3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup Foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation targets oily and combination skins. It aims to control the excessive amount of sebum and offer a fresh look with a comfortable feeling. This is thanks to high concentrations of hyaluronic acid that rehydrates the skin and reduces sebum’s overproduction.

Estee Lauder Double Wear

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For this reason, it is not exaggerating to say that Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is specifically designed for oily skin and acne-prone type.

Like other non-comedogenic foundations, this one perfectly blurs skin imperfections, deals with uneven skin texture while minimizing the appearance of clogged pores and flawed finish.


  • Lightweight and oil-free
  • Offers a fresh and comfortable feel
  • Protects skin against the sun


  • A bit expensive

#4. L’oreal True Match super-blendable makeup foundation

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, yet high-quality foundation, L’oreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup Foundation is your ideal choice and should be on the top of your must-have list. What is particularly great about this foundation is the wide variety of available shades. That means no matter what your skin tone is, you will always find a suitable foundation shade, hiding any skin imperfections while ensuring a smooth and natural look.

L'oreal Paris True Match

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More importantly, this foundation is waterproof, sweatproof, and transfer-proof, enabling users to maintain a clean finish despite  various outdoor activities. As a medium coverage foundation, this product shows a buildable coverage, lightweight enough to get rid of heavy and irritating feelings and lasts up to 24 hours.

Although the foundation doesn’t come with a pump, the excellent quality and the wide range of shade options make this product so worthwhile and reasonably priced. You should never miss out!


  • Plenty of different shades available
  • Comes at a low price
  • Lightweight and easy to apply


  • Does not come with a pump

#5. Neutrogena Skinclearing liquid makeup foundation

Neutrogena Skinclearing foundation is an oil-free product, offering a range of 14 shades for any skin tone. The product is so lightweight and breathable on the skin that you will see no discomfort or irritation when wearing this makeup layer. Besides, while all the blemishes are well concealed, the foundation blends into the skin and leaves a natural look.

Neutrogena Skinclearing liquid

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If your skin is oily, this product is sure to be designed for you, as it can offer you a non-creamy layer while reducing the chance of acne breakouts. In general, it is worth your try.


  • Oil-free and breathable
  • Fights against breakouts and acne


  • Does not last long on the skin

#6. Dermablend Cover Creme foundation

Manufactured by the renowned Dermablend brand, Dermablend Cover Creme foundation is undeniably one of the best-selling products on the market, giving you full coverage and hiding the darkest blemishes like birthmarks, hyperpigmentation, and lupus.

Dermablend Professional Cover

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Containing hydrating ingredients, this foundation can leave a fresh look on your face for 16 hours and keep the skin hydrated and not cakey or heavy at all. Moreover, the SPF 30 also boosts sun protection, so you don’t have to worry when joining outdoor activities.


  • Covers all blemishes
  • Easy to blend and spread
  • Has SPF 30


  • Needs powder and spray to look perfect

#7. BareMinerals Original Loose powder foundation SPF 15

Loose powder contributes greatly to a bright and clean makeup look. Hence, the BareMinerals Original Loose powder foundation is a wonderful choice in our daily makeup routine, ensuring good coverage of any skin imperfections.

BareMinerals Original foundation

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This foundation offers a range of 30 mineral-based shades, allowing users to choose the most suitable one while being carefree about clogged pores or breakouts.

This buildable coverage won’t miss any wrinkle or fine line and can be reapplied without harming your thorough makeup – thanks to the loose powder.

When it comes to sunscreens, SPF 15 is not enough to protect your skin from the daily sunlight, so remember to add a light sunscreen layer tofeel free to go out with a layer of BareMinerals Original Loose Powder foundation.


  • Conceals all blemishes
  • Cover wrinkles and fine lines
  • Has no harsh chemicals


  • More expensive than others

#8. Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup 30ml

Without a shade of doubt, Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup is one of the best water-based, non-comedogenic foundations in the market nowadays. It never fails to meet your demands for a clean and dry finish. This creamy foundation shows a medium coverage, working well to help your skin stay hydrated and crease-free. However, that doesn’t mean Clinique Anti-blemish Liquid Makeup is not suitable for dry skin types, as it still provides all the needed materials to moisturize your dry skin.

Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions

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Moreover, this versatile foundation features the “stay true” pigments, allowing users to maintain a perfect finish without discoloration due to oxidation. In general, you can keep this makeup layer all day long without the need for reapplying. Nevertheless, when using this foundation, you should wear a sunscreen layer first to boost sun protection, as Clinique makeup only shows SPF 15, not strong enough to withstand long hours under the daily sun.


  • Effective for up to 24 hours
  • Long-lasting shade
  • Perfect for any skin type


  • Cannot withstand harsh weather

#9. Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream 50ml

Aiming to tackle fine lines and pigmentation, Jane Iredale Glow Time foundation is all you need for ageless skin. This foundation contains anti-aging actives to promote a healthier and youthful complexion while reducing fine lines, clogged pores, and pigmentation.

Jane Iredale glow time

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Besides, Jane Iredale foundation also includes grapefruit and apple extracts that brighten the skin while boosting skin cell renewal. Thanks to those characteristics, this makeup delivers a full-coverage finish and enables users to maintain young and healthy skin.


  • Easy to use and spread
  • Stays weightless on the skin
  • Enhances cell renewal


  • Needs to be reapplied many times

#10. Clarins BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25

Are you facing overloaded deadlines and continuously working overnight? We are sure that you are fed up with your tired and dull skin. In this case, Clarins BB Skin Detox Fluid is your solution. As a weightless and hydrating formula, this BB cream can blend seamlessly into the skin and offer a healthy glow without causing clogged pores or irritating feelings.

Clarins BB 

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Also, containing exclusive anti-pollution complex and other hydrating ingredients, this foundation protects your skin from harmful environmental aggressors while reviving dull skins and dealing with uneven skin and texture.


  • Perfect for tired skin
  • Protects skin from environmental impacts
  • Offers a smooth and natural look


  • Misleading color choice

Frequently Asked Questions

Are non-comedogenic foundations good or bad for oily skin? 

Since there are no standards for makeup products, there is no guarantee that non-comedogenic foundations are 100% suitable for oily skin. However, undeniably, these makeup products are less likely to cause acne breakouts, clogged pores and uneven skin.

Instead, they work effectively as BB cream and BB cream to offer users a natural finish. No matter which brand of non-comedogenic foundation you pick up, it is vital to maintain a regular skincare routine. Don’t forget to take off all the grim and makeup at the end of the day to get the most out of this wonderful makeup gift and always have healthy skin.

What are the differences between non-comedogenic foundations and non-acnegenic makeup? Which one is better? 

The biggest difference between these two makeup products is their ingredients. As the name suggests, non-comedogenic foundations don’t include components that are likely to cause breakouts and clog your pores. Algae extract, cocoa butter, and mink oil are just a few to name.

non-comedogenic foundations

On the other hand, unlike non-comedogenic makeup, non-acnegenic makeup is designed to deal with acne breakouts, thus excluding any harsh chemical or fragrance.

In general, each makeup type shows its unique advantages and certain drawbacks; therefore, depending on your skin type, you should choose the suitable one. For example, non-comedogenic foundations are perfect when you want to avoid skin issues caused by clogged pores, while their counterparts will do wonders for those with skin irritation.

How can you find out whether or not a non-comedogenic foundation is suitable for your skin?

As mentioned above, your friends’ makeup product is not necessarily perfect for you, due to the various skin types. Here are some steps that you can refer to before choosing a foundation.

  • First and foremost, check the ingredients and focus on acne and irritant columns. Makeup products with 0’s, 1’s, 2’s, acne, and irritant levels are highly recommended, as they are non-comedogenic and reduce the chances of skin problems like acne breakouts.
  • It is wonderful when a non-comedogenic foundation with SPF can give you great sun protection. However, anything under SPF30 requires an extra layer of sunscreen to fully protect your skin.
  • Mineral makeup can offer users a matte finish and glo skin beauty; however, this is not always true for oily skin. Some powder foundations can make oily skin clumpy and caked with ingredients, such as titanium, zinc oxide, and iron oxide. So be careful when choosing.

The Bottom Line

Long story short, if you are into wearing makeup with a foundation application every day, we highly recommend choosing a non-comedogenic foundation to avoid clogged pores and long-term skin problems. A non-comedogenic foundation can boost your confidence when interacting with others and improve your skin conditions in the long run.

However, bear in mind that each skin type prefers a different form of foundation; therefore, don’t forget to test and check all the ingredients before settling for one. If you still have no idea about high-quality foundations, let’s spare some time to flick through our 10 best non-comedogenic foundations article to find the best one!

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