Best Murder Mystery Games

Are you about to have a party night with your friends? Are you looking for a fun and mysterious board game? Well! The best murder mystery games will definitely complete your party night with full enjoyment! Those detective games require all of you guys to work as a team, as well as use all of your best self-defend skills to get the victory. Surely there will be a lot of surprises and laughs.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and find out the top 10 detective games in the UK right now!

How To Choose A Good Murder Mystery Game ?

Not all the best murder mystery games are the same. Each one has its specific advantages and disadvantages that will result in a different party atmosphere. Therefore, if you want to get a suitable game for your party, better notice the following factors when buying.

Which age is suitable for the game?

There are detective games for children, teens, and adults. It is very important to determine the age range the game allows to play. If you get the wrong game, you may not be able to have the best experience playing it. In the worst case, the game may create a bad influent on all players.

Best Murder Mystery Games

For example, the adult murder game usually contains horror or sexual scenes that may leave a bad impression on the children. On the other hand, the game for kids usually cartoons things which may not bring enjoyment for teenagers or old players.

Which type is the game you are about to get?

Commonly, there are two types of murder mystery board games. One is with complicated, detailed scripts, and the other is with loosener scripts.

If you and your friends like acting, the game type with detailed scripts is a great choice. It requires all of you to act and play after the plot of the game. There are already specific character roles, plots, scenes to learn, and play.

Murder Mystery Games

However, if you guys want something that is more flexible, you should get the second murder mystery type. This game allows you to build your own character, plot, story, and describe them with your own words. Of course, all of those creative things must serve the main quests of the game.

Does the game have instruction?

Before you and your friends play the murder mystery, you guys must first understand how to play it. Some games only have cards and characters prepared. To play them, you have to research the rule of the game online. Oppositely, some board games contain an instruction book to teach you all the basic things of the game and CDs as gameplay samples.

Is there any extended pack for the game?

In fact, a murder mystery game with basic features is already enough for you to enjoy with your friends. But if you buy the extended pack of it, the game can be even more interesting. The reason is, the extended pack usually provide extra characters or extra features to increase the difficulty of the game. As a result, all players can make more surprises and perform themselves better.

10 Best Murder Mystery Games to Buy Online

#1: Culinario Mortale Murder Overboard

The Murder Overboard takes a scene of a party on board, in which all players are the main suspects for killing Ella – the host’s wife. Every people will have to follow the clue and discuss in order to find out the killer.

Culinario Mortale Murder Overboard

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Where does the clue come from? At the start of the game, each player receives a character that he has to play as its role. In total count, there are seven different characters with specific role descriptions such as job, life, hobby. During the game, each player will ask the other ones about its specification information to get the clue.

What is cool about this game is, there is a booklet that contains secret clue rounds and suggested questions. This allows newbies to get along well with expert players to have a fair game.

As the Murder Overboard has sexual innuendo and sensitive contents, it is not suitable for children. In fact, the provider has made an age limitation for the game, which only allows 16 to 99 years old players.


  • 5 – 7 players support
  • Incident booklet with opening, incident, and solutions.
  • Game booklet with character specification and clue rounds
  • Game manual


  • No children under 16 years old support
  • No difficulty for a game with five players.

#2: Culinario Mortale A Recipe For Death

Just like the Overboard, A Recipe For Death requires all players to be the main suspect. Each player’s role has dark secrets that he needs to protect. By exchanging the role’s specification and following the clue, all players will find out those secrets. Then they will be able to decide who is the killer.

Culinario Mortale A Recipe For Death

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But at this time, there is no scene of the party on board. Instead, you and your friends will be at a New Year party in a restaurant owned by George McGregor – a famous chef. At the age of 63, George decides to retire and reveal his successor at the party. Before the important name is announced, he falls down and dies.

Now it is your turn to find the poisoner! The difficulty of the game has increased as the seller adds two more roles, which are Henry and Marcus, two chefs that have been working very hard to be George’s successor. Hence, the killer could be either one of these two chefs or even the customers!

A Recipe For Death contains sexual innuendo, so that we don’t recommend it for kids under 16 years old. Besides, the poisoning scene may also create a bad influent on the children as well.


  • 5 – 7 players support
  • All important materials for the game containing
  • No CD as requirement
  • Both offline and online play support


  • Sexual innuendo
  • Easy caught murder role.

#3: Murder Mystery Flexi Party Murder on a Train

Say goodbye to the restaurant because we will now get on a train! In our opinion, Murder On A Train is a super flexible game that you can play multiple times with a combination of 6 – 14 players!

Murder Mystery Flexi Party Murder on a Train

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In this game, you and your friends will be the passengers on the Simpleton-Orient Express train. One of you is the murder who has secretly killed John Doe – a stranger coming along with you on the train. The game will end if the passengers detect the killer, or the murder defends himself to the end of the game.

As there is a variety of different stories for the murder, you can replay the game as long as you like. On the other hand, there are suggested clues for you to find the bad guy as well. All these features are just for the most realistic game atmosphere.

Although Murder On The Train is quite fun to play, you may get difficulty several times at the beginning, as the instruction is so long and confusing to read. However, since you have understood how to play it, the game will go on in the most natural way.


  • 6 – 14 players support
  • Many stories for the murder role
  • Suggested clues
  • Optional audio evidence


  • Long and confusing instruction
  • Limitation for only 18+ players.

#4: Culinario Mortale Shadow Over Westongrove Manor

The plot of Shadow Over Westongrove Manor’ seems to be quite similar to A Recipe For Death’s. The only different thing is, there is no character who dies in this game.

Culinario Mortale Shadow Over Westongrove Manor

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The mystery begins in the family manor of the rich businessman Anthony Westongrove where he and his children celebrate his 70th birthday. Anthony comes out to be poisoned and has been moved to the hospital that night. After this old man recovers, he starts a meeting with all the guests in the celebration in order to find out the murder.

The Shadow Over Westongrove Manor contains five male and three female characters. Each one has its own dark secrets that are the keys for the players to detect the murder. The question is now, how to get these secrets, as all players must attempt to protect them? Without skills in exchanging information, you will get difficulty completing the task.

As a game with detailed scripts, Shadow Over Westongrove Manor has a definite poisoner. That’s why the game can only be played once by the same people in the room.


  • 6 – 8 players support
  • Included materials for the game
  • Nice plot with no dead person


  • Definite murder for only one-time play
  • Sensitive content.

#5: Paul Lamond A Slice of Murder

A murder mystery game can be even more interesting if you bring its scene to real life. In case you don’t know how to prepare for this scene, the A Slice of Murder will help you!

Paul Lamond A Slice of Murder

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The plot of A Slice of Murder is about Francis Craddock, a chef that is found dead at a dinner party in the 19th-century house Painton Place. All players are suspect to be the murder. Your quest is to find the man that actually has his role as that killer.

When the product arrives, you will get a book of rules, menu suggestions, recipes, room decorating tips, booklets for characters, and invitations. All of them are enough for you to host a party with the exact game scene. That’s why you and your friends can both have a dinner party and play murder mystery on the same night! Isn’t it cool?

However, the book of rules for A Slice of Murder is quite confusing to understand. Knowing this, the Paul Lamond company has given a CD instruction along with the product. You can use this CD to learn the rules of the game easier.


  • Menu suggestions
  • Decorating tips
  • 6 – 8 players support
  • CD instruction


  • Confusing rule book.

#6: Culinario Mortale Murder at the Grand Hotel

Playing the Murder at the Grand Hotel, you and your friends will have a chance to visit the “never sleep city” New York while still being in the UK!

Culinario Mortale Murder at the Grand Hotel

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In detail, all of you will be guests at the Grand Hotel to celebrate its opening. The celebration is full of politicians, industrialists, and actresses. Unfortunately, your visit may turn into a big nightmare when people find the dead body of Monique Moreau – a young actress in her hotel bathroom. Of course, one of you is the murder.

With logical thinking skills, you have to exchange information with other guests in order to find the clue. As you have all the important clues, you can know who is the actual killer. Even when you are not the person type who likes logic, there are still plenty of suggested questions and clues that you can use to play the game.

It seems like the Culinario Mortale company only makes murder mysteries with sensitive contents. Just like our previous reviewed product, Murder At The Grand Hotel does not allow children under 16 to play the game. This is really a big miss because the plot of the game is so interesting to play.


  • 6 – 8 players support
  • Included essential materials for the game
  • Interesting plot
  • Good instruction


  • Sensitive contents.

#7: Paul Lamond Death By Chocolate

Death By Chocolate is all that you need for a fun mystery game between teens and adults. Without any blooding or poisoning scene, the game is totally suitable for players from 12 to 55 years old.

Paul Lamond Death By Chocolate

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The story of the game begins in the Hotel Paradiso in Paris, as all players are taking dinner. Suddenly, the famous American chocolate manufacturer – Billy Bonka is killed by an exploding Easter Egg in his room. The suspicion group contains all the people that take part in that dinner, who are you and your friends. Your mission is to find the killer if you are not guilty, or defend yourself till the last minute if you are the murder.

When buying this game, besides the game rules, you also receive food recipes, music suggestions, and decorating tips to hold the party night that has an exact scene like in the game. This allows you to have the best experience finding the murder.

Remember that Death By Chocolate is the game type with detailed scripts. As the killer is defined, each person can only play the game once.


  • 12 to 55-year-old players support
  • Food recipes
  • Music suggestions
  • Decorating tips
  • DVD instruction
  • Six secret clues


  • Definite murder
  • A little bit confusing instruction.

#8: Talking Tables Murder Mystery At The Theatre

The Murder Mystery At The Theatre gives you all the essential materials to enjoy the board game, including clue cards, character roles, and killing tools such as knife, axe, baseball bat, etc. Of course, all equipment is made of paper, so that the game will be so safe to play!

Talking Tables Murder Mystery At The Theatre

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Also, there are three different endings that you can use to create your own game plot. Just complete the mystery and restart with an alternative ending! All are just for a long enjoyment in the entire party night!

How about the number of allowed players? Well! Murder Mystery At The Theatre gives you permission to organize a game with the joining of 5 – 13 people! The higher the player number is, the longer the game lasts, the more interesting the mystery will be!

In our opinion, Murder Mystery At The Theatre can be improved with a costume suggestion. Although the board game contains all the essential tools, the thing that it misses is to instruct on how to make a realistic game atmosphere.


  • Included tools for the game
  • 5 – 13 people support
  • Three different endings


  • No costume suggestion.

#9: Paul Lamond The Champagne Murders

The Champagne Murders are also our recommendation for teens, as the murder game does not contain killing scenes or sexual innuendo.

 Paul Lamond The Champagne Murders

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The game simulates a “Summer Of Love” In July 1967 when all players meet up in Chelsea home of Lord Michael Jagged to drink and party. However, the host was not the Lord Michael Jagged, but the talent detective Austin McClue. Things come surprised as the detective reveals that the Lord has been killed, and one of the players is the killer.

With the help of character envelopes cards, six secret clues, and skills of logical thinking, you and your friends will have to find out the murder, or avoid being detected (if you are the killer). Because the game allows up to 10 players to enjoy, there will be a lot of dark secrets you need to reveal.

Unfortunately, after completing the game, you have already known who the killer is. That’s why you are unable to play the game again. But this is understandable, as the game has a script with strict rules and information.


  • 8 – 10 players
  • Six secret clues
  • Envelopes character cards
  • DVD instruction


  • Definite killer.

#10: Ace Murder Mix a Monster

Are you a fan of horror characters? Do you need a murder mystery game to play on Halloween? If yes, do not miss Mix A Moster!

Ace Murder Mix A Monster

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Instead of human being characters, you will be able to play the role of one of 12 different monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Witch, Mummy, Zombie, and more! Although the characters are based on horror monsters, they are drawn in cartoons so that the children can also play the game.

The plot of the game is also very interesting. On the night of the “Monster Mash Bash” organized in Castle Drac, Dr Victor Frankenstein has been found floating in an icy tank in his lab. The suspicions were all the monsters in the party, which are all the players. Now, you have two sides to play. The guilty side must defend itself, and the other must find the bad monster.

Among ten products on today’s list, Mix a Monster is the only game that does not have a suggestion for party organization. If the game gives the buyers tips for costumes, music, food, and decoration, players will be able to enjoy the game in a complete way!


  • 12 monsters as characters
  • Nice plot
  • Children and adults support
  • Replayable game


  • No suggestion for organization.

Murder Mystery Game FAQs 

Below are some questions that you may have while reading our best murder mystery games review.

What is a murder mystery game?

Murder mystery games are detective board games that you can play with your friends or family either online or offline. The game usually contains a murder case as scripts and divides all players into two groups:

  • The murder
  • The mates.

While the murder must try to kill all of the mates, the mates must work together as a team to solve the case or kill the murder. The game ends when one of the two groups wins.

How do you organize a murder mystery night in the UK?

It is totally not hard to organize a party night with a murder mystery game. Just follow our six steps below, and the work is done!

  1. Get the best murder mystery games. Read the instruction of it to learn the rule.
  2. Choose a place to organize the party. We advise you to organize at your home or your friend’s house.
  3. Invite your friends to come over.
  4. Prepare all things you need to enjoy the party such as costumes, cards, food, acting tools, etc.
  5. Explain the game rule to all of your friends.
  6. Enjoy the murder mystery night!

Can you create your own character at a murder mystery?

This depends on the type of murder mystery game that you play. As mentioned above, there are games with detailed scripts, which do not give you permission to make your own character. On the other hand, the other type with loose scripts is more flexible. While playing this type, you are able to create your own role and story. Of course, you must use your words to describe them in the game.

How can you win a murder mystery game?

A murder mystery requires logical thoughts, inspecting skills, and self-defend techniques to win. Also, some games require you to play with your friends as a team to find the murder. Just practice regularly to increase those skills, and you are able to win the murder mystery.

Last Words

The ten best murder mystery games above are all good to play. If time allows, you should try all of them with your friends. You definitely will have an amazing night with full surprises and enjoyment.

In case you want more detective games, don’t be afraid to contact us! Plenty of murder mystery scripts are waiting for you ahead. Just ask us, and we will share them with you!

Hopefully, you will have a wonderful mystery night with your beloved ones. Many thanks for reading and see you again at our next posts!

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