Best Maternity Pyjamas

Women in pregnancy and new motherhood times have limitations of movements. That’s why they always require comfortable clothes to wear. In this case, the best maternity pyjamas will show their advantages! These types of clothes are super comfortable for sleep-wear and convenient for nursing.

After testing tons of products, we have chosen the top 10 best pyjamas in the UK for maternity. And in this article, we will share them with you!

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How to choose the best maternity pyjamas?

Before reviewing the top 10 best maternity pyjamas, we want to teach you some tips on how to choose a suitable product. Just follow them, and comfort will come to you!

Best Maternity Pyjamas

When choosing a pyjama for maternity, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Which type of fabric is used to make the pyjama?

A pyjama for maternity must provide a high amount of comfort for its user. Whenever you want to get a comfortable item, just check out its material. In this case, we are talking about the type of fabric!

There are a lot of fabric types that can be used to make a maternity pyjama. For example:


Cotton is a popular fabric for making clothes. This fabric type is highly breathable and warm that can give you a cosy sleep in the cold night. The only drawback of this fabric is that it does not resist moisture well.


Maternity women have sensitive skin and bodies. Therefore, a nightwear made of bamboo will be the best choice for them. This type of fabric is light, soft, and able to prevent moisture from the skin. Not only that, but bamboo is also a great material that is friendly to the environment.


Flannel is not too tight to make the maternity women feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, this fabric still has a good amount of thickness to keep its user warm during cold seasons.


Bamboo is good at preventing moisture, but the fleece can even do the job better. However, this type of fabric is not breathable. That’s why fleece pyjama usually cause perspiration.


Synthetic materials usually have high breathability and prevent moisture really well. Normally, every manufacturer will combine nylon and polyester to create synthetic fabric.

The drawback of this material is that it is not so soft and durable compared to other original fabric types.

Does the pyjama gives you nipple access?

Maternity women always have to feed their baby. It is totally inconvenient as they have to take their clothes off multiple times per day. Therefore, the pyjama should allow its user to access nipple easily.

Some products are designed with an elastic neckline, hidden panel, or clasps for quick nipple releasing.

The pyjama should not be heavy!

You require a maternity pyjama for comfortable movement, right? If the fabric is too heavy, you will have difficulty in moving your arms, legs, and so on. Hence, make sure that you get the product that is made of lightweight materials.

Top 10 best maternity pyjamas to buy online in the UK

Now, it is time for us to dive deep into the main detail! Check out our top 10 best maternity pyjamas review right now!

#1 MijaCulture Labour Maternity and Nursing Nightdress

This EU’s product – MijaCulture Labour Maternity Dress can work all its best to support you in taking care of your baby.

MijaCulture Labour Maternity and Nursing Nightdress

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In a funny way to say, you can see this item not only as one but two dresses! Because the nightwear has an extra place for covering the baby, you will be able to bond with your child for better physical cares.

In addition, the dress has a lot of fastener buttons for keeping the baby in place. Thanks to them, you can rest assured that your baby will not slip, or fall while being by your side.

Do not worry about the tightness! The MijaCulture has combined 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane to make the dress so that it will be able to stretch well. Hence, both you and your baby will be comfortable!

It is very bad to say that this nightwear is quite easy to fray and lose quality. Therefore, you should avoid strong movements or contact with hard objects as much as possible.


  • Lightweight
  • Good stretching
  • Fastener buttons
  • Breathability
  • Extra room for baby
  • Comfortable design


  • Difficulty in fastening the buttons
  • Easy fraying.

#2 Zexxxy Women Maternity & Nursing Pajama

Convenience in usage is what this Zexxxy Women Pajama Set will bring to you!

The set comes with a set of two pieces, including a sleeveless tops with V-form neck and cropped pants. Both of these two pieces are made of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane to stretch well. So, just feel free to move your body while wearing this set!

Zexxxy Women Maternity & Nursing Pajama

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Besides, this pyjama is quite soft and comfy that are suitable for sensitive skin. With this great design, the set surely will do a lot of support for your nursing access.

As you can see, the shirt is divided into two parts. The upper parts have an X form that allows you to conveniently feed your baby. So whenever you want to access nipple, just pull the upper parts up! Then you can feed your child without the need of taking your shirt off!

However, there is no lock button for this upper side of the shirt. This causes the part to slip down sometimes, making the baby uncomfortable while getting fed.


  • Soft material
  • Attractive style
  • Comfort in usage
  • High amount of elasticity


  • Loose trousers
  • No lock button for the breast part of the shirt.

#3 HAPPY MAMA Women’s Maternity Nursing

During the labour or birth period, the Happy Mama Women’s Maternity Nursing Nightshirt will be essential equipment that you should have.

HAPPY MAMA Women's Maternity Nursing

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The shirt contains 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane. This design allows the item to stretch well with your growing tummy. And no matter how big your belly will become, the shirt always hugs your body, all thanks to the skin to skin contact function.

The Happy Mama understands that you will have to do a lot of nursing examinations during the maternity period. So they have designed the shirt very carefully so that it has a half sleeves, a V-form neck, and a cut-out front. This will make works like medical tests and fetal monitoring a lot easier.

What we don’t like about this Happy Mama nightshirt is its backside. The buttons which are used to fasten the shirt are placed quite far from each other. This design leads to a big issue that the space between the buttons is too big. As a consequence, people can notice your underwear.


  • Good stretching
  • Skin to skin contact function
  • V-form neck
  • Convenience for medical examinations and fetal monitoring


  • Large space between buttons in the back
  • Short cup.

#4 iLoveSIA Seamless Maternity Nursing Dress

Are you having problems with fitting? Don’t worry because the iLoveSIA Women Nursing Dress is here to rescue!

iLoveSIA Seamless Maternity Nursing Dress

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The iLoveSIA company offers you six sizes of this beautiful nursing dress, including S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL. Your work now is to know your body size and get the correct item!

Even when the product is smaller than the actual size, it can still be able to fit you well! The seamless design combined with synthetic materials of 92% nylon and 14% Spandex increase the stretchy of the dress, thereby bringing comfort for you.

If you hate wearing bras, this maternity nursing dress will be a great choice. The dress has big moulded foam cups that work to cover and hide your nipples. Thanks to this part, you don’t need to wear a bra anymore.

Here is an important note for you! For the first washing time, do not put this dress together with your other clothes, especially white ones. The colour of the shirt may fade out during wash.


  • Six sizes options
  • Seamless design
  • Synthetic materials
  • Stretchy increasing
  • Big moulded cups for holding and covering large breasts
  • Quick-drying


  • Tightness around ribs part
  • Colour fading in the first washing time.

#5 Baohooya Maternity Nursing Pajamas Set

At first sight, you may think that the Baohooya Pajamas Set looks like casual clothes, right? Don’t underestimate this product because it can bring the most comfort to you during your maternity time!

Baohooya Maternity Nursing Pajamas Set 

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Why can this pyjamas set give a lot of comfort like so? Have a look at its material! The pure cotton increases the breathability of the pyjamas so that they can make sure for you about a cosy feel at all time.

As mentioned above, cotton is very soft, breathable and warm. This means that the set is suitable to wear in every season, from summer to winter! With the help of this pyjama, you will always be in the most comfy state!

There is an important thing that you have to remember to take care of this Pajamas Set correctly. The pure cotton can not withstand high heat. Therefore, you should wash the set with cold water and dry them at a low temperature.


  • Pure cotton as material
  • Breathability
  • Softness
  • All seasons wearing
  • Long sleeves
  • O neck


  • No washing with hot water
  • No drying at high temperature.

#6 SUNNYME Women Maternity Sleepwear

It is quite difficult to find a pyjama with a good V-neck design. But luckily, we have found this great product – the SUNNYME Maternity Sleepwear!

SUNNYME Women Maternity Sleepwear

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You can notice that the V-neck of this dress is unlike other usual products. Thanks to good stitches, the neckline tends to wrap around your neck. This makes convenience for you to get your boobs out quickly every time you need to feed your child.

As you know, the two materials, Cotton and Spandex, are highly elastic. That’s why they can support you in opening the neck wider for easy and convenient feeding.

On the other hand, Cotton and Spandex are also very warm and soft. With the help of them, you will feel comfortable to sleep at night, no matter if the weather is cold or hot.

Although the advertisement says that this V-neck dress does not expose the underwear of its user, people can still see through. However, this issue is understandable, as the neck is quite wide.


  • Wrapping around of V-neck
  • Quick getting breasts out
  • Stretchy
  • 18 colour options
  • Softness
  • Breathability


  • Thinnest
  • Exposed body and underwear.

#7 Gaga city Maternity Nursing Breastfeeding Pyjamas

Do you need freedom of movements? Trust the Gaga city Maternity Nursing Set to help you!

Gaga city Maternity Nursing Breastfeeding Pyjamas

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This sleepwear contains two pieces which are a jersey and pants. Both of them are made of high-elastic soft viscose in order to fit all types of women’s bodies. With this design, you will have no limitation of movement!

The upper of the jersey has two layers to support in quick feeding. Every time you need to feed your baby, just pull one layer up and do the work! Really convenient, right?

In case you are pregnant, rest assured that the pants won’t tighten your stomach. Thanks to the adjustable waistband, the pants will adapt to the shape of your waist in order to become wider whenever your belly grows.

The only thing that annoys us is the untrue size of the product. If you get two Gaga city pyjamas at the same size, you will notice that one is bigger and one is smaller. Due to the manual measurement, there will be 1 – 3 centimetres of size difference.


  • High-elastic soft viscose
  • No limitation of movements
  • Quick feeding
  • Two layers
  • Adjustable waistband


  • 1 – 3 centimetres of size difference.

#8 haashpylien Women’s Maternity Pyjamas

Haashpylien Women’s Maternity Pyjamas are famous due to the fact that they give a relaxed feeling to the mother at all times.

haashpylien Women's Maternity Pyjamas

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Like the Baohooya Pajamas Set, the haashpylien product has a casual style. Because the set looks so simple, you can use it either as a loungewear or as a sleepwear. No matter which purpose of usage you have, the product will make you feel relaxed!

Besides the casual style, the quality of the haashpylien pyjamas are also great! The two layers of the jersey create a perfect amount of softness on your skin, thereby giving you comfortable movements while nursing or breastfeeding.

Do not worry about the fitting of the pants! There is an adjustable drawstring and a waistline equipped to the pyjama. You can modify them to have the right fit. This also means that your belly will get no pressure!

That is the features of the haashpylien pyjama. The question is now, how to take care of it? This pyjama set does not withstand high heat. Thus, make sure that you clean it with cold water!


  • Casual style
  • Two layers of jersey
  • Softness
  • An adjustable drawstring and a waistline


  • 1 – 3 centimetres of size difference
  • No cleaning with hot water.

#9 iClosam Ladies Pyjamas Set

If you require clothes that serve multiple purposes, this iClosam Ladies Pyjamas Set will be an ideal option!

iClosam Ladies Pyjamas Set

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Made of 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane, the pyjama set is extremely soft, breathable and warm. Because the item gives no limitation for movements, it will be suitable to use as a nightwear for both pregnancy and nursing in the hospital!

Cotton is warm on cold days and cool on hot days. That’s why you can trust this product to serve you in all seasons. Trust us! This high-quality material will do everything to give a comfortable feeling to you!

How about the washing? Does the set require any type of washes? In fact, you can clean the pyjama either with hands or in a machine! Since washing is completed, feel free to dry it in the way you like! The product supports both tumble and hang drying methods.

Sometimes, you may have trouble with the top of the pyjama. As there is no lock button for keeping the top in place, it usually falls down during breastfeeding. To fix this issue, you can try using a paper clip or a binder clip.


  • Softness
  • Breathability
  • Cotton and Elastane as materials
  • Comforts in usage
  • Machine washability
  • Tumble and hang drying support.


  • No washing with hot water
  • No dry cleaning
  • No lock button for keeping the top in place.

#10 HAPPY MAMA Women’s Maternity Midi

For high privacy, the Happy Mama Women’s Maternity Midi will be our recommendation!

On top of the jersey, there are multiple soft layers. These layers are so stretchable that you can use them for quick breastfeeding.

HAPPY MAMA Women's Maternity Midi 

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Also, the Happy Mama company has designed an A shape neck for the dress. As this A-neck wraps around to only expose the neck, no person will be able to see your chest or bra.

That is not all features of the layered design. Moreover, the dress is made of materials with a high amount of elastic. As the layers can stretch so well, they will be able to completely cover your boobs while you are feeding your child.

In case you make the dress dirty by accident – pouring milk on the dress, for example, do not worry! The item can be washed either with hands or in a washing machine!

However, after several washes, the dress may not be able to keep its original beautiful colour. In order to avoid this bad situation, you should choose a washing detergent that can prevent colour fading.


  • Short sleeves
  • Machine washability
  • Softness
  • Elastic
  • Layered design


  • Snug waist
  • Colour fading.


Below are some common questions that you may have after reading our best maternity pyjamas review.

What should you wear at night during pregnancy?

During the pregnancy period, you should wear a pyjamas – also known as nightwear for maternity. This type of product has a high amount of elastic and provides flexibility to your body. Thanks to it, you will be able to have a good sleep.

Best Maternity Pyjama

What are maternity pyjamas?

Maternity pyjamas are types of soft and light clothes that add flexibility to the pregnancy or motherhood women. Also, the pyjamas allow the women to simply access the nipple to feed the baby.

What are the differences between normal clothes for women and maternity clothes?

If you have worn a maternity dress, you may notice that it is longers and more elastic than regular clothes. The reason is, maternity items are usually made with extra stretchy fabric to cover big bellies.

Why do you need maternity pyjamas?

If you are pregnant or just have a baby, we advise you to wear a pyjama for maternity. With the breathability and flexibility of the item, you can move your body with comfort. Also, thanks to the great design of maternity pyjamas, feeding your baby can be a lot easier.

How do you know which maternity pyjamas are best for you?

It is not hard to know which maternity pyjamas are good for you. What you should do is based on several factors that we have listed in our above buying guide. In detail, those factors are:

  • Types of fabric
  • Nipple access
  • Lightweight

Besides, depending on your budget and personal purpose, you can choose the pyjamas with style or cost that are really suitable to you.

Last words

Those 10 best maternity pyjamas in the UK are really impressive, aren’t they? With special design, these nightwears will definitely bring a lot of support to you during your pregnancy and new motherhood period!

And that’s all of our article today! Many thanks for reading! We wish you to always be happy as a great mother!

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