The 10 Best Leisure Batteries In 2021 (Review & Guide)

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The best leisure battery will be a great alternative to regular ones. It can power up all of your electronic devices such as a fridge, inverter, caravan microwave or kettles over a prolonged period.

Most boats, motorhomes or caravans possess some gadgets such as an oven, TV, kettle and multiple lights, all of which will need power to operate.

Some devices are sensitive to car batteries, and the sudden burst of power can have adverse impacts on your electronic gadgets. By using leisure batteries, you can give your 12V appliances a steady power supply.

You now have a grasp of the importance of a leisure battery, and to find the most suitable leisure battery for yourself, keep reading this article.

The Top 10 Leisure Batteries

12V 120Ah SuperBatt DT120 Dual Purpose Leisure & Marine Battery: Best For Overall

12V 120Ah SuperBatt DT120 Dual Purpose Leisure & Marine Battery

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If you are looking for a decent battery with the most amazing features, you can consider the SuperBatt DT120. The product features 2 dual purposes, including starting and auxiliary uses.

Thus, you can use the equipment to start the device, while the low self-discharge will help prolong your devices and batteries’ lifespan.

Importantly, the manufacturers equip it with Calcium Technology. It means that the battery is more durable, robust and maintenance-free. Now, you don’t have to spend extra money to maintain your product anymore.

You will also get a 2-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the product’s longevity.

Besides, there is a comfortable, reinforced carrying handle. This feature will help you carry the product around easily.

However, some customers complain that the product comes with no datasheet or manual instruction. Thus, some may be confused about different functions, such as the see-through hole on the top.

  • Dual purposes
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long-lasting
  • No datasheet about different functions

12V 75Ah Autolite ULTRA 80 85 DEEP CYCLE Leisure Battery: Best For Protection

12V 75Ah Autolite ULTRA 80 85 DEEP CYCLE Leisure Battery

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In case you want the safest batteries on the market, you can think of the Yuasa L36-100.

The producer equips it with an integrated flame arrestor. This feature will help you avoid fire caused by open-circuits, sparks, overcharging, reverse polarity, short-circuits, overheating and over-current. Therefore, the chance of accidents is significantly low.

Besides, the Yuasa L36-100 possesses a carrying handle, enabling you to carry it around without the risk of getting exposed to the acid inside.

More importantly, the manufacturer equips it with a sealed maintenance-free double lid. Thus, the risk of being exposed to toxic substances is reduced.

The equipment has 80 to 85 deep cycles. It means that the product can be discharged from 50 per cent right back up again for 160 times. Now you can enjoy a product with longer longevity.

However, some complained about the customer service. They claimed that they had received faulty products but no response upon contacting the company’s hotline.

  • Integrated flame arrestor for safety
  • Carrying handle
  • 80-85 deep cycles
  • Poor customer service

12V 75Ah Numax LV22MF Leisure Battery: Best For A Steady Flow

12V 75Ah Numax LV22MF Leisure Battery

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Do you want to charge your devices continuously? If the answer is yes, you can opt for the Numax LV22MF.

As the name suggests, the product has 12V 75Ah, allowing you to enjoy a steady flow of power in your caravan or motorhome. Now, you don’t have to replace batteries frequently, which can shorten the devices’ longevity.

Thanks to its power, you can use the product for both starting power and deep cycling. The deep cycling design is to produce a steady power output for an extended period, discharging the equiment considerably and recharging to finish the cycle.

Another advantage is that it can offer a momentary burst of energy powerful enough to get your devices in the caravan started.

You should wear gloves, eye protection and other protective clothing when working on the Numax LV22MF. You also need to store the product in an acid-proof equipment tray with good ventilation. Children should not be near it.

  • Steady flow of energy
  • Starting power
  • Deep cycling
  • Harmful to human

12V 110Ah TravelBatt Deep Cycle Leisure Battery TB25MF: Best For Maintenance-free

12V 110Ah TravelBatt Deep Cycle Leisure Battery TB25MF

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The TravelBatt is for those who require long-lasting batteries without spending money on maintaining them. The product features advanced calcium, contributing to its maintenance-free characteristic.

The TravelBatt is a flooded battery. That is to say; it is a combination of liquid electrolytes such as sulphuric acid, a dangerous corrosive liquid.

When a reverse current charges the equipment, it will break the bonds of plates and sulfuric acid, and the acid returns to the solution, allowing more power in the future.

What’s special about the product is the silver-lead alloy technology. The result of this advancement is that it has longer battery life and a high starting power. The new alloy helps avoid corrosion and self-discharge.

However, the method also has some downsides. The silver calcium batteries need more charging voltage (from 14.4 to 14.8 V). If you fail to provide the required voltage range, the product will deteriorate quickly and show rapid sulfation.

  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Silver lead alloy technology
  • High starting power
  • Long lifespan
  • Very specific charging voltage

12V 100Ah Photonic Universe deep cycle AGM battery: Best For Wide Operating Temperature Range

12V 100Ah Photonic Universe deep cycle AGM battery

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Many batteries are usable in some specific temperatures, and your batteries can cause fatal risks outside the range.

Fortunately, the Photonic Universe product has a wide range of Celsius degrees (from 10 to 40). Now, you don’t need to worry about the weather of the place your caravan is going to.

You will get more surprised to know that the equipment features Absorbed Glass Mat, a technology that absorbs all electrolytes into a special sponge created by glass fibre. Therefore, your product is non-spillable, and you will never encounter harmful substances.

The Photonic Universe accepts solar charge, so it is a perfect option for charging your solar kits. Additionally, it is great for different wind power systems or storing the combination of wind and solar energy.

Unfortunately, some customers complain about the longevity. The product’s impressive fully charged status at 14.4V can fall rather quickly to around 12.5V.

  • Wide range of temperature
  • Non-spillable
  • Compatible with solar and wind energy
  • Short life

Power Sonic 12v 7ah suitable for Security Alarm & Intruder Alarm battery: Best For Portability

Power Sonic 12v 7ah suitable for Security Alarm & Intruder Alarm battery

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Do you find it annoying to carry heavy equipment around? Worry not. Using the VIPOW 12V 4Ah will help you solve the product. This unit is just 2 kg in weight. You can simply take it away without exerting too much energy.

The dimensions are 15.1 x 6.5 x 10 cm, smaller compared to some other products. It means that you can save more space in your caravan.

The product is a gel battery. It means the manufacturer uses silica to transform the acid into a thick liquid. Therefore, the equipment is spill-proof, helping reduce the risk of damages and corrosive acid leaking out, especially in a car accident.

Just like some modern batteries, this one ultilizes the absorbed glass mat technology, which means it is completely sealed. The manufacturer wraps the plates and absorbs the electrolyte by the mat, making it become liquifix Gel. Hence, the equipment is resilient to cold weather.

The product is suitable for emergency lighting, alarm systems, ride on toys, UPS systems, torches and other electrical systems.

Regardless, the information in the label is not clear. The date code does not match with the manufacturer’s coding system.

It should have 5 digits if produced before 2018 and six digits thereafter in the format MM/DD/YY. However, some customers say their product  has the code 201010-LJ, which is confusing to read.

  • Lighter than other counterparts
  • Portable design
  • AGM technology
  • Confusing date codes

12V 92Ah Banner 59201 Running Bull 019 Agm Battery: Best For Vibration Resistance

12V 92Ah Banner 59201 Running Bull 019 Agm Battery

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The product is suitable for those who want to use it on bumpy roads.

With V3 vibration resistance in compliance with the EN 50342-1 CCA tests, you can use the equipment for the most demanding applications and harsh conditions. It is suitable for working with dramatic impact activities.

Besides, the Banner 59201 is a valve-regulated nonwoven battery in which electrolyte bonds into a glass nonwoven. This feature makes the product virtually leak-proof.

The size of the product can be large for some caravans with the dimension of 35.4 x 17.5 x 19 cm. However, you can install the product in a lateral position (max 90-degree angle) thanks to leak-proof characteristics.

There are 5 types of capacities, ranging from 60 to 105Ah. Hence, it has flexible usage, and you can use it as a starter and on-board power supply.

Some people say that the battery can be defective in a short period of time. After 4 months, you can only discharge the product to 70 per cent of its normal capacity.

  • Resists vibrations
  • Leak-proof
  • 5 types of capacity
  • Quick capacity decline

 LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery 12V 100Ah with Built-in BMS: Best For Long Longevity

LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery 12V 100Ah with Built-in BMS

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Of course, you don’t want to spend your money on batteries again and again. If you place much importance on the product’s lifespan, you can go for the LiFePO4 Deep-Cycle.

It provides 4000 – 6000 cycles compared to 200 – 500 cycles of lead-acid chemistry. Besides, the equipment is guaranteed to come with a 10 years lifetime. Thus, you can use the product for a longer period and save a great deal of money.

Interestingly, as the name suggests, it is a lithium (LiFeP04) leisure battery. Lithium is lighter and has more energy density than lead-acid. Therefore, this equipment’s weight is just 11.5 kg, 1/3 the weight of lead-acid batteries with the same capacity.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are non-toxic, safe and recyclable. Hence, there will be no harmful impact on the environment and humans.

Some people spoke negatively about Ampere Time’s customer service. They were not satisfied with the delayed delivery time.

  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Battery management system for safety
  • Eco-friendly
  • Slow delivery

12V 100Ah Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery: Best For Discharge Performance

12V 100Ah Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery

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The Renogy features treated plate grids and proprietary quinary alloy plates, allowing low internal resistance and great discharge currents.

Due to pure materials, the cycle leisure batteries have a self-discharge rate reduction below 3% at 25°C. This number is 5 times lower than the flooded ones.

Interestingly, the manufacturer utilises modern valve technology and a thick absorbent glass mat. These characteristics will enable you to stay away from acid leakage and provide frequent maintenance.

The product possesses improved electrolyte formula, enabling it to have stable battery capacity compared to its counterparts. Also, thanks to this technology, the equipment can still work effectively at considerably low temperature (below 0°C).

The producer advises users to install the battery upright. Placing the product upside down can cause serious danger.

  • Excellent discharges
  • Stable capacity
  • Effective at low temperatures
  • Dangerous if not handled correctly

12V 85Ah SuperBatt CB22MF Leisure Battery: Best For Being Upgraded

12V 85Ah SuperBatt CB22MF Leisure Battery

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The SuperBatt 12V 85Ah CB22MF is similar to the first product in our list for the most parts. However, there are still some differences. The main distinction between the two products is the 85Ah rating. It means that the equipment can last shorter than the previous one.

Though the number is much lower, its performance is adequate. The product can work as a starter and auxiliary battery.

Just like other products from the manufacturers, this one has the Calcium technology. Hence, it offers durability and robustness, especially the maintenance-free quality.

You will also get a 2-year warranty, ensuring that you will not be concerned about whether anything goes wrong during usage.

Another thing that makes the equipment stand out is the price. It is much more affordable than the first product. If you have a tight budget, you can choose this one.

  • Calcium technology
  • Versatile usage
  • More affordable
  • 2-year warranty
  • 85 Ah

How To Choose The Best Leisure Battery?

Buying leisure batteries is not an easy task, especially for those technologically challenged. Besides, many companies try to distort their products’ quality, making it harder to find the best leisure battery UK.

Best Leisure Battery

If you are confused about where to look before deciding on a product, you can read some criteria below.

How Many Types of Leisure Batteries Are There?

Normally, you can easily spot the lead-acid leisure battery on the market. However, some other types of battery (AGM batteries, gel leisure batteries and maintenance-free batteries) also exist. You will need to understand all of them to purchase the best leisure battery.

What is the lead-acid battery?

These leisure battery types are most common at present. With the combination of acid and water to cover lead plates, you can use the battery for both semi-traction or dual-purposes. There are also 2 types of the lead-acid, including semi-sealed and sealed batteries.

Best Leisure Battery uk

It is advisable to go for the sealed lead-acid battery. This type is maintenance-free and safer than the other.

In contrast, the open ones are more affordable, but you need to strictly follow the safety practices, such as wearing protective goggles or using high-quality clamps.

What are the AGM Batteries?

The AGM batteries stands for Absorbent Glass Mat, produced by compressing lead plates and glass fibre. Then, they are melted in an individual cell.

One of the biggest benefits of the type is that you can mount it in any position because it is spill-proof. Besides, the batteries will last longer than the previous type. They can stand a greater amount of charge cycles, allowing you to use the battery as leisure or even starter batteries.

What are the Gel Batteries?

The product has an acid solution covered by a gel-based paste. Therefore, the gel batteries come in handy when you seek something less dangerous. The type can reduce the risk of damages and corrosive acid leaking out when the car or devices tip over.

This feature helps eradicate the risk of injuries. People usually use the batteries for vehicles or jet skis, which have a higher chance of crashes.

What Complex Terminologies Do We Need To Understand?

If you just start using batteries, you may find it difficult and confusing about many numbers on the label. Some main metrics have been listed below and you can read them to buy the best leisure battery..

Leisure Battery


It represents the process which flows current around the battery. If you want to use appliances, you should go for 12V.

AH (Amperage Hours): 

It shows how much time your battery offers power to your devices. Batteries with bigger sizes will give you extra Ah.

Normally, you will see products with 75Ah, 85Ah, 100Ah and 110Ah. These numbers have been tested by the C20 standard.

For example, if you use 100Ah rated batteries, you can divide it to 20 hours. It means that the battery can offer 5 Amps of power per 20 hours until the voltages go below 10.5V.

CCA (Cold Cranking Amps): 

You will need to have a high CCA battery if you want to start the engine. It will provide a sudden burst and jumpstart your gadget.


It refers to the amount of time your battery can last after a discharge time.


It shows how many times the battery can be discharged from 50 per cent right back up again. If your product has more cycles, your battery has a long longevity.

How Large The Battery Capacity Do I Need?

Because of the huge number of battery sizes, the NCC uses a scheme to make it easy to read. They chose some batteries and gave them a verified logo.

Class A:

This battery has a high capacity. It is suitable for those who are likely to use hook-up frequently.

Class B:

The type is for people who sometimes need larger capacity at certain times. People can use it for motor movers, which requires a large amount of energy.

Class C:

For people who require a small capacity battery for some basics in the van. This type is not suitable for hook-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose The Right Leisure Battery For My Caravan Or Motorhome?

The above criteria in the buying guide, including capacity and type of battery, are necessary to examine to find the most suitable product.

Another important feature you need to pay attention to when making a leisure battery choice for caravans or motorhomes is the compartment. You have to ensure that it can fit your space.

The last thing to consider is the cycle life of the battery. If you want some long-lasting batteries and save more money, you should consider this feature.

How Much Do Leisure Batteries Normally Weigh?

The weight will rely on the battery size and the technology. You need to pay much heed to the leisure batteries’ weight as they are heavy and can cause many problems.

Specifically, a lead-acid leisure battery with 100Ah can be around 25 kg. Meanwhile, the largest leisure battery that has 330Ah, weighs about 90 kg. Lithium leisure batteries are lighter at about 13 kg for 100Ah batteries.

What Is the Distinction Between A Normal Car Battery And A Leisure Battery?

The main purpose of a car battery is to start the engine. Hence, it is powerful yet provides the energy short-term.

Meanwhile, the leisure batteries will slowly offer power for a longer duration. Some leisure batteries can provide a surge of power, but it is not the main function. Leisure batteries are for deep cycling.

What Is A Deep Cycle Battery?

The purpose of deep cycle batteries is to recharge and discharge occasionally to certain rates of its capacity. You can discharge standard lead-acid batteries to 50%, whereas AGM leisure batteries can be down to about 60%.

You can discharge gel batteries to 80%. For most advanced batteries (Lead Crystal and Lithium technologies), they can be discharged to 0 capacity.

Do You Have To Use A Leisure Battery In A Caravan?

The answer is no. Instead, you can use a standard car battery. However, the regular type’s life span is quite short, and sometimes the sulphation can occur and cause permanent damage to the batteries.

Does Temperature Have Effects On The Performance Of A Leisure Battery?

The answer is yes. The cold or hot temperatures can have an impact on the product’s performance. The Ah ratings the producers announce is tested under the condition of 25-degree Celsius.

If the temperature in the environment is below this point, there will be a reduction in the performance. In freezing conditions, the battery may lose 20 per cent of its productivity.


In conclusion, the articles are the top 10 best leisure batteries UK. If you are confused about what kinds of batteries you should have, consult the criteria mentioned above. It is best to know what type of battery and the battery capacity you need.

Our top pick is the 12V 120Ah SuperBatt DT120 Dual Purpose Leisure & Marine Battery because it has a lot of amazing functions. This best leisure battery has dual purposes, maintenance-free and longevity.

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