The 10 Best Lady Shavers of 2021

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Hey sis, to be honest, there are several places that we need to shave frequently such as legs, bikini, or armpits. Shaving is not only about making your body clean and attractive, but it also helps prevent unwanted infections. However, you should not shave without using the best lady shavers. Improper shaving tools can hurt yourself and cause burns or rashes.

Keep reading here to reveal the list of ten shavers for women in the UK!

10+ Best Lady Shavers to Save on Your 2021 Purchase List

Wilkinson Sword Quattro – Best Affordable Disposable Shaver

Wilkinson Sword Quattro

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Let’s get started with the Wilkinson Sword Quattro – an affordable disposable shaver for women. Buy one to get three shavers in the package.

Like what you can expect from disposable models, these shavers are designed for extra smooth comfort on your skin with four exceptional thin blades supported by two Aloe lube strips. Moreover, the head is naturally pivoted to move along the face contour.

It is also worth mentioning about this shaver that the handle is soft and lightweight, made out of plastic so that you need to apply no or very little pressure for a smooth shave.

The fact that blades are disposable is both good and bad in some ways.

On the one hand, the blades and shavers themselves are inexpensive to replace them if you break your current one. The exchange is quick and easy. Besides, you save time and effort to clean constantly and sterilize blades.

However, many people claim environmental impact because these Wilkinson Sword Quattro are made of non-recyclable materials.

  • A great deal of three cheap shavers
  • Easy to use disposable blades
  • Soft and comfortable handles
  • Smooth comfort on the skin
  • Not environmentally-friendly
  • Easy-to-break cheap plastic

Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea – Best Rated Refillable Shaver

Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea

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While disposable shavers are good for busy consumers, they somehow increase your carbon footprint. So, many people opt for reusable shavers like the Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea.

This shaver comes with detachable blade cartridges to handle three curve-hugging blades. They can last for around ten to fifteen shaves before the blades become dull. You can replace the blades then. However, the reusable models often work with almost all types of blades. The handle remains unchanged.

That’s good for those who are environmentally-conscious. You will even be happier to know that one-third of this handle is made out of recycled plastic.

This refillable shaver is also preferred for its comfort on the skin – thanks to the built-in shave gel. Once the tool gets wet, the head’s soap bars will release light scented butter to make it glide smoothly over the skin. You will find it convenient not to bring separate shaving cream all the time.

The shaver seems a bit bulky and hard to reach some areas like the bikini line.

  • Not too much expensive
  • Environmentally-friendly model
  • Built-in shave gel available
  • Easy to get used to the shaver
  • Hard to reach bikini line with a big head
  • Not durable under frequent use

Gillette Venus Swirl Razor – Best Manual Shaver

Gillette Venus Swirl Razor

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If you like the ComfortGlide White Tea, there is a likelihood that you will also fall for the Gillette Venus Swirl Razor.

In the form of a refillable model, this shaver is the upgraded version in all parts.

Take the cartridges, for instance. Those blades are diamond-like coated to capture hairs quickly. With it is a MicroFine comb and Venus Flexball pivots will contour to your skin and guide hairs into the blades to minimize the cuts as much as possible.

Another improvement compared to the second shaver is a smaller construction to reach private areas more easily.

Like other manual shavers from Gillette Venus, there is a wet-activated ribbon of moisture surrounding the head to soften your skin and hair. As a result, you experience fewer cuts and nicks.

We really appreciate this tool, but wish it is more durable for heavy-duty use. In contrast, blades are quickly blunt.

  • A pack of shaving handles and seven fills
  • Small and comfortable on the hand
  • Quickly-cutting blades
  • Scented wet-activated ribbon
  • More expensive for a manual shaver
  • Yet, only for light use

Funstant Upgraded Eyebrow Shaver – Best for Shaving Eyebrow

Funstant Upgraded Eyebrow Shaver

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Another common shaving tool for ladies in the UK is the Funstant Upgraded Eyebrow Shaver – as its name suggests, this tiny stuff is built to beautify eyebrows.

So, what to expect for a right eyebrow shape?

Our first impression is on the sleek pen-sized design that can lay comfortably into a makeup bag or a pouch. It means you can always take the shaver along when needed.

The lovely pink cover is another plus. In addition, the unit runs on an AA battery makes it even more convenient.

This Funstant shaver is multi-functional because there are several accessories available.

One the one hand, the dual blades are available: one is moving, and another is fixed to cut eyebrows without causing any nicks and pulling sensation. Moreover, the snap-on grooming comb allows shaving hairs in the desired length.

There is also a double-side trimming head to deal with fine lines such as neckline, or sideburns, and even bikini lines.

The only disadvantage is the small and thin blades that cannot handle thick hairs in the legs.

  • Compact and lovely lady shavers
  • Light and comfortable on skins
  • Able to handle hairs in fine lines
  • Running on batteries
  • Not for thick hairs
  • Low-capacity batteries

Philips SatinShave Essential – Best Budget Electric Lady Shaver

Philips SatinShave Essential

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Some who use the electronic shaving tool like the Funstant do not want to get back to manual shavers. That’s why they look for some automatic shavers for other body parts.

Philips SatinShave Essential is a good choice for money and deserves to be one of the best lady shavers in the UK.

The shaver is not very functional at its price, but it focuses on dealing with light use and short hairs. To make it up, the shaving is extremely smooth and soft – that’s why the tool is called SatinShave.

It is thanks to the small head and hypo-allergenic foil supported. You can rest assured against irritation and rashes, particularly when it comes to bikini skin and legs. The shaver is used either wet or dry.

Consumers praise the Philips tool for the ease of clean. With a small brush, you can get the head as new as the beginning, ready for your next use. Plus, do not forget to cover the head with the protection cap available in the package.

The down-star factor is its noise. Electric tools can sneak some sounds, we know. Nonetheless, this Philips SatinShave Essential is too loud.

  • Low-priced electric shaver
  • Small enough to carry around
  • Soft and smooth on the skin
  • Protective cap included
  • Noisy operation
  • Not functional enough for thick hairs

VG VOGCREST Face Razors for Women – Best for Travelling

 VG VOGCREST Face Razors for Women

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This VG VOGCREST shaver works like the Funstant Upgraded Eyebrow Shaver we introduced you above. However, this is more advanced in some features.

Mentioning the similarities with the shaver above, the VG VOGCREST features a pinky construction that makes ladies love it at first sight. It also comes with the rotating blades to quickly remove hairs on the face or eyebrows without causing pain.

With a decent capacity, the shaver goes up and down your chin, cheeks, and arms at a breeze.

About the differences, the VG VOGCREST tool is even more convenient with a 2-in-1 design. There is a shaver head and an eyebrow trimmer in the package. You can use them interchangeably rather than clean the blade to use again.

Besides, the tool runs on rechargeable batteries so you will not have to bother buying spare batteries. You just need to take out the USB for charging.

With the two improvements, the shaver is ideal for bringing on your package for travelling.

You should handle the tool carefully, though. The shaver is made of low-impact plastic, meaning it is not sturdy.

  • Not expensive for a 2-in-1 shaver
  • Compact and effortless to handle
  • Interchangeable two heads
  • Rechargeable batteries by USB
  • Made of low-impact plastic
  • Flew off on the top

Brori Electric Lady Shaver – Best Ergonomic Electric Shaver

 Brori Electric Lady Shaver

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Those searching for the best lady shaver UK might come across the Brori Electric Lady Shaver several times on the lists. It makes sense when looking at its smart construction and features.

First off, the handle is very compact and smooth on your hand. Although it is not a non-slip grip, you can hardly drop it off – even if you are doing a wet shaving.

On running, the shaver features three sharp blades which will cut as close as 27-degree angle so you will not cut yourself. Such a pivoting design makes it comfortable to reach awkward-contoured areas like legs, armpits, and bikini lines.

There is a built-in LED light to illuminate amp spots. This small addition is a big help to protect you from accidental cuts.

When not in use, you can leave the tool in the base for natural dry.

The battery is durable enough for three-month usage, and it takes only 60 minutes to get it fully charged.

We, however, wish to complain about the cleaning. It is hard to take the head off, and the blades are quite sharp. You should be careful.

  • Smooth and comfortable grip
  • Well-contoured design to shave close
  • Built-in LED light
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Hard to clean
  • No instruction available

liaboe 5 in 1 Electric Shaver for Women – Best Versatile Set

liaboe 5 in 1 Electric Shaver for Women

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That the 5-in-1 specification makes the liaboe electric shaver attractive to buy, and we confirm that the tool is not over-advertised.

You will get five shaving heads out of this set to handle different hairs on your body. They include a hair trimmer, a nose hair trimmer, an eyebrow trimmer, a bikini trimmer, as long as a rotating shaving head. All are available to exchange by little twisting.

The shaving performance is far better than what we can expect from a convenient, affordable shaver. There are ultra-thin blades, coming along with 3D foils. Hairs are quickly cut instead of being pulled.

In terms of power, this cordless shaver runs on a rechargeable battery. You can use the USB to charge the device and have it continuously served for around one hour. The noise is quite low, so you do not have to worry about a disturbance.

What we do not like is the sturdiness. The handle looks cheap and easily breakable.

  • Five versatile heads in one set
  • Surprisingly budget-friendly
  • Smooth and safe shaving
  • Quickly-charged batteries
  • Not robust overtime
  • A bit hard to clean

Remington Cordless Wet and Dry Lady Shaver – Best Wet Shaver

Remington Cordless Wet and Dry Lady Shaver

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If you have a habit of wet shaving, raise your hand. This Remington Cordless Lady Shaver is to consider. The tool indeed supports the dry shaving, but we find that function is not as helpful as the wet mode.

Know why?

This Remington device features a bigger construction above so you can hold the handle tightly even with a wet hand. Moreover, the operating button is available at hand for easy setting.

Secondly, there is an integrated trimmer that is supposed to trim ultra-fine hairs with the support of some shaving cream or soap. And no concerns about cleaning those foam in the shaver because it is easy to clean under running water.

Nonetheless, the head is not compact enough to reach some private areas, making the shaver less desirable.

  • Firm grip on wet shaving
  • Sharp, but close-shaving blades
  • Durable construction
  • A charge stands available.
  • Hard to reach bikini areas
  • Slightly loud when running

Braun Silk-épil Lady ShaverBest Lady Shaver 2021

Braun Silk-épil Lady Shaver

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Braun provides the last in the best lady shavers reviews. This is a big brand, so even your husband or boyfriends are using Braun shavers. Happy to tell you that there are women models like Braun Silk-épil Lady Shaver.

Two AA rechargeable batteries operate this shaver. The battery life is not exceptionally long, but enough for daily use or travelling.

The Braun Silk-épil works to shave, time, and exfoliate with three separate useful heads. The shaving head features a rounded foil to close contact any body part. Meanwhile, the trimmer has tips to glide against your skin and remove long hairs smoothly. The exfoliating attachment, whereas, can replace the glide cap to shave your legs.

We also like the compact and water-proof shape of the shaver so you will find no hassle holding the tool – even while taking a bath.

The only problem is the high price.

  • Ergonomic and water-proof handle
  • Three functional heads supported
  • Easy to set up at hand
  • Good warranty for the quality
  • Expensive choice
  • Not impressive battery life

How to Choose The Best Lady Shaver ?

While there are many shavers for women available on the market, you often find it hard to pick up suitable ones because lady skins are often much more sensitive than men. Moreover, you have to reach non-public areas.

Thankfully, this buying guide will help.

Best Lady Shavers

Understand where you want to shave in advance

It’s advisable to have different shavers for different body parts because they have different structures and delicate levels.

For instance, our face often experiences psoriasis, acne, or eczema so you must choose a gentle shaver on the skin. Manual tools are recommended.

Electric shavers possibly remove hairs in the legs or underarm with both dry and wet shaving modes.

You had better choose a very precise shaver for the bikini line that can be used with a soothing astringent or a moisturizer. It ensures the rashes as little as possible.

Some modern lady shaving tools now are advised to shave everywhere. They are fine as long as you keep the shavers exceptionally clean.

Pick up a type of shavers: manual or electric ones

Which to choose is based on your shaving needs and lifestyle.

Manual shavers

A manual razor is effective and budget-friendly. They are either disposable or refillable shavers.

Disposable models often have plastic handles and a set of five or ten replaceable shaves. You can exchange the blade when the existing turns dull. The blades of those disposable shavers are not very close, and you might accidentally cut yourself.

Refillable razors, meanwhile, have detachable blade cartridges to replace the dull blades. Blades can curve in the cartridge to close to your skin’s contours. Nonetheless, they are potentially pricey.

Electric shavers

Electric models feature a motor and a foil or rotary sheet overlaying the blades.

Foil electric shavers have tiny holes to capture hairs before the blades come by to cut them. As a result, the shavers cut faster and more securely. Just take notes that the foil can pull out both hairs and skin.

Best Lady Shaver UK

Rotary electric shavers have three heads circularly spaced like a triangle. They often move safely and quickly around the contours. However, they do not tend to handle fine or peach-fuzz hairs when you have to use quite a few passes over the areas.

It is also worth considering that electric lady shavers often run on batteries and you will need extra investment for these parts.

Make sure the shavers are ergonomic and easy to clean

This is the user-friendly side to consider.

For your safety, you should use small and easy to manage shavers rather than a complicated model.

Moreover, never expect a shaver that takes a hefty amount of time to clean. It is better to have extra accessories to help with the cleaning.


Is shaving good for the skin?

Yes, as long as you shave properly.

Shaving helps remove unwanted hairs that cause discomfort and anti-hygiene. Handling public hairs in the legs or underarms often makes you more confident.

Does shaving cause hair to grow denser and thicker?

No, it is a common mistake.

They are genetics and hormones, the reasons for thick and fast-growing hair. You can rely on shaving, no worries.

How to shave with getting irritated less?

Best Lady Shaver UK

Skin in public areas like the face or legs are more sensitive and hairs, they are also coarser. As a result, shaving gets dicier and even ends up irritating.

It is better to hydrate and soften the areas you plan to shave with warm water or humidity products. Also, you should shave along with the hair rather than the grain to avoid bumps. Taking short and single strokes is more advisable than hassle movements.

Is a manual shaver better than the electric one?

Manual shavers make it quicker to treat hairs. They are often cheaper. At the same time, electric shavers are more convenient and safe.

Can you use shaving cream and soap or lotion with electric shavers?

Check the information from manufacturers to know the answer.

Some models are designated for dry shaving, while others support both dry and wet conditions.

And what to use for wet shaving also varies. Some thick cream or lotion can clog the blades and result in pains for cleaning.

Will a foil shaver cut closer than a rotary model?

Lady Shaver UK

Yes – mostly or short hairs.

When hairs grow longer, they bend more readily. It is hard for foil shavers to perforate through that mesh.

Interestingly, rotary shavers will rotate to pull the hairs into blades to cut them. As a result, they seem less close, but more effective to cut long hair without causing much skin irritation.

How should you clean electric ladies’ shavers?

Follow the instruction and pay extra attention to cleaning the head or introducing bacteria through tiny cuts on your skin.

With manual shavers, disassemble all parts and clean them under clean water. Let them completely dry then.

With electronic models, please disconnect the shavers from the main. Use a small brush to remove debris left and rise the shavers under running water.

Can ladies use shavers for men?

No, we will not advise doing so.

Blades of men shavers often have a greater angle to cut through dense facial hair. As a result, they can easily cut on your body.

Final Words

The winner in the best lady shavers review is as mentioned, the Braun Silk-épil Lady Shaver. It is functional, easy-to-use, and durable. However, if you are somehow hesitant about the price, you can also look at other shavers on the list and choose according to your lifestyle, requirements, and budget!

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