Top 10 Best Kitchen Taps in the UK 2021 – New Reveals 

After a few years living in your own home, it is certainly common that you want to revamp the place. If it is a grand makeover, the kitchen is never off the list. You might want to find some of the best kitchen taps to complete and elevate the whole place’s overall aesthetics.

Types of kitchen taps 

There are hundreds of kitchen tap models on the current market. However, in the end, they can be narrowed down to eight main types. This information will come in handy to find the most suitable model for your kitchen sink at home.

There are plenty of kitchen tap versions: pull-down, pull out, dual or single handle, commercial style, separate spray, pot filler, and finally, motion detection.

Best Kitchen Taps in the UK

Each model would fit your particular preferences for how you want the kitchen to look and operate. Some models are space-saving. Others can be a high technology upgrade or a new decoration in the house.

For instance, the pull-down tap is one of the most basic models with its spray head pointing straight towards the sink. This tap is certainly helpful in limiting water splash when you clean the dishes.

Here is a prime example of buying a commercial style tap as an upgrade for your house. This product has a flexible design with multiple taps for particular purposes. The versatile build-up is also a great way to add a modern vibe to your kitchen.

So, you probably want to take a little time to research before making a purchase decision.

Best Kitchen Taps in the UK 2021 

Bristan VAX HNK C Value – Best vintage design 

The Bristan VAX HNK C is among the top choices if you are a vintage fan. With the conventional, Victorian style, the pillar tap with two separate valves for hot and cold water would be a new touch to light up your kitchen.

Bristan VAX HNK C Value - Best vintage design 

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The chrome silver colour is also a new element that combines the old aesthetics with the modern advanced value. It would be a unique feature that draws everyone’s attention to your sophisticated, designed kitchen.

These two pillar taps have crosshead controls to help you adjust the water flow when needed. They also come with red- and blue-coloured indicators for easy recognition of hot and cold water.

However, the pillar taps are only suitable for small kitchen sinks as they cannot reach too deep into the basin.


  • Vintage style
  • Silver colour for further creation
  • Easy control crosshead valves


  • Don’t reach far into the sink


The Bristan VAX HNK C would be a brilliant idea for a small kitchen makeover, in which even just mini changes like this vintage style pillar taps could breathe life into your familiar space.

Symmons SLW-3612-1.5 – Best Simplicity

The Symmons SLW-3612-1.5 is amazing when it comes to simplicity. The sleek, clean and simple outer look is a top runner in minimal design, creating a modern vibe for your house.

Symmons SLW-3612-1.5 - Best Simplicity

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The chrome silver-ish two handle taps with quarter-turn valves construction are also quite easy to navigate. You can easily adjust the water temperature according to your preferences.

Moreover, this simple design with a high arch is so convenient for cleaning that it only takes you a few wipes to make it as bright as a new pin.

The water flow is pretty consistent, considering low water pressure. It can work on 2.2 gallons per minute flow. Sadly, the hot water handle is not quite aligned with the cold one.


  • Simple design
  • Great control
  • Easy cleaning


  • Misalignment between the two handles


The Symmons SLW-3612-1.5 is a perfect match for minimalists. With this simple design, you can easily clean it, operate it and consider it as a new decoration in the house.

PHASAT NH100 – Best Flexibility

The PHASAT NH100 is among one of the best kitchen taps when it comes to flexibility. This kitchen tap has a swivelling spout that allows you to rotate it 360-degree angle for optimal navigation.

PHASAT NH100 - Best Flexibility

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For that reason, you can take advantage of the space and leave more stuff in the sink, thus much more convenient if you tend to wash a lot of dishes at once. This feature also makes it easier to reach any sink corner you want with the tap.

Another remarkable thing about this tap is its exceptional adjustability. You can freely customise the width of the tap ranging from 90 to 210 mm. This additional bonus has made it surpass any mixer tap opponent. The construction is really simple to install as well.

Unfortunately, it can drip slightly after a long time.


  • Swivelling spout
  • Great adjustability
  • Easy installation


  • May drip after a long time use


The PHASAT Adjustable Bridge Mixer Tap matches pretty well if you live in a small apartment and need to utilise every corner in the house. The amazing flexibility would help you a lot in optimising the space.

Bowose B08HK1CQWK – Best Eye Catching

The Bowose LED Kitchen Tap is another eye-catching and absolutely worthwhile recommendation when choosing a mixer tap.

Bowose B08HK1CQWK - Best Eye Catching

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The vibrant LED light with three colours that varies when you adjust the temperature is the killer for the game. It would create a whole new look for the entire place.

Moreover, the high arch spray head that dispenses water at the best pressure and fully accesses the sink would make both the cleaning and after cleaning so simple for the owner.

The model is also quite easy to install; you won’t have to worry about any costly expenses on a mechanic.

The only thing bothering us is that it is not suitable for single bowl sinks.


  • Vibrant LED light
  • Best pressure
  • Simple installation


  • Not suitable for single bowl sinks


The product will be an ideal touch to your modern apartments with its unique LED light that is sure to impress your guests.

Heable Pull Down Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap – Best Comfort 

If you are looking for an option that provides great comfort, the Heable Pull Down Kitchen Mixer Tap should be on the top of that list. The device offers its customers a flexible pull out spray head which can stretch 360 -direction.

Heable Pull Down Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

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For that reason, the product would give its owner full access to every area of the sink. You can comfortably  and thoroughly wash vegetables, fruits, even your puppy, and afterwards, give the sink a well-deserved deep clean. This can be done fast and conveniently, thanks to the flexible hose.

Another astounding feature is its compatibility with the high-pressure water flow. You can also easily adjust the level of water flow according to your needs by alternating water modes through buttons on the tap.

However, it can drip a little after months of use.


  • Flexible pull out spray
  • Easy to clean
  • High-pressure water flow


  • Drip a little after months of use


The Heable Pull Down Kitchen Mixer Tap would be quite convenient when you usually need to clean a lot of stuff. The flexible hose would bring you the best comfort during any cleaning task.

Bristan GLL PURESNK C – Best quality

The Bristan GLL is a top candidate among filtering taps. The device offers you separate waterways for common hot and cold water, and a smaller spout to dispense pure filtered water.


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The hot and cold water single-handle tap is equipped with a single lever and high arch construction for easy use and optimal control. Regarding the filtered water, you only need to push the button on the spray head, and pure, clean water is ready to use.

The product also includes an Empura water filtering machine and a built-in ceramic mechanism to provide you with the purest water. With high-quality materials, this kitchen tap promises a sustainable lifespan with over years of use.

However, the initial investment might be a little high..


  • Easy use
  • Amazing control
  • Long lifespan


  • Expensive


If you are health-conscious, this is a great option with the amazing capacity of generating clean and pure water immediately upon demand. The filtered water feature would improve your long-term health considerably.

QETTLE B07GH4HNM6 – Best convenience 

The QETTLE B07GH4HNM6 is a great choice if you want to have an all-rounded operation. With this innovative device, kettles will soon be in the past and making a cup of tea be a matter of seconds. This feature will save you a ton of time and energy in the long run.


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Additionally, the single-handle kitchen tap comes with a stainless steel safety catch. Only by removing it, you can get hot water. This feature is your supportive companion, keeping your loved ones (especially the little ones) and yourself from burn injuries.

One more thing that makes this kitchen tap exceptional is its capability of delivering filtered water as well. How convenient is that!

In return, with all the advanced technology packed in just one device, the price that comes along is steep.


  • 4-in-1 function
  • Safe
  • Environmental friendly


  • Pricey


If you want to make an all-in-one device, this QETTLE 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap is the one. Its amazing versatility and complete safety will be beneficial for the entire family.

GAVAER B07L47DLLB Kitchen Taps – Best price 

The GAVAER B07L47DLLB is a great suggestion for those with a tight budget. The single-handle device comes at a reasonable price yet meets all the basic needs in the kitchen.

GAVAER B07L47DLLB Kitchen Taps

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It has a detachable full-black silicon tube in the package for extra use besides the single handle. The high arch design also avoids splattering water.

Moreover, this kitchen tap has two modes to switch during different tasks, streaming and spraying. You only need to click the button on the spout when you want to switch to the other mode.

Overall, the stainless steel design looks simple and elegant, which can add a modern vibe to your house. However, the hot and cold water indicators might slip out after a few months of use.


  • Reasonable price
  • Decent design
  • Standard performance


  • Sub-par hot and cold water indicators


The GAVAER B07L47DLLB could be a suitable choice if you are looking for basic kitchen cleaning devices. The reasonable price could help you save some extra money.

TopSer B01KZL82D0 – Best Customisability

The TopSer B01KZL82D0 is a great choice if you want a customisable kitchen tap. This single-handle device will dispense hot water when it is energised and cold water when it returns to the normal state.

TopSer B01KZL82D0

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The stainless steel material also makes it absolutely easy to clean. Another feature that makes this product nominated on the top list is the unique display function, allowing you to get the exact temperature you need for washing, cleaning or even watering the plant.

Unfortunately, it does not operate well with low water pressure, so make sure to check the water pressure system in your house before purchasing.


  • Great customisability
  • LCD display for amazing temperature control


  • Not compatible with low water pressure


The TopSer B01KZL82D0 with amazing customisability is an amazing choice if you like a kitchen tap with diversified functions and customised water modes for your daily use.

Kitchen Faucet Touchless Kitchen Sink Tap – Best Hygiene 

If health is your priority, the Kitchen Faucet Touchless Kitchen Sink Tap would make a good match in your house.

Kitchen Faucet Touchless Kitchen Sink Tap

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You will not have to touch any valve or control to turn on the tap, thanks to the infrared sensors. The device will activate just by a wave of the hand towards it.

Moreover, the device sensor is quite sensitive. It will regconise your hand gesture within six cm range. Its battery lifespan is also a plus for only requiring replacement after one to two years of use.

However, the water pressure is not as strong compared to other products.


  • Hand-free
  • Sensitive sensor
  • Long battery lifespan


  • Poor water pressure


The product is a perfect upgrade during the COVID-19 pandemic when hygiene is one of the most important factors. With touchless features, it would minimise the possibility of exposing yourself to contaminated surfaces.

A Specific Buying guide for best kitchen taps 2021

Before you get down to the final buying decision, it is definitely helpful to note down a few standards to sort out the best kitchen taps for your house.

As we have mentioned, there are up to eight main types of kitchen taps on the market. For that reason, if you don’t consider this factor first, you might be completely lost in a sea of kitchen tap options.

If you want a conventional, vintage style

Pillar taps are the classic version of kitchen sink taps with two handle spouts for cold and hot water. The control valves vary in design, ranging from crosshead to lever-head.

Kitchen Taps

Pillar taps appear rather often in old movies, adding a luxurious colour to the room and making viewers nostalgic. Owning a pair of this vintage model tap would send you right back to a Victorian house in the 50s. If you want to add a little bit of spice in the kitchen, this tap is the one!

If you are heading towards direct temperature control  

The mixed taps are ideal kitchen appliances in every house if you want a more direct temperature control where both hot and cold water are combined in a two-handle tap.

There is an internal cross-contamination preventive mechanism that allows both hot and cold water to run through a single nozzle. You could control the temperature by adjusting the valves on either side of the sprout.

If you value convenience and basic use 

The monobloc taps are one of the most common kitchen appliances in the house nowadays, offering a one-handle control. The construction provides a whole package that helps control the water temperature and flow.

You can activate it with a single movement and the higher the handle goes, the greater is the water flow. You can also get the temperature you want by swivelling.

If you are interested in instant streaming water 

A boiling water tap is a great choice for if you are tired of refilling and waiting for the kettle to heat water. There are three styles available for you to choose, depending on your specific requirements.

Best Kitchen Taps UK

If you only need boiling and cold water for daily use, a two-in-one tap is already sufficient. If you want boiling, hot and cold water, there is a three-in-one model available for you.

Otherwise, there is a four-in-one model which offers hot, cold, boiling water and cold-filtered water. With this type of tap, we would recommend equipping it with insulated cover and childproof feature for safety precaution.

If you prioritise pure water 

A water filter tap will be ideal if you are conscious about your health and the water quality. With this tap on hand, you can get filtered water easily without wasting time and money for water bottles or filtering jugs.

This model usually comes with an additional nozzle separated from the main sprout providing hot and cold water. With recent environmental changes, it is highly recommended to equip a water filter tap in the house.

If you are fond of high flexibility 

With all the technological advances nowadays, some of the best one-handle kitchen taps have a pull-out spray to increase their flexibility. You will have greater control over the place you want to clean as they flexibly stretch out to many directions according to your adjustment.

Another thing you should consider is finding out which kind of pull out spray you want, a hidden or an evident model.

If you like high technology 

A sensor tap will be an ideal upgrade for you if you are heading towards an automated tap. It can offer you water just by a hand gesture within its sensing range. The sensor tap can be either a manual handle or touch sensor only to satisfy multiple needs.


How can you decide on a kitchen tap?

A suitable kitchen tap is the model that fits your home’s  water pressure system.

You can’t install a device that requires high water pressure, whereas the water pressure capacity at your house is low. In this case, you should go for a product with low pressure to maintain a stable water flow.

Are pull out kitchen taps good?

Different from pull out sprays, this type of tap has weaker water flow. However, it performs just as excellently as the sprays. Although it can not get rid of stubborn stains, it can do all general cleaning pretty well, from rinsing food to watering plants.

How long do kitchen taps usually last?

These kitchen appliances’ lifespan usually ranges from 15 to 20 years. When they nearly reach the limit, you should consider finding a new one to make sure everything is in great operation.

The tap constantly needs fixing is also another sign that you need a replacement.

Why are some taps pricey?

Generally, interior products are often costly as they require better materials and more complicated structure to support your house operation. Additional features also weigh in the pricey price.

What is the kitchen sink tap’s standard size?

Normally, the kitchen tap’s standard size often lies around 3 ½ cm. However, it can vary a lot depending on the design and structure. So feel free to choose any model that suits your needs and your kitchen aesthetics the most.


With the comprehensive buying guide and some top recommendations of the best kitchen taps, we hope that you will find a perfect model that fits your preferences and have a successful makeover for your home.

Thank you for reading!

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