Top 10 Best Kettles for Hard Water In The Uk 2021

Hard water does not only taste bad, but it may also wreak havoc on several home appliances. Our recommendation to you is to use the best kettles for hard water. These special appliances can withstand the impact of hard water and get rid of all the bad taste from it after a short time.

On the UK market, there are a lot of good kettles that can combat with hard water. Overall, we have picked the top 10 best products and reviewed them in this article. Please spend a few minutes to read and find out your favourite product!

Top 10 Best Kettles for Hard Water In The Uk Reviews 

Here come our 10 best kettles for hard water. Every product has specific features to serve multiple purposes. Find out which one pleases you most!

#1: Breville Impressions Electric Kettle – Best For Fast Boiling

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The Breville Impressions Electric Kettle is the best deal for people who are always in a hurry. Just add water and start the appliance, you will have your hot water right after a few minutes!

With a high power of 3000 W, this electric kettle does not keep you waiting for it to soften the hard water. Compared to other normal products, surely this Breville kettle is the winner of rapid boiling speed!

We don’t talk about heating up a small amount of hard water but a large one! Believe it or not, the Breville kettle can quickly boil up to 1.7 litres of water at once! This means, right after a short time, you will have about 6 – 8 cups of soft and warm water to drink.

What turns the Breville kettle down is the interior design of it. Despite the durable outside cover made of stainless steel, the inside part of this appliance is all plastic. But you can rest assured that this plastic material won’t melt at high heat or cause harm to your health.

  • High power of 3000 W
  • High boiling speed
  • Large capacity of 1.7 litre
  • Serving 6 -8 cups of water at once
  • Rotational stainless steel base
  • Plastic interior parts
  • Loud sound of lid popping

#2: De’Longhi Brilliante Kettle – Best For Water Filtration

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Among the 10 products on our list today, we place our trust most in the De’Longhi Brilliante Kettle for making clean water.

While common kettles on the market come up with a cylinder or a box form, the De’Longhi product appears with a cone form. This design allows no hole, even the smallest ones, for dust or tiny dirty substance to get into the kettle. In other words, the machine blocks all dirty content from outside.

Since there is no chance for dust to get inside the appliance, the rest job is to soften and clean the hard water. At this time, the anti-scale filter of the kettle will show its advantages! This part will work to remove all scale and minerals, leaving behind only fresh and non-tasted water!

Of course, you are free to take out the filter, clean it, and reuse it multiple times. If you are looking for a kettle that serves clean water for a long period of time, this De’Longhi is surely the deal!

We have to admit that this De’Longhi product is not a quiet machine! During the operation, the kettle may make a lot of boiling noise. This thing may annoy you a little bit, especially if you boil your hard water at night.

  • Cone form for blocking outside dust
  • Removable and washable filter
  • High capacity of 1.7 litre
  • Automatic shutting down
  • No limescale build up 
  • Loud boiling sound
  • Plastic as material.

#3: Russell Hobbs 22851 Brita Filter Purity Electric Kettle – Best For Convenience Of Usage

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The next product is our top pick of kettles for convenience of usage. Check out the Russell Hobbs 22851 Brita Filter Purity!

Inside the kettle, the manufacturer has installed an illuminating blue LED. The LED will shine and brighten during the operation and shut down when the boiling work is completed. This feature will support you a lot in preparing warm water in the dark.

On top of the lid, there is a small built-in indicating system that shows you of the status of the water filter and reminds you when this filter needs to be replaced. Thanks to this system, you will always be able to have clean water!

The big problem is, the filter used for this machine downgrades quite quickly. After about 1 – 2 months, you will have to change a new one to keep your water clean. This is not a good thing because the price for this equipment is quite high.

  • Illuminating blue LED
  • Built-in indicating system
  • 1 litre of boiling capacity
  • 0.5 litre of hopper capacity
  • Expensive water filter
  • Quick downgrading of filter.

#4: Bosch TWK8633GB Cordless Jug Kettle – Best For Temperature Control

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Different drinks require different heat. If you have multiple drinks to make, a kettle that works on temperature control is an essential tool to have. In this case, we recommend to you the Bosch TWK8633GB!

The Bosch kettle offers you a wide range of temperature settings. You can set up the machine to boil the water at 70°C, 80°C, 90°C, or 100°C. Your job is to decide the heat you need for your drink and give commands to the machine!

In case you want to brew tea, just let this TWK8633GB model help you! Its KeepWarm Function can work to keep your water at the chosen heat up to a half an hour! This time is already enough to brew and make tasteful cups of tea!

When you try opening the lid, better do the work gently and slowly. The lid sometimes sticks and is difficult to open. If you attempt to pop the lid out with too much force, it may break down.

  • 4 water temperature settings
  • KeepWarm Function
  • One-Touch lid
  • Touch control
  • Limescale filter
  • Loud noise during operation
  • Difficulty in opening the lid

#5: Russell Hobbs 25240 Geo Steel Cordless Electric Kettle – Best For Construction

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Do you require a strong and durable kettle to serve you for a long term? If yes, you can see this Russell Hobbs 25240 Geo Steel as your best partner!

Unlike so many plastic kettles on the market, the 25240 model looks super outstanding with its metallic body. The Russell company has constructed this appliance with high-quality stainless steel.

No matter how long you use this kettle, it never rusts or downgrades! The stainless steel will keep the appliance solid, sturdy, beautiful, and durable from time to time. Things are even better, as the manufacturer has also polished the kettle to protect it.

However, the stainless steel body will get hot after boiling. You should be extremely careful while touching the kettle or else your hands will get hurt! Instead of touching the body directly, you should only hold the plastic handle.

  • Stainless steel as material
  • Non rusting
  • Polished accents
  • Easy lid opening
  • Fast boiling
  • Hot body
  • Difficulty in seeing the indicator

#6: Russell Hobbs K65 Anniversary Electric Kettle – Best For Energy Saving

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It is true that kettles cost a lot of energy for boiling water, especially if they have the fast-boiling feature. However, the Russell Hobbs K65 Anniversary is an exception, as it can work to save a lot of energy.

The product is designed with an automatic shutting off system. In detail, the system can detect when the hard water is soft and hot enough and then make the machine stop working. In comparison with 1 litre of water, you can save up to 69% of energy while boiling 235 ml water.

Another great thing about this K65 Anniversary model that we have to mention is its Boil Dry Protection function. This function will work to turn off the kettle when there is no water inside it.

For example, if you switch the kettle on by accident or all the water inside the kettle has evaporated, the appliance will not work. Thanks to this feature, you can not only avoid wasting energy but also prevent the interior part of it from getting burned.

In our opinion, the Russell Hobbs company can improve this kettle by making it larger. It is very unfortunate to say that the capacity of this appliance is only 1.2 litres, very low compared to other models on the list today.

  • Automatic shutting off
  • Boil Dry Protection
  • Low boiling time
  • Iconic appearance
  • Good pour spout
  • Small capacity
  • Difficulty in reading the water indicator

#7: Russell Hobbs 23211 Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle – Best For Quiet Boiling

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It is totally not cool to hear loud boiling noise from a kettle, right? Luckily, we have found a product that can work silently. Check out this Russell Hobbs 23211 Luna!

The appliance has been made with Russell Hobbs’ unique quiet boil technology. The special design allows the product to run 70% quieter compared to other normal kettles. With the help of this 23211 model, you will not have to worry about boiling hard water at night, when everyone is sleeping.

Russell Hobbs’ products are always great with nice designed pour spouts. Of course, the water spout of this Luna model is not an exception. The large spout with a narrow shape at the very top supports you in pouring water easily and silently. Trust us! You will hear no dripping sound of water when pouring with this appliance.

After the appliance completes boiling, you should be extremely careful touching it. The hot steam usually escapes from the lid and may burn your hands.

Pros & Cons

  • Quiet boil technology
  • Nice water pour spout
  • Energy saving
  • Boil Dry Protection function
  • Hot steam escaping
  • Flimsy mechanism of lid

#8: Kenwood ZJP05.A0GY Abbey Grey Design Kettle – Best For Ease Of Usage

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Moving on to the next product. This time, we want to introduce to you the Kenwood ZJP05.A0GY – a kettle that is very simple to use.

As you can see, this Kenwood kettle comes up with a 360⁰ base. This base gives you permission to easily place the kettle on it from any direction, no matter if you use left or right hand.

On top of the appliance, there is a flip-top lid that allows single-handed operation. What you need to do is just click the button on the kettle handle with your thumb, and the lid will automatically pop up. Very easy, right?

Does this model have any feature for ease of cleaning? Our answer is yes! All the limescale filter traps in this appliance are ejectable. When you want to clean those filters, just take that out, clean them, and then put them back into their first place!

There is no problem with the opening mechanism of the lid. However, this lid still has a serious issue with the safety of usage. As you open the lid, the hot steam on the under part of the lid will drip onto your hands and burn them. Hence, please be careful while using this product!

  • 360⁰ base
  • Flip lid
  • Removable limescale filter traps
  • Large capacity
  • Noisy working
  • Hot steam dripping

#9: Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle 108134 – Best For Water Window

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Not every kettle allows its user to control the amount of water during its operation. After testing plenty of products, we have found out one kettle that does the work really well. Let’s meet the Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid!

How do you control the water amount with this 108134 model? Just have a look at the transparent water window at the back side of it! By seeing through this window, you can determine how much water the appliance contains, and when to refill the kettle.

If you notice, the window can work as a liquid gauge for easier water amount control.  This water gauge has 3 markers which are 2 cups of water, 4 cups of water, and the maximal mark (1.5 litre).

We have to give this model a minus point for its durability. After a time of usage, some parts of the appliance starts rusting and downgrading. The best way to avoid this bad situation is to clean the kettle usually and store it at a dry place.

  • Easy view from water window
  • Water level gauge with 3 marks
  • Large capacity
  • Anti limescale filter
  • Rusting issue
  • Small spout

#10: Kettle Decen 1.7L Tea Kettle – Best For Smart Features

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Last but not least, we want to share with you this Kettle Decen Kettle. What makes this product special is its modern and smart features!

No matter what drink you are about to make, this smart kettle will support you! This machine is installed with 6 preset programs for automatic drink making. With these programs, the machine can work as great as other tea kettles and coffee makers on the market!

With just a few touches, this appliance will automatically heat up the water and make for you different cups of drinks, including coffee and 5 types of tea (black, white, oolong, delicate, green)!

Even if you have not decided which drink to make, just let the hot soft water be for later usage. The Keep Warm function of the machine will keep the water at the current temperature up to 120 minutes.

The only problem that we have found about this product is its heat control. Sometimes, the temperature may jump up about 5⁰. For example, we have set up the heat at 70⁰ but the machine jumps to 75⁰. However, this is not a big deal because you can modify the heat back as you desire.

  • 6 preset programs
  • 120 minutes of keeping warm
  • Ease in cleaning
  • Maximum capacity of 1.7 litres
  • Temperature control issue

How to choose the best kettle for hard water ?

Do you wonder why we can find those 10 best kettles for hard water? Actually, there are several tips that we have used to buy good products. And now, we will share them with you!

How good is the water filter?

If you want to soften the hard water, you must get a kettle with one or more good filters. The more filters the appliance has, the cleaner your water will be. But overall, the filter must be able to  get rid of several substances such as calcium, magnesium, limescales, etc.

Does the kettle have safety features?

When buying a home appliance, the essential factor to notice is the safety features.

The kettle should be connected to the base with no cord required. This feature will reduce the chance for electric hazards. Also, the lid must be able to prevent steam leaking. Otherwise, if the steam escapes, it may burn your hands, and face (in the worst case).

Kettle for Hard Water

Get the product with large capacity!

A water kettle with a large capacity will help you prepare many cups of hot water with less effort and less time. When buying, you should find the product that holds up to 1.5 litres and 1.7 litres of water. On the other hand, 1.2 litres capacity is quite small but still acceptable.

How fast can the kettle boil the water?

We don’t have all day to wait for the boiled water! The machine should be able to cook the water after several minutes!

The question is, how to know whether a machine boils water quickly or not? Really simple! All you need to do is look for the power of the water kettle. The higher the power is, the faster the water will boil!

Can the appliance save energy?

Quick boiling is good! But it is not great if the kettle descaler consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, you should find out the product that helps you save electricity.

Some modern machines are equipped with an auto shutting down function. This function can detect every time the water reaches the perfect heat, and then automatically switch the kettle off.

Smart features are also good!

On the UK market today, there are some modern water kettles equipped with smart features. They usually have preset programs that support you in making multiple drinks such as tea, coffee, milk, etc.

Not only that, but these machines can also keep the warm at the current temperature up to 30 – 120 minutes.


Below are some common questions that you may have while looking for the best kettle for hard water Uk.

#1: What is hard water?

Hard water is a special kind of water (usually tap water) that contains many minerals. Normally, there are 2 common mineral contents in the hard water which are calcium and magnesium.

Of course, you can find many more different types of minerals. But calcium and magnesium are the main factors that build up the hardness of water.

Best Kettles for Hard Water UK

#2: Is it dangerous to drink hard water?

Our answer is no. Actually, hard water can give a lot of health benefits to you if you drink it. It has been proved by scientists that hard water provides extra minerals to the human body. These minerals can not only strengthen the body but also prevent a lot of diseases.

The only problem is, hard water does not taste good. As this water contains so many different mineral contents, it usually tastes like the dishwasher detergents.

#3: How can you know whether you have hard water or not?

It is not difficult to know if you have hard water or not. What you need to do is find out the suds in the water or check for the clarity.

The water is soft when there are a high amount of suds on the surface. Also, if the bubbles inside the water are clear, this is not hard water.

You can try shaking the water strongly. If the number of suds coming up is not much, then the water is “hard”. Also, the hard water usually looks cloudy. So if you are unable to see through the water, high chance that you have hard water.

#4: Can you get rid of water hardness by boiling?

Our answer is yes! In fact, boiling is an excellent way to reduce the water hardness. At high heat, the calcium ions and magnesium ions will be gotten rid of.

As mentioned above, calcium and magnesium are the 2 main factors that build up the hardness of water. Since there are fewer of these 2 minerals, the water will become softer.

However, we want you to keep in mind that hard water may impact badly on several home appliances. The only machines that withstand this impact well are the best kettles for hard water in the UK.

#5: Is drinking water boiled in the kettle good for you?

Of course yes! While boiling, the kettles do not only soften the water but also destroy a lot of bad bacteria inside the water such as giardia or cryptosporidium.

In addition, hot water can support greatly in stimulating digestion and enhancing the blood circulation in your body. You will get a lot of health benefits from drinking hot kettle water!

In case you have throat issues or cough, drinking warm water is also a good way to cure them!


Among our 10 best kettles for hard water, we like the Kettle Decen 1.7L Tea most! This high-quality kettle has pleased us a lot with its smart features.

Anyway, the other products are also good to buy. Each one has its own speciality. Based on our buying guide above, you can decide which product is the most suitable one to get!

Hopefully, the kettle that you choose will serve you at best! Many thanks for reading, and see you again at the next post!

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