Top 10 Best Ironing Boards In The UK 2021 And Buying Guide

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Do you need some references about the best ironing boards 2021? You’re in the right place!

This tool is favoured in most countries and considered as a must-have item of family. It supports users in completing the effective ironing tasks comfortably.

Choosing the most suitable one isn’t easy to do. In this list, we picked out the 10 best products that are worth your consideration. There is no need to wait. Let’s start!

Top 10 Best Ironing Boards 2021

GMI B008PDIRX6 Top Ironing Board – Best Rating Top Table Board

[amazon box=”B008PDIRX6″ image=”×110.jpg” title=”GMI B008PDIRX6 Top Ironing Board”]

People prefer top table iron boards to the other because of their high portability and compact size. If you ask us which is the best one now, we can’t ignore the GMI B008PDIRX6 Top Ironing board.

First thing that makes most users appreciate this basic board is the iron rest. While most of the top table items don’t have the ironing positions for saving space, GMI product do the opposite.

Its surface is 78cmx32cm and covered by polyester cotton. This material is preferred as it’s smooth and less staining than 100%. So it will gives you a better experience and quicker ironing time.

Despite the small size of an ironing board, the construction is sturdy enough for you to iron cloth comfortably, without any fears of damaging it. The product’s legs are solid and easy to fold when not in use.

Compared to other top table boards, this one costs a bit higher. But this small amount of money is worth what it brings to you.

  • Includes the iron convenient storage space
  • Polyester cotton ironing board cover
  • Sturdy and strong legs
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Cost higher than others

Brabantia Size C Ironing Board – Best Of Sturdiness

[amazon box=”B079K45ZXK” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Brabantia Size C Ironing Board”]

Sturdy construction is the thing that buyers always look for when buying an ironing board, but not all products can meet this requirement. Among the hundred items on the market, we’re pleased to suggest Brabantia Size C Ironing board.

4 stainless steel legs make this one strong and durable for a long time. It’s able to withstand the pressure you produce when ironing clothes so that you can do your job comfortably without any worries.

Having the 45cm width and 124cm length, this premium item provides you with a bigger ironing surface size, and you will have a more comfortable ironing process as a result. It tapered edges design helps you iron details such as sleeves more easily.

It ensures the safety of users by child safety lock and transport lock to avoid collapsing when used. Adjustable height is another plus point of this Brabantia board. This item has up to 7 levels ranging from 75cm to 98cm to better suit your height.

Due to being a high-class product, its price certainly isn’t low. So if you don’t have a big budget, you can consider other items on our list.

  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Large ironing space with tapered edges.
  • Ensure safety features with child lock and transport lock
  • Variable height adjustments
  • Pretty high price

Brabantia Size D Oval Ironing Board – Best Heavy Duty Ironing Board

[amazon box=”B0018A1QMM” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Brabantia Size D Oval Ironing Board”]

Do you usually iron larger clothing items such as breezes? Are you looking for a large surface for ironing more comfortably? Brabantia Size D Oval Ironing board is what you need.

It’s the largest standard ironing board – 135cmx45cm, which is the best choice for a big-size closet, or simply you want to iron in a more comfortable width. Instead of providing a sturdy iron holder, it includes a heat resistant extra-large iron rest zone. It’s straightforward to put iron while not to make up too much space.

All members of your family can use this household tool thanks to the wide range of adjustable heights from 61cm to 102cm. You can straightforwardly customise the height to suit you by unlatching the child and transport locks and change it.

Sturdy and well-built frame also contributes to strengthening this super-solid ironing board. The wide board has the lowest height setting which allows users to iron when sitting.

This extra-wide ironing board is quite bulky and heavy to move or store because of the super large size. So you need to try your best to bring as well as prepare a large space for it.

  • Extra-large surface
  • Variety of heights to customise
  • Well-built and quality frame
  • Plenty of locks
  • It’s heavy and bulky product

Rorets Mini Ironing Board – Best Ironing Board For Small Spaces

[amazon box=”B07MHT574X” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Rorets Mini Ironing Board”]

For those who have a small room with limited space, traditional ironing board products are not highly recommended. If you don’t like top table ones? Rorets Mini Ironing board will be your saviour!

You can use the tool even when your room is small as its dimension is only 85cmx30cmx88cm when open. And once it folds down, storing it in the wardrobe is easy as a piece of cake.

Easy-to-use design makes it suitable for all objects, even when you’re an amateur. Another design’s advantage is the plastic hanger allows you to hang this lightweight ironing board up.

When weighed up with other standing ironing boards on this list, the Rorets item greatly saves your budget. It cost only 1/2 or 1/3 of them.

Lightweight is the board’s advantage and disadvantage. It can’t stand as stable as the heavy one, and you need to be careful when using it to prevent it from collapsing.

  • Small size that saves area
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use and store
  • Economical choice than other expensive options
  • Can collapse due to the lightweight frame

Minky HH40201108M Ergo Ironing Board – Best Overall

[amazon box=”B00F4UE7E6″ image=”×300.jpg” title=”Minky HH40201108M Ergo Ironing Board”]

Our experience and evaluation call the Minky HH40201108M Ergo Ironing board the list champion. It has high qualities with outstanding features over others.

The surface to iron is covered with 100% cotton to give you a soft and smooth experience. Users love this sheet because of its heat-reflective feature, which flattens your closet faster by heat reflection, especially with thick ones.

Ergonomic style is another commendable characteristic of this sturdy ironing board as the steam generator tray suits both left-handers and right-hander. The board also provides a flex guide to store the steam iron cords and prevent them from tangling.

You have a wide range of height adjustments to choose from, and it can be up to 92cm. The sturdy metal frame ensures your safety when using this high-quality item in any levels .

In general, this Minky ergo ironing board is worth buying. But its black surface wrap is easy to get stains, so you need to clean it regularly.

  • Heat-reflective surface cover
  • Wide ironing surface
  • Support faster-ironing process
  • Ergonomic design
  • Includes flex holder for iron cord
  • Height adjustable levels
  • A bit pricey

Vileda B00M94FVO0 Smart Ironing Board – Best Values For Price

[amazon box=”B00M94FVO0″ image=”×300.jpg” title=”Vileda B00M94FVO0 Smart Ironing Board”]

Low-price products always attract customers, but you can’t make sure that all of them are qualified. We confidently confirm that the Vileda B00M94FVO0 Smart Ironing board is the best deal for your small budget.

Although being at a low-price range, it meets your needs of standard ironing boards. You will be impressed by the durable and firm construction at the first time.

77cm to 95cm is the range of height that you can customise it easily. Also, the transport lock stabilises the board and prevents it from collapsing suddenly, even when in an uneven floor.

If you’re too tired with bulky and heavy products, this lightweight ironing board is worth more considerations. Weighing about 4.3 kilograms, it’s convenient and easy to move and store.

To ensure stability when standing, the frame’s joints are quite tight. So it’s quite hard to open and you may have to try to do that.

  • Bargain price
  • Firm design with transport lock
  • Various height levels
  • Lightweight and compact to store
  • Hard to open

Beldray Top Ironing Board LA023735SEW – Best Of Portability

[amazon box=”B01LZKRDVF” image=”×144.jpg” title=”Beldray Top Ironing Board LA023735SEW”]

If you travel regularly or usually have to move from place to place, a small and compact ironing board is necessary. In case you don’t have any idea, we want to introduce Beldray Top Ironing Board LA023735SEW.

The board’s dimension of 76cmx33cm gives you the convenience of bringing it around. You just need to put the product in the car trunk, and it will be your companion on all your trips.

Whenever you’re in a rush, you can fold it immediately and hang this item behind the door or in the wardrobe. Opening and storing it takes no more than 20 seconds.

People think that top table items will be more fragile than standing ones, but it isn’t right for this Beldray product. The strong frame stabilises the board and limits slipperiness.

One thing makes users unsatisfied with this item: a thin foam pad compared to others. So it isn’t suitable for thick clothes such as overcoat.

  • Convenient to bring around
  • Easy to use and store
  • Ergonomic design with hanger
  • Firm frame that non-slip feet
  • This padding is quite thin

Ikea Top Ironing Board 4260179723254 – Best Of Ease Of Clean

[amazon box=”B08LDP911L” image=”×300.jpeg” title=”Ikea Top Ironing Board 4260179723254″]

Cleaning ironing board’s cover regularly is required to lengthen its lifetime as well as protect your health. If you’re tired of cleaning it, it’s time to take a look at Ikea Ironing board 4260179723254.

Since this is a top table product, cleaning tasks are more comfortable than the full-size ironing boards. With the paint-coating frame and rack, you can easily wipe it by dampening cloth to remove stain and dust.

Not only easy to detach, but the ironing board surface is machine washable. This characteristic is worth appreciation as you don’t need to spend time and effort washing manually anymore. It’s also easy to use other replacement cover sheets.

Its compact size is suitable for small rooms or travelling. Or you simply don’t have to iron full-sized garments regularly, and this ironing board is an economical choice for people.

Although the frame includes rubber-tipped feet, it’s possible to slip on some surfaces such as ceramic tiles. You can put it on a piece of cloth to stabilise the board better.

  • Ease of clean
  • Washable surface wrap
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Reasonable price
  • Can slip on some surfaces

Kleeneze Top Ironing Board KL062291RBYEU – Best Of Surface Cover

[amazon box=”B07Q5J5TNH” image=”×123.jpg” title=”Kleeneze Top Ironing Board KL062291RBYEU”]

The cover of cushioned ironing surface affects the efficiency as the material can speed up your time ironing and vice versa. And we make sure that you shouldn’t ignore this product as it will boost your process significantly.

The wrap of Kleeneze Top Ironing Board KL062291RBYEU is made from 100% cotton that conserves the heat. So it can flatten the cloth on both sides, not only the one that contacts the steam generators. It will give you better results in a shorter time.

Besides, the cover is flat and smooth to help you iron easily and comfortably. There is a difference that other products may contain some wrinkles on the wrap, and the item makes an effective crease removal.

Why do many customers prefer top table ironing boards? Because they will save your budget a lot, and this product is no exception with a pretty low price.

Similar to most top table boards, the Kleeneze item doesn’t include the steam iron rest. This means you have to pay an extra amount to buy the tray for clothing steamers separately.

  • 100% cotton cover conserve heat
  • Speed up steam ironing process
  • Floral-design flat surface without any light creases
  • Pretty low price
  • Excludes an iron holder

Minky HH40801501 Apollo Ironing Board – Best Lightweight Standing Board

[amazon box=”B0030DG3VY” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Minky HH40801501 Apollo Ironing Board”]

You prefer standing ironing boards but hesitate the bulky size and heavyweight? Minky HH40801501 Apollo Ironing Board is what you should know!

This item weighs only 1/2 of the normal ones. At about 3.7 kilograms, it’s entirely unchallenging for moving or storing, and you can bring it by 1 hand.

The item has an ergonomic style with a shoulder-shape that makes it easier to iron small clothes such as sleeves. Also, the design of the steam generator iron holder supports both right- and left-handers.

T-shape steel frame strengthens the board, especially when it opens. There is no point in worrying about slippery or falling when using; it’s sturdy and safe to users.

One drawback of this ironing board is the fixed height. This means you can’t adjust or customise it to your desired level.

  • Super lightweight standing board
  • Easy to use and store in a small space
  • Mesh ironing surface for crease removal
  • Strong T-shape metal frame and slanted iron rest
  • Fixed height

How To Choose The Best Ironing Boards ? 

Which Type Is The Best For You?

Standing Ironing Boards

This type is the most popular one as it’s convenient and easy to use. Standing boards usually have high portability and ease of use as you can use them in which have a power socket.

These products usually are adjustable and foldable with metal frames. All members of your family can use one together as you can customize it to suit yourself most. Nevertheless, when you want to own larger ironing boards, a large space for storing is neccesary .

Best Ironing Boards in the uk

Wall-mounted Ironing Boards

They will be mounted and fixed on your wall, but they still save your space as you can easily fold them after use. This type is preferred when you don’t have a big room to store a standard standing board.

Cleaning wall-mounted boards will be a small challenge for you. It’s hard to detach and assemble the parts.

Tabletop Ironing Boards

Tabletop ironing boards are outstanding with their compact size and lightweight. If you don’t have to iron larger items regularly, you just need to buy these products to save you an amount compared to the 2 types above.

They are suitable for conventional items of clothing such as shirts, skirts or dresses. In case you have to iron big clothes, tabletop boards aren’t highly recommended.

Check Its Size, Height, And Weight


If you usually iron clothes such as a shirt or trousers, a medium or small board is suitable as it saves you plenty of space. In contrast, if you have to iron tonnes of clothes every day, a bigger ironing position is what you need.

There are many methods to categorize the ironing board sizes. But in general, we will divide them into 5 standard sizes:

  • 110cmx30cm: Size A (size 1)
  • 124cmx38cm: Size B (size 2)
  • 124cmx45cm: Size C (size 3)
  • 135cmx45cm: Size D (size 4)
  • 135cmx49cm: Size E (size 5)


There isn’t any optimal height of ironing boards. When set up, the board’s top surface must be level with your hip.

With adjustable-height boards, there is no point in worrying as it can suit both tall people and short people. But if you buy a non-adjustable one, check your height first to determine the board’s size you need.

Ironing Board UK


When we talk about weight, people usually think that the light one is the best one as it will be convenient and easy to move. There is the fact that you need a-bit-heavy item since the item will be more sturdy and durable for a better ironing experience.

Durable Construction Is Required

Ironing board has to suffer the high force from yourself, clothes and garment steamers while we ironing cloth so its durability is one of the prerequisites we must check. If you choose a fragile one, replacing it soon is totally possible.

Check the frame material to make sure that it will be strong enough to use, and this part is usually made from metal such as stainless steel, aluminium, etc.

Besides, if your household tool is foldable or wall-mounted, joints are worth considering most. In case they’re too loose, your board won’t be firm enough. On the contrary, too tight joints will challenge you a lot in opening and folding.

Consider The Additional Features

There are some innovative features or handy features you can deliberate when choosing an ironing board for your house:

  • Iron rest: The part holds your steam generator iron when it isn’t in use, and most of the ironing boards have this one. Products that have adjustable iron rest are worth buying since they’re more convenient in use.
  • Anti-slip end caps: They prevent slippery and keep your board stand stably, especially on the ceramic-tile floor.
  • Sleeve attachment: It will be more convenient for you to iron small parts such as the shirt’s sleeve if your product has a sleeve attachment. It looks like the super-small ironing board, and not many products include this one.
  • Ironing board safe: Some products include usual safety locks such as child lock or transport lock. Among many items, the one with a variable safety lock is worth more considerations.


What Is The Average Price Of Ironing Boards?

There are many ironing boards on the market with a thousand prices that will definitely confuse you. This factor is affected by the product’s quality, materials, extra features, brand, and more.

Best Ironing Board

They can cost from 10£ to more than 100£. Some premium items can be in a higher range. So the average range for ironing boards is about 65£.

However, the high price doesn’t mean a product is high-quality and vice versa. Consider the price as a reference to compare them and find one that suits your budget most.

How To Clean An Ironing Board?

Cleaning an ironing board not only keeps it clean but also prevents producing pathogens and bacterias. So you should clean it after every 3 months or when you see it has got too many stains.

If you don’t have any experience in cleaning this product before, check the following steps to do:

Step 1: Set up the tool as usual when you iron clothes. You can use the clean cloth to wipe the stain or dust on it first.

Step 2: Detach the surface cover then check whether it’s washable by machine or not. If yes, there is no need to worry. In case you need to wash it manually, you have to solve the stained areas first and wash them gently later.

Step 3: Remove the pad gently to avoid tearing it. With this part, you can flap it to remove the dust. It would be better to have the vacuum cleaner as this machine helps you do this task effectively.

Step 4: Use a damp cloth to wipe the frame, legs and so on. You must clean carefully, especially at its joints to make sure they’re totally clean to avoid rust.

What Are The Substitutes Of Ironing Boards?

Ironing boards help you do ironing jobs faster and more convenient, so we make sure that they are worth buying for your family. But how should you do when you don’t have an ironing board, in your trip, for example?

In some urgent cases, a firm and flat surface is the best choice to iron clothes. It can be anything such as the tables, wooden floors, beds, etc., as long as the tabletop board can stand durably.

Remember to cover the surface to prevent hot steams from destroying them. You can use duvets, towels, or large clothes and don’t forget to flatten them as much as possible.

How Often Should I Change The Surface Cover?

Replacing the surface cover after each 5 to 7 years is a must-do task, even when you clean your ironing board regularly and they’re still usable. It can contain many imperceptible bacterias which can be harmful to your health.

Besides, if yours is dirt with many stains, old or torn, you can replace it whenever you want. Keep in mind that the maximum time you can use the surface cover is 7 years.


Finally, you’ve got all the important information about the top 10 best ironing boards in the UK 2021. Remember to check the buying guide because it’s totally useful for you. We hope that you’ll find it understandable to support you in making a buying decision.

We highly recommend the Minky HH40201108M Ergo Ironing Board for all users. As a daylight, it has many outstanding features and characteristics of quality, design, etc. that will assist you a lot in ironing tasks.

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