Top 10 Best Instant Noodles In The UK 2021

What are the best instant noodles in the UK?” If you’re looking for this, you’re in the right place!

Instant noodle is a dish available in most countries of the world. It’s favoured not only for the convenience but also for its nutty taste. However, choosing a delicious one isn’t an easy task since there are hundreds of products from different countries and instant noodle brands on the noodle market.

If you are an inexperienced person, wasting money is entirely possible. For that reason, we picked out the top 10 instant noodles in the UK to make it easier for you to choose! Don’t need to wait anymore, let’s get started!

Types Of Instant Noodles

In terms of processing method, there are two main types of instant noodle on the market: fried noodle and non-fried noodle. It sounds easy to distinguish, but not everyone can point out the differences between these two types.

instant Noodle

Fried Instant Noodles

Noodles in the form of fibre will be pressed into moulds to shape, then people will fry them in boiling oil at 140°C-160°C for 1 to 2 minutes. This process will reduce the moisture content of noodles from 30-40% to about 3-6% to be suitable for long-term preservation.

Non-fried Instant Noodles

With this method, people don’t use oil for frying but use the air to dry noodles. They put noodles into a hot air oven at 80˚C for about 30 minutes, and the hot air will dehydrate and reduce the moisture of the noodles to an appropriate level.

Overall, these two types are fairly similar in nutritional composition except that the biggest difference is in calorie. The hot steam dehydration method of non-fried noodles makes it contain only a quarter of calorie and saturated fat compared to fried noodles.

Top 10 Best Instant Noodles In The UK 

Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles- Best Dry Noodle

Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles

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If you’re a dry noodle lover, you have probably heard the name of this product at least once. If you haven’t known it before, why don’t you discover it now?

Because this is the dry type, Indomie noodles are relatively small in size and thinner. However, it retains the required toughness after being boiled with hot water, not mushy nor easily breakable.

The seasoning sachets make the flavour richer, that combines perfectly with the green onion oil pack and the aroma from crunchy fried shallots. All of them create a wonder that makes you want to eat endlessly! Besides, you can also adjust the spiciness thanks to a separate chilli garlic sauce pack.

What’s more, it’s price is as low as a bargain! Bulk buying will save you a lot with a total cost of only 1/3 of the other products.

For all of the above reasons, this product is worth a try. However, if you prefer a frugal flavour, then perhaps it will taste a bit rich for you.


  • Best for dry noodles lovers
  • Rich and aromatic taste
  • Tough and not mushy noodles
  • Low price to buy in bulk


  • Not proper who prefers frugal flavour

Nong Shim Shin Ramyun – Best Overall

Nong Shim Shin Ramyun

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The instant noodle of high quality, at an affordable price and suitable for everyone, is definitely what many people are looking for. And if you need one too, the Nong Shim Shin Ramyun deserves this spot!

This type of instant ramen noodles is widely loved in Korea thanks to the harmony between the delicious broth and noodles. Through the hot air dehydration process, the thick noodles remain fresh, tough and not oil-infused like fried noodles.

As for the instant noodle soup, it has a natural flavour and sweetness from the vegetables. With natural ingredients like mushroom, soybean, sweetcorn, spring onions, etc. The flavour of this Nong Shim Shin cup is delicious and attractive, without the need for spices like monosodium glutamate.

In addition, since the ingredient doesn’t contain any meat and other extracts than vegetables, it’s still acceptable for a vegetarian to use this product. Therefore, you can purchase and share with your family members!

Usually, non-fried fresh noodle products from Korea will have a slightly higher price tag. But this product is, on the other hand, its price is extremely attractive and suitable for everyone.

However, due to the chilli oil, the spicy level of this product is still on average to high level. You need to consider your ability to eat spicy food, or you can enjoy it by adding a soft boiled egg, vegetables and other toppings to reduce the spiciness.


  • Thick fresh and tough noodles
  • Rich and aromatic ramen broth with natural sweetness
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Reasonable price


  • A bit spicy

Samyang Dried Noodle Buldak Bag  – Best Of Super Spicy Flavour

Samyang Dried Noodle Buldak Bag

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Are you a spicy taste lover? Are you looking for an extremely spicy ramen to challenge yourself? Samyang Dried Noodle perfectly meets your needs!

This instant noodle once created a trend from Korea to Asian countries and spread all over the world. Its delicious taste and spiciness made people constantly challenge themselves to eat this type of instant ramen.

Samyang has the outstanding characteristics of Korean instant ramen: non-fried, fresh and tough. These features reduce the spiciness and won’t cloy your appetite.

And a unique feature of this product is the sauce. With its rich flavour from a variety of spices, it can be a favourite for many people, but it can also be anyone’s nightmare. Why? Because it’s unbelievable spice!

This type of noodle is extremely spicy; therefore, it’s contraindicated for those with poor ability to eat them. To make it easier to imagine, the taste of “nuclear fire” can give you a spicy kick that makes your lips puff, and your eyes run like a waterfall!

You can also reduce the spiciness by adding ingredients like vegetables, fish cakes or meats. And you can also use 1/2 or 2/3 of a chilli sauce pack to make it easier to eat and less spicy.


  • Best for spicy food lovers
  • Fresh and thick noodles
  • Large portions to make you full


  • Not suitable for whoever can’t eat spicy food

Mama Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Noodle – Best For Thai Cuisines Lovers

Mama Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Noodle

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Thailand is one of the countries with famous and popular cuisine in the world. It features the spicy and sour taste of spices and herbs. If you have fallen in love with this flavour, especially the Tom Yum, you definitely can’t ignore this product!

Mama Shrimp flavour will make you feel like you’re eating a real bowl of Tomyum soup thanks to its cream powder. You can instantly feel the strong aroma of lemons, garlic powder, paprika and other herbs right after opening this powder pack, which will extremely stimulate your taste!

Compared to other products, its noodles will be somewhat thinner and smaller. However, this doesn’t mean they will become mushy; on the contrary, they’re still chewy enough for you to have a good “bite”.

Another plus point for this MAMA noodle is its affordable price. When you choose bulk buying with 30 packets, it’s even only 1/2 compared to the cost of other products.

However, as it has the tom yum soup, the flavour of this instant noodles will be quite strong, spicy and sour. If you don’t like the rich flavour of various spices, this isn’t a suitable choice.


  • Rich flavour of Tom Yum soup
  • Include separate paprika pack to adjust the spicy level
  • Thin noodles for faster preparation
  • Affordable price


  • Not ideal for who doesn’t prefer a rich and strong flavour

Nissin Soba Classic Cup Noodles – Best Soba Cup Of Noodles

Nissin Soba Classic Cup Noodles

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Yakisoba is a popular stir-fried noodle in Japan for its delicious taste and full of nutrients. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Land of the Rising Sun to eat real ramen, Nissin Instant Soba Pot will give you a chance to try this satisfying dish!

In this product, the Soba sauce sachet is ready-made, so you just need to pour it directly and mix well to use after draining the hot water. This sauce creates the soul of the noodle dish; it carries the aroma of soybeans and vegetables with a characteristic sweet taste.

Also, as a non-fried noodle, this instant Yakisoba noodles is quite low in calories, only 1/2 compared to similar products. It’s better for health, and if you’re on a diet but still want to eat instant noodles, this is an ideal choice!

Last but not least, the noodles cup packaging is useful when you want to eat anywhere that has boiled water. Thus, if you’re a student or officer, Nissin cup is worth your consideration!

If you’re a person who has a small portion size, this Japanese ramen meets your needs. However, if you have a high frequency of activity and need a lot of energy, then this Soba noodle product won’t be enough to keep you full for a long time.


  • Bring the real Yakisoba flavour base
  • Low in calorie, suitable for who are on a diet
  • Fast and easy preparation method
  • Cup packaging – easy to bring out


  • Small portion size

Ko-lee Go Special Chicken Flavour – Best Budget

Ko-lee Go Special Chicken Flavour

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You don’t want to pay too much for instant noodles? Are you looking for a product with consistent quality at a reasonable price? We have a great suggestion for you!

Wait! Don’t worry that “the cheapest is the dearest”! Because in contrast to other cheap products, this Ko-lee Go noodles brings many typical values ​​that will surely satisfy you!

At a low price, the quality is still focused on and guaranteed. Hence, although its noodles are thinner than other products, the toughness and freshness aren’t inferior.

In addition, there are 3 ways to enjoy these instant noodles. Yes, you didn’t misread! The first way is to prepare it like a regular soup noodle; the second way is to boil the noodles then mix with enriched flour to use it as a dry noodle.

Those 2 methods are easy to guess, do you know what the last one is? It’s crushing the noodles and eating it as a snack! With 3 ways to use it, your family won’t be fed up with enjoying this product!

One thing to keep in mind when processing this instant noodles is the seasoning pack which has high salt content. You should start with a quarter of it and increase gradually to up to taste, adding the whole package will be a mistake.


  • Bargain price that helps you save an amount of money
  • Crunchy and tough noodles
  • There are 3 different ways to enjoy it


  • The seasoning is salty

Nissin Japanese Cup Seafood Flavour  – Best Seafood Flavour

Nissin Japanese Cup Seafood Flavour

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Are you a fan of Japanese instant ramen with various toppings such as crab sticks and shrimp? Do you simply want to find a new flavour of instant noodle to try? Nissin Japanese Cup Seafood deserves your attention!

Most of the products coming from Japan are non-fried instant noodles, and this one isn’t an exception. Thus, Nissin Seafood noodles retain a fresh and tough taste while also fewer calories and a bit healthier.

Besides, the vegetable flavour seasoning pack is prized for creating a rich and sweet soup for noodles, thanks to the main ingredients of seafood, mushrooms, sesame oil, onion powder and more. Hence, if you don’t prefer many spices or spicy broth, this product is suitable for you.

In addition, the biggest advantage in Nissin Seafood noodles that many people like is the topping. This instant cup of noodle includes dried crab sticks, mushroom, sweetcorn, cabbage, etc. They help enhance the flavour of your meal and provide more nutrition at the same time.

The price of this product is somewhat higher than the average in the market. However, with the quality and convenience it offers, this price is worth it.


  • Chewy non-fried noodles that are less calories and healthy
  • Rich and balanced instant soup, suitable for everyone
  • Full of topping that provides you with more nutrient


  • A bit pricey

Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian – Best Singaporean Laksa Noodle

Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian

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Laksa noodle is one of the culinary essences of Lion Island Singapore that you must try when coming here. However, you can save on travel expenses and enjoy it right in your kitchen with Prima Taste Singapore Laksa!

With the teamed air-dry method, the noodle of this product is of higher quality than other non-fried noodles since it retains the majority of nutrients and freshness after boiled. For this reason, the majority of users rate this as a premium instant ramen.

In terms of flavour, Laksa suits gourmets with attractive and rich soup. It’s a wonderful combination of coconut milk blended with aromas of spices and herbs. This taste will spread in your mouth as soon as you try the first spoon!

Even if you’re not good at eating spicy, you don’t need to worry as it has a balanced flavour with mildly spicy. One tip to make your dish more delicious is to add bean sprouts and tofu puffs, and the flavour will definitely surprise you!

However, this product will be more suitable if you have enough time to prepare it. You need to boil the noodles in the pot for about 7 minutes, this might be a troublesome problem for some busy people.


  • High-quality and thick noodles
  • Aromatic and rich soup with coconut milk
  • Mildly spicy ramen that is suitable for everyone


  • Need long cooking time to boil the noodles

Paldo Ilpoom Jia Jangmen (Chajang Noodle) – Best Black Bean Sauce Noodle

Paldo Ilpoom Jia Jangmen (Chajang Noodle)

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Have you ever tried Korea’s famous black bean sauce noodle? If you have never had the chance, don’t regret it because you can enjoy it at home now!

Paldo Ilpoom Jia Jiangmen is always in the top of most favoured Korean instant ramen. Besides super spicy and other soup noodles, the black soya sauce noodles feature gelatinous black sauce and fresh vegetables.

The noodles of this product are appreciated because they are thick and fresh, which will make you feel delicious. As there are some low-quality noodles on the market, they are soft and easily breakable, which will leave you feeling bored.

Its black sauce is made from black soybeans and broth from vegetables, it’s frugal and balanced with spices. In addition, there is no meat extract, so you can use this instant noodles pack even if you are a vegetarian.

Because the noodles are relatively thick and chewy, you need to boil it in boiling water on the stove for about 3-4 minutes. This will take a bit of time as you can’t use it directly in the bowl of ramen.


  • It tastes like a real bowl of black bean sauce at Japanese restaurant
  • Thick and fresh noodles
  • Frugal and balanced taste, no spicy or strong flavour
  • Suitable for vegetarian


  • Need boiling in stove for 3 minutes

Pot Noodle Chicken and Mushroom Flavour – Best Of Convenience

Pot Noodle Chicken and Mushroom Flavour

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You don’t have too much time to cook or prepare meals? The noodle cups should be the priority! In case you haven’t had any idea yet, take a look at our suggestion!

Pot Noodle is a great choice for busy people with noodle cup packaging and delicious taste. All you need to do is pour the boiled water, cover it and wait for 4 minutes. And now, your meal is ready!

Chicken and Mushroom Flavor will give you a sense of balance in flavour; it’s frugal thanks to the natural sweetness from the mushroom rich broth. If you want a richer flavour, you can also adjust it yourself by the soya sauce sachet.

In addition to the chewy noodles that are coated with flavoured powder, this pot of noodles also has real pieces of mushroom and sweetcorn. Thus, there is no need to add more topping, and you won’t be fed up with eating it.

The manufacturer introduces that this is king-size; however, it only weighs about 114g. Although it isn’t a small amount, this won’t make you full like other king-size products.


  • It’s convenient to use and carry out
  • Balanced and adjustable flavour
  • Suitable for everyone as it isn’t spicy
  • Includes real sweetcorn and mushroom


  • Not as big as the manufacturer introduce

How To Choose The Best Instant Noodles In The UK? 

The Country’s Flavour You Like Best

Not to mention their flavours, the instant noodle of each country will have its specific and distinct taste. So, you can base on these characteristics to choose the one that best suits you.

Japan: This country was the birthplace of instant noodles in 1958, and it’s extremely famous for its ramen noodles, which are popular in Japan and even around the world. This type of noodle is outstanding with tough noodles and a delicious ramen noodle soup base.

If you have no idea or are looking for a safe option, Japanese instant noodles are worth a try. Their flavour will be moderately rich and frugal without shocking you by too many spices.

Best Instant Noodles

South Korea: Noodles in Korea are diverse with types from soup to dry noodle; any type is worth trying as each will offer different tastes. They have extremely spicy and rich dry noodles for you to challenge yourself (Samyang ramen), or if you like the frugality, black bean noodle (Jajangmyeon) is the ideal choice.

Thailand: Thailand is famous for its diversity in spices, so the instant noodles from this country are certain to surprise you with their impressive tastes. Most of them will have a strong aroma with sour and spicy taste, and the hotpot Thai flavour is one of Thailand’s must-try noodles.

In addition to the specifics of each country, you can also choose according to the flavour that is noted on the packaging. Refer to the ingredients carefully to avoid choosing those with the unsuitable ingredients with you.

Types Of Packaging

Once you’ve selected your favourite flavour, consider whether noodles packed in bags or cups are more suitable for you. Obviously, each type of packaging has its own pros and cons.

Cup noodle option: Noodles cups are extremely convenient for you to take anywhere and use anytime as long as you have boiling water. Or even at home, they will save you time washing dishes.

Best Instant Noodles Uk

However, they will take up most of the space in your cupboard, and if you buy in bulk, then storing and shipping will be relatively cumbersome. Last but not least, they will cost you about 1.5 times more than bag noodles.

Bag noodle option: Noodle bags will usually be cheaper than pot noodles, and they don’t take up too much space. Buying in bulk, shipping or storing is no longer a problem!

However, you have to put the noodles in a bowl to use them, it will be inconvenient if you are outside or don’t have any bowl with you! And certainly, washing dishes is needed!

The Preparation Time

If you’re in a hurry, a bag of instant noodle requires too many processing steps and can drive you crazy! Therefore, consider choosing one that is easy to prepare, doesn’t need much time or complicated steps.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not everything expensive is good, and so do instant noodles. There are some extremely expensive products, but their quality is only equal to the product at an average price. Hence, considering and comparing the price carefully before making a decision is a must-do thing.

However, there are still products that are rated “get your money’s worth”. If you’re willing to pay for them, you’re sure to have a great experience!


Is Instant Noodle Bad For Health?

For a moderate daily diet and routine, using instant noodles in your meals is acceptable as it won’t harm your health. But you shouldn’t use them as a main dish, especially if you have an inadequate diet.

Best Instant Noodles In The UK

Although instant noodle is a time-saving dish that brings you delicious experience and even makes you feel full, this doesn’t mean it has a lot of nutrients. It contains relatively low nutritional content with mainly starch, so if you use this dish as your main meals, that isn’t enough for daily energy requirements.

In conclusion, instant noodles aren’t bad for your health if you use them in appropriate amounts. Besides, when eating instant noodles, you can also choose to add toppings such as vegetables and meats to increase the nutrient content like the dietary fibre of the meal.

What Is The Best Instant Noodle Recipe?

Processing instant noodles sounds like an easy task, but not everyone can make a delicious bowl of noodles. If you still don’t know how to cook in the right way, consider these steps:

  • Boil the noodles in a pot of boiling water until cooked then take them out
  • Poach the noodles for about 1 minute in a new pot of boiling water and turn off the heat
  • Add seasoning after turning off and mix well. For dry noodles, throw away the water before adding.

To make instant noodles tastier and more nutritious, you can add some vegetables like carrot, broccoli, kimchi or meat like beef, pork or even cheese. You are free to cook according to your creativity!

You should remember that each product has a different recipe, and this important information is always printed on the package. Hence, take a look at the instruction for use before processing is a must-do step.

How Many Calories Does A Serving Of Food Have?

The calorie content depends on the type of instant noodles and their mass, of course, the larger one will have more calories. Usually, this content will range from 300cal to 500cal, which is more than 1 pizza slice and equivalent to 1 hamburger.

How To Store Instant Noodles In The Right Way?

Long-term storage is the advantage of instant noodles; however, you can do this if you preserve them properly. To help them keep their best taste for as long as possible, don’t forget these tips:

Avoid sunlight and heat radiation: The effects of heat radiation can cause qualitative variation of the ingredients and may harm the health of the users.

Keep at proper temperature: Whether the temperatures are too hot or too cold, they can affect the product quality. Ideally, you should store instant noodles in a cool place at room temperature.

Avoid humid places: The environment with high humidity is ideal for bacteria to grow. Therefore, make sure your instant noodles are always dry and not wet to avoid being mould.

Keep away from odorous products: You shouldn’t place instant noodles or any other foods near the chemicals such as insecticides, fertilizers or consumer goods like fabric softener, bleach, etc. The odour from these products can cause an unpleasant smell or degenerate noodles even if they are packed and sealed carefully.


Overall, we have provided you with all the necessary information about the top 10 best instant noodles in the UK. Have you chosen yourself the best one yet? If you haven’t, we hope that our post will be useful to help you make a decision.

In case you want to consider other products, don’t forget to take a look at our buying guide. As every product has its pros and cons, so consider carefully to be a smart buyer.

And finally, we want to praise NongShim Ramyun for the best instant noodle ever. As mentioned above, this product has a high quality at a low price that will completely satisfy you!

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