Best Instant Coffees

These days, hardly anyone can get a day without a cup of coffee, young and old alike. This dark-colored beverage is favoured for its wonderful taste. Not only does it delight your palate but also your mind. Just one cup of coffee early in the morning, and you will have a clear mind and a body brimming with energy, ready to handle all the workload of the day.

If only the magic of the effect can transfer to the time required to make one single cup, that would be a real lifesaver! We all know that it takes forever to make a perfect cup of coffee, not everyone has enough time for all the tasks required.

Given the situation, instant coffee is a great solution! However, choosing the one that is suitable for each person is not easy at all.

Thus, we want to recommend to you top 10 best instant coffees in the UK 2021 to make your consideration process be easier! If you want to know what they are, let’s start!

Types Of Instant Coffee 

Spray Dried Instant Coffee

This is the most popular and widely used instant coffee making method by coffee brands because it’s easy to apply and helps to save costs. This is also known as the “hot stream” method because the key to creating this coffee is to use the hot steam to evaporate the fluid.

About the process, it’s quite simple. The coffee beans will be put into a dedicated industrial sprayer, then the hot steam will create enormous pressure to crush the beans into finer shape.

best instant coffee

The feature of instant coffees made from this method is that the coffee is spongy and smooth as powder, besides, their colour is relatively dark. However, in terms of quality, this method is not appreciated by coffee drinkers. Because the use of hot steam in the production process would, to some extent, strip away the specific flavour and aroma of coffee granules.

Therefore, people often consider that this is a cheaper option if you don’t have many strict requirements for your cup of instant coffee.

Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Compared to the above method, freeze-dried one is preferred by coffee lovers because it produces high-quality products.

With this method, beans are frozen at about -40°C, then they are cut into smaller seeds. And finally, the seeds will be dried by low temperature in a vacuum environment.

Different from the hot steam dehydration method, this one gently drains all the water and helps the ground coffee retain the characteristic taste and fragrance.

The feature of instant coffee produced by this method is that they are small solid blocks and not easily crushed by hand. Also, their colours will also be lighter than spray dried ones.

Top 10 Best Instant Coffees to buy Online In The UK 2021

Kenco Smooth Instant Coffee – Best Overall

Kenco Smooth Instant Coffee

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Kenco produces coffee bags instead of a jar or box for you to reuse the old coffee containers you’ve used up before.  In case you don’t have an old coffee box, you can completely store this best instant coffee uk in a glass jar with a tight lid.
On top of it being utterly convenient, this coffee also surprises drinkers with flavor far exceeding that of an instant product . It will taste smooth, light and have a delightful aroma. Besides, as this is a medium roast product line, the flavor is balanced and calmed, not too bitter, strong, but gentle and easy to drink.

Also, the coffee is packed into small bags with the volume of 150g, it will help you to preserve because the time you use up will be fast that limits the possibility of the unused coffee being moldy.

On the flipside, as the product is paired with extraordinary quality, its price can cost you more than you expect to pay for a package of instant coffee.

  • Smooth, light and aromatic taste
  • Packed in small amount bag
  • High price

Nescafe Gold Blend Instant Coffee – Best For Making Espresso

Nescafe Gold Blend Instant Coffee

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You love cups of Espresso which have voluminous crema and rich seductive aroma that always makes you unable to escape them? Nescafe Gold Blend will meet your needs!

With handcrafted Arabica ground as the main ingredient, its flavor is said to be “10 times finer” compared to other products. The quality Arabica plays a key role in creating rich, smooth and balanced Espresso cups with a moderate sour aftertaste that will make you ecstatic!
And about the packaging, Nescafe products are usually packed in a tin box or in a can. The purpose of these packaging is helping you reuse and contribute to protecting the environment.

Besides the outstanding advantages of Nescafe Gold Blend, one of its disadvantages that manufacturers should consider to overcome is the loose plastic lid, which is easy to make the coffee inside damp.

  • Best choice for making Espresso
  • High-quality Arabica beans
  • Reasonable price
  • Losse plastic lid

Kenco Millicano Americano Decaf Instant Coffee – Best Decaf Instant Coffee

Kenco Millicano Americano Decaf Instant Coffee

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If you’re a beginner wanting to try coffee or you’re usually prone to getting torrefied after drinking them due to its high caffeine content, then you should consider this product!

The main ingredients of this product are 85% decaffeinated instant coffee and 15% decaffeinated roast and ground coffee. For that reason, even if the amount of caffeine is reduced in the decaffeinating process, you can still feel smooth, balanced taste and rich aroma at the first try.
Besides, with layers of mild, moderate and easy-going flavors, it’s suitable for anyone, even those who are unfamiliar with coffee.

Moreover, this product is sold in packs of 6 cans 100g, which makes it more convenient for you to preserve. Because with small amounts like that, you can use it up in a short time, then the unused coffee will not turn moldy.

However, if what you’re looking for is a strong flavored coffee and high caffeine content that keeps you awake to work, then this is probably not the right choice for you. As we have already mentioned, it is mild, after all.

  • Decaf blend instant coffee
  • Balance and smooth taste
  • Suitable for beginner
  • Reasonable price
  • Not suitable for who prefer strong taste

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee (Medium Roast) – Best Budget

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

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You don’t have a big budget to cover the cost for premium instant coffee but want to find something with taste and quality on the same level? Throw your worry away as we have a great recommendation for you here!

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold is one of the best priced products on the market nowaday. Compared with them, the price of this product is really a bargain since you will get more value back than the money you spent!
With a net weight of 750g per can, you can buy this product and share it with your family. That abundant amount of coffee at such a low price is unbelievable!

Contrary to its low price, this product has commendable quality. Being a product from freeze-dried methods, the coffee retains most of its original taste. In addition, its density is just 3/5 (medium roast), so the outstanding flavors are a bit bitter and strong moderately.

There is a downside that makes users unhappy with this product is the packaging. The news of Douwe Egberts Pure Gold isn’t sturdy and is easily dented if subjected to external forces. It would be better if you store the instant coffee in other jars.

  • Bargain price
  • Freeze-dried instant coffee
  • Medium roast – suitable for everyone
  • Fragile packaging

Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Unsweetened Coffee – Best Cappuccino Flavour

Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Unsweetened Coffee

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If fluffy and aromatic cappuccinos always fascinate you, we make sure that you can’t miss this product!

In terms of taste, this product is packed with all the elements of a delicious cappuccino cup: the faint scent blends the smooth, light and sweet coffee taste. It won’t be strong but gentle and bring your sense of relaxation.

Besides, this is a low sugar product so you don’t need to worry too much about its sweetness. If you prefer a sweeter drink, that can be adjusted by adding a bit of sugar and the recommended amount is about one to two teaspoons.

In addition, this product is packaged into extremely convenient small sticks. You will easily preserve them as well as bring them to the office or when traveling.

However, this product may not be an ideal choice for people who prefer a rich and strong flavour because it’s quite light, smooth and has a mild sweet taste.

  • Specific cappuccino flavour
  • Convenient
  • Low price
  • Not suitable for someone who prefers strong taste

Nescafe AZERA Americano Instant Coffee Tin – Best Americano Flavour 

Nescafe AZERA Americano Instant Coffee Tin

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Nescafe AZERA Americano Instant Coffee is one of the Nescafe company’s best-selling products and highly appreciated by consumers for its wonderful Americano flavour!

Being made from 100% original coffee beans without additives, this product will bring you fragrant, standardized Americano cups that awaken all senses. Its taste won’t be too bitter, just a little bit to stimulate your palate and mind. Plus, this subtle coffee will leave no sour aftertaste, which definitely satisfies many drinkers!

In addition to the quality of coffee, a tin box with an ergonomic design will make it easier for you to take and store coffee every using time. You can also re-use this product’s tin to contain another and contribute to protect the environment.

However, you need to pay attention to close the plastic lid carefully. Because if not, the coffee inside is easy to get wet, clumped or become moldy.

  • Best Americano flavour
  • Smooth and light taste
  • Recyclable tin
  • Need to close the plastic lid carefully

TrueStart Barista Grade Instant Coffee – Best For Subtle Bitterness

TrueStart Barista Grade Instant Coffee

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If you love the taste of coffee and always want to drink it but the bitterness made you hesitate, now that’s not a concern! TrueStart Barista Grade will be your saviour!

This original instant coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans, which makes its flavour be elegant, smooth and fragrant. Its flavour layers will be warm, light blends with faint aroma and a mild sour aftertaste that is perfect for enjoying free time or starting a new day full of vitality.

As we have already said, the special thing about this product is that it doesn’t taste bitter like other coffees. So whether you are a beginner or a coffee connoisseur who loves light flavours, this product is an ideal choice!

Compared to the general market, the price of this product isn’t cheap. However, with such good quality, this price is worth it.

  • Not bitter flavour
  • 100% quality Arabica beans
  • Packed in small amount
  • A little bit pricey

Clipper Medium Roast Decaf Coffee – Best Organic Arabica Coffee

Clipper Medium Roast Decaf Coffee

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Organic foods are increasingly popular since the safety factors for health are on top priority. Always in the top best organic Arabica instant coffees, this Clipper Medium Roast Decaf worth your consideration!

As clear as daylight, with 100% organic Arabica beans, you don’t need to worry about matters such as if there are any additives that can cause health effects and so on.

When trying this organic freeze dried instant coffee, you can feel the natural, smooth and light flavors that blend with rich aroma to make your day of excitement! Because it’s medium roast, the taste is balanced, neither too bitter nor too light, but really harmonious.

In addition to the quality of coffee, the packaging is assessed as one of the top best. Because it’s a glass jar with a lid, so you don’t need to prepare your own jars like storing other products.

The common feature of decaf coffee is that the taste is smooth and gentle. For this reason, people who are accustomed to a strong and rich coffee may not like this taste.

  • Organic Arabica beans
  • Medium roast coffee – suitable for everyone
  • Packed in glass jar
  • Not suitable for strong taste
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Cafédirect Fairtrade Instant Coffee – Best For Strong Taste

Cafédirect Fairtrade Instant Coffee

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If rich and strong coffee is your taste that you can’t stop drinking it, this Cafédirect Fairtrade product will totally satisfy you!

Right when your lips touch the liquid, you can absolutely feel the intensity, strong taste and rich aroma of this product from the first sips of coffee. It’s strong and rich that can make you feel great like you’re enjoying a wonderful song at a concert of your favorite rock star!

Since this is a rich roast instant coffee, the natural sourness of the Arabica beans is minimized. As a result, you won’t experience a sour aftertaste but it’s completely aromatic with dark chocolate aroma.

Moreover, the high caffeine content in this coffee makes it be your savior whenever you want to be awake to get your jobs done.

Packaging is the glass jar is a plus point in storage, but it’s also a challenge during transportation. Therefore, check products carefully upon receipt to make sure it hasn’t been damaged.

  • Strong taste
  • High in caffeine
  • Doesn’t have sour aftertaste
  • Breakable glass jar

Starbucks VIA Instant Colombia Coffee Sticks – Best For Convenience

Starbucks VIA Instant Colombia Coffee

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In the late mornings or when you’re running out of time, drinking a cup of coffee at home is also a challenge. In this case, stick instant coffee is extremely useful!

This Starbucks VIA coffee stick is the taster’s choice as it makes things even more convenient. Even in the office, you can become a coffee maker and enjoy your cup of joe!
It isn’t as strong as other medium roast coffee. The taste is light, smooth and has a mildly sour aftertaste of Arabica coffee beans. So, this Starbucks coffee is neither too strong nor too light, suitable for everyone and won’t make you disappointed or after drinking.

In addition to drinking directly, its frugal taste is also suitable to be an extra tasty part of your afternoon brunch, boosting their flavor as well as aroma. Definitely a must-have for someone who can never get enough of desserts!

Overall, this product is easy to drink, suitable for everyone and of the guaranteed quality. For this reason, the price is relatively high compared to the same product lines on the market.

  • Easy to bring a way
  • Light and smooth taste
  • Suitable for everyone
  • A little bit expensive

How To Choose The Best Instant Coffees In The UK

Nowadays, there’re so many types of coffee on the market that may make you confused. Furthermore, a suitable one should also be based on basic criteria for evaluation. Following are six important factors that you need to consider to find out the best instant coffees UK.


There are two main coffee beans that are popular worldwide: Arabica and Robusta. Depending on the ingredients, Instants coffee can be made from either of these beans or a blend of both.

Arabica beans are preferred for their taste as “elegant”. It’s smooth, fragrant and a bit sweet. Whenever you drink Arabica, it leaves a slightly sour aftertaste.

On the other hand, Robusta coffee granules will have a richer flavour which is bitter and slightly acrid. Because of that, the fragrance of coffee is also stronger.

When choosing, consider the ingredients to determine the right type you want. Or else, blend instant coffee is also worth trying.

How To Choose The Best Instant Coffees In The UK


Coffee beans need to be roasted to create an aroma and a bitter taste. And as usual, there will be three roasting levels: light roast, medium roast and dark roast.

In the order from light roast to dark roast, the colour of the coffee beans will change from light brown to dark like chocolate or even black. Moreover, when the coffee is more thoroughly roasted, its flavour gradually becomes richer, more aromatic and stronger.

Commonly, coffee manufacturers will clearly annotate the roast level on the packaging, or they can also rate the density on a 5 or 10 scale. You can rely on your own preferences to choose the most suitable level.


The variety of instant coffees can be a drawback as they make it difficult to choose. However, this is also an advantage for you to freely choose the proper taste for yourself.

No matter what cups of coffee you want, an espresso with fluffy crema, a cup of elegant americano or fragrant cappuccino, instant coffees can satisfy!


Typically, in about 225g instant coffee will have from 27 to 173mg caffeine, and from 60 to 120mg is the average and most common. This caffeine content is determined by many factors such as the origin of the beans, roasting levels, the producing method and so on.

Instant Coffee

If you aren’t accustomed to drinking coffee or get torrefy easily, you can choose decaffeinated coffee which has a very low caffeine content of about 2 to 12mg in 225g instant coffee.


You should pay attention to the texture of instant coffee you want to buy, they must be completely dissolved and not clumped when you add hot water.


Instant coffee is usually packaged in large bags and what you need to do is store them carefully after each time you open the container.

In addition, instant coffee sticks are becoming more and more popular because they are easy to maintain as well as convenient when you can bring them to schools, offices and so on.


How To Make Instant Coffee Taste Better?

To get a great cup of joe you need to have good coffee (of course!). Origin of coffee determines more than 90% of the taste and the rest is due to the preparation.

One trick that can make your coffee cup tastier is that before you brew coffee, blend them well with two teaspoons of cold water, then add the boiled water and enjoy.

This way will help coffee to smell more aromatic and richer than the traditional brewing method.

How Much Instant Coffee Should You Drink A Day?

Each adult (excluding pregnant women) can intake up to 400mg of caffeine a day. That means you can drink freely as long as not over 5 cups.

Is Instant Coffee Good For Health?

A cup of instant coffee is very low in calories, so you don’t have to worry that drinking it will make you fat.

best instant coffee in the uk

Moreover, according to many scientific statistics, coffee contains a lot of antioxidants which are beneficial for health. Even instant coffee is considered to have a higher content of these substances because it has been processed.

Coffee is like other foods, they will be good for your health when you consume it in sufficient amounts.

How To Store Instant Coffees?

For instant coffee sticks, preservation is relatively easy. You just need to store them in dry, cool places that avoid direct sunlight to ensure the quality of the coffee.

In case they are packed with a large weight, you should store the unused portion into covered containers, such as glass jars are great choices.


We’ve revealed to you the top 10 best instant coffees in the UK, and obviously, each product has its own pros and cons that you should consider carefully and choose widely!

To pick up the best one, we highly recommend Kenco Smooth Instant Coffee. As this product brings to the users more values ​​than its price, from high quality ingredients to bargain price, it’s worth trying!

How about you, what is your personal top pick for the best instant coffee 2021 ?

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