10 Best Hypoallergenic Foundations to Treat Your Skin Better

Having sensitive skin means you have to pay extra care for the skin to protect it from patches, rashes, acne, and spots. Thankfully, you can treat your skin better using one of these best hypoallergenic foundations in the UK.

As their name suggests, hypoallergenic products often contain skin-friendly ingredients such as minerals and anti-inflammatory to prevent acne and help maintain smooth and tighten pores.

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Top 10 Best Hypoallergenic Foundations to Buy in the UK

L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation

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On finding the best skin-friendly foundations, it is a good idea to go for branded products like L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation. This is an affordable foundation, coming with a wide range of tones that fits almost all skin colours.

Firstly, we like that L’Oréal Paris foundation has a formula of natural ingredients. They are good for the sensitive skin. For example, there are mineral-based sunscreen substances to help protect skin from direct sunlight. Also, there are different silicone bases to create a velvety-soft finish.

Because the cream is so liquid, it is a little cool on your skin. Plus, Opti-Match ™ technology with micro-Matching loose powder diffused allows creating an ultra-fine light coverage. You will have to worry about sensitive skin irritation or heaviness.

L’Oréal Paris Perfect Match Liquid Foundation has three different categories suitable for different skin colours: F (short for Fair – people with natural skin colour), G (short for Gold – people with yellow skin colour like those are in Asians), and N (short for Neutral – people with dark skin colour). We are pretty sure that you will always find some colours that match your undertone.

In drawbacks, the foundation does not have high coverage, making it only suitable for skin with few blemishes. You can still apply a second layer of foundation to add more coverage.


  • An affordable foundation
  • Skin-safe ingredients
  • Various undertones available
  • Natural finish and lightweight on the skin
  • Convenient design to apply foundation easily


  • Low to medium coverage
  • Fade after three or four hours

Max Factor Radiant Lift Liquid Pump

Max Factor Radiant Lift Liquid Pump

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Another foundation to consider is Max Factor Radiant Lift. As its name suggests, the foundation features a radiant finish, plus with all-day hydration.

We like that the Max Factor is not very liquid but creamy, making it easy to blend the foundation with all makeup products. Moreover, it will neither go cakey nor slip onto the pores. The finish is somewhat satin and nicely fades on the skin. The high hydration recipe ensures that the Max Factor stays well on the skin for eight hours and more without causing dryness or patchiness. That is why we recommend this foundation for sensitive skin.

About the shade range, each of them has various undertones. We strongly recommend trying the Honey – it has a deep shade with a youthful yellow undertone.

The only negative thing is the strong orange scent. Those like something fresh and natural will not prefer it.


  • Not expensive to invest
  • Skin-friendly ingredients
  • Super hydrating to avoid dryness
  • Medium coverage on the skin
  • Durable on the skin for more than eight hours


  • Strong orange scent
  • Shades are various but not very spot on

La Roche Toleriane Teint Fluid Foundation

La Roche Toleriane Teint Fluid Foundation

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If you are ready to pay more for hypoallergenic foundations, then, go for La Roche Toleriane Teint Fluid Foundation. This is a product of the famous Laroche Posay cosmetics company which is recommended by both pharmacists and dermatologists to be healthy and beautiful on your skin.

The foundation comes in the form of nice creamy texture. It is surprisingly breathable and lightweight when used on the skin rather than causing heavy pores as others. Even more, La Roche Toleriane Teint Fluid Foundation provides a significant moisturizer to the skin and even has a mineral SPF of 25 to protect sensitive skin against the sun. All in all, you can expect your sensitive skin to be smooth and comfortable even under extreme weather.

The shade range is darker than normal; however, you can blend it with a small amount of loose powder to create a high coverage matte finish.


  • Small and convenient to bring everywhere
  • Moisturizing and mineral-powder formula
  • Lightweight and breathable on the skin
  • Long-lasting coverage for a long time
  • Provided by branded famous cosmetic brand


  • Expensive
  • Darker shades than expected

Gaya Natural Mineral Coverage Foundation

Gaya Natural Mineral Coverage Foundation

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For those who might not know, mineral foundations have no harmful ingredients and fillers like talc, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, or preservatives. Thus, they become a good choice for all skins, particularly acne-prone sensitive skin. Take the Natural Mineral Full Coverage Foundation, for example.

This is a powder mineral foundation that is suitable to apply on top of the primer as a foundation or concealer or a natural sun protection layer. With all gentle and quality minerals within its vegan formula foundation, the foundation allows your skin to breathe and helps calm any problematic conditions like rosacea, acne, or seborrhea.

All are good other than the fact that shades available are too dark for pale skins. So, you had better refer to the seller carefully in advance to make a wise choice.


  • All naturally-safe skincare ingredients
  • Versatile as a foundation, concealer, and sunscreen
  • High coverage formulas
  • Able to stay on the skin for several hours
  • Easy to apply with common tools


  • Expensive
  • Hard to choose the right shades

Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Corrective

Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Corrective

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Suppose you are having troubles with rosacea, acne scars, or other skincare problems. In that case, you will find the Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Corrective helpful enough to give a long-wear and full coverage over those blemishes. Still, the skin-friendly formulas of the foundation will not irritate your skin.

In specific, the salicylic acid included in the foundation will unblock pores and enlarge cell turnover to promote a clear skin complexion. There is also an aqueous extract that will improve your skin texture significantly. Meanwhile, the innovative Alliagel ™ ingredient is in place to create a soft-focus and durable finish within 16 hours. This foundation contains SPF 25 to protect your sensitive skin outdoors as well.

Unfortunately, many consumers say that Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Corrective seems too oily. You should skip it on your T-zone, or it would be better to pre-apply an oil-absorbing primer.


  • Small and convenient to use
  • Quick-dry yet still comfortable texture
  • High coverage to hide all problems with skin
  • Long-wear capability with a soft focus
  • SPF 25 included in the formula


  • Too oily in the T-zone
  • More expensive than other foundations

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place

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Always have a foundation like Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place on your bag when you have a too-busy day with no time to make up. Just a small amount of the Estee Lauder foundation and you can hide all flaws on the skin. Excitingly enough, your face will remain light and comfortable for the whole day to come.

Back to basic, this foundation is liquid with a matte finish. You can wear it outsides for up to 15 hours without worrying about the foundation subbing off on clothes. On top of that, the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place is waterproof and also SPF-10 sunscreen. It means you can take this foundation to the beach or a pool party!

Another selling point is that the foundation features up to 40 shades so you can always find at least one colour that matches well on any complexion.

Do not use the foundation on dehydrated skin without moisturizing and hydrating it in advance.


  • 24-hour wear without subbing off
  • Light and comfortable on the skin
  • Build-able and waterproof foundations
  • Fragrance-free formulas for sensitive skin
  • Available in 40 colour shades


  • Not an affordable option
  • Not for particularly dry skins

PHOERA 30ml Foundation Liquid

PHOERA 30ml Foundation Liquid

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If you use the foundation for the first time, it would be better to buy a set of PHOERA 30ml Foundation Liquid. As you can see, you will have two liquid semi-matte bottles, one invisible face primer, and one Kabuki makeup brush.

Speaking of the foundation itself, the PHOERA 30ml Foundation Liquid is an oil- and silicone-free. It will provide perfect coverage on your skin. The texture is serum-like and light, so your face will look more peach-natural without leaving greases. Scares, wrinkles, dark eyes, and blemishes are all concealed.

Nonetheless, the foundation seems to make skin dry quickly. Thus, you should use the moisturizer included in the package. It is also helpful to repair and protect sensitive skin. The PHOERA 30m Matte Foundation Liquid will blend much better then.


  • A complete set of foundations, primers, and brush
  • Light and serum-like on skin
  • Beautiful and natural shades
  • Good at concealing skin problems
  • Extremely affordable


  • Quickly dry on the skin
  • Fragile brush

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25-Hour Entire Coverage

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25-Hour Entire Coverage

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There is a good chance that you come across Rimmel Lasting Finish 25-Hour Full Coverage several times when searching for foundations. This product is famous for its long-wearing and breathable feel on the skin. The lightweight foundation even offers buildable coverage with sweat-resistant and high-definition finish. Believe us; you will have a hydrated skin for over 25 hours.

Even more, the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25-Hour Entire Coverage features vitamins (Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E) to protect your skin from direct sunlight. That is a selling point when it comes to such an affordable foundation.

We just do not appreciate the shades. They are limited compared to other foundations we mentioned above. Thus, you might not find your favourite shades available.


  • Coming at a bargain price
  • Small and lovely cover
  • Lightweight on the skin
  • Long-lasting coverage
  • Many vitamins included in the formula


  • Limited options of shades
  • So-so coverage

Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals Light Coverage

Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals Light Coverage

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Your very first impression on Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals Light Coverage might be its different cover. It looks lovely and convenient with a mirror and mousse.

This foundation is more than that. Truth be told, the Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals Light Coverage is an all-in-one powder because it can be used as a foundation, colour corrector, or concealer. You can rest assured about age spots, blemishes, fine lines or uneven skin tones.

We extremely like that mineral powder is finely micronized to provide a light coverage so you will not have to worry about the “cakey” face. Nonetheless, you should not apply too much, or your skin turns out to be “talcy.”

This foundation, however, is not natural. There is a small amount of artificial preservative – but do not cause any allergies.


  • Lovely square box with a mirror and moose
  • Soft and lovely pastel colours
  • Lightweight coverage without being “cakey.”
  • Versatile as a concealer and colour corrector
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not completely natural ingredients
  • Tiny useless colour dots

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Light Liquid Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Light Liquid Foundation

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The sweet pink pastel colour reminds us of the Rimmel Lasting Finish above. And this Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is nearly as good as the Rimmel.

This serum foundation offers a light and creamy texture with medium coverage. Thus, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum can blend effortlessly into your acne-prone skin without causing any discomfort or heaviness. Your skin will have a healthy glow up to 16 hours then.

It is also worth mentioning that the formula is enhanced with pomegranate, vitamin-rich litchi, and goji extracts. They are all good to nourish and revive your sensitive skin.

We just wish the manufacturer can add the SPF into the formula to make this foundation even more helpful.


  • Vitamin-rich litchi
  • A cheap serum foundation
  • Blended easily
  • Long-lasting and light coverage
  • Easy to apply with a dispenser


  • Not sunscreen
  • Not for dry skin

How to Choose The Best Hypoallergenic Foundations?

Understanding your skin types

Whenever you choose a product for your skin, it is important to get to know what type of your skin and how to treat it properly. There are five common types available.

Normal skin

How lucky you are, having normal skin because it is much less problematic and requires less time and effort to take care of. Even better, your skin has a smooth texture, refined pores, and a healthy glow. You just need to choose foundations with moisture and sebum content to maintain the skin’s balanced condition.

Oily skin

If you find your skin usually shiny and with enlarged pores, there is a likelihood that your skin is oily. With this skin type, remember to cleanse as deeply as possible to remove built-up dead cells and maintain natural moisture. Then, it is important that foundations have a great oil control during the day and stay in place.

How to Choose The Best Hypoallergenic Foundations?

Dry skin

In contrast to oily skin, this skin lacks moisture and elasticity. You can see obvious dullness on the cheeks and wrinkles around the eyes. Even worse, you will feel tight and itchy on your skin.

Thus, what to do with any skin care products, including foundations: keep your skin moisturized.

Combination skin

You might find your skins dry in cheeks while being oily in some other areas like the t-zone. Then, you should use different types of foundations: mineral powder ones in summer and cream-based foundations in winter.

Also, getting to know the types of foundations

Now that you already determine the type of skin choose foundations accordingly. There are five options to consider.

Liquid foundations

They are either water-based or oil-based. They are very versatile because of the availability in different coverages from light to medium levels, making liquid foundation makeup usable for almost all skins. They are also easy to apply with fingers, sponges, and brushes, etc.

On drawbacks, the foundations tend to clog pores, which results in blackheads and whiteheads. Not to mention, sweat and natural oil can cause the foundations to be patchy over long hours.

Powder foundations

Foundations in the form of powder are supposed to soak up excess oil with its talc-based formation.

However, you should avoid it if your skin is very oily. The powder turns clumpy quickly and even changes colour upon reacting with oils and sweat. Instead, use the loose pressed-powder formulas to absorb oily residue.

Best Hypoallergenic Foundations in the UK

A note when you use powder: they do not fill in wrinkles and lines like the liquid formulas. Thus, never apply them to dry patches; otherwise, your face will end up being too heavy like cakes.

Cream foundations

If your skin is dry, better to get familiar with cream foundations. They will add extra moisture to your skin and keep it hydrated for a very long time without causing cake. Moreover, the coverage is often medium to high, so those foundations can excellently hide visible lines and slight blemishes.

However, cream foundations are prone to creasing quickly on dehydrated sensitive skin. You should pre-apply a moisturizer or primer before you use foundations.

Mousse foundations

Mousse foundations become more and more popular for those having dry to normal skin. They provide extra hydrate and leave your skin with a dewy glow. Moreover, the foundations are often light and air-soft.

So far, so good if not mentioning that mousse foundations often last shorter than cream ones – only around 3 hours or so.

Serum foundations

Besides powder foundations, serum foundations are also good for almost all types of skin, thinking of its light coverage and tinted moisturizer. For example, if you have mature skin with few natural oils, the serum foundations have high hydrating formulas to take care of it.

Choosing the foundations matching your skin tone.

A hypoallergenic foundation not only protects your sensitive skin but also beautifies your face. For that reason, you should always test whether the foundation matches the skin’s colours in the jawline and neck rather than make you look ghastly or ashy.

Hypoallergenic Foundation Uk

A tip is to determine your undertone by looking at the wrist’s veins. If they are purple or blue, you might have a cool tone. In case they are olive or green, you have a warm tone. Otherwise, your undertone is neutral. Then, choose the foundations noted to be cool/warm/neutral undertone.

Almost done, testing on the foundation finish as well.

The finish of foundations means how they leave on your skin after a while. There are three common finishes, including:

  • Dewy foundation finish: Those with dry or mature sensitive skin would love a dewy finish, simple as it looks gorgeously glowing and youthful. Whose skin is oily should stay away from this type of finish because it will end up being even wetter.
  • Sheer foundation finish: This is a choice for combination skin when full coverage is not necessary. Instead, you need a natural and lightweight foundation to make your skin shine through – ideal for not overloading a sensitive skin.
  • Satin foundation finish: Satin is the one between. It is not as shiny as dewy and also not as flat as a sheer finish. Normally, most skins will enjoy satin finish, but oily skins will reap the most benefits.

Finally, checking the ingredients of foundations.

What to differ hypoallergenic foundations from common foundations is that there are no harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. Just to name a few chemicals to avoid: benzoyl peroxide or retinol or PABA. Simply put, the fewer ingredients – the better.

Hypoallergenic Foundations

Avoid those with synthetic dyes or perfumes as well, and go for organic products. We mean those are oil-free, water-based, and non-comedogenic. They can be more expensive, but kinder for your sensitive skin.


How to test my skin types at home?

Although each type has its own physical characteristics, as we mentioned above, some might still not be sure about their skin’ characteristics.

Simply, pat a blotting paper across your face. Check the sheet under the light to determine the oil condition.

  • If the sheet picks up little oil, you have dry skin.
  • If the sheet shows oil in the T-zone, you have a combination skin.
  • And, if the sheet holds much oil, your skin is oily.

How to test if a foundation is truly hypoallergenic?

For the time being, even when some products confirm to be hypoallergenic on their labels. They – in fact, do not have to prove by any agreed-upon regulations.

Even when the ten hypoallergenic foundations in the UK we recommended above receive almost no allergies report, you should still be careful. For example, test the makeup on the inside of the forearm several days to check whether it is truly safe for your skin.

How to apply foundations on skins?

Please follow:

  • Wash your face properly.
  • Moisturize your face in advance and apply a primer to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Hide dark circles and patches with a colour corrector.
  • Apply the foundation on the nose, chin, forehead, cheeks, and under the eyes. Blend it using a sponge or brush.
  • Finally, use compact and power to avoid buildup.

Wrapping up

Please treat your skin well before it becomes mature and wrinkled. To do so, you must always be careful when choosing the makeup products, particularly get the best hypoallergenic foundations as some have recommended above, particularly, the La Roche Toleriane Teint Fluid Foundation. This foundation has all skin-friendly ingredients.

Anyway, whatever you choose, the key to taking away is to understand your skin type and undertones to make a wise choice on foundation types and colours. Good luck!

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