Best Hot Water Bottles

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If you constantly feel those aching sores or cramps lingering in your back muscles, or just want something to warm you up at night, then a hot water bottle is the perfect product. They are the best in keeping you cosy and washing over you with comfort. In this article, we introduce you the ten best hot water bottles currently available in the UK in 2021.

Browse through with confidence! All the products are hand-picked and will be worthy of every penny     .

How to choose the best hot water bottles

Choosing a hot water bottle that checks all your requirements can be challenging, due to the wide variety of products on the market. Therefore, below are some important factors that to take into consideration when on your search for the product most suitable that you can get the best out of.

What is the product made of?

Materials used for making a hot water bottle are, in most cases, rubber or silicone. It is hard to say which one outperforms the other as they all have traits appealing to users.

Hot Water Bottle

Rubber is a cheap, common material for hot water bottles, but they have an unpleasant rubbery smell and average heat retention.

Silicone, on the other hand, has a premium feel, microwavable, better at handling very hot water and long-lasting. They are uncommon, however, and can be quite expensive.

Which sizes do they come with?

The standard size of a hot water bottle is a large 1 to 2-litre for adults and a modest 0.8-litre for children.

You should choose the size fitting to your abdomen for the most comfort. For kids or specific points of your body, a smaller, more compact hot water bottle is more suitable.

Best Hot Water Bottles UK

Can it be microwaved?

Most rubber hot water bottles are not microwavable as the material will likely melt. Silicone bottles, in contrast, have little problem with microwaves and do not get worn out.

It is best that you check the package for microwave-safe labels and make sure the warranty of the product covers microwaving issues.

Does it come with a cover?

Most modern hot water bottles are covered with fabric or at least come with a bonus protective bag. This is a considerable feature as it can improve the overall comfortability of the bottle, especially when you are using it for pain relief.

One more benefit of a cover is that they have variable designs, giving your bottle an aesthetic, premium look.

You can find covered hot water bottles in every price range, and they offer a wide variety of designs and materials, so you can take time to choose your most preferred product without worrying about the price or the quality.

Top 10 Best Hot Water Bottles In The UK 2021

#1. Cassandra 1.8 Litre Hot Water Bottle – Best for value

Cassandra 1.8 Litre Hot Water Bottle

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For those who are on a tight budget but want a product that has all the necessary features, we would recommend you to grab one of these Cassandra hot water bottles.

Do not let the cheap price fool you, for this warmth keeping product is moulded from highly-performance natural rubber. This thoughtful choice of material is flexible enough to hold quite a massive volume of water (given its 32 cm height and 21 cm width, we would say around 1.9-litres).

The entire thickness of 1.6 mm is another part winning us over. Since British standard requirements have made it clear that liquid containers’ wall measurement cannot go below 1.4 mm, this is a silent promise that this hot water bottle is designed to maximize users’ safety.

With customer’s satisfaction in mind, the manufacturer even managed to develop this product further with a washer-less stopper. This handy feature has solved the biggest complaint of customers when using a hot water bottle, as well as giving it a longer life-span.

One small shortcoming is the bottle does not support microwaving, and a lack of cover may not provide you with the best comfort.

  • No-spill lid when filling
  • Up to 5 years warranty
  • Ribbed sides for better grip 
  • Average heat retention 

#2. Cosy 2-Litre Hot Water Bottle & Soft Bag Cover by Cryopaq – Best for comfort

Cosy 2-Litre Hot Water Bottle & Soft Bag Cover by Cryopaq

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Looking for a comfy hot water bottle so you can snuggle through those cold winter nights? The Cosy Bed Warmer & Soft Bag Cover by Cryopaq is made to serve just that! Its furry cover not only feels soft to the touch and looks luxurious, but also keeps the heat in your bottle for even longer comfort.

The super fluffy cover is not the only well-made part; when you have to take it for cleaning, the plain hot water bottle still proves to be as pleasant to use.

The thick natural rubber material, plus an embossed surface surely provides you a strong grip and a heat barrier when held, giving you similar warmth.

Additionally, this lovely hot water bottle can be used as a heat pack to relieve the aches and sores, maintain flexibility in your joints and especially useful for the ladies at easing the cramps during their menstrual period.

Any good product has its weak points, however, for Cryopaq Bed Warmer & Soft Bag Cover, it is the high price and a lack of different sizes, fixed at the large 2-litre capacity. Overall, the product still provides excellent comfort for long-term use.

  • Superior comfort
  • Steady heat retention
  • Premium fur cover
  • Effective pain relief
  • Hard to remove cover

#3. 1.5 Litre Body Bottle by YuYu – Best for working

1.5 Litre Body Bottle by YuYu

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A hot water bottle can sometimes be inconvenient to use due to their size and having to keep them near you. Luckily YuYu Body bottle is here to warm you through your hard working days hands free.

What makes it stand out compared to other bottles is its flexibility. The common design of hot water bottles is a large bag that covers your abdomen, requiring you to maintain its position.

The Body bottle, in contrast, is a long worm-shaped design that can be bent to form a belt secured by a long strap around your waist, back or shoulders.

Accompanying this wonderful shape is the high-quality rubber with zero unpleasant smell and extra thickness for better heat retention, ensuring no interference to your activities

Some other unique features of the Body bottles are in the product’s bonus fleece cover that is not only nice to look at but also tailored with insulating lining, keeping you cozy for longer without adding too much bulk.

It also comes with a pocket to store some tiny things but have massive effects on comfort enhancement, such as your favorite aromatic bags for scent therapy..

One drawback of this product is the rubber bottle’s rigid, lumpy surface that can reduce the softness feel even when the cover is on, which is not thick enough to lessen the ridges. Overall it is a great product if your hands are in working order!

  • Excel in relieving pains and aches
  • Can position on any part of the body with ease
  • Multiple sizes for adults and kids
  • Easy to replace cover
  • Quite heavy when filled

#4. Homealexa 2 Litre Long Hot Water Bottle – Best for Durability

Homealexa 2 Litre Long Hot Water Bottle

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Want a hot water bottle that can sustain daily wear and tear? The Homealexa Long hot water bottle will provide you with full satisfaction!

The bottle is built from premium rubber that has zero odour – what many rubber hot water bottles struggle with, plus an added explosion-proof tested layer of PVC, giving it superior durability to last through impact with ease.

Despite its broad size, the whole bottle is designed with rounded corners, making it scratch-proof and comfortable to use at any angle. This is another reason why we decided to label it “best for durability”.

Something like this can stay by your side for years on end, helping to cut down the potential cost for replacement.

The Homealexa hot water bottle comes with a soft and fluffy cover, thin enough to ensure heat transfer through and thick enough to preserve the heat inside. Unfortunately, the cover does not come with a strap so as flexible the bottle is, using it hands-free is not recommended.

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Leak-proof rotating stopper
  • Superb durability
  • Quite flexible for its thickness
  • No strap included

#5. City Comfort 2 Litre Hot Water Bottle (Fleece Cover) – Best for safety

City Comfort 2 Litre Hot Water Bottle (Fleece Cover)

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This product is best for anyone who take safety features in account specifically. The City Comfort Hot Water Bottle focuses more on ensuring you an easy-to-use and risk-free experience.

One of the hot water bottle’s strong points that promotes its quality is the material. The 100% natural rubber shell of the bottle is confirmed to contain no harmful chemicals.

The ribbed slip-free surface coming along provides even more protection against heat when being held, though only one-sided, so right positioning is needed for maximum effect.

Safety-wise, the bottle’s mouth is much larger than what you see most of the time, protruding from a lengthened neck, all thoroughly tested to ensure no hot water spitting due to pressure when refilling.

Another strong point is in its well-designed cover. The fleecy fabric is soft to the skin, producing a comfortable layer for your good night sleep.

Additionally, its 100% polyester material is machine-washable and can be very durable over time, making the product overall cost saving.

For its price, unfortunately, the cover is cut down on thickness and the colour of the fabric fades away fast under detergents.

  • Foolproof, assuring design
  • Fully covered lid with leak-proof stopper
  • Stylish patterned design
  • Easy-to-remove cover
  • The cover’s colours can fade quickly

#6. CityComfort 2 Litre Hot Water Bottle (Fur Cover) – Best for design

CityComfort 2 Litre Hot Water Bottle (Fur Cover)

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CityComfort has always been famous for bringing high-quality standards to budget products, and users who are in love with the fluffy cover only seen in premium products, can now enjoy one themselves without hurting their wallet once investing in the brand’s hot water bottle.

This product is an excellent eye-candy rivaling even high-end products. It is made of 100% natural rubber, which gives it a long-lasting durability and pleasant earthy smell.

The whole pouch is then wrapped with a luxurious plush faux fur cover that  feels super cosy, the premium peluche-like material enhances the softness and the furry surface makes it the perfect snuggly pillow.

The marvelous design combined with the remarkable feelings can easily persuade you to turn this hot water bottle into your most favorite bed or sofa warmer, and it will definitely satisfy your loved ones too.

  • Low price for value
  • Keep warmth for very long
  • Beautiful colours
  • Great comfort for after-surgery pains
  • Dust-magnet cover

#7. Easycosy 2 Litre Long Hot Water Bottle – Best for Christmas Decorations 

Easycosy 2 Litre Long Hot Water Bottle

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Wondering what to decorate your house with during Christmas eve ? The Easycosy long hot water bottle is here to serve! Its unique Christmas-patterned knitted coat gives out a festive feel to your hot water bottle.

Hang some on your sofa and sitting with your loved ones during a breezy night can be a heartwarming experience, bringing everyone close together.

Just having them hanging around your house can really bolster the Christmas spirit, bringing you both warmth to the body as well as warmth to your mood

The product, like any hot water bottle, can help chase the cold away when the temperature begins dropping. Its worm-like design plus the Liner 2L Pure Natural Rubber material characterized by extra-insulating properties widen its use from your abdomen to your hands, waist, neck, back and so on.

Using one for your bed is also a great idea as its considerable size can spread warmth across evenly, bringing you as much comfort as possible.

Though it is a 2-litre hot water bottle, its long and slim design sacrifices its actual capacity, as for safety reasons, you can only fill it up to half.

  • Festive design
  • Reasonable price
  • Great coverage of the stomach
  • Effective bed warmer
  • Small actual filling capacity 

#8. EXTSUD 2 Litre Hot Water Bottle (Fur Cover) – Best for Families

EXTSUD 2 Litre Hot Water Bottle

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In terms of people who are browsing for a hot water bottle that they can share with their children, we think the EXTSUD Hot Water Bottle is what you are looking for!

To meet current standards, the material of the hot water bottle made from is a long-lasting 2L Pure Natural Rubber. For a 2-litre hot water bottle, its size is more comparable to that of a children-sized bottle, which is not a bad thing.

It is enough for use by adults when they want to focus the heat on a sore shoulder, cramps, earaches or even toothaches! And it is perfect for your children as a whole body warmer.

Another perk that makes the hot water bottle highly recommended is safety-oriented design of the fluffy plush cover. The fabric is chemical-free which is safe for children’s sensitive skin, and the shorter than average fur length will keep your children from picking the threads and accidentally swallowing them.

As a bonus, the fur coat actually covers the bottle from head to toe, ensuring no hot droplets remain on the exterior of the bottle.

  • Suitable size for everyone
  • Thick material
  • Strongly-sealed stopper
  • Plain, unimpressive design

#9. CityComfort 1 Litre Snuggly Pug Hot Water Bottle – Best for Children

CityComfort 1 Litre Snuggly Pug Hot Water Bottle

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Are you a dog person? Or are you looking for a present for your kids? If you nod your head for either, then you have come to the right product! The CityComfort Snuggly Pug Hot Water Bottle is a perfect alternative to stimulate your love for these four-legged companions and a perfect plushy for your children’s bedtime!

The plush cover is made from ultra-cuddly materials for an extra comforting feeling your kids will definitely love, while the inside is constructed out of premium odourless, chemical-free natural rubber to give it extra safety to your children’s health as well as the most comfort.

Despite having small capacity (a modest 1-litre), its design fits snuggly in your belly and can be suitable as a super cute body pillow that your children will enjoy.

Due to its high-quality, eco-friendly natural rubber material, the product’s heat retention capability is quite good, enough for a cosy night sleep.

Putting one beside you, and it will warm up your body, and even your mood. Overall, this plush hot water bottle is the perfect gift solution for your lovely children!

The cutesy design cover has one flaw: it is difficult to remove from the hot water bottle, and the small size reduces its overall warming duration.

  • Cute and snuggly design
  • Perfect mood-booster
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Hard-to-remove cover

#10. CityComfort 2 Litre Trendy Knitted Hot Water Bottle – Best for Gifting

CityComfort 2 Litre Trendy Knitted Hot Water Bottle

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Holidays are coming, and you do not know what to buy for your friends and family? Then worry no more as the CityComfort Trendy Knitted Hot Water Bottle is the ideal gift to treat your loved ones this holiday!

The entire pouch is enveloped inside a luxurious knitted cover with vibrant patterns that also feels cosy and soft. The cute yet classic design of the cover is guaranteed to impress both adults and children, making this product an all-around Christmas gift that can impress the receivers.

Its natural rubber shell contains none of the chemical smell found in cheap rubber. Combined with the generous 2-litre capacity for stable water temperature and maximum heat retention, it definitely makes a wonderful gift for your beloved in all occasions.

The cover does not come with a strap, unfortunately, so after some use, the tightness between the cover and the bottle can be reduced, losing its secureness.

  • Stylish design
  • Effective in bringing up the festive spirit
  • Budget price
  • Threads feel loose 


Here are some questions that we think you may be concerned with while buying the best hot water bottles

How to fill a hot water bottle?

All hot water bottles can be filled the same way so, for safe use and maximum durability, we advise you follow these steps:

  • Fill the hot water bottle with no more than three-quarters of hot water (Do not use boiling water).
  • Gently squeeze to remove any contained air, remember to do this carefully to avoid spilling hot water.
  • Securely screw the lid onto the bottle.
  • Turn the bottle upside down to check for leaks (make sure to keep it at arm length). If there are none, then the bottle is ready to use.

Is it all right to put boiling water in a hot water bottle?

We do not advise pouring boiling water into a hot water bottle under any circumstances as doing so will damage the bottle’s inner layer, increasing the risk of dangerous burnings due to leaks.

Best Hot Water Bottles In The UK

How many hours does a hot water bottle stay hot?

The usage period varies depending on the material of the hot water bottle, how the bottle is stored (in a cover, in a blanket and what the environment the bottle is used in (cold, warm). On average, a hot water bottle without any cover should last around one hour to six hours.

How often should you replace your hot water bottle?

If used and stored according to instructions, your hot water bottle should last approximately two years, during which the rubber material will start to deteriorate, this is when you should consider replacing your hot water bottle as it can be unsafe to use further.

Especially, you should get a replacement immediately if you find any defects in your bottle.

Last words

The list of 10 best hot water bottles above are all tailored to serve your needs the best and are currently available in the UK in 2021. Each product has its own strong points as well as shortcomings, make sure that you take all information into consideration before purchasing.

For further questions about this topic, write in the comment box below. We will reply to you as soon as we can!

Thank you all for taking your time to read through our reviews and hopefully you will be able to choose your favourite product! Hope to see you in our future posts!

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