Best Healthy Snack Bars

According to registered dieticians, snack bars contain a large amount of protein, giving your body the energy to go through the day.

But some of them may contain a lot of sugar, which can be harmful to your health. That is why you should be picky and choose the best healthy snack bars that you won’t feel guilty when eating them.

Best Healthy Snack Bars In The Uk In 2021

#1 Grenade Reload Protein Bar Billionaires Shortbread – Best Sport Nutrition

PhD Smart Plant Bar Vegan Friendly

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For people who exercise regularly, eating protein packs to provide an energy kick is a must. The Reload Protein – Billionaires Shortbread provides sport lovers, fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers with slow-release energy to fuel the day.

Reload Protein Bars are made with natural ingredients (whole grain oats and nut butter blend, including cashew butter and peanut butter), containing up to 17 grams of protein and 8.2 grams of fibre per serving. This award winning snack bar’s nutritious value is perfect for boosting your energy before starting a workout session.

The bar consists of two distinctive parts, making it easier for you to snack along the way to the gym or during regular intervals when exercising.

If you are a sweet tooth and still want a healthier retreat, each Reload Bar only contains 3.4 grams of sugar while still retaining the appealing flavour..

  • Very high in protein
  • Convenient to grab on the go
  • Keep you fully satisfied for a long while
  • Soft texture makes the chocolate melt easily
  • Can leave a sticky aftertaste


The Grenade Reload Bar with Billionaires Shortbread flavour would be a great choice for on-the-go snacking packs with flexible design, high protein and high fibre, especially for people who take part in all forms of physical exercises.

#2 PhD Smart Plant Bar Vegan Friendly – Best for Vegetarian

PhD Smart Plant Bar Vegan Friendly

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The name says it all! The Vegetarian Society recognizes the PhD Smart Plant as a gluten-free, vegan-friendly bar. Whether you are a vegan or on a plant-based diet, this bar is tailor-made just for you.

The PhD Smart Plant Dark Chocolate Brownie flavour with chocolate coating and a little touch of soya crisps brings you a delicious but not-to-sweet taste. With natural sweetener, this product does not contain trans fat and saturated fat, aiming to benefit your health.

A PhD Smart Plant bar offers up to 23 grams of protein (including pea protein isolate), one of the highest protein vegan-friendly bars on the market. It is considered as a protein powerhouse for any vegan, keeping you satisfied and full of energy on hectic days.

Another special feature of this bar is its reward of the Climate Pledge Friendly in packaging design by Amazon, in which smaller packaging size leads to less carbon emissions. It’s time we consider sustainable factors when buying a snack bar.

  • Does not contain trans fat and saturated fat
  • Natural, gluten-free ingredients
  • Very high in protein
  • Chocolate coating can be sticky sometimes


The PhD Smart Plant Dark Choco Brownie would be the best vegan option for those who are looking for a delicious, vegan-friendly and sustainable protein bar.

#3 Kinder Chocolate Medium – Best for Children

Kinder Chocolate Medium

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Regarded as the Pringles of the chocolate empire, Kinder is best known for its excellent combination of chocolate and milk. Apart from the Kinder Surprise Egg, they have released the new, delicious Kinder Chocolate Bar in various sizes.

This Kinder Chocolate Bar contains fine milk chocolate and milky filling, bringing kids a sweet, creamy feeling in the mouth. This time, the product appears with more milk to better suit children’s tastes.

The German brand wraps the chocolate bar individually to avoid kids from indulging in too many sweetened and sugary products, which turns this chocolate bar into a healthy little treat after school for children.

Kinder Chocolate Bar is a truly healthy snack as it contains just 119kcal per serving and no preservatives and food colours, therefore prevents children from storing excess calories.

  • Delicious and creamy
  • More milk to fit children’ taste
  • Excellent wrapping 
  • Easy to overeat without parent’s supervision
  • A little pricey


The Kinder Chocolate Bar will be a top-of-mind snack bar for children to eat during break or after school. However, parents should keep an eye on their kids to avoid overindulgence.

#4 FULFIL Vitamin & Protein Bar – Best for All Occasions

FULFIL Vitamin & Protein Bar

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The FULFIL Vitamin & Protein Bar would be an all-in-one snack to grab on the go. Whether you are a gym-goer, a 9-to-5 worker, a dieter or a group of friends going on a road trip, this protein bar is a perfect match.

This protein bar comes with chocolate salted caramel flavour, with milk chocolate coating surrounded by a layer of salted caramel and crunchy crispies.

The FULFIL bar offers 15 grams of protein and is jam-packed with a recommended allowance of 9 vitamins: vitamin E, B6, B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid and Folic acid to serve as a nutrient-rich breakfast option on the go.

Moreover, you will not have to sacrifice taste with nutrient dense because this is a low sugar chocolate bar with just a mere amount of sugar (1.2g per serving), a brilliant alternative to sugary foods for dieters.

  • Contains both macro and micronutrients
  • Indulgent taste
  • Convenient packaging size
  • Smaller compared to other protein bites


FULFIL protein bar is more than an average bar. It is packed with proteins and nine vitamins, fueling your day with energy and satisfaction. Suitable for all occasions, this will be your first choice when it comes to a healthy snack bar.

#5 TREK High Protein Cocoa Oat – Best Plant-based Bar

TREK High Protein Cocoa Oat

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TREK Cocoa Oat protein bar would be another great fit for a vegan. It is made of 100% natural ingredients and is gluten-free, egg-free, milk-free, suitable for those with food allergies.

Each flapjack bar contains 9 grams of plant-based protein, an adequate amount of protein to boost your energy throughout a busy working day.

This product is also a good source of fibre from the gluten-free oats, topped with smooth cocoa and a dark chocolate layer – a wonderful combination in taste.

Moreover, the TREK Cocoa Oat bar has an excellent texture: it is solid and hard to melt. You can eat it as a healthy treat for breakfast or alongside Greek yoghurt or ice cream as a dessert.

  • 100% vegan, plant-based, gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients
  • Fulfilling for a long time
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Thick and solid texture
  • A little bit pricey
  • Not very high in protein


The TREK Cocoa Oat Protein Bar is one of the healthiest choices for snacks. The 100% plant-based ingredients in this protein bar would be an excellent source of nutrition for your health, stabilising blood sugar level and bringing along other health benefits.

#6 Nakd Bakewell Tart Fruit & Nut – Best Bar to Eat with Tea 

Nakd Bakewell Tart Fruit & Nut

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Instead of spending time on baking a cake for a tea retreat, you can completely shift into a Nakd Bakewell Tart Fruit & Nut snack bar.

The Nakd Bakewell Tart Fruit & Nut bar is made of 100% natural fruits and nuts, combining all the tasty flavour of British bits in just one 35g bar.

This snack bar brings you a brilliant, delicious taste with raisins, dates, and cashew, all fresh and clean from the farm. It has a softer texture than other chocolate bites on the market, offering a smooth and silky feeling when eating.

Additionally, the Nakd Bakewell Tart bar is also vegan-friendly and gluten-free with no wheat and contains no artificial sweeteners and syrup, making it a great choice to enjoy alongside your cup of tea.

  • Flavourful taste with real fruits and nuts
  • No added sugar and syrup
  • Perfect alternative to sweet treats
  • Slightly small packaging


The Nakd Bakewell Tart Fruit & Nut bar would be fit for those who are seeking for a delightful and exploding taste of fresh fruits and nuts in a convenient snack bar. Just stick around and chill with this snack bar and a cup of tea during a break.

#7 Atkins Keto Chocolate Caramel – Best Low Carb Keto Bar

Atkins Keto Chocolate Caramel

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If you are on an Atkin or Keto diet and want to find a low carb snack that is both healthy and tasty, the Atkins Keto Chocolate Caramel is there for you.

The chocolate bar is a low carb, low sugar snack bar with only 3 grams of carbs and 2.4 grams of sugar; you certainly will not have to worry about interrupting your diet.

Moreover, this high protein bar is a classic combination of chocolate and caramel, making it a chewy and irresistible snack bar to eat during a break at work.

With the limited amount of carbs, the Atkins Keto Chocolate Caramel bar strictly follows your diet plan, keeps your weight balanced and helps burn body fat gradually.

You can also serve this perfect keto bar with your favourite hot drink or Greek yoghurt to boost the taste remarkably.

Pros & Cons

  • Low carbs, low sugar
  • Handy to bring outside
  • Fit well with your diet 
  • Can be sticky in the mouth
  • Easy to melt when placed outdoor


Following a Keto diet is not difficult anymore as you can indulge yourself with the healthy and delicious taste of the Atkins Keto Chocolate Caramel bar. Now, feel free to indulge yourself without feeling guilty, thanks to this low carb snack.

#8 Atkins Keto Double Chocolate – Best Chocolate Bar

Atkins Keto Double Chocolate

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This nominee is another excellent plant protein bar from Atkins with double chocolate flavour. The Atkins Keto Double Chocolate is one of the best healthy chocolate bars for dieters on the market.

Compared to the Atkins Chocolate Caramel, this Double Chocolate bar contains significantly less carbs, of only 1.6 grams..

For chocolate lovers, this bar is a total treat with soft, tasty dark chocolate around a crunchy chocolate bar, making it perfect for a dessert or a great low carb snack after working out.

Moreover, with just less than 1 gram of sugar in each serving, the Atkins Keto Double Chocolate is a healthier choice than other low carb snacks. From now on, there will be no shame in craving sugary food anymore.

  • Very low sugar and carbs
  • Convenient packaging size
  • Easy to melt when carried outdoor


If you seek a chocolatey and delicious taste without feeling guilty after eating, the Atkins Keto Double Chocolate bar is right there for you. With extreme low sugar and carbs, this chocolate bar fits well into any low-carb diet plan.

#9 Get Fruity Mixed – Best Fruit Bar

Get Fruity Mixed

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From an award-winning brand in the Snack Bar category in 2015, Get Fruity brings you the mouth-wateringly taste of raw, 100% natural fruits with no artificial ingredients.

The Get Fruity Mixed Bar is made of wholegrain, gluten-free oats combined with fresh fruits, including strawberry, mango, berry, orange, pineapple and raspberry – such rich, long-lasting and delicious flavour to munch on.

Each Get Fruity Mixed Fruit Flavor bar weighs 35 grams, which comes in handy for children to bring to school and enjoy as a snack option.

Moreover, these bars contain only natural sugar from fruits and are low in salt, perfectly healthy for both children and adults.

  • Simple ingredients with various flavours
  • Made from real, fresh and healthy fruits
  • Easy to bring as a grab-and-go snack
  • Large amount of sugar
  • Low in protein


With the flavoursome taste from natural fruits, the Get Fruity Mixed Bar can serve as a wholesome afternoon snack for your family anytime and occasion.

#10 Chia Charge Mini Flapjack Chia Seeds – Best Workout Fuel

Best Healthy Snack Bars Chia Charge Mini Flapjack Chia Seeds

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If you are a fitness enthusiast seeking a quick snack to better your performance – be it cycling, running or hitting the gym, the Mini Flapjack Chia Seeds from Chia Charge will be a perfect match.

One unique thing about this protein bar is its ingredient –  black chia seeds, one of the world’s healthiest foods, providing Omega 3, iron, calcium and antioxidants to boost your body inside out.

The Chia Charge Mini Flapjack Chia Seed Banana Flavour is the ultimate bar for workout, which you can use as a supplement pre- or post-workout. With natural ingredients, this bar will cause no harm to your digestive system even while you are exercising hard.

  • Provide rich nutrients for the body
  • Give balanced energy when working out
  • Low in protein


The Chia Charge Mini Flapjack Chia Seeds is suitable for those who do sports regularly and can serve as an energy booster before and after working out to sustain and balance energy. With the delicious taste of bananas, this will be the one that gym-goers are seeking.

A Detailed Buying Guide for The Best Healthy Snack Bars in 2021

As you already know, there are various kinds of snack bars available on the market. You will be overwhelmed, standing in front of rows of snack bars in local supermarkets. It isn’t very clear where to start with choosing the snack bars that suit you the most with so many brands and flavours.

Best Healthy Snack Bars in the uk

Therefore, below are some specific snack bar buying guides for beginners:


The number of calories in each bar varies due to its ingredients. It is suggested that a snack bar providing 100 to 150 calories is healthy.


Snack bars can deliver from 15 grams to 25 grams of protein. So if you are on the way to the gym and need a quick snack to boost energy, go for the high protein bar (above 20 grams of protein each).

But if you only look for a protein bar to serve as an afternoon snack or an alternative to sweetened foods, feel free to choose any protein bar of your favourite flavour.

Carbs and Sugar

This part will confuse you because some snack bars claim that they are healthy for your health while still containing loads of carbs and sugar.

It is recommended topick bars that offer just under 10g of sugar each. If you are on a diet such as Atkin or Keto, seek for any bar that contains less than 2g of sugar and low net carbs to balance your diet plan.


Any source of fibre is a good source. You should choose snack bars made of 100% natural ingredients, including nuts, fruits, seeds and whole grains to sustain weight and maintain a healthy heart.

Also, make sure to read the product label and nutrition facts carefully before purchasing a snack bar.

Healthy Snack Bars – FAQs

Are snack bars healthy?

Many people think snack bars are healthy. In most cases, snack bars can serve as a great protein source to boost your energy and bring about flavourful taste throughout the day.

Best Healthy Snack Bars UK

While some of them contain a large amount of refined sugar, those made of natural sources, such as fruits, nuts and natural sweeteners are considered healthy.

You can also look for snack bars that are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free to better your overall health.

Is it OK to eat two protein bars a day?

According to nutritionists, it is not recommended to consume more than one protein or whey protein bar per day. Eating two protein bars, especially those high in calories, can harm your health and boost weight gain.

Alternatively, try to eat one protein bar per day as a snack to fuel your energy and guide you through a busy day. Also, try to surround yourself with well-rounded meals and natural foods to provide your body with richer and healthier nutrients.

Can you snack and still lose weight?

You can enjoy snacks without worrying about gaining weight if you consume healthy snack bars with high protein, low carbs, healthy fat and low sugar. Not to mention, stay active and do physical exercises.

There are many alternatives to sugary foods that you can find in the supermarket. They will keep you full and reduce your craving for other unhealthy options.

Therefore, please pay close attention when it comes to choosing the right snacks by calculating suitable daily calories for your body and reading the product label and ingredient list carefully before purchasing.

When should I eat protein bars to lose weight?

Technically, people can eat protein bars at any time of the day. You can use protein bars as a substitute for breakfast or during a break at work. You can also use healthy protein bars as a weight loss solution, which will make you full and satisfied without feeling guilty.

However, try not to overeat protein bars or consume them as the main meals. It would be best if you also fueled yourself with whole foods, vegetables, and other protein sources to maintain sustainable weight loss.

Do protein bars have side effects?

Not all protein bars are healthy. If you consume protein bars that contain artificial preservatives, added sugar or unhealthy sweeteners, you will have a higher risk of getting health-related issues, including diabetes, obesity, or heart attack.

Otherwise, protein bars consisting of plant-based and natural ingredients will do good for your health, increase your metabolism and provide you with energy to prepare for an active day.

That’s why nutritionists always suggest that you should be picky in choosing the right protein bars to benefit your overall health conditions.


With the specific buying guide and some of our top picks for the best healthy snack bars, we hope that you will find a healthful, delicious and convenient snack bar that suits you on all occasions to boost your energy during the day.

Thank you for reading!

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