Best Handheld Steam Cleaner | Top 10 Models of 2021

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The best handheld steam cleaner could help you clean the house thoroughly with just a button, making all the stubborn dirt and grease go away within minutes.

All the worries about stubborn stains or dirt will no longer be a problem thanks to this handy buddy.

They deliver a concentrated burst of steam, along with high portability with great water tank capacity.

Below are some of the top suggestions for you in mind!

Top 10 Best Handheld Steam Cleaner in the UK 2021 

#1 Quest 41980 Handheld Steam Cleaner – Best Value For Money 

[amazon box=”B002ASWLFM” image=”×256.jpg” title=”Quest 41980 Handheld Steam Cleaner”]

The Quest Steam is the top runner on the list for the brilliant performance it offers. As the leading brand, it gives the house’s owner the best feature, including robust high versatility and cleaning power. Cleaning is never easier with the Quest.

The steam cleaner cleans all sorts of clothes, solid surfaces in the house, cars, etc. This versatile item utilises robust power up to 1000W for high pressure. Moreover, it features a 230 ml water tank for multiple uses without constant refill.

It has nine different accessories, including a long spray nozzle, bent spray nozzle, brush nozzle, window squeegee, garment steamer, funnel, measuring cup, flexible extension and a towel sleeve.

On the downside, it might not be powerful enough to remove grout marks or limescale. Still, it does a wonderful job clearing out other kinds of stains.

  • Robust cleaning power
  • High versatility
  • Various accessories 
  • Need more power to get rid of limescale and grout marks

The Quest 41980 cleaners are a great option for a full house detox on weekends. You can bring a whole different look to your home with this top runner.

#2 Beldray BEL0701TQN 10-in-1 Handheld – Best Versatility 

[amazon box=”B07MCD9JY9″ image=”×226.jpg” title=”Beldray BEL0701TQN 10-in-1 Handheld”]

The Beldray 10-in-1 is highly praised for its incredible versatility. It can remove dirt and grime from most surfaces in your household. You can clean the floor, window, kitchen counter, or anywhere in the house with just a simple button.

Besides, the steam cleaning does not require any chemicals. The chemical-free feature is beneficial for not only the machine’s durability but also the environment. You only need pure water for each session.

The 4-metre power cord also prevents swap plugs, which can help you reach outside during car washing. The tanks with 250ml capacity that lasts up to 10 minutes continuously allow you to clear out most spot removal around the house.

However, you would want to switch to a more potent model for limescale from bathrooms or black spots from grout.

  • Great versatility
  • Suitable for daily spot removal
  • Chemical-free
  • Need more power for black spots or limescale

The Beldray 10-in-1 is the best handheld steam cleaner for daily chores such as cleaning the floor or car washing. It can help you remove all the dirt quickly without refilling multiple times.

#3 Comforday B01J2G9V70 Handheld Steam cleaners – Best Price 

[amazon box=”B01J2G9V70″ image=”×274.jpg” title=”Comforday B01J2G9V70 Handheld Steam cleaners”]

Another nomination from the Comforday cleaners, a rising steam cleaner brand, would be an ideal option for those opting for a standard model. This handheld steam cleaner is lightweight and self-explanatory. You can do the task effortlessly, still bringing a whole new look to the house.

The 1050W of  power enables the steam tool to emit highly pressurised mist, killing germs and bacteria. Thus, you can always maintain a healthy environment indoors. Besides, there are several included accessories, such as a brush plate, window cup, window squeegee, etc.

The compact design allows you to reach narrow corners that your hands could not reach. There will be no hidden spot full of dirt you do not know in the house anymore. The price is quite reasonable for a standard household.

However, the steam button is hard to use at the beginning sometimes. Compared to all the goods it offers, it still deserves some attention.

  • Reasonable price
  • A range of attachments
  • Robust performance
  • Annoying steam button 

The Comforday cleaners are a basic option for those who only need a product for daily chores. You can remove all the stains and dirt with this affordable steam cleaner.

#4 Shark [S6003UK] Klik n’ Flip – Best Settings 

[amazon box=”B08567PTGP” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Shark [S6003UK] Klik n Flip”]

The powerful steam cleaners from Shark offer three variable steam settings. By doing so, you can deal with the toughest clean-ups. The water tanks can quickly heat up for use under 30 seconds, and discharge steam once they reach the ideal steam setting.

The upholstery is dual-sided and touch-free, which means that you can flip it over for another use before taking it to wash. The steam mop works wonderfully on hard floors. As a result, it leaves a clean and shiny finish after the session.

The compact design also allows you to reach under furniture or kitchen appliances with ease. You can remove stubborn stains effortlessly thanks to the direct blast from Shark steam cleaners. Cleaning tasks have never been simpler thanks to this helpful buddy.

In return, the design is only made for sealed and hard floors, so if you want to clean other areas, you would need to prepare additional accessory tools.

  • Design for hard floor
  • Convenient upholstery
  • Compact design 
  • Lack of accessory 

The Shark Klik n’ Flip is the best recommendation for those looking for a model to clean hard floors every day. It is among the portable steam cleaners with outstanding performance.

#5 VYTRONIX B078YX4TQP STM01 10-in-1 1300W – Best Accessory 

[amazon box=”B078YX4TQP” image=”×300.jpg” title=”VYTRONIX B078YX4TQP STM01 10-in-1 1300W”]

The VYTRONIX cleaners will satisfy you with a diversified accessory kit. You can clean carpets, kitchen, bathrooms, garments, upholstery windows, and many appliances. The lightweight and hand-fitted design allows you to grab and go instantly within just 25 seconds. It can continuously work for 25 minutes straight, making it ideal for spills and total clean-up.

Moreover, the variable steam control enables great adjustment over the stream according to your preferences. It cleans all types of surfaces such as tiles, gas hob or oven, leaving it shiny and squishy clean at the final results.

The pressure is quite good, along with a wide range of accessories, helping the device to perform even better. You only need some compatible attachments and the cleaning task would be done within minutes.

In return, we found out that the steam output was difficult to control, but the quality remains the same.

  • Variable steam control
  • Variety of accessories
  • Short steam time 
  • Subpar steam output 

This powerful steam mop is one of the top picks on the market thanks to its wide range of accessories, thus great versatility. It helps you clean the house multiple times better than a regular steam mop.

#6 Dupray NEAT B07DJNGYSV Steam Cleaner Multipurpose – Best Power

[amazon box=”B07DJNGYSV” image=”×289.jpg” title=”Dupray NEAT B07DJNGYSV Steam Cleaner Multipurpose”]

The cube-shaped steam tool is a compact recommendation, offering great functions. This powerful steam cleaner can reach high steam temperatures, at around 135-celsius degrees exactly. It also provides a stream output of 120g/min.

The water tanks are large enough to work constantly for 50 minutes straight. It is ideal for floor cleaning and other furniture washing in the house. The steam cleaner’s performance on the window is astounding, blasting all the dirt away effortlessly, even the most stubborn one.

Vinyl flooring also is not a problem. You can get into the deepest corner with the swivel floorhead, making all the dust go away and returning refreshing air for the whole family.

On the other hand, the machine is quite bulky and heavy, especially when the water fills the tanks 100%.

  • Wonderful flooring performance
  • High capacity
  • Great work on the windows 
  • Bulky 

Thanks to its brilliant steam power, the steam mops from Dupray are wonderful products on the list. You can clean the whole house in less than an hour but still get rid of all the dirt.

#7 H2O HD PRO B07WK7ZRHX – Steam Mop – 5 in 1 – Best Steam Time 

[amazon box=”B07WK7ZRHX” image=”×300.jpg” title=”H2O HD PRO B07WK7ZRHX – Steam Mop – 5 in 1″]

The H2O HD PRO cleaners are among the top products for fantastic steam time, satisfying all the housewives with the cleaning power. It can quickly heat the whole machine to 1500W in just a few minutes, making every step much more straightforward.

Moreover, you only need to fill pure water in the tanks for a cleaning session. It is chemical-free but still managed to reach the same quality as when using it with detergents. The device kills up to 99,9% of germs, viruses and bacteria, ensuring complete safety for your children and pet.

Another great feature about these H20 steam cleaners is that they can instantly turn from a steam mop into a handheld steamer with just a few steps. You can take out some gadgets, make a few changes and you have a whole new compact design for the chores.

The machine’s drawback is the water tank’s quality. It would reduce gradually through times so you might need to replace a new one.

  • Short steam time
  • Water only
  • Safe for children and pet 
  • Subpar tanks 

The H20 is a quick and safe choice on the list for those who want to have a convenient device with great power. It can help you carry out a variety of jobs with no side effects.

#8 SIMBR B0834TZDYR Steam Cleaner – Best Design 

[amazon box=”B0834TZDYR” image=”×281.jpg” title=”SIMBR B0834TZDYR Steam Cleaner”]

The  SIMBR gives you an optimal design to create an excellent steam mop cleaner. The 4 bar pressure uses 135 °C hot steam with pure water and no chemicals needed. You can remove all the grime, grease and stubborn stains from a wide range of surfaces such as grout, sealed wood flooring, appliances, etc.

The product ranks first on the market when it comes to accessory kit. It comprises 18 different accessories to serve steam cleaning jobs.

Some amazing tools are glass brush, carpet glider, floor brush, garment steamer and many more. You can clean all kinds of areas from hard floors, windows to kitchen counters, etc.

The tanks with 1500ml capacity, which is several times larger than other products, only take 8 minutes to heat up, will meet your needs for quick cleaning. The SIMBR is equipped with a lockable trigger for continuous work. Moreover, it comes with wheels for great portability.

However, if you lost attachments, it can be pretty challenging to repurchase them separately in any store.

  • Short heat uptime
  • Chemical-free
  • Diversified accessory kit 
  • Rare attachments 

If you want to buy a decent steam mop at a reasonable price, the SIMBR is a real bargain with its impressive design. You can polish a variety of surfaces with this budget steam mop.

#9 Fivefine B0899TJPTB Steam Mop Cleaners – Best Technology 

[amazon box=”B0899TJPTB” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Fivefine B0899TJPTB Steam Mop Cleaners”]

The Fivefine cleaner can outrank other competitors for its superior technology. The 3-in-1 electric handle for floor and carpet is several times better than regular steam cleaners. You can do all the vacuuming, washing, or even drying with these handheld models.

The cleaners can be used for multiple purposes, from cleaning bathrooms to vacuuming tight spots. The devices with stable temperatures and long cable length time are essential items in the house when it comes to cleaning tasks.

The quick-drying technology, pressure boiler, also benefits the whole process, helping you save some extra time. Thanks to its chemical-free feature, it also eliminates bacterias and germs, helping you stay out of unwanted allergy.

It would be better if the brand designs the product with larger water tanks.

The Fivefine products are the best handheld steam cleaner picks for sensitive skin people. You can complete all household jobs, making sure everything is in the right place and everybody stays healthy.

  • Disinfected steam action
  • Versatile
  • 3-in-1 power cords 
  • Need larger water tanks 

#10 Vileda B00OAAE85O Steam Mop – Best Speed 

[amazon box=”B00OAAE85O” image=”×300.jpg” title=”Vileda B00OAAE85O Steam Mop”]

The Vileda cleaners fit a variety of household families for their ability to clean everything within minutes. It only takes 15 seconds to be ready to operate. After that, they can work continuously for 30 minutes so that you can do the steaming multiple times before switching to the next session.

The 400ml tanks are enough for many uses with no refilling needed. You can eliminate all the stains, grime and dirt with this device. The brush can also help you vacuum the carpets pretty well, making them good as new again.

The Vileda also manages to reach high temperatures enabling highly concentrated steam power to complete a wide range of cleaning, bringing optimal results. The handle comes with the combo to make it more convenient to reach tight spaces in the house.

There is a thing that should be improved in the product is an extension cable. It could do even better with that supports.

  • Quick operation
  • Large tanks
  • Convenient brush
  • Lack of cable 

If you are wondering about a convenient and quick model in mind, the Vileda cleaners would be a brilliant choice. It will surely meet your requirement, ensuring better living standards.

Comprehensive Buying Guide For The Best Handheld Steam Cleaner UK Version 

It is essential to update all the key features creating the top runner on the handheld steam cleaner list. Among all the offers with great value and astounding cleaning performance, there are always a few of them that are better fit your requirements than others.

We have prepared a quick run-down for you to go through before settling for the final deal:

Water Tank Capacity Decides Durability Level 

As for the signature feature of handheld steam cleaners, they offer quite a small water tank size when compared to full-size types. But while choosing the best option, remember that the larger the tanks are, the longer they require to refill.

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner

Heat-up Time Should Be Great 

The majority of those cleaners only take a short time to heat up for use, but you should still check it for further assurance. However, the heat-up time can reduce the product durability, you should better find one with specs in the middle.

Power Is An Important Criteria 

A cleaning tool with great power can help you eliminate all the tough grease or sticky stains. If you intend to use it for grills or grouts, it is highly critical to purchase a focused and robust steam output model.

Brand Is A Plus 

Prestigious brands are always something we could count on for the top picks. Of course, they do not cover it all. But it is more likely that you get a handheld cleaner with outstanding performance.

Some examples on the list are Bissell, Bedray, FiveFine, Hoover, Shark, Karcher and Vax, Quest. These brands are the go-to location of every homemaker for a reliable steam cleaner for the last few years.

Attachments Are Essential 

The best handheld steamers are fully equipped with a range of attachments to serve various purposes. For example, squeegees to clean glasses, scrubbing pads to get rid of oven grease, or brushes to sweep through stubborn dirt and grime are among the most typical accessory types.

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner in the uk

There are many tools for you to choose from, but sort out the areas you use the steamers on the most to make the best purchase.

Price Make Up The Products 

All the steam cleaners are less expensive than full-sized mops, which can be a way of saving for your family as many powerful steamers are at a great price. You can use it for various tasks in the house, such as oven cleaning, vacuuming, etc.

As we have said earlier, the most critical part is to find a model that matches your needs. One with a powerful steam output would be suitable to clean thick grease or stains. At the same time, a cheaper option can meet all your requirements if you just head for daily spot cleaning model.


Are Handheld Cleaners Really Effective?

You are wrong when assuming any stain is uncleanable for handheld steam clears. These devices have a robust steam cleaning function with a variety of attachments for various purposes. This type of cleaners is lightweight and excellent in clearing out all the stubborn stains.

For that reason, when you want to clean a specific area, find a suitable accessory for attachment and do the cleaning.

Which Furniture Can I Clean A Handheld Steam Cleaner With?

If hard water is available in the house, you can fill your steamer with distilled water to clean dust from tiles or grouts, ceiling fan; sanitise door knobs or light switches. It can also work with patio furniture, windows, kitchen, garments, mirrors and many other objects.

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner UK

In a nutshell, it operates smoothly with all solid surfaces in the households, so just try it with any furniture you feel like cleaning in the house.

What Not To Clean With Steam Cleaners?

As these cleaners can clean almost everything in the house, it would be easier to remember the things you should not clean it with. You should keep it away from anything that could be damaged by heat effects, such as paint, cardboard. Cleaning porous surfaces with the steamers is not advisable as well. Large industrial spaces and carpet are also on the list.

Can I Fill The Steamer With Vinegar?

White vinegar is famous for its effect on killing all bacterias and germs thanks to its mild acidity. You can mix it in the steam cleaners to clean tile floors, vinyl floors. However, beware that vinegar can destroy hardwood floors as it cracks the chemical finish.

For that reason, make sure that you know it is suitable for which materials.

Can I Fill My Steam Cleaning Tool With Disinfectant?

Yes, you can, but only if that type of disinfectant is approved to mix with a steam cleaner as some of those could become toxic by the effect of heat. In case it is compatible, you can fill it in the tanks according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


The best handheld steam cleaner offers a large water tank capacity with great robust power. You can get rid of all the dirt and greases within minutes, ensuring a healthy environment for the whole family, especially your children.

The Quest 41980 Handheld Steam Cleaner is probably the top runner on the list for outstanding performance with several accessories. It can help you run through all the stains and make it go away instantly.

Have you laid eyes on any cleaners yet?

Let us know below!

Thank you for reading.

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