10 Best Hand Blenders To Buy in 2021

“What are the best hand blenders in the UK?”, if this question confuses you, the problem is solved now!

Hand blender is one of the most useful kitchen items over the world. It brings the users many benefits in doing different cooking tasks. You want to blend a bowl of soup or create dressings for your salad? The blender will help you to do that!

To make it easier for you to find the most suitable one among hundred products on the market, we picked 10 best items that are worth your consideration. If you’re ready to discover, let’s start!

1Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender MQ5235 Buy on Amazon
2Russell Hobbs 22241 Hand Blender Buy on Amazon
3Tefal HB643140 Hand Blender Buy on Amazon
4Heska HA-1004 Hand Blender Buy on Amazon
5Tefal HB1101 Metal Hand Blender Buy on Amazon
6NETTA NT-600W700MLBEAKBLENDER Hand Blender Buy on Amazon
7Geepas 200W Stainless Steel Hand Blender Buy on Amazon
8Tower Hand Blender T12014 Buy on Amazon
9Quest 2-Speed Hand Blender 35090 Buy on Amazon
10Morphy Richards 402060 Hand Blender Buy on Amazon

Best Hand Blenders In The UK 

Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender MQ5235 – Best Overall

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Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender MQ5235 deserves to be the best of the best products. It has all the advantages of quality, design, features and more.

The manufacturer extremely focuses on the quality of this tool, especially the materials. It’s a combination of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel which makes it strong and durable.

Thanks to these materials, you can use it even for harder ingredients such as nuts, carrots, etc. So no matter which dish you want to make, this device can support you.

Its silicone handle with concave part design makes it easier to hold and control. Even when you’re an amateur, it takes only about 5 minutes to get used to using this too.

Braun hand blender provides you with 21 speeds, which means you have various choices for different types of food. You can straightforwardly change the speed by screwing the top surface of the handle.

As usual, the United Kingdom plugs are 3-pin ones, but this hand blender has a 2-pin one. For that reason, you need to buy an adaptor to use it.

  • Durable and solid materials
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Suitable for many types of food
  • 21 speeds
  • Includes potato masher, whisker and beaker
  • 2-pin plug needs an adaptor

Russell Hobbs 22241 Hand Blender – Best Plastic Hand Blender

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Some users prefer plastic hand blenders than the metal ones as they’re lightweight and cheaper. If you’re also looking for one, this product can satisfy you!

Although the main material is plastic, Russell Hobbs 22241 Hand Blender is very solid and strong. The thick plastic cover and stainless steel blade reduce the situation of cracking when crushing hard food.

It’s also appreciated for easy-to-hold and not slippery handles. Combined with lightweight at about 780 grams, you can comfortably use this tool for a long time without feeling tired.

Russell blender is easy to use and clean with simple design and less buttons. This tool includes 2 speeds that are high and slow that you can adjust simply.

If the budget is a factor that affects your decision hugely, there is no need to worry about it anymore! The bargain price will save you a lot!

However, we don’t recommend Russell Blender for hot liquid such as soup. As usual, hot liquid can melt plastic which isn’t safe for your health.

  • Quality materials
  • Compact design saves storage space
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Bargain price
  • Not suitable for blending hot soup

Tefal HB643140 Hand Blender – Best For Multiple Accessories

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A hand blender with many extra accessories is definitely what many users want. It will be more flexible for various purposes so we make sure that you shouldn’t miss this Tefal HB643140

Apart from the blending shaft, it provides you with a small masher attachment, a whisker and a blending beaker. With many such accessories, you can utilise a blender for many food recipes. You want to mix the muffin flour or create mashed potato dish? Just 5 minutes with this product!

The Tefal item has up to 20 control levels for different textures of food. Its high capacity motor contributes to giving you the smooth soups or smooth hummus as expected.

In case you need a durable hand blender for a long time use, this one is worth a try. Sturdy and easy-to-assemble design of it will convince you to purchase.

The white colour makes Tefal HB643140 eye-catching and elegant. Nevertheless, it’s easily got stains after a period.

  • Many accessories
  • Flexible for different types of food
  • Wide range of the speed levels
  • Durable and strong
  • Can get stains

Heska HA-1004 Hand Blender – Best Powerful Blender

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If you usually process dishes from hard ingredients such as carrots, cucumber, frozen fruits, etc., the advice is to select a product with a strong vibration motor and high capacity. In case you haven’t had any idea, we will suggest one!

Having a strong 1000W DC engine, Heska HA-1004 hand blender can crush the small ice cube easily. Unsimilar to others, this one is still sturdy and durable for heavy-duty tasks.

Despite that, it has an effective power-saving mechanism. Even if you use this device many times a day, it won’t significantly increase your electricity bill.

Its attachments are easy to assemble that you just need a few minutes to complete. Thanks to this feature, you no longer have to waste your time on cleaning.

Compared to other blenders such as Braun MultiQuick MQ 5235, its price is only a half! For that reason, you can save an amount for purchasing other kitchen items.

Because of such a high capacity, it will be a bit noisy when operating. But anyway, it isn’t a big drawback and acceptable.

  • Powerful 1000W engine
  • Can be used for hard food
  • Easy for beginner
  • Affordable price
  • A bit noisy when operating

Tefal HB1101 Metal Hand Blender – Best For Smooth Results

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Do you love sweet smoothies or famous mashed potatoes? Tefal HB1101 Metal hand blender will support you to create your favourite dishes!

Sharp stainless steel blades are the main factor that makes a blender robust and solid. They can blend and mash your solid ingredients in a short time.

Blender’s compact design allows you to hold and use it by 1 hand. There is one speed only, so you don’t need to adjust anything, turn it on then get started.

The Tefal kitchen gadget includes a graduated-beaker with a capacity of 800ml. Hence, you can use it right after unboxing without preparing other tools such as a container.

Are you tired of cleaning complex hand blenders after use? This tool will satisfy you as it’s safe for dishwashers.

However, its plastic handle can be a bit slippery when holding. You need to use it carefully to avoid possible accidents.

  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Compact design
  • Includes 800ml beaker
  • Safe for dishwashers
  • Slippery handle

NETTA NT-600W700MLBEAKBLENDER Hand Blender – Best Quality

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What do you think about the best quality hand blender that can be used for a long time? NETTA NT-600W700MLBEAKBLENDER is a worth purchasing one that you shouldn’t ignore!

It is the combination of hard plastic and stainless steel. Although the body is plastic, it’s still strong and not fragile as some low-quality ones.

Stainless steel blender arm and blade are helpful for hard food, even ice cubes. So there is no limitation for your creation, cook anything you want!

Including many variable speeds and turbo makes NETTA product flexible for users. You can start with the lowest one and increase slowly, which helps those who have weak wrist strength.

Besides, weighing about 1 kilogram, the blender is easy to use and control without getting tired. It’s also safe for cleaning by dishwasher, so you don’t need to worry about this task anymore!

Although it’s introduced as anti-splash, this product still splashes with a low-edge bowl at the highest speed. Hence, it would be better to use the beaker that comes with this blender.

  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Versatile for many types and textures of food
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Safe for cleaning by dishwasher
  • Should be used with dedicated beaker

Geepas 200W Stainless Steel Hand Blender – Best For Small Budget

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Budget is the big problem that challenges you a lot in buying a hand blender? Don’t worry, Geepas 200W Stainless Steel will be the best choice for your family!

When we mention a low-price product, you may think that the food prep gadget must be low quality. Your opinion can be right, but not with this best hand blender 2021.

Plastic material saves weight a lot, which is about 740 grams – more than half of a metal blender a bit. So you or even your family’s teenager can comfortably control it.

In addition to lightweight, it’s elegant with white colour and ergonomic handle. Although being made from the glossy plastic, it won’t be slippery when holding.

Stainless standard blades can crush and blend foods easily. It also supports you a lot in cleaning as all the attachments are easy to assemble and detach.

This Geepas hand blader has 1 speed only. It’s a drawback that may confuse you, but if you just want to process simple food such as soup, this one is acceptable.

  • Bargain price
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Compact design saves cupboard space
  • Straightforward to attach and detach
  • Includes 1 speed

Tower Hand Blender T12014 – Best Design Hand Blender

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You’re too bored with conventional immersion blenders after using them for a while? Keep calm as we have a special one for you.

Tower Hand Blender T12014 favoured for the ergonomic and luxurious appearance. The combination of black and metallic parts contribute to protecting your kitchen appliances from getting stains.

The handle has a proper length, so you don’t have to raise your hand too high. It’s made of matte plastic with a recessed part for a firmer hold without slipping.

Its blending arm is effortless to disassemble and can be washed in a dishwasher. Blade is covered with a semi-spherical design loop to minimise splashing during operating.

Tower blender comes with mixing cups and wall racks. So you can use it immediately right after buying without preparing any tools.

Tower device doesn’t have any big drawbacks that confuse you. Nevertheless, when working, it will release small noises.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Anti-splashing
  • Includes mixing cup and wall crack
  • A bit noisy

Quest 2-Speed Hand Blender 35090 – Best For Beginners

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Don’t have any experience in using a hand blender before? Simple design and structure blender is the best choice for you. Why don’t you take a look at this Quest 35090?

At first sight, you can straightforwardly see how it works. By a simple structure and design, it only takes you 1 minute to get used to it.

Besides, assembling it won’t confuse you as some complex tools do. The 2 main parts of this device are the handle and blending arm, all made from rigid white plastic.

At about 760 grams, you can control it by 1 hand without any troubles. It’s more convenient as you usually need to hold the beaker or bowl when processing. Also, its hanging loop can significantly prevent splashing when operating.

Quest 35090 gives you 2 levels of speed: a high one and a low one to suit your cooking purposes. You can create a variety of dishes such as mashed potato, mixed vegetables and more.

Similar to Russell Hobbs 22241, Quest blender is made of plastic. So it would be better not to use it with hot food.

  • Simple design and structure
  • Easy to use, clean and assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Bargain price
  • Not recommended for hot food

Morphy Richards 402060 Hand Blender – Best For Making Soup

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If soup, smoothies or juice is your favourite dish, a blender is a must-have tool. Not all blenders can create a smooth result, so we have a special one for you in this list.

Morphy Richards 402060 is considered one of the best soup blenders as it gives a great mixes with extremely smooth texture. You don’t have to worry about the blender mash food unevenly and your dish is still lumpy.

Its 16cm stick attachment is the most proper for high-edge containers – which you usually use for processing soup to avoid splashing. Even when you blend in the low-edge ones, the semi-spherical loop prevents the liquids from splashing well.

Including sharp blades makes kitchen tasks easier. No matter what vegetables, fruits or batches of soups you want to blend, this tool will quickly complete it.

Last but not least, it allows you to adjust 5 speeds to suit the food texture. Easy, convenient and flexible are all the outstanding characteristics that the stick blender has.

The Morphy Richards 402060 comes with no accessories. Thus, if you want to use it for whisking or mashing, you must buy attachments separately.

  • Creates smooth soups
  • Long blending arm
  • Avoid splashing
  • Various speeds
  • No accessories included

How To Choose The Best Hand Blenders In The UK ?

Consider The Control

When choosing a hand blender, you must consider its ease of use. As you have to control it manually, this factor is essential.

A kitchen appliance with many speed settings is worth considering as it gives you more choices for different food textures. Besides, if your hands are weak and can’t control strong force, low speed will be more comfortable for you.

Besides, control button, speed button or power button quality is also an influential factor. A hard-to-adjust one will challenge you a lot when you want to change the speed while using.

Which Material Is Better?

There are 2 main materials: metal and plastic. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages that you should deliberate to choose the most suitable product for you.

Hand Blender

Metal hand blender: Metal brings the eye-catching design to your tool. This material is also outstanding for its durability and strength. You can use the blender for a long time without the situation of cracking or melting.

But a metal hand blender is quite heavy, which can make you tired to control and adjust. About the price, metal ones are usually the expensive models.

Plastic hand blender: It has the dominance of lightweight, which is easier to handle and use. Plastic material also saves you a lot of money as the tool’s price can be half of metal.

However, their durability and heat-resistance aren’t appreciated. Some unqualified plastic can warp with hot liquid or easy to crack when pureeing some hard-texture food.

In general, no type is better than another. So you can based on your needs and requirements to choose the one suits you most.

Does It Come With Accessories?

As usual, hand blenders will have the “stick” as the basic attachment. Some modern or advanced products will come with lots of extras to utilise your tool.

For example, a whisk attachment is the most favoured accessory as it’s helpful in processing smoothies, soups, mashed sweet potato, etc.. Some products include potato mashers, mini choppers which you may have to buy separately at the same price with a hand blender.

Therefore, a tool with many accessories is a smart choice. Although the price can be slightly higher than no-accessories one, it still saves you a lot compared to buying separate tools.

Check The Weight

Weight is the factor that affects significantly to your using, especially controlling aspect. A heavy hand blender can make you tired when too light one can’t be strong enough to crush hard food.

Best Hand Blenders

Consider your strength and your need before making a decision. The average weight of a hand blender on the market is about 2,8 kilograms.

Cord Or Cordless

Cord hand blender usually have a high capacity as it’s connected directly to the power source. Nevertheless, the obvious drawback is that you can only use it where has the socket.

On the other hand, wireless or cordless hand blender is convenient to bring from place to place as it will run on battery power. This means you have to charge the battery fully before using, and some battery products may be weaker than the conventional ones.

Best Hand Blenders In The UK – Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Use The Hand Blender?

If you’re a beginner who doesn’t know the way to use your hand blender properly, follow these steps to utilise your tool:

Step 1: Read carefully and follow the user manual to avoid missing essential information from the manufacturer.

Step 2: Assemble the blending arm according to the instructions in the user manual. Remember to check that you do it in the right way.

Step 3: Turn off the power switch before inserting the plug into the outlet and unplugging it to ensure safety. Make sure that the power cord is connected with the proper source by checking the specification. If your tool is cordless, charging fully before using is necessary.

Step 4: Prepare a suitable container such as big bowls. Choose the one with a high edge to limit splashing liquid.

Step 5: Start with the lowest speed first, then changing it slowly. Move the blender gently in one direction until you get the expected results.

Step 6: After turning off and disconnecting it from the power, disassemble parts and clean them.

How To Clean The Hand Blender In The Right Way?

An advice for you is that you should clean your tool right after using it, which makes this task more comfortable and can avoid clogging. The most effective method is soaking.

You should soak the blending arm in warm water about 5 minutes before rubbing it. And it would be helpful if you mix the water with dishwashing liquid.

Best Hand Blender UK

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t soak it too long for more than 15 minutes, as the chemicals in dishwashing liquid can create corrosion with some metal shafts.

It’s also important to let all parts completely dry before storing. This step limits rusting issues on metal and extends their life.

Can I Use The Hand Blender With Hot Food?

For metal or heat-resistant plastic hand blenders, stirring hot soup should be no problem. But for conventional plastic materials, you need to consider because it can cause melting or altering some substances, which is completely unhealthy.

Despite that, it would be better if you cool down your hot soup before processing. When you use hand blenders, splashing the liquid is inevitable, and it will be dangerous if your soup is hot.

Why Should I Use The Hand Blender?

If you’re hesitating to buy a hand blender or not, we will show you some benefits it brings for you to consider:

  • Small size that saves storing space
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Cheaper than food processors or blenders
  • Portable design
  • Can be used for the majority of tasks
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves processing time


After all, have you got all the information about the best hand blenders in the UK 2021 ? We hope you’ll find this article useful and help you choose the most suitable one for yourself. And don’t ignore the buying guide, we make sure it will help you a lot.

We prize Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender MQ5235 as the best overall product. As we mentioned, it’s outstanding for high quality, ergonomic design and full of accessories.

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