Best Hamster Cages – An Ideal Habitat For Your Pet!

Hamsters are one of the most popular and beloved pets among animal lovers of all ages, as those little furry friends are so cute, curious and low-maintenance. However, hamsters are famous for being escape artists and can disappear in an instant if left to their own devices; there is no more important thing than purchasing the best hamster cages for your little furry buds.

Those cages must be secure, yet comfortable and come with all the needed items so as not to turn your pets into poor prisoners who are desperate to escape all the time. But how can you find the best hamster cage among the vast variety of products on the market? Our list of the best hamster cages will show you the answer!

Top 10 Best Hamster Cages in the UK 2021

#1. Habitrail OVO Home Edition Hamster Cage – Best For Innovative Design

Habitrail OVO Home Edition Hamster Cage

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The first product on our list today that you should never miss out is Habitrail OVO Home Edition Hamster Cage.

This cage has taken the world by storm with its innovative hamster habitat designs, living up to the Habitrail’s long-standing reputation. Its design stands out for the amazing and entertaining living spaces for those little buds, especially a dwarf hamster.

The Habitrail OVO includes a transparent cage with two OVO blue doors and 2 OVO blue lock connectors, allowing clearer viewing, easier clean-up, maintenance and access to your hamster.

Besides, what is so special about this product must be its excellent air circulation and ventilation while still ensuring your pet is secure inside his home. Other add-ons like a green OVO trainer, trails and chewable mazes can perfectly satisfy your pet’s demands for recreational activities.

However, this product is not designed for larger hamsters, as the tubes and tunnel will be too small and can cause them discomfort.

  • Product dimensions: 18.92 x 35.31 x 35.31 cm
  • Item weight: 1.91 kg
  • Innovative design
  • Well-ventilated
  • Secure
  • Small tubes

#2. Savic Hamster Heaven Hamster Cage – Best For Larger Breeds

Savic Hamster Heaven Hamster Cage

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Are you tired of looking for a cage to house your Syrian orGolden hamster? Why not consider Savic Hamster Heaven Hamster Cage – one of the largest cages on our list as your next purchase?

This product has ample space, creating a heavenly home for your hamster and hamster parents to freely climb, play around, get indulged with his favourite toys or any other recreational activities!

Besides its impressive cage size, the deep base can satisfy your hamster’s instinct and passion for burrowing while showing a deep layer of substrate to encourage it to forage its food. There would be no more important thing than encouraging hamsters to fulfil their basic instincts to stay happy and healthy.

This product’s only flip side is its substantial capacity, which can puzzle you to find a suitable storage position around your home.

  • Product dimensions: 80 x 50 x 50 cm
  • Item weight: 5.52 kg
  • Spacious
  • Extra accessories
  • Reasonable price
  • Takes up large space

#3. Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster Home – Best For Easy Cleaning

Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster Home

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Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster Home is a high-quality cage, a brilliant choice for dwarf hamsters and mice.

The product is known for being easy to clean and escape-proof, thanks to the secure yet ventilated construction. All the accessories are fixed within the transparent lid, so when removing the lid, you are free to clean and wash with ease.

Moreover, the solid sides effectively keep the little pets and make them feel more comfortable and secure, while the narrow bar that spaces the metal access hatch allows easy access to your hamster and provides plenty of ventilation.

Plus, when purchasing this product, you can receive a solid exercise wheel, water bottle and various levels and ladders to create more space and playground for your pets. While the Rosewood Abode cage can house up to three dwarf breeds or mice at once, it is not ideal for a Syrian hamster or gerbil.

  • Product dimensions: 38.99 x 54.99 x 26.49 cm
  • Item weight: 2.45 kg
  • Well-ventilated
  • Easy to clean
  • Numerous add-ons
  • Not suitable for large breeds

#4. Little Friends Grosvenor Rat And Hamster Cage – Best For Simple, Elegant Design

Little Friends Grosvenor Rat And Hamster Cage

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If you are looking for a hamster cage to fit your home décor, Little Friends Grosvenor cage deserves your attention and consideration. This single hamster cage has a mixture of silver and black colours, making it elegant yet sleek enough to work along with a contemporary-styled home.

In terms of security, the slide clips work perfectly to secure the bars to the plastic base while the open lid on the top is convenient and large enough to comfortably house your rodents.

Although the sloping sides make the interior dimensions smaller, the product can still accommodate a vast variety of toys and add-ons like feed bowls and water bottles.

What sets this product apart from others is its collapsibility, allowing users to remove and disassemble when needed for easy storage and transportation. The detachable base also makes it effortless to re-assemble and clean up.

Unfortunately, the included wheel in the cage is unfortunately so tiny that you are sure to update a new one.

  • Product dimensions: 77 x 47 x 36 cm
  • Item weight: 5.16 kg

Pros & Cons

  • Stylish design
  • Large
  • Easy to clean and transport
  • Tiny wheel

#5. Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage – Best For A 360-Degree View

Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage

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The Habitrail Twist is an idea coming from the need for a fresh and contemporary-styled hybrid hamster cage. Thus this new cage has a unique design and colour personality, setting it apart from other products on the market.

Unlike traditional cages, this one is space-saving enough to fit any home corner, yet spacious enough to offer your pets a comfortable and convenient living environment with all the needed facilities.

Besides, this unique oblong-shaped hamster habitat features a combination of wireframing and clear plastic cage, the target of many products. This combination allows you to see your little buds from any angles without any unwanted external harmful impacts.

Those large wireframes also provide 360-degree air circulation to make your hamsters feel at ease all the time.

Nevertheless, this product will not work with larger breeds like a Syrian hamster, so you should consider other cages if your pets are of big-sized breeds.

  • Product dimensions: 48.51 x 24.13 x 19.05 cm
  • Item weight: 2.24 kg
  • Space-saving
  • Unique design with 360-degree view
  • Well-ventilated
  • For small buds only

#6. Ferplast Combi Cage – Best For Great Ventilation

Ferplast Combi Cage

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Unlike other covered cages which always let customers down with poor ventilation, Ferplast Hamster Cage seems to bring around a new life and tackle this issue with its beautiful features.

Constructed with a wire cage roof, the Ferplast Hamster Cage allows a quicker entry point while ensuring an adequate air flow to make your pet feel comfortable and reduce the cage odours.

The maximum internal ventilation is also thanks to the special slots on the sidewalls, making the design unique and attractive. Besides, one special attraction of this product is the connection of tubes and other modular habitats, creating more recreational activities for your hamsters and enabling them to exercise more.

The removable base is another plus point, as you can easily clean after disassembling all the parts. One drawback of this product is that the cage is designed for indoor use only; therefore, make sure not to let this Habitrail cage in open air to keep it long-lasting.

  • Product dimensions: 40.5 x 22.5 x 29.5 cm
  • Item weight: 320 g
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Connected tubes
  • Special design
  • Indoor use only

#7. Pawhut Hamster Cage – Best For Solid Construction 

Pawhut Hamster Cage

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Pawhut Hamster Cage is a great home for any small pets, especially hamsters and rodents. This 100% wooden product shows a solid and sturdy construction with a hinged mesh top cover for easy opening, closing and air ventilation.

At first sight, you are sure to be attracted immediately by the three-floor structure, adding up to the total capacity and allowing your pet hamster to satisfy its instinct for exploring.

Besides, four organic windows and doors are thoughtfully designed to make the cage look like a real hamster house while enabling a direct view to all levels.

As the cage can be removed easily and has a built-in drawer, cleaning is no longer an unpleasant and challenging task for many users. Nevertheless, as being made entirely of wood, the Pawhut cage is much heavier than other products, hindering you from carrying the cage around your home.

  • Product dimensions: 112.5 x 42.5 x 18 cm
  • Item weight: 19 kg
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Three-floor structure
  • 100% wood material
  • Easy cleaning
  • Heavy

#8. Global Pet Langham Cage – Best For Multi-floor System

Global Pet Langham Cage

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Global Pet brand has long established its reputation as one of the best manufacturers of animal-related items worldwide, thanks to its high-quality products. And Global Pet Langham Cage is one prime example.

The product boasts a large and spacious design, ensuring your pet hamster receives a well-ventilated and comfortable living environment while providing enough space for a long list of add-ons and recreational activities.

Besides, the Langham cage has three main floors with one main base, each equipped with different facilities, enabling your hamsters to explore freely and never feel distressed or bored. Nevertheless, one flip side is that the corner pieces are easily split and sometimes fail to hold temporary measures, so you might need to replace them.

  • Product dimensions: 80 x 48 x 58 cm
  • Item weight: 7.64 kg
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-floor
  • Weak corner pieces

#9. Package Pets Abby Hamster Cage – Best Overall

Package Pets Abby Hamster Cage

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Package Pets Abby Hamster Cage is considered one of the most fabulous hamster cages on the market, intelligently designed to fulfil any hamster’s needs. This Abby cage has four platforms which are firmly connected with four colours coordinated ladders to contribute to the overall excellent and eye-catching construction.

Besides, the ladders perfectly act as paths for your hamster to climb and play on each floor. Apart from that, you can also receive a vast range of facilities and add-ons to offer your pet hamster a well-furnished habitat, such as a  cute heart-shaped hamster food dish, a drinker bottle, preventing any unwanted drips, and a plastic wheel.

What is discouraging about this product is that there is no manual instruction; therefore, it might be challenging for you to assemble at first use.

  • Product dimensions: 72.8 x 39.8 x 15 cm
  • Item weight: 3.22 kg
  • Affordable
  • Spacious
  • Eye-catchy design
  • Well-furnished
  • No instruction

#10. Imac Fantasy Cage – Best For Colorful Design

Top 10 Best Hamster Cages in the UK

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Imac Fantasy Cage is sure to catch your eye at first sight with the colourful design. This product shows a mixture of different colours, including yellow, pink, green and blue, adding to the overall construction. Thanks to this colour combination, your pet hamster will never feel bored or lonely when living there.

The wires allow great air ventilation and reduce the ammonia odours to protect your pet hamster from harmful diseases while enabling users to get a direct view to your little bud.

Although the cage is not so spacious compared to other products on the market, there is remaining room for additional tubes, a small exercise hamster wheel and a feeder dish.

Overall, as a plastic cage, the construction may be a bit weaker and fragile, so be careful when handling.

  • Product dimensions: 38 x 58 x 38.5 cm
  • Item weight: 3.68 kg
  • Colourful
  • Attractive
  • Well-ventilated
  • Fragile 

Best Hamster Cage Buying Guide

Choosing a suitable cage is the most crucial part when you decide to nurture and take care of a hamster. The cage must satisfy hamster’s long list of demands for space, hamster food, and recreational activities. So how can you pick up the right one? Here are some considerations that can be greatly helpful:

 The cage size

Size is one of the most important factors that you should never ignore, as it can directly affect your hamster’s living experience. As a naughty pet who constantly participates in various activities at night, your hamster should be kept in a large and spacious cage, ideally a multi-level one.

Best Hamster Cages

The recommended minimum size cage is at least 18 in wide x 13 in high x 25 in long, suitable for housing most types of hamster. However, your hamster will want more space to run, climb and play while requiring separate rooms for bathroom, sleeping and hamster food storage. Therefore, the bigger, the better.

Cage style

There are two main cage styles: wired and covered, each showing its pros and cons.

Compared to their counterparts, wire cages offer better ventilation and are an ideal playground for hamsters. The metal wire construction with a deep plastic cage is often well ventilated and reduces the chance of ammonia build-up and unwanted hamster health issues.

Besides, there is less likelihood of biting or destroying the material, so you don’t have to buy replacement constantly. However, there are some slight pitfalls of the clean-up, as hamsters can kick the hamster bedding out of the sides.

Top 10 Best Hamster Cages in the UK

On the other hand, covered cages, coming in various forms and materials like plastic, glass and wood shavings, can offer great protection from other animals and allow easy clean-up. Moreover, they allow greater visibility for viewing the inside pets.

Nevertheless, covered cages are often poorly ventilated and easy to heat up. This leads to a smelly living world and drives your little pal aggressive and crazy. Plus, covered cages take away one of the most beloved recreational activities of hamsters: climbing, as they have no bars.

Added levels or balconies

It would be best if you never underestimated the importance and wonderful impacts of levels and balconies in your hamster’s home, as they can create plenty of space and add adventure to your pet’s daily activities.

A multi-level cage can allow your pet to climb freely, play around, and exercise every day which surely prevents it from feeling bored or distressed.

However, the number of levels added to the cage deserves great considerations, as multi-levels mean a compromise on floor space, and some three-storey cages are too big for certain breeds. That means they could run the risk of dangerously falling from the balconies and hurting themselves.

Added accessories

We bet that you don’t want to invest too much on hamsters’ toys, so to cut costs, you should choose the product including as many added accessories as possible. Those items include a cosy home where your pet sleeps and lives in, an exercising hamster wheel, a hamster food bowl and a water bottle.

Ensure that your purchase provides you at least the items mentioned above. If not, you will need to buy each item individually and have to pay more money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hamsters need in their cage?

Besides being spacious and tidy, an ideal cage needs to include a few essential supplies to keep them active and acting naturally like in the wild. First and foremost, there must be plenty of nest boxes and sleeping areas as hamsters are not likely to have a fixed sleeping pattern and location.

Besides, with such naughty and playful animals, a plastic and solid exercise wheel, toys, and interactive games are crucial to keep your pets active and entertained. Normally, climbing, ladders, shelves, and cardboard boxes are hamsters’ favourite toys, so they are good suggestions when you are preparing a hamster cage.

Best Hamster Cages in the UK

Wearing teeth down is hamsters’ frequent activities; therefore, don’t forget to put gnawing blocks and softwood branches to satisfy their need. Moreover, if you follow the habits of those furry buds, you are sure to see hamsters’ passion for digging and burrowing.

For those interests, a deep layer of sawdust or potting compost should be included in the bottom of the cage to allow hamsters to behave naturally.

Do hamsters like multi-level cages?

Hamsters are so active and interested in climbing a lot that you need to provide them with generous floor space and narrow cage bars. For this reason, a multi-level cage with different platforms is, without a shade of doubt, the best choice for your pet.

Multi-level cages can allow your hamster to make the most of the available space and find out more space to explore. Besides, wires will enable them to climb around the bars – a favourite activity and great exercise.

Should your hamster’s cage be covered at night?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals within the habit of sleeping during the day and waking up at night while also crepuscular who seem to be most active after sundown. Therefore, there is no need to cover your hamster’s cage at night, and you can freely let your pet to its own devices.

Besides, covering the cage at night even poses some harmful influences to your hamster’s physical and behavioural health. Contrary to popular belief that covering the enclosure can establish a cosy sleeping environment, hamsters don’t sleep at night, so this action can disrupt their sleeping patterns and drive them aggressive.

Plus, covering the cage can reduce ventilation and contribute to a hamster’s dehydration. Or worse, this can lead to respiratory issues if your hamster lives in a dirty cage and breaths in waste.

The list of adverse impacts of covering your hamster’s cage keeps going on; therefore, you should leave the cage in the open air at night.

How do you know if your hamster needs a big cage?

One of the biggest reasons why your hamster doesn’t show its happiness and enjoy your attention is the size of its cage. Some popular signs are indicating that your hamster has grown out of its small cage:

  • Biting the cage: if your pet constantly bites the cage and tries to escape, it means its cage is too small and cannot satisfy its demand.
  • Being lethargic: unless your hamsters are old, when they are stuck in a loop of repetitive behaviours like sleeping, eating and drinking only, this is a sign of depression.
  • Cage aggression: when your hamsters start to become aggressive and bite your hand or show attack towards you, there seems that they have been fed up with this living world and need a new bigger one.

Can I put a hamster in a fish tank?

It is common to spot a hamster kept in glass tanks with a secure wire mesh top. Undeniably, a fish tank may provide your pet with better protection from other pets and small children. Besides, a fish tank allows for clearer viewing of your pet’s antics while reducing the cage odours.

On the other hand, a glass tank is surely poorly ventilated, causing ammonia build-up and leading to respiratory illnesses. Moreover, heating up and causing your hamster distress is another disadvantage of a fish tank.

All aspects concerned, housing your hamster in a fish tank is possible; however, you need to keep the tank in a well-ventilated but draft-free location and regularly clean to reduce the chance of getting health issues.

Final Thought

Long story short, we bet that after reading our reviews on the best hamster cages, you have gained all the needed information about these crucial cages and known how to pick a suitable one. Choosing a cage is the most important step when breeding a hamster, so you need to take all the aspects into great account.

Overall, Package Pets Abby Hamster Cage is highly recommended with its beautiful features and spacious habitat. Also, this product is reasonable and affordable, so you don’t have to worry about the limited budget.

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