Best Glass Water Bottles in UK market – A 2021 Buying Guide 

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Drinking water is certainly a fundamental need for us humans. After all, we cannot survive to a third day without any water intake, and the simplest method of ensuring that you are getting enough water is investing in the best glass water bottles, ones that will not harm your body in any way.

For this reason, we have decided to show you the best glass bottle, as they are, unarguably, the safest method of water storage.

Top 10 Best Glass Water Bottles in the UK 2021

RYACO  Borosilicate Glass Bottle – Best All-Around

RYACO  Borosilicate Glass Bottle

The RYACO Borosilicate Glass Bottle has a redesigned lid.

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Being made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is both toxic-free and eco-friendly, the RYACO Borosilicate Glass Bottle will do both your health and the environment a favour.

That’s not all, as borosilicate glass can endure higher temperatures than any traditional glass material, you also get a much more durable glass bottle.

Furthermore, if you hate seeing leaks from your glass bottle, this product will surely satisfy you with its redesigned lid. To be more specific, the stainless steel lid is built so that it can seal the bottle perfectly. As a result, there is no way there can be any leak while using the RYACO Borosilicate Glass Bottle.

All in all, this glass water bottle has many great features, such as a smart design, high-quality and eco-friendly materials, generous volume, dishwasher safe, etc.

Many upcoming options on this list may excel in specific aspects, but none can match this bottle’s vast advantages. Thus, we name it our best all-around option.

As for things we hope they can improve on, there is only one – they should have added some form of indication on how much water has been consumed.

  • No bad taste in water
  • High-quality material
  • Smart lid design
  • Wide neck
  • No indication of the water level

MIU COLOR Wide Neck Glass Baby Bottle – Best Anti-Slip

MIU COLOR Wide Neck Glass Baby Bottle

The MIU COLOR Tempered Glass Baby Bottle has great anti-slip features.

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The first thing that you will notice about the MIU COLOR Glass Baby Bottle is its design. Having the smooth borosilicate glass as its main ingredient, most of us will automatically assume that this thing can easily slip out of our hand, but that’s not true.

In fact, there is almost no way that this tempered glass bottle can slip, thanks to the non-slip silicone sleeve, offering you an improved grip.

In addition to the silicone sleeve, there is a tightly vacuum-seal cap, which sticks firmly to the bottle. Furthermore, this cap is attached to a sturdy rough-surfaced carry strap, increasing the bottle capable of holding onto your hand. For these reasons, there is just no way for us not to recommend it as the best anti-slip option.

There is only one thing we would criticize about this bottle: the stylish holes in the silicone sleeve. As we all know, the main function of a silicone sleeve is to protect the glass. However, there is always a chance of you whacking the bottle to any corner, and with these holes, delivering a fatal blow to a weak spot.

  • Anti-slip silicone sleeve
  • Tightly-seal cap
  • Sturdy carry strap
  • Wide neck
  • Many colour options
  • Unnecessary holes in the silicone sleeve

DEARRAY Sport Borosilicate Glass Bottle – Best Durability

DEARRAY Sport Borosilicate Glass Bottle

The DEARRAY Sport Borosilicate Glass Bottle has the highest durability.

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The first advantage that the DEARRAY Sport Borosilicate Glass Bottle holds is none other than its capability to withstand both heat and cold to an incredible degree, thanks to its only ingredient, borosilicate.

Of course, this material doesn’t give the bottle any weird taste, but today we will be focusing more on durability, which is its most defining characteristic.

As if not satisfied with the glass’s inherent durability, despite it being higher than average in our eyes, DEARRAY added in a food-grade, ultra-thick silicone protective sleeve.

Thus, the already durable glass bottle has almost no chance of breaking, thanks to this protective sleeve absorbing all force. Also, the sleeve can reduce the chance of thermal shock significantly.

However, we are not that pleased with the anti-slip design of this bottle, as the bamboo lid still lets out some water after some time. As a result, if you bring it to your office, there is always a chance of it dropping water on your documents. This is not an issue, however, if you only use the bottle for yoga or gym sessions.

  • Incredibly durable material
  • Shock resistant
  • Ultra-thick silicone protective sleeve
  • Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures
  • Airtight lid
  • Weak anti-slip feature

Be-Active Glass Baby Bottle – Best Design

Be-Active Glass Baby Bottle

The Be-Active Glass Bottle has a daily time marking.

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At first glance, you will notice that the Be-Active Glass Baby Bottle has daily time markings, which will remind you of the necessary daily fluid intake.

Using this bottle, you will never have to worry about drinking too much or too little water at each time of the day. As a result, a person who is specific about how they drink each day will find the design of this bottle a godsend.

Adding to the overall bottle design, Be-Active incorporated an interesting design choice in the protective silicone sleeve. To be more specific, the sleeve is hollow in the middle so that the bottle’s daily time markings can be seen clearly. For these reasons, we believe that the Be-Active Glass Baby Bottle is the best when it comes to smart design.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that we hope Be-Active can improve on their next product. First of all, the cap is so hard to screw off, you might need to put some effort each time you want to drink. Secondly, the strap is too flimsy, so there is a high chance of dropping if you are not careful.

  • Clear daily time markings
  • Smart design
  • Unique protective sleeve
  • Many colour options
  • Cap is hard to get off.
  • Flimsy strap

MIU COLOR 800 ML Glass Bottle – Best For Heavy Drinker

MIU COLOR 800 ML Glass Bottle

The MIU COLOR 800 ML Glass Water Bottle is the best for heavy drinkers.

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For a person who has a high daily fluid intake, the MIU COLOR 800 ML Glass Bottle will surely satisfy them, as it has 800 ml in volume. In other words, this glass water bottle can store enough water to satisfy even the heaviest of drinkers through half a day without any refill needed.

Furthermore, the MIU COLOR 800 ML Glass Water Bottle has quite a wide mouth, measuring a staggering 1.94 inches in diameter. Thanks to this wide mouth providing a fast flow rate, you can quickly consume lots of water, a feature anyone would appreciate.

Moreover, as we all know, the higher the volume is, the heavier the bottle will become. As such, high-capacity bottles are usually much easier to slip from your hands and break. Yet, with its protective silicone sleeve, you will never have to worry about this issue as the bottle practically latches to your hands.

The one concern that we have about this bottle is its silicone seal on the lid. Sure, it is food safe, and it does not impart weird flavour into the drink. However, it definitely leaves a weird odour around the bottle’s mouth.

  • High capacity
  • Wide mouth
  • Anti-slip feature
  • Natural latch
  • Silicone lid seal

Life4u Eco-Friendly Reusable Glass Water Bottle – Best Portability

Life4u Eco-Friendly Reusable Glass Water Bottle

The Life4u Eco-Friendly Glass Water Bottle is best for active people.

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Having 750 ml in capacity, the Life4u Eco-Friendly Reusable Glass Water Bottle can store a perfect amount of water for people who move around a lot.

With this capacity, you will never have to worry about having to look for water sources regularly nor the bottle weighing too heavy. As a consequence, you can freely enjoy your adventure.

Also, this glass water bottle is made from borosilicate glass, capable of withstanding forces that would normally shatter any standard glass bottles.

This material, a protective neoprene sleeve, and an accompanying handle mean that you can safely bring the Life4u Eco-Friendly Glass Bottle along on any adventure without having to worry about breaking it.

For these reasons, we cannot think of any other option on this list as fitting for the title of best portability glass bottle as this bottle.

On the other hand, this bottle’s stainless steel top gives off weird odours, building up. After a while, it can become a little bit unpleasant to drink from the bottle. The slight scent might not be an issue for most of us, but people with sensitive noses may need to reconsider.

  • Perfectamount of water
  • Durable
  • Wide mouth
  • Incredibly portable
  • Top giving out weird odours

SHBRIFA Reusable Glass Water Bottle – Best For Health

SHBRIFA Reusable Glass Water Bottle

This SHBRIFA Glass Water Bottle has a pure bamboo cap.

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The cap of this SHBRIFA Glass Water Bottle is made of pure bamboo, with no chemicals involved. As a result, you will never have to worry about it leaking anything dangerous into the water inside.

This cap is also lined with food-grade silicone O-rings, ensuring that no oxygen can break down the enzymes in your juices or teas.

In the same vein, the glass of this bottle is completely non-reactive borosilicate glass, having no trace of cadmium, lead, PVC, phthalates and BPA.

There is no toxin, chemical smell, nor harmful plastic involved in any step of manufacturing this bottle. As such, we are confident to say that the SHBRIFA Glass Bottle is the best if you are highly health conscious.

As for a weakness, the only one that we were able to observe is the bottle’s design that makes it quite difficult to hold without slipping.

Due to its full-capacity weight, the bottle is not that portable, especially for those planning to take it along on trips outside or other outdoor endeavours.

  • Incredibly safe for your health
  • Consisting of only non-reactive components
  • Food-grade silicone O-ring
  • Wide neck
  • Many colour options
  • Awkward weight

Life4u Sport Glass Water Bottle – Best Leak-Proof

Life4u Sport Glass Water Bottle

The Life4u Sport Glass Bottle will not spill even one drop of water.

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The biggest selling point of the Life4u Sport Glass Bottle is none other than its leak-proof function.

First of all, we have a lid with a unique O-ring design, ensuring that in most cases, there is no chance of water spillage once you have properly screwed it. With this lid, you can bring the bottle along on a jog without worrying about wetting your bag and clothes.

To add to their anti-spill feature, Life4u decided to put in a small-mouth slow flow design. As a result, the chance of water leaking out while you are drinking is close to none. After all, leaking is just impossible with such a slow flow.

Furthermore, they designed the bottom of this glass bottle so that it can stand firmly on any surface. Hence, even if you do not have the lid on, there is practically no chance of it toppling over and spilling.

Its protective sleeve is something we believe can be improved, though. Unlike the other options on this list, all of which have stylish and practical silicone sleeves, this bottle’s protective sleeve is rather unappealing.

For this reason, once you cover the bottle in its protection sleeve, its appearance might lose the captivation.

Pros & Cons

  • Anti-slip lid
  • Small-mouth design
  • Wide neck
  • Smartly designed bottom
  • Unappealing protective sleeve

Neon Kactus Glass Bottle – Best Value

Neon Kactus Glass Bottle

The Neon Kactus Glass Bottle has a stylish design.

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Being made of 100% high-quality, non-permeable borosilicate glass, the Neon Kactus Glass Bottle will provide you with a pure and clean drinking experience.

Unlike the experience you will have while drinking from stainless steel or plastic bottles, there will be no weird taste in the water, as the borosilicate glass does not impart any flavour.

Furthermore, this bottle has a food-grade silicone protection sleeve, which has a unique anti-slip texture, making it clinch to your hands steadily.

Also, it has a bamboo lid with a unique O-rings design and a slow flow rate, ensuring that there will be no chance of water spilling out.

Having all of these features, yet the Neon Kactus Glass Bottle is among the most affordable picks on this list. For this reason, we believe that it is the best value product.

Of course, there will be things that Neon had to sacrifice to cram in so many interesting features. In this case, they made the glass bottle rather heavy, so you should be very careful while handling it. Naturally, the anti-slip feature plays a part in taking care of the bottle.

  • Pure drinking experience
  • Anti-slip textured grip
  • Many colour options
  • Anti-spill bamboo cap
  • Relatively heavy

Joe Wicks 350 ML Glass Baby Bottle – Best For Tea

Joe Wicks 350 ML Glass Baby Bottle

The Joe Wicks glass baby bottle can withstand extreme temperatures.

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Utilising a strong double-wall design that has incredible heat transfer resistance, the Joe Wicks 350 ML Glass Baby Bottle can work with both hot and cold water.

Also, the great insulation design means that it can almost perfectly retain the hot drinks’ temperature for every single season, either the scorching heat of the summer season or the freezing cold of the winter season.

Furthermore, this humble-sized glass bottle has a removable strainer, quite an unique touch of Joe Wicks. Thanks to this strainer, you can easily satisfy your occasional cravings for herbal tea or a touch of some lemon or orange slices.

That was just a bonus, as the main benefit is, naturally, tea brewing on the go. These benefits convinced us that there is nothing better than this bottle for people who love to enjoy tea anytime and anywhere.

As you can see from the name, the Joe Wicks 350 ML Glass Baby Bottle can fit only 350 ml of liquid. Due to this reason, the majority of people will find that they have to look for refills rather often, thus, quite inconvenient.

Of course, for a person that drinks hot tea from this glass baby bottle, 350 ml is more than enough.

  • Double heat transfer resistant wall
  • Great insulation design
  • Removable strainer
  • Relatively low capacity

How to choose the Best Glass Water Bottles in the UK – Buying Guide

Now that you have seen the recommendations we have prepared, we want to help you further on how to pick out the most suitable bottle to your specific situation. After all, different features work differently for particular cases, so you should know how they operate first.

Size Is Dependent On Travel Distance And Refills

How much water we should consume each day is a controversial topic, which even health experts can’t seem to agree on a concrete answer.

Nonetheless, there is still a general consensus, which is at least 2 litres every day, on average. Thus, before deciding on any water bottle, you should first consider its size, as it will indicate how much water you can store at once.

best glass water bottles UK

Of course, you can always get a refill at the nearest clean water source. However, there are cases when we go on a long adventure only to find out that we cannot find any drinkable water source, so a big water bottle is always a lifesaver.

On the other hand, if you can easily get refills, a huge water bottle will only consume the precious space in your bag or on your desk, slow you down and create inconveniences.

Hence, it is always a good idea to do a thorough research on your intention before deciding on how big your water bottle will be.

Of course, a wide mouth opening will deliver a faster flow rate, perfectly for those who enjoy chugging their water fast. A small mouth opening, however, delivers a more paced flow of water, preventing hot liquid content from burning your tongue.

Materials Will Decide Resistance

The most obvious concern any glass water bottle owner will have is none other than breakage. At the end of the day, the glass option is infamous for being fragile. Thus, you should always find out about your glass bottle’s material before making a final decision.

Borosilicate Glass

Anyone who wants to take their glass bottle on the go should always consider borosilicate glass. All in all, it is much more durable than any other type of glass, and it will not crack easily under extreme temperatures, thanks to its high proportion of boron trioxide.

glass water bottles

Regular Glass

Any glass bottle that is not explicitly stated as being made from borosilicate glass is made from soda-lime glass, or natural glass, as most of us call it.

The one biggest advantage that this type of glass holds over borosilicate glass is how affordable it is. As a result, it can be found in any household.

While they are relatively durable themselves, there is just no way that they can compete with borosilicate glass. Furthermore, as they do not have a high concentration of boron trioxide, they have much less resistance against heat and cold.


Is It Better To Drink Out Of Glass Or Stainless Steel?

As you may know, a stainless steel bottle will always leave us with a weird water taste in our mouths. This phenomenon is caused by the material siphoning a little bit into the water. However, glass does not react like that, so you will never have to worry about any weird taste while sipping from a glass bottle.

Do Glass Water Bottles Break Easily?

Yes, natural glass water bottles, while relatively durable, can still break with the lightest of impact. Of course, temperature changes can break natural glass water bottles even faster.

As a result, our first recommendation for you is to choose a borosilicate glass bottle, as it can withstand a lot more force and has a lot more heat resistance than natural glass.

Is Drinking Out Of Glass Water Bottles Better Than Plastic?

If you leave water in plastic bottles for a long time, especially during extreme hot summer days or freezing days, you would notice the plastic bottle taste in the water when you drink it.

best glass water bottles

The explanation is simple, the plastic baby bottles breaking down and melting into the water, which you can certainly avoid if you use a glass bottle. So the answer to your question is yes.

Can Glass Water Bottles Be Toxic?

Contrary to popular beliefs, most glasses are toxic, and only specific types of glasses are food safe. At the moment, you should only use glass water bottles made out of either soda-lime glass or borosilicate glass, as they have been proven to be safe for human consumption.

How Do You Tell If Your Glass Bottle Has Lead In It?

The easiest method to determine if something is lead crystal is using a knife and tapping it gently. If the glass does make a chiming sound that is drawn-out, there is a high chance that it has lead in it.


After reading through our guide and looking through our recommendations, we hope that you can now confidently make an informed choice to get the best glass water bottles for your situation.

All you need to do is to compare each aspect and decide on the most important one for yourself, then pick based on it.

Of course, if you are still uncertain, we recommend the RYACO Borosilicate Glass Bottle. All in all, it has all the great necessary features, making it the most suitable for anyone and everyone.

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