Best Glass Cleaners – A Throughout Buying Guide With Recommendations

The best glass cleaners have always been a necessity. After all, there will always be something in our household made out of glass at any given time.

And we all know, glasses are inclined to dust, fluff and any grime in the air, making it dirty much quicker than we would like As a result, it is never a bad idea to equip yourself with the best tool for the job.

But our concern is there are so many glass cleaning products available on the market, making it impossible to come to a final purchase decision. For this reason, we have decided to make a buying guide with some recommendations for you.

Top 10 Best Glass Cleaners in the UK 2021

#1 HG Glass & Mirror Spray Bottle – Best Grease Removal

HG Glass & Mirror Spray Bottle

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If you are familiar with the HG brand, you know that they are famous for fulfilling what they promise.

After all, that is the slogan they have picked for themselves, and the HG Glass & Mirror Spray bottle undoubtedly lives up to their commitment as their strongest grease removal product yet.

With a new and improved powerful formula of cleaning active ingredients, this glass surface cleaner will certainly get rid of almost any dirt and grease. In fact, this glass cleaner’s effect is so potent that HG had recommended spraying its content as moderately as possible.

Afterwards, all you need to do is wipe the liquid away with a clean, dry cloth, and the clean glass will return to its sparkling form, thanks to the cleaner’s quick-drying nature.

As for weaknesses, the only thing we were able to find is that the cleaning solution might leave streaks on your clean glass. However, if you pay attention, be careful and don’t use paper towels or that line of wipes, there is practically no chance of this happening.

  • Incredibly potent
  • Relatively high capacity
  • Good against dirt and grease
  • May leave streaks

#2 Cleanix Alcohol-Free Glasses Cleaner Kit – Best For Lenses

Cleanix Alcohol-Free Glasses Cleaner Kit

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These days, many types of glasses require special care when you clean. For example, there is no way that you can use a regular glass cleaner for laptop screens or eyeglasses’ lenses, which often require a rather specific cleaning solution, something like the Cleanix Alcohol-Free Glasses Cleaner Kit.

As you can see from the name, this glass cleaner is alcohol-free, making it safe for almost all types of glass surfaces. For this reason, you will never have to worry about the cleaner damaging your delicate eyeglasses’ lens.

Of course, soft microfiber cloths are ideal to prevent damage, which Cleanix does supply alongside this kit. This small but thoughtful add-on makes the kit even more perfect for any glasses wearer.

The one complaint that we have about this otherwise perfect product is none other than its low capacity. However, Cleanix attempted to solve this issue by offering a set of two bottles, each of 60 ml. This limited volume is a drawback, yet also a plus for boosting the product’s portability.

  • Alcohol-free
  • Streak-free
  • Accompanying high-quality wipes
  • Low capacity

#3 HG 500 ML Window Cleaner – Best Concentration

HG 500 ML Window Cleaner

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Advertised as the most concentrated out of all the HG lines of glass cleaner, the HG 500 ML Window Cleaner doesn’t fail any user’s expectation.

In truth, this glass cleaner’s concentration is so high that the recommendation is to dilute 15 ml of its content with 5 L, or half a bucket, of water to attain a usable mixture. The window glass will be damaged, otherwise.

Thanks to this high concentration, a 500 ml bottle is more than enough to clean all your windows a total of 35 times. As a result, one bottle of this glass cleaner can last you quite a long time, even if you happen to have a three-story house.

Furthermore, to attain its high concentration, the HG 500 ML Window Cleaner does not use methylated spirit and ammonia. Thanks to this, it obtains a great side effect of being safe for almost all types of glass.

As for what we don’t like, the bottle cap is the only thing. Due to its poor quality plastic, there is a high chance of it breaking in transit and spilling the bottle’s content everywhere.

  • High concentration
  • Ammonia free glass cleaner
  • Safe for all types of glass
  • Cheap and flimsy bottle cap

#4 HG 125 ML Glasses Cleaner – Best Fast Dry

HG 125 ML Glasses Cleaner

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Knowing how committed they are to their words, we thought we were prepared when HG announced a new fast-dry line of glass cleaner.

We were taken aback when we got our hands on the HG 125 ML Glasses Cleaner – this product 100% exceeded our expectation. Frankly, there isn’t any competition that can come close when we talk about how fast it dries.

You will have to wait for a while before the cleaner can entirely dry off the glass in normal cases, but sometimes there will be some fog left on the lenses.

With this glass cleaner, that is no longer an issue, as all you need is a few seconds for it to work its magic, wipe it off gently with a lint-free cloth, and your glass will attain a streak-free finish.

You must, however, be careful with how you store this glass cleaner. The reason for this advice is due to the weak anti-spill feature of the HG 125 ML Glasses Cleaner.

If you store it in any position but standing, there is a high chance that you open the storage to find the cleaner’s content splattering all over the place.

  • Quick-dry feature
  • Streak-free shine
  • Suitable for many glass surfaces
  • Ammonia free glass cleaner
  • Weak leak-proof container

#5 Nilco H3 5 L Nilglass Glass and Mirror Cleaner – Best Capacity

Nilco H3 5 L Nilglass Glass and Mirror Cleaner

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With a 5 L capacity, we doubt that there are many competing glass cleaners capable of challenging the Nilco H3 5 L Nilglass Glass and Mirror Cleaner’s best capacity throne.

Of course, as its manufacturer is none other than Nilco, we can be sure that capacity is not the only selling point of this cleaning solution. As we all know, Nilco has a unique and closely guarded cleaning solution formula, which can destroy even the toughest of dirt or grease.

As such, it was not at all a surprise when we tested and observed how fast this glass cleaner took care of all our car’s windshield. With this effectiveness and the huge capacity, we are confident that this cleaner can serve you for a long while.

There will be some disadvantages, as we doubt that there can be a perfect product. In this case, our one complaint is how easy this cleaner gives a streak on the glass. As a consequence, whenever you want to use it for your glass, you must prepare a high-quality, lint-free sponge or cloth.

  • Huge capacity
  • Fast result
  • Bright finish
  • May leave streaks

#6 SOUDAL 1 L Glass & Mirror Cleaner – Best For Car Windscreens

SOUDAL 1 L Glass & Mirror Cleaner

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As we drive, the windscreen clearly gets hit the most with smearing stuff as it is the car’s forefront.

Of course, we have the help of the windscreen wipers, but it is still not enough, as there are lots of stubborn particles sticking on the windscreen. For those who struggle with this issue, our recommendation is the SOUDAL 1 L Glass & Mirror Cleaner with its industrial strength.

Based on alcohol, this glass cleaner formula made it highly effective against all kinds of stains. While not suitable for delicate glasses, namely lenses or magnifying glasses, this cleaning solution does not damage car windscreens. The main reason for this feature is the lack of ammonia.

As we have mentioned above, this cleaner has an “industrial” cleaning strength level, so you must be utmost careful while using it on certain types of glasses.

From our observation, if you accidentally apply too much of this solution onto delicate glasses, it will surely leave some streaks on the glass surfaces.

  • Highly effective against stains
  • Does not damage windshields
  • No weird smell
  • Can leave streaks on delicate glasses

#7 Pure GLASSES & LENS CLEANER Kit – Best Ingredient


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Anyone who has cleaned glass cleaners must know the feeling of accidentally exposing your skin to them.

As many types of glass cleaners have chemicals that work wonders with stains, they might not be at all friendly to our skins. But worry not, you won’t have this problem with the Pure GLASSES & LENS CLEANER Kit with its natural active ingredients.

To be more specific, this glass cleaner only contains hypo-allergenic and biodegradable components. In other words, there is no trace of artificial chemicals, so you will be able to use them near pregnant women, young children and pets.

Also, this glass cleaner has natural anti-static properties, which can significantly reduce static build-up. This product not only ensures your safety; it can also reduce the amount of dust latching onto the window.

Nonetheless, we are not that pleased with the cloth accompanying the Pure GLASSES & LENS CLEANER Kit. First of all, it is too thick and textured, not something we want while cleaning delicate glasses. Secondly, the cloth smears all over the glass.

  • All-natural active ingredients
  • Incredibly safe to use
  • Ammonia-free formula
  • Offering lots of convenience
  • Anti-static properties
  • Rough cleaning cloth

#8 HG Multi Surface Cleaner 500 ML Interior Spray – Best Versatility

HG Multi Surface Cleaner 500 ML Interior Spray

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HG has built a reputation in the glass cleaner world, with each of its product lines being the greatest at specific areas. This time is no different, as the HG Multi Surface Cleaner 500 ML Interior Spray is certainly the most versatile cleaner that we have seen.

The main reason for this versatility is its newly developed formula, giving it the capability to clean almost any surfaces, not just glass. For example, you can use this glass cleaner for lacquer, MDF, Formica, synthetics, etc., as long as they are water-proof.

Another additional benefit of this formula is that it will give a streak-free shine to these surfaces after just a quick touch. It can also clean off most of the dirt, fingerprints, rings, grease and any other grime or stain.

For the most part, our only complaint about this cleaner is its smell. Due to being recently developed, HG Multi Cleaner 500 ML Interior Spray formula, while certainly very effective, still carries an unpleasant ammonia smell. Luckily, due to how fast it evaporates, you will not have to deal with this smell for long.

  • Works with most surfaces
  • Provides a streak-free finish
  • Cleans almost all kinds of dirt
  • Unpleasant smell

#9 Silversil Industrial Streak-Free Glass Cleaner – Best Heavy Duty

Silversil Industrial Streak-Free Glass Cleaner

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If the SOUDAL cleaner prizes itself of its industrial strength, the Silversil Industrial Glass Cleaner is industrial in nature.

With a rubbing alcohol-based formula, this glass cleaner can work with any dirt or stain, removing them in mere seconds. For this reason, we doubt that there can be a better fit for heavy-duty cleaning than this pick.

While being so strong in cleaning prowess, we don’t find the Silversil Industrial Glass Streak-Free Glass Cleaner too abrasive to any glass surface. Instead, this cleaner can work with many delicate glasses without any problem.

As a result, you can freely use it to create a streak-free shine on practically any surface you want. Of course, you still have to pay attention to your cleaning cloth.

Due to its alcohol-based formula, you will need to be careful while using this cleaner. After all, alcohol-based cleaners are not that friendly to your skins. Furthermore, keep them far from kids, pregnant women, and pets’ reach, as there can be complications.

  • Effective instantly
  • Streak-free shine
  • Ammonia-free formula
  • Can work with delicate glasses
  • Poses harm to kids, pregnant women and pets

#10 Car Gods 54 Zeus 500 ML Glass Cleaner – Best Quick Action

Car Gods 54 Zeus 500 ML Glass Cleaner

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Named after the ruler of the sky, the thunder god himself, there must be some basis for Car Gods’ confidence in the Car Gods 54 Zeus 500 ML Glass Cleaner.

From what we have seen, we believe that this confidence stems from the “lightning” speed of this cleaner’s working process against any dirt or stain.

Just like its working process, this cleaner’s drying is also faster than most other options on this list, aside from the HG 125 ML Glasses Cleaner. Of course, the intended use of the latter is for lenses, while the intended use of Zeus cleaning solution is for car’s windows, so it’s not comparable.

Furthermore, due to how fast it evaporates, this cleaner gives the window a streak-free shine.

The only weakness that we were able to identify in this cleaner is the fact that it’s not biodegradable. For this reason, remember to wear proper gloves while working with the Car Gods 54 Zeus 500 ML Glass Cleaner to prevent any damage to your skins.

  • Quick to work
  • Fast-drying process
  • Streak-free shine
  • Offering lots of convenience
  • Not biodegradable

Buying Guide – How To Get The Best Glass Cleaners to buy online in the UK ?

Glass cleaners can help polish all kinds of glass in your household, from shower screens to windows and mirrors.

However, it’s crucial to consider a cleaner’s formula and active ingredient, as different types of glass react differently to specific formulas. There are also many other factors to take into account.

The Right Format Can Make A World Of Difference

There are many formats available for natural glass cleaners, from sprays to bottles, to wipes. Each of these has its unique benefits, depending on the type of glass surface you want to use them on.

Spray Bottles Have Huge Coverage

Arguably the single most popular form of natural glass cleaner, spray cleaners can disperse over a huge area with a simple squeeze of the trigger.

Best Glass Cleaners UK

Furthermore, these cleaners can deliver a just right amount of solution on the surface, so they are incredibly fitting for small to medium mirrors and car windows.

Moreover, you will never have to waste time diluting the solution, as they are already at the correct proportion. Also, these are among the most affordable choices, offering a balanced compromise between convenience and cost.

Concentrated Bottles Have The Best Value

If you need to clean lots of glass surfaces in your house regularly, then the most economical choice is none other than investing in a concentrated cleaner bottle. After all, with just some drops diluted in a bucket of water, this type of cleaner can clean lots of things in one go.

Of course, you must always dilute this cleaner before using it, as cleaning with its purest form can easily damage your glass equipment. As a result, you will need to get a squeegee and a buck at the very least.

Cleaning Wipes Have Great Portability

Are you a fan of ultra-convenient, speedy cleaning? If the answer is yes, then using a glass cleaning wipe is surely a good fit for you. However, they are quite expensive with multiple uses and not that friendly to the environment.

Best Glass Cleaners in the UK

For this reason, they are the best for on-the-go situations, rather than your typical household surfaces cleaning.

A Streak-Free Shine Is Most Important

Cleaning glass is not just getting rid of grease marks or fingerprints but also making sure that there is no streak left on the glass surfaces. For this reason, while choosing the best cleaners, you must remember to check if it can provide a streak-free finish.

Glass Cleaner FAQs

How Do You Clean Windows Perfectly?

First of all, make sure that the sun is not too strong on the day you clean, as high heat will make the liquid dry quickly, resulting in streaks.

Next, briefly clean the window surface.

Then go in with a dust cloth or soft-bristle brush to tackle dirt, dust and cobwebs before wetting the windows.

Afterwards, apply the cleaning solution of your choice.

Use a lint-free cloth or sponge to wipe circularly throughout the glass surface. Doing this, you will be rewarded with a practically invisible glass.

Then, clean the frames of the window with a damp cloth, immediately follow with a dry, clean cloth. Never use any cleaner that has ammonia on the frames.

How Do You Stop Glass Smearing?

The best method to prevent smearing on your glass is to avoid any glass cleaner that has an alcohol or ammonia base.

For the most part, these cleaning solutions will produce a much more intense cleaning process, but they will also leave behind streaks, or in severe cases, a thin film that attracts moisture and dust.


Another thing to keep in mind is never to use any blade or razor, even if it is stainless steel, to scrape dirt or grease out, no matter how stubborn these stains may be.

This attempt will result in permanent scratches, leaving the window vulnerable to breakage down the line.

Why Are Your Windows Always Streaky?

The biggest cause of windows being streaky is none other than the evaporation of cleaning solutions.

If you happen to clean the window of your house under an intense sunlit day, you will notice that the liquid part of your solution will evaporate much quicker. Consequently, the solution’s leftovers  become streaks on the window.

Naturally, the kind of cloth towel you use is also a deciding factor in causing streaks. Less absorbent towels will spread moisture and dirt all over the glass surface instead of removing them. Due to this, you will see lots of streaks on the surface.

Is Isopropyl Alcohol Bad For Glass?

Any alcohol-based cleaning product will offer you an intense cleaning experience, especially ones that have isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. However, such an intense formula is also dangerous for more delicate glasses, as it can leave huge streaks on their surfaces.

All in all, our answer to this question is dependent on the type of glass you want to clean. If you want to clean lenses or mirrors, using a rubbing alcohol-free solution is a safe bet.


After reading through our article, we hope that you can now determine which feature of a glass surface cleaner is the most important for your specific situation.

Nonetheless, a streak-free shine is always among the most important requirements, we want you to  keep it in mind while evaluating your options.

If you still cannot make a sure-fire decision, our recommendation is the Pure GLASSES & LENS CLEANER Kit. Yes, it works slower than other options, but it is the safest and easiest to use. All in all, you will have a much easier time getting used to cleaning glasses.

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