Best Garden Swing Seats

You will thank us, knowing these ten best garden swing seats. How wonderful it is to enjoy a gentle swaying movement like how we used to experience since our childhood. We bet you will remember the lulls and relaxing rocking motions on a hammock nap. If so, check out the following seats!

Benefits of Having a Garden Swing Seat

Garden Swing Seats

There are many surprising advantages of swinging seats that will drive you into a purchase right away.

Firstly, you should be ready to get relaxing weekends.

For those who might not know, swinging is supposed to provide sensory integration. Accordingly, it helps relieve the pressures on muscles and aches in the neck and lower back. You might not know, but swinging also improves mood and makes you more awe-inspiring.

As a result, your body and your mind will be relaxed after hard-working days at work or home.

Secondly, the swing seats are very versatile to install everywhere.

Garden swing hammock seats are available in different shapes and sizes to fit your garden space the most.

For example, you can get the one-seaters for small gardens, and you just need a cute place to swallow your favourite books. Whereas, multiple-seater swing seats are ideal if you want to lay down on the back for a short nap or for enjoying a starry night.

Thirdly, the seats add exciting styles to your garden.

Without a doubt, swing seats – like any other furniture, must match the look-around scenes and more importantly, your lifestyle.

You can choose tan wooden benches t for classic garden and outdoor furniture decor, for instance. We bet that it will be outstanding among the residents wherever you keep the seat.

Top 10 Swing Seats for Gardens in The UK 2021

Highwild Hanging Rope Swing Hammock Seat

Highwild Hanging Rope Swing Hammock Seat

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Let’s begin the best garden swing seats reviews by exploring the Highwild Hanging Rope Hammock Swing Seat. This is a seat for one person who looks for a soft, durable, and comfortable garden seat.

Firstly, mentioning the frame, the Highwild seat comes with a sturdy carbon- tubular steel bar. It is strong enough to hold up a weight limit of more than 225kgs. Thus, no worry if you are a big adult. All you need is to find a tree branch or a beam and set the seat up in several minutes. The deep metal grooves are in place to secure the rope from unexpected sliding – even when you swing the seat much frequently.

Remember to select a suitable hanging heat above the ground – about 40 cm off because the seat might slightly stretch when you sit on the chair.

Secondly, about the seat’s material, the Highwild swing seat is carefully crafted from canvas fabric. Altogether, they will cover around and hug your body to create a soothing experience.

We just do not very like the two cushions coming in the package. They are flat and squished out of the box. As a result, you might undergo a discomfortable experience.

  • A nice heavy-duty carbon bar
  • Easy to install into garden spaces
  • Stretchy canvas materials
  • Modern and simple design
  • A bit discomfort with flat cushions
  • Expensive than many others

La Siesta – Habana Nougat – Organic Chair

La Siesta - Habana Nougat - Organic Chair

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Another option when it comes to hanging rope swing seats is La Siesta – Habana Nougat.

It is somehow bigger than the Highwild so you can not only comfortably sit but also lie down whenever you want. The seating area is 130 cm wide and 210 cm long. Even two people can share the seat – as long as the total weight is less than 160 kg.

The spreader bar is made of premium bamboo, which is even FSC-certified. This material is particularly robust over time and even attractive enough to mix with almost all residents in the garden. Even better, the La Siesta – Habana Nougat wooden frame is smooth and against bad weather.

So far, so good. However, the most outstanding function of this swing seat is the durable cotton material. In specific, the LA Sierra is built with organic cotton with no use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. It can be said that the seat is both friendly to nature and to humans. Compared to regular cotton, organic cotton is more durable, softer, and easier to clean. The manufacturer even enhances the durability by doubling weft threads. You can expect this swing seat to last for months without tears.

The only problem left is the price. La Siesta – Habana Nougat is more expensive than many others on the list.

  • King-sized dimension
  • Naturally-friendly organic cotton
  • Extra sturdy bamboo bar
  • Comfortable to sit and lie on
  • High price
  • No seat cushions available

CCTRO Hanging Rope Swing Hammock Seat

CCTRO Hanging Rope Swing Hammock Seat

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At a glance, the CCTRO Hanging Rope Hammock Swing Seat is really similar to the Highwild – but in different colours. But in fact, this swing seat has many additional advanced functions to explore.

About the size, the CCTRO is twice as large as the Highwild. You can spread the seat to over 100 cm, meaning that two adults can sleep on the seat together with plenty of relaxing room.

Rather than canvas, the seat is made of heavy-duty 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This blent material guarantees comfort when you sit on the swing. Also, it will hardly tear or break for months.

We also like how colourful the CCTRO is. It adds extra interest to any type of garden styles. More importantly, it hides dust more effectively and also easier to clean than the white Highwild.

Some similarities between the two seats are they are both easy to hang and relocate indoors and outdoors. However, like the Highwild, this CCTRO Hanging Rope Seat comes with small and flat cushions!

  • Extra-large swing seats
  • Easy to install into garden spaces
  • Soft and durable material blend
  • Interestingly colourful design
  • Small and flat cushions included
  • Not cheap at all

ON CLOUD XXL Large Hanging Rope Swing

ON CLOUD XXL Large Hanging Rope Swing

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Truth be told, we cannot get enough of the hanging rope swing seat that we keep introducing another option, called ON CLOUD XXL Large. This seat is the combination of the enormous dimension of La Siesta and the durable CCTRO – but at an exceptionally affordable price.

Why did we say so?

As its name suggests, the seat is incredibly big – enough for a fully-grown adult to lie down on the seat with a complete relax. In particular, the dimensions of this ON CLOUD is similar to the La Siesta – around 100 cm wide.

Speaking materials, the ON CLOUD is made of the mixed cotton polyester fabric. As a result, you can expect similar comfort and durability over time.

Interestingly enough, the low price does not mean that the seat will be less sturdy. In contrast, the wooden frame, supported by strong ropes and “S” hook, allows the ON CLOUD to sit more securely on any surface. Just hand it wherever you like.

What we do not like about this garden swing seat, however, is its heaviness. The overall construction can reach 41 kg, and you will find it hard to carry and set up the ON CLOUD all by yourself.

  • Surprisingly cheap compared to the quality
  • Extra-large and spreadable seat
  • Soft and durable cotton-polyester fabric
  • Coming with many accessories
  • A little heavy to carry around
  • Less weight capacity than advertised

OUTREEkxgj Kids Pod Swing Hammock

OUTREEkxgj Kids Pod Swing Hammock

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A slightly unusual hanging chair like OUTREEkxgj Kids Pod will add a sense of charm to your lovely garden.

Particularly, children will fall for this seat at the very first sight, thinking it as their refuge place. We bet that your kids will be more pleased to stay outdoors for a book rather than be a couch potato.

The OUTREE swing seat looks quite simple with a pure cotton hammock-like surround in 6 colours and two styles and a PVC cushion inside. You can hang it outside in the garden or in the bedroom. Then, your children just need to climb in and enjoy a cosy hang out.

The quality of this pod is not bad, thinking how durable the parts are over time. In addition, the price is extremely affordable so you can even buy several pods – if you have many kids, without breaking the bank.

However, you should keep in mind that the OUTREEkxgj Kids Pod is quite small and the maximum weight capacity is around 45 kg.

  • A budget swing seat for kids
  • Simple to install inside and outside
  • Durable materials that are built to last
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Very small
  • Low weight capacity

E EVERKING Hammock Chair Macrame Swing

E EVERKING Hammock Chair Macrame Swing

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This E EVERKING Hammock is another unusual swing seat in form or net. We bet that girls who like to take selfies would love to have this seat in their gardens.

The macrame net chair design not only adds a stylish touch, but it also makes this seat lightweight and easy to set up in minutes. You can hang it over the tree branches or from the ceiling.

Interestingly enough, such a fragile design turns out to be heavy-duty. It can hold up to 117 kg and also as large as 60 cm wide and 80 cm long. One or two adults can sit on the chair at a time.

This chair is made of complete handmade cotton. It will be soft under your back. However, the net design can sometimes leave marks on your skin. You had better buy additional cushions in similar colours. Take notes that there are no hanging accessories nor cushions in the package.

  • A stylish swing chair
  • Large enough for two
  • Lightweight and easy to hang
  • Durable and comfortable cotton
  • No hanging accessories
  • No cushions

SunTime Brampton Rattan Wicker Egg Swing Chair 

SunTime Brampton Rattan Wicker Egg Swing Chair 

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Some seats above are spacious enough for two people. However, they are still the best for one person to kick back and roll in. If you like sharing your gardening time with your lovers or kids, it would be better to go for this SunTime Brampton Rattan Wicker Egg Swing Chair.

This chair features an egg design, with a strong tubular powder coated steel frame as it will stay securely in your garden under strong winds or so. Moreover, high-quality PE rattan is supposed to be UV-resistant and water-resistant. The SunTime seat comes with an impressive service life. Even the pillows included in the package are exceptionally plump and comfortable.

Above all, we extremely appreciate the stylish design of this seat. The egg shape in warm colours gives off a cosy and luxurious touch to your home. In addition, the ergonomic space inside will ensure your relaxation.

You might also be surprised that this seat is easy to assemble – even though it looks a little complicated. All to do is to attach the stand base and hang the seat onto it. You can complete the task all by yourself.

Only the high price can prevent you from buying this wonderful SunTime seat. Yet, you will get what you pay for – we confirm.

  • Interestingly egg-shaped seat
  • Durable synthetic rattan
  • Secure powder coated steel stand
  • Comfortable pillows
  • Expensive choice
  • Not high enough for tall members

Outsunny 3 Seater Canopy Swing Chair

Outsunny 3 Seater Canopy Swing Chair

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This 3 Seater Canopy Swing Chair is on the side of the traditional memory that will give you back to childhood. Do you remember the wooden swing seat that your father might create for you?

The very first impression on this seat is the elegant pure brown design. Meanwhile, the curved metal frame adds a throughout elegance. The seat will liven up any space it presents with a cosy touch.

When you further look into the seat, you will love its “A” shape with padded legs. It helps improve the overall stability and also makes it easy to set up the seat on any surface in the garden. No worries if you have naughty kids because the seat will stay in place no matter how hard they swing the seat.

In addition, you and your friends can sit on the seat together because there are three spacious seats. All are padded cushions for extra comfort. You can even lean relaxingly on the angled back and armrests.

The UV protection overhead adjustable canopy is also worth mentioning. It protects the seat from sun glare or mid rain. You can enjoy your time even under the summer sky.

Only a complaint we would make about the Outsunny is that the metal bar is a bit sturdy and you can obviously feel it under your thighs.

  • Beautiful traditional swing seat
  • Spacious enough for three
  • Sturdy and stable A stand
  • A seat with canopy for UV protection
  • A bit heavy to carry around
  • Discomfortable frame under-thigh

Charles Bentley 2-3 Seater Garden Seat

Charles Bentley 2-3 Seater Garden Seat

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Similar to the Outsunny seat, this Charles Bentley 2-3 Seater Garden Chair also features an A stand and overhead UV protection canopy. It means that the seat is very sturdy and protective under direct sunlight. Feel free to get a lazy afternoon nap in your fresh garden.

We extremely like the orange powder-coated frame that gives off a smell of summer, while it will look warm in winter months. Believe us, Charles Bentley up will interestingly highlight your garden corner.

In terms of seats, there are enough rooms for three people, but two people will find it more relaxing to stretch out. The polyester mesh covers all edges that look tough at a glance, but really bouncy and comfortable to sit on.

The seat can stand itself on a mid wind. However, you should consider bringing it inside in case of heavy rain because the seat is only 18 kg. It might collapse then.

  • Bright orange colour
  • Large three seats
  • Bouncy and comfortable seats
  • A seat with canopy for UV protection
  • Expensive
  • Possibly collapse under strong winds.

Angel Living Garden Patio Swing Chair 3 Seat

Angel Living Garden Patio Swing Chair 3 Seat

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Coming at last, but this Angel Living Garden Patio Swing Chair 3 Seat is definitely not the least to mention. In fact, this seat is an affordable alternative to the two seats above. Still, the Angel Living Garden chair is quality enough to ensure your enjoyable swinging time.

Accordingly, the frame is made of thick steel tubes that have a powder coating on it. The frame will stay new for a very long time. The seat is supposed to be even more sturdy than the Charles Bentley because there are knobs that are fixed to swing chairs and ceiling to keep all parts together – even under force. The strong S-hooks are available to enhance the swinging safety as well.

The build is exceptional quality at its price range. However, we find that the seats are not very comfortable. The manufacturer should add more padding to the pillows. Or you can buy some additional ones.

  • Affordable compared to others
  • Bright colour in the garden
  • Sturdy build for enhanced safety
  • An overhead canopy available
  • Not comfortable seats
  • Not adjustable height

How to Choose The Best Garden Swing Seats ?

Now there are so many swing seats available that you do not know what to choose – even when you checked all the best garden swing seats above. Thankfully, we have a complete buying guide here for further reference.

You should get started by considering garden space.

Swing chairs should be a part of the garden rather than make an overcrowded look. Not to mention, they need spaces around to get back and forth.

Best Garden Swing Seats UK

In case you have many bushes or trees that might obstruct, you should choose a small garden furniture or those with a narrow swinging range – like the egg chairs. Lucky you if you have a spacious garden which has enough room for two- or even four-seated swings. Then, you can share the seats with your beloved family members and friends.

In terms of the style, the wooden seats will perfectly fit a rustic-theme garden furniture. Meanwhile, resin swings offer a more contemporary impression.

Safe construction is required for every garden seat.

Believe me; your kids might be frequent guests of the swing seats. Thus, you must ensure that they are quality-built. To check, you can consider the frame and materials.

Wooden swing chairs

Solid wood is always a timeless material for furniture. It is both sturdy and durable over time. Moreover, wooden stuff is also easily blended into any garden designs, whether they are casual or luxurious.

In drawbacks, natural wood seats are less portable to carry around. And you will have to spend more time and effort to maintain the look of wooden seats, leaving them outside in the garden.

Steel swing chairs

Steel seats are more modern than wood options. They are also cheaper. Excitingly enough, good-quality steel options are nearly as durable as the solid wood seats. They will not rust as long as you apply proper maintenance.

Just a note is that steel seats might easily heat up in the sun, so you had better buy a seat with the proof or prepare some pillows.

Aluminium swing seats

For contemporary gardens, you can consider aluminium swings. They are both strong and portable around. Not to mention, they are also rust-free and British weather-resistant.

Nonetheless, aluminium can still heat up a bit under the sun.

Woven-resin swing chairs

Of all, the woven resin material is affordable and effortless-to-maintain. Woven swings are lightweight as well.

Unfortunately, woven-resin material can stand a less weight limit compared to other materials.

The weather-resistant accessories, if any, are better.

If you intend to leave the swing chairs there in the garden from time to time, you must invest in models that have a roof. Obviously, even the most durable wooden garden furniture can wear down faster under sun, rain, or snow.

Best Garden Swing Seats

At that time, we recommend using garden chairs that have a swivel roof. Such a choice means the roof will be tilted according to the sun.

Some seats even come with a waterproof cover. Then, you can protect the seats from outside elements when you plan on not using them for a specific period.

Wrapping Up

Ready to beautify your garden with some best garden swing seats we recommended right above? If you still cannot make a decision, then we strongly recommend the SunTime Brampton Rattan Wicker Egg Swing Chair. It is stylish, spacious, and durable over time. Although the price is high, this garden furniture is definitely worth it!

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