Best Food Dehydrators

For those who might not know, dehydrating foods can retain original minerals, vitamins and natural enzymes – especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Don’t believe us? Buy one of these best food dehydrators, and you will thank us for introducing such an excellent kitchen appliance!

How Does a Food Dehydrator Work?

A dehydrator removes the moisture content from foods, vegetables and fruits, using a heating element, circulation fan and vents.

Most straightforwardly, the heating element increases the dehydrator’s internal temperature, and the fan evenly distributes heat to remove moisture from the food held in the trays.

In detail, the sciences behind the dehydrator’s development become more and more advanced, making it easier to use. Keep reading to explore more about the best food dehydrators.

Top 10 Best Food Dehydrators to Buy in The UK

VonShef 5 Tier Food Dehydrator – Best Mid-sized Dehydrator

VonShef 5 Tier Food Dehydrator

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Coming in first place is VonShef 5 Tier Food Dehydrator, a mid-size model to serve a family’s average demands.

This appliance comes with five quality plastic trays so that you can dry out various types of food at a time. Although there is no option to add more trays, you can adjust the distance between trays by two heights – according to the food’s thickness and sizes.

In terms of dehydrating techniques, the VonShef 5 Tier uses Flow-Drying technology. It will get rid of the food’s moisture slowly and evenly. Such a low-heat process will preserve vital nutrients to retain the original flavour.

Moreover, there is a temperature setting control among 40 – 70°C, making it possible to handle numerous food types, ranging from delicate herbs to thick jerky.

We just wish the manufacturer could include a roll sheet in their package. As the ventilation holes are big, the dehydrated food can drop on the heated base.

  • An affordable dehydrator
  • Sturdy and easy-to-clean trays
  • Advanced Flow Drying dehydrating process
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • No roll sheets included
  • Low dehydrating process

Cooks Professional Food Dehydrator Tiered 5 Tray – Best Easy of Use

Cooks Professional Food Dehydrator Tiered 5 Tray

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This Cooks Professional Tiered 5 Tray is almost similar to the VonShef model.

In specific, the food dehydrator also has five plastic trays to dry out various types of food at a time. There are also two adjustments for the height.

The drying-out process also extracts moisture content slowly to keep up to 97% of the nutritional values. For that reason, ready to wait for one to seventy-two hours to get the dehydration done.

You can expect an adjustable thermostat as well. Even better, there is a timer that schedules the drying process as desired, something you cannot find in the VonShef model.

However, the Cooks Professional machine is a bit smaller. You might need to dehydrate your food in more batches.

  • Not expensive
  • Well-built trays and heated base
  • Flow Drying Dehydrating process in use
  • Adjustable temperature and timer functions
  • Small dimensions
  • Not very durable

Allied UK Laptronix 5 Tray Mini Dehydrator – Best Budget

Allied UK Laptronix 5 Tray Mini Dehydrator

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The next in the list is the Allied UK Laptronix 5 Tray Mini Dehydrator.

This food dehydrator is one of the most compact models on the market, which also has five tiered trays. The size and the distance from trays to trays are reduced. As a result, the Allied dehydrator is more lightweight and easier to take along with you on a picnic.

You can dry out three or four apples in a batch and in just several hours. This model uses the Flow-Drying system like that of VonShef to extract water-content slowly.

The temperature adjustment is great to tweak things at the correct heat, along with a built-in quiet motor fan and a safety overheating protection.

We also appreciate the machine’s lovely and luxury transparent construction. Thanks to it, you can check the foods at a glance.

Most noticeably, the price of the Allied mini dehydrator is just half of VonShef and far more affordable than others on this list.

  • The cheapest option on the list
  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Flow Drying system
  • Easy to use with temperature dials
  • Just for a couple of fruits at a time
  • Poor packaging out of the box

MisterChef® Food Dehydrator, 250W Large 5 Trays – Best Design

MisterChef® Food Dehydrator, 250W Large 5 Trays

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MisterChef® Food Dehydrator is the next product to be introduced. This machine is at a similar price as the Allied UK model, but with larger drying space, enabling you to carry more food.

Two fancy things that make us fancy this MisterChef than Allied UK are the round design with adjustable-in-heat trays and the timer option.

In terms of design, the round construction adds an extra sleek and compact impression. You can set the dehydrator easily on the kitchen counter or store it in the cabernet.

Meanwhile, the transparent cover allows checking the dehydrating degree of the food without opening the lid. Moreover, trays are adjustable in two positions. The low one for small foods like fruits or vegetables, and the higher one for large and thick items.

Timer option is a surprise with dehydrators in the budget-friendly category. MisterChef® Food Dehydrator does support it. The machine will shut off automatically when the drying time is reached; you will not have to worry about over-drying.

So far, so good for the price. Nonetheless, take note that the machine gets hot more quickly than some Flow-Drying dehydrators mentioned earlier. It means you must set a suitable temperature to avoid any incident.

  • Very budget-friendly
  • Sleek round white design
  • Adjustable-in-height trays
  • Convenient timer available
  • Get hot easily
  • Not helpful manual guide

Laiozyen 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator – Best Space

Laiozyen 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

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If you want to fasten the dehydration process rather than using the slow-cooking models, you can consider the Laiozyen 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator instead.

First, this machine is bigger than that of Cooks Professional with the overall dimensions of 40.30 x 31.80 x 28.40 cm, meaning you can proceed with many foods at a time.

Secondly, you can conveniently adjust the temperature in a wide temperature range from 35°- 83°C.

Moreover, the airflow is circulated 360 degrees. The food is cooked evenly from the bottom to the top and on both sides without requiring you to occasionally rotate the trays.

We, however, do not appreciate this machine’s fragility. Some consumers report that the dehydrator is broken and leaks after several months of use.

  • Bigger in size
  • Flexible heat-control dials
  • Timer option
  • A wide range of temperature ready to use
  • Effortless to clean and maintain the cook
  • Not very durable
  • Not affordable

HOMCOM 5 Tier Food Fruit Dehydrator – Best for Outdoor Picnics

HOMCOM 5 Tier Food Fruit Dehydrator

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If you have read many best food dehydrators reviews, you might already come across the HOMCOM 5 Tier Food Fruit Dehydrator several times. It makes sense, considering that the machine is compact, convenient and extremely affordable.

Still, you have five drying trays of transparent plastic to dry out some DIY snacks. Although the size is much smaller than the models above, we love how compact, simple, space-saving the HOMCOM dehydrator is. In addition, the plastic material is sturdy and safe for long-term health.

Interestingly enough, this budget model covers all necessary functions of a food dehydrator, such as the timing and temperature dial. You might already know how helpful these functions are from the above suggestion.

The compact size is both a pro and a con. Truth be told, the space is narrow for large pieces of food and the temperature range is not high enough for a big chunk of meat.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Sturdy and healthy material
  • A timer and heat dials
  • Not suitable for large foods
  • Limited temperature range

52 Degrees South Beef Jerky Dehydrator – Best for Biltong

52 Degrees South Beef Jerky Dehydrator

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The 52 Degrees South Satara Beef Jerky Dehydrator might be the most different food dehydrator on the list – in fact, it is a shelf food dehydrator.

This model’s design is exceptionally straightforward, including a heated base, a matt-finish lid, four thick, resistant acrylic panels and aluminium rods.

You will find the Satara ideal for drying thick meats or something hangable. Particularly, the model specialised in making Biltong, thus, an additional bag of biltong spice comes along with the package.

Speaking of the drying system, we find a light bulb fixture and a fan built into the mat lid. Together, they provide constant heat and air circulation inside the dehydrator to extract all the moisture.

All in all, the machine is good enough to make Biltong and dehydrate large pieces of food occasionally. However, the price is relatively high.

  • Ideal for making Biltong
  • Consistent heat distribution
  • Easy to assemble
  • Effortless to clean
  • Not for drying out many foods
  • Expensive model

Sous Vide Tools 6 Tray Food Dehydrator – Best Overall

Sous Vide Tools 6 Tray Food Dehydrator

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If you want to dry out more food at a time, you can choose a six-tray model as the Sous Vide Tools 6 Tray. The overall dimension is 34.50 x 45.00 x 31.50 cm – far bigger than the 5-tray machines.

Even better, the trays are made of metal – rather than plastic, so they will last longer and also transfer the heat better. Plus, metal trays are easier to clean in the dishwashers.

On the other hand, a drawback coming with the metal trays is that this kitchen appliance is quite heavy. Luckily, the side handles make the unit more portable.

We also appreciate that the heating system is placed horizontally rather than vertically. The heat fan and airflow are also packed in the back of the dehydrator, making it run very quietly – even at night.

It would be more helpful if there was a timer function. In fact, the dehydrator only features two temperature switches and on/off buttons.

  • Mid-range price
  • Sturdy stainless steel trays
  • Drawing construction
  • Wide range of temperatures
  • A bit heavy
  • No timer

Kwasyo Stainless Steel 6 Tray Food Dehydrator – Best Sturdy

Kwasyo Stainless Steel 6 Tray Food Dehydrator

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Also featuring six heating trays, the Kwasyo Stainless Steel 6 Tray Food Dehydrator is an upgraded alternative to the Sous Vide dehydrator.

Specifically, all parts of the Kwasyo model are stainless steel. Thus, the machine will last for years – as long as you provide proper maintenance.

Another advanced feature compared to the Sous Vide is the temperature system. The Kwasyo dehydrator adopts 360-degree heating, meaning it has both horizontal and vertical airflow, consequently, more constant heat. More importantly, the efficiency is improved while less energy is consumed.

A LED timer is also found on the top of the machine, along with one-touch operation and temperature control.

Two disadvantages of this dehydrator, however, are its high price and the rattling noise.

  • Well-built stainless steel dehydrator
  • High-efficiency thanks to 360-degree heating
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to operate with a touchable panel
  • Expensive choice
  • Noisy operation

Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator with Timer – Best for Commercial Usage

Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator with Timer

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If your family members are fans of dried snacks, you can consider the commercial Dehydrator of Excalibur.

That said, the machine supports up to nine BPA-Free plastic trays to handle a large number of foods in one batch, ranging from fresh fruit to vegetables and meat.

The powerful 600W motor and Excalibur parallax-horizontal airflow are robust enough to handle such crowded trays. You will not have to rotate the Excalibur trays in the middle of the process.

Another plus of the Excalibur 9 Tray model is the thermostat control. You can set up the temperature and let the dehydrator operate until the time is reached.

All in all, this food dehydrator performs excellently, but it is one of the most costly models available.

  • Spacious nine heating trays
  • Powerful Excalibur parallax-horizontal heating
  • Adjustable thermostat control
  • Five-year warranty included in the package
  • Most expensive pick
  • Large and bulky construction

How to Choose the Best Food Dehydrators ?

How to Choose the Best Food Dehydrators

What to consider when buying the food dehydrators?

Two available types: tray dehydrators vs shelf dehydrators.

Mosts dehydrators on the market fall into two categories: tray or shelf dehydrators.

Tray models have trays stacking on one another. Heating devices and fans are located either at the bottom or on the top of trays. There are holes between trays, letting the heat and moisture flow through.

Beneficially, you can adjust the trays’ number according to the size and the type of foods. Regarding drawbacks, not all trays receive the same heat.

Say, the one which is closest to the heating element will be dehydrated the fastest. You will also need to frequently unstack the trays one by one to check the food.

Shelf dehydrators, on the other hand, look like a small oven with multiple racks with a heater and a fan at the back. With such a construction, the machine distributes the airflow evenly and horizontally to all the food.

You can check the food at a glance as well. Nonetheless, these dehydrators are harder to clean and unadjustable. Compared to the tray models, the shelf dehydrators take more space.

A suitable size and capacity will help save space and money.

Having a food dehydrator is very helpful. However, too large ones with abundant functionalities might not always be necessary.

Choose a machine based on your practical needs, for example:

  • How much space is available in your kitchen?
  • How many fruits or veggies do you want to dehydrate in one batch?

Then, pick up the number of trays or shelves and their sizes accordingly.

Airflow must be suitable for the types of food.

Airflow is how the hot air travels inside the machine to dry out the food. There are two common designs: vertical and horizontal airflow.

Best Food Dehydrators to buy online

​Vertical airflow will travel from the bottom of the machines to the top. For that reason, the fan and heated base are often located at the bottom.

This type of airflow is ideal for dehydrating delicate and fragile food items like herbs, strawberries or peaches, etc. The vertical models are often small and budget-friendly.

Horizontal airflow moves the hot air and heat from the back to the forth, so that the temperature is more stable and quickly distributed.

It is perfect for those having little time or wanting to dry out thick foods like meat, jerky, chicken, etc. Nonetheless, these horizontal dehydrators are more expensive.

Ease of use is required.

Since you already plan to purchase this kitchen tool, you want to enjoy an easy cooking process rather than struggle with the traditional method. Thankfully, dehydrators are often simple and easy to use. And there are even some helpful functions that come along.

Thermostats are useful when you plan to dry out some foods at a higher temperature. You can also have an eye on the temperature and adjust it according to your recipes.

Timer and auto-shutoff are recommended for those who are busy or absent-minded. In fact, the food dehydration process takes hours, and you can easily forget about it.

Best Food Dehydrators in the UK

The timer will alert when the food needs a check-up, or it is ready to serve. In case you do not hear the notification, the auto-shutoff function is in place.

Besides, clear trays or shelves make it easier to check the food without having to open the door or unstack trays. Dishwasher-friendliness is also a plus to make the cleaning process faster.

It would help to make sure that the machines run quietly.

We have to admit that the dehydration might take time, and many of us choose to do it overnight. For that reason, we expect that the machines will not wake us up in the middle of the night because of their noisy fans.

It would be better if the manufacturers state the decibel ratings specifically. But if they do not, try to get a clue from our reviews above.

Food dehydrator – FAQs

Is dehydrated food safe?

Yes, there are little to no reports about the health risks of drying food, as long as you clean the food carefully in advance and preserve the food properly after the drying process. Other than that, almost all food content remains in an alkaline state.

Does dehydrated food still taste good?

Many people are afraid that drying out food results in less flavour and harder texture.

It is a common misconception!

Although dehydrated foods are less moisturized, the taste remains delicious. Some nutrients and vitamins, however, are broken down – but far less than other preservation methods.

How long can the dehydrated food last?

It depends on your recipes.

However, we recommend using food from four months to one year. You must carefully store the food as well.

Can I dry out cooked food?

Yes, you can simply place the food on a non-stick tray or shelf and choose a suitable temperature. Then, you can create some dehydrated meals to take along on a picnic or a road trip.

How long does it take to run the dehydrators?

There is no concrete answer to this question because it depends on the volume, characteristics of the food, the chosen temperature, etc.

For instance, herbs and leafy veggies take just several hours to be completed. In contrast, meat can take a day or more.

How to clean and maintain food dehydrators?

The more you care for the machines, the longer it will last for your sake. You should follow the maintenance guide of the manufacturers.

Here are some common tips to take notes:

  • Wipe the trays every time you are done with the dehydrating process.
  • Soak the trays with lukewarm water for several hours after use.
  • Clean all surfaces inside the machines afterward.
  • Scrub the residue carefully.
  • Clean the machine’s components in the dishwasher, if possible.
  • Naturally, dry the food dehydrators before storage.

Wrapping Up

The best food dehydrators in the UK reviews are under your fingertips. Do not hesitate any longer because this kitchen equipment is all good, no bad.

In case you still cannot make a choice, feel free to digest our buying guide. Or more simply, go for the Sous Vide Tools 6 Tray Food Dehydrator, the most worthwhile investment in terms of price and functionalities.

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