The Best Flameless Candles of 2021: Top 10 & Buying Guide

Candles are the best mood setter, but some people think they’re too dangerous to be put around the house. This worry calls for the best flameless candles!

They give the same effect as traditional candles, but at the same time, don’t contain the inconvenience or danger of a real open flame.

Without further ado, let’s get started on our article on the best flameless candles with a buying guide and help you choose the perfect option.

Best Flameless Candles in the UK – Top 10

Homemory Realistic and Bright Flameless Candles – Budget Pick

Homemory Realistic and Bright Flameless Candles

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The Homemory pack of 12 candles is unarguably popular and highly recommended by buyers.

At first glance, there’s nothing really special about these candles. So what is the hype about this product? The cost!

These candles come to the market at an incredibly low price, yet provide quite decent flickering effects. Despite being made of plastic, the housing in these candles feels solid and high-quality.

They also fit all types of votive candle holders, so whichever scheme you’re targeting, these candles can help you achieve a fine look in the end.

Plus, considering the price you have to pay, these things are a steal!

The reason why they are limited in functionality is because they don’t have light adjustment. Some people complained that they are quite bright when put in the bedroom, yet others said the light effect was rather sombre when placed on a dining table.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Fit most holders
  • Realistic flickering
  • Flimsy plastic design

Youngerbaby Flameless Candles – Best for All Occasions

Youngerbaby Flameless Candles

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The Youngerbaby Flameless candles can mostly be seen at Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas parties.

The reason why people often use them for such occasions is because of their elegant and tall design. The candles look classy without too many details; and the bright, warm light adds the inviting effect needed for just any events.

At the base of the lamp and reliefs, you can find some eye-catching parts that will surely have your guests asking, “From where did you buy these candles?”

For tea lights, those who are sceptical will find them to be quite big, but that’s not a big problem. Nonetheless, these candles tend to heat up quite fast after being used for some hours.

Despite that, these candles have proved to have a quite long lifespan of up to 2 months lit up continuously.

  • Beautiful design
  • Great timer function
  • Produce warm light
  • Quite big for tea lights

Rhysting Flameless Taper Candles – Best Taper Candles

Rhysting Flameless Taper Candles

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If you too prefer traditional taper candles, which often drop a lot and leave behind bothersome, stubborn wax behind, why don’t you take a look at Rhysting Flameless Taper Candles?

These battery-operated candles have a smooth wax finish with LED lights to create warm, realistic flickering and instant ambience. They also come with a remote, giving you access to a variety of functions.

You’ll be surprised to find out that there are eight modes in total, while most models only have two or three, ‘Light’ and ‘Flame’. The eight-feature includes four- and eight-hour timers, as well as brightening and dimming features.

However, a couple of customers have reported that their remote control refused to work. If this happens to you, get in touch with the customer support immediately to request a replacement or reimbursement.

  • Affordable
  • Eight setting modes
  • Smooth finish
  • Occasional faulty remote control

OSHINE Flameless Candles – Most Realistic

OSHINE Flameless Candles

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The flicker effect of the OSHINE Flameless Candles along with the wax material make the candles look so realistic that most people can’t even tell whether they are actual candles or not, despite looking up close.

But since they are made of real wax, don’t ever attempt to light them up. Plus, you should avoid putting OSHINE candles near any heat source or windows with direct sunlight as they can melt.

The candles also come with a remote control to make it convenient for you to turn them on and off, especially when the candles are clustered. Yet, it cannot memorize your last setting, requiring readjustment every time when you turn the candles on.

However, you may find some parts of the candles quite flimsy. These candles are a bargain for what you have to pay; some careful care would be helpful if you want to keep them around longer.

  • Long run time
  • Create a relaxing ambience
  • Real wax material
  • Setting can’t be saved
  • Flimsy plastic parts

Luminicous Flameless Candles – Best for Christmas Gifts

Luminicous Flameless Candles

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The Lumicious Flameless Candles are just what you need if you want your candles to sparkle more than the others. These candles are handcrafted with real wax, granting them the utmost realistic appearance.

The grey colour is something you don’t often see in flameless candles, so they will be sure to stand out as a centrepiece anywhere you put them: dining table, living room, bedroom, etc. Literally anywhere!

The best thing is, they make a perfect option as a Christmas gift or any other occasion you want.

But trust us, anyone to receive these candles on Christmas will feel beyond satisfied with their classy design and attractive package. As Christmas is on its way to town, why not give this pick a try?

The only downside of this product is probably the price. They are quite pricey considering that there’s nothing really special about them besides the novel design.

  • Classy design
  • Attractive packing
  • Make a great gift
  • Pricey

Lights4fun Flameless Candles – Best for Convenience

Lights4fun Flameless Candles

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The Lights4fun Flameless Candles are so convenient that once you have purchased them, you probably wouldn’t care about any other candles in the world.

Unlike the models mentioned above, these candles don’t come with a remote control. Instead, they have a timer, saving you plenty of time walking around the house to turn them on (if you place them separately).

A lot of customers when they first opened the box said that they felt disappointed as these candles look rather boring. But they were instantly blown away when they turned on the candles.

Lights4fun succeeds in creating an ambient, ivory glow rather than the yellow-orange-ish colour you get from other low-priced flameless candles. The flicker also looks very much realistic so there shouldn’t be a problem when you display them on occasions that require real candles.

Some improvements, however, should be made. For example, the flame portion is very dim when it comes to light output, meaning they’re only great when being used at night, or around areas that don’t have much light.

  • Long run time
  • Timer function
  • Create ambient, ivory glow
  • Look realistic
  • Dim flame

YMing Flameless Candles – Best Design

YMing Flameless Candles

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The YMing Flameless Candles are quite different from the ones mentioned. They’re made of glass, making them bright, shiny and outstanding when put anywhere.

The candles in the set come in three sizes. Better yet, they’re waterproof, so you can use them in your garden or any other outdoor areas you wish without having to worry about them being damaged. The candle flame looks very realistic and atmospheric, making it a great option for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

The problem is, some people are afraid that the glass materials are more prone to breakages than regular wax or plastic counterparts. They may add more class to the overall scheme, but also require care when you move them around.

Also, these candles don’t come with batteries, so you’ll have to get them yourself – three AAA batteries for each.

  • High grade glass material
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Requires extra care due to the glass material

EverBrite Flameless Candles – Best for Festivals and Parties

EverBrite Flameless Candles

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These small candles from EverBrite will be sure to amaze you with their various lighting modes. Depending on your purpose of use, they can stay in the same colours all the time or vary by themselves.

For such a small size, they are very bright, even during daytime. Even though the manufacturer said that these candles could be used for many occasions, we feel like they’re best for festivals and parties due to their vivid colours.

Another great thing about this set of candles is the ease of use. You only need to pull the plastic tab on the battery, and the candles are ready.

The small size also helps them fit into some tea light holders or even lanterns, but this is not a promise, so let’s see how lucky you are with them. Or else, you can look at the specifications of the candles before buying a candelabra to make sure they fit.

So, what’s the catch? Even though the size is mentioned in the description, some customers were still disappointed to find that the candles are slightly smaller than expected.

  • Vivid colours
  • Easy to use
  • Realistic and atmospheric flame
  • Small size

YMing LED Flameless Candles – Best with Remote

YMing LED Flameless Candles

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As we’re coming close to the end of today’s list, we want to introduce you to another YMING product – the YMING LED Flameless Candles.

The outer layer is made of high-quality glasses in a vibrant golden colour. The glass material makes them look expensive, and it definitely adds more class to the whole set.

That being said, even when they’re switched off, the smoky bronze-tinted glass still makes a great touch to wherever you’re putting the candles.

What people love most about these candles is the easy to use remote control, helping you turn on and off all candles at once. The remote control also adds some great functionality, including the ability to set your preferred brightness, set a timer for the candles to turn on or off and switch between ‘Flame’ and ‘Light’ modes.

Nonetheless, the flame in the ‘Flame’ mode doesn’t look that realistic and quite unpleasant to look at as they flutter quickly, nothing like real candles.

  • Classy look
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a remote
  • Unrealistic flame

Eldnacele Flameless Candles – Best for Family Gatherings Display

Eldnacele Flameless Candles

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The Eldnacele Flameless Candles are the last pick on our list today. So, what’s special about these candles?

These candles are quite different from the models mentioned in terms of design. You can find ‘Live’, ‘Laugh’, ‘Love’ printed separately on the surface of each candle along with some hemp rope at the bottom. The excellent design expresses the best wishes from the manufacturer to your life, as well as friends and family.

That being said, these candles are best to be displayed on family gatherings; they also make a good gift choice for special occasions like Christmas or housewarming.

For the price, there’s nothing else you could ask further. They made a good alternative to Luminari candles, which are quite pricey if you know the brand.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to these candles as well. We have noticed that the flame is not as ‘yellow’ as other candles, which makes it seem a bit unrealistic if you’re particular about the lights.

Pros & Cons

  • Good price
  • Unique and cute design
  • Useful timer and remote control
  • Slightly unrealistic light

How to choose The Best Flameless Candles in the UK – Buying Guide

From the options above, you’ve probably had a sense of which candles to buy. However, if you’re still confused, here are a few things to pay close attention to when you shop for flameless candles.

The Design of The Flameless Candles

The design has to do with your purpose of use.

best flameless candles UK

What are you going to use these candles for, since different candles are made for different purposes? For example, smaller candles are often used as tea lights for decorative purposes, while bigger ones provide a good amount of light to be placed on tables or stands.

Some candles can be used for multi-purposes, e.g., parties candles or candlelit dinners, whereas others are only suitable for decoration. For more formal occasions, people often use the stylish flameless votive candles – simple yet classy.

Flameless Candles: Flicker Vs. Steady Flame

Candles with flickers often give a more realistic feeling than a steady flame. You can easily tell that candle is not ‘real’ by looking at the flame.

Some people buy candles with a steady flame because they only want accent lights, but you should opt for those with flicker as there are models that can switch between ‘Light’ and ‘Flame,’ so why not have both?

The Size of The Flameless Candles

The size is another factor that depends on your purpose of use and preferences.

You can find a wide range of flameless candles in different shapes, sizes, and colours. If you already have an existing set of flameless candles, and you wish to add more, the size is important. It’s the same when you want to place the candles in a candelabra.

The Battery of The Flameless Candles

Nowadays, there are mass making flameless candles that are very affordable but also don’t last long. You ought to be careful and try to look for the ones with powerful batteries.

Some models run on electricity, which is convenient if you’re only going to place them in one fixed place. These candles require an outlet nearby, so you don’t often find them displayed outdoors.

Flameless Candles: Timer Vs. Remote

The timer makes it convenient for when you want to turn off the candles at certain times, and the remote control removes the hassle of turning on and off each candle at a time.

For some models, the timer is included in the remote, so you should look carefully into these models if you can’t decide whether to go with a timer or remote.

best flameless candles in the uk

Brand and Budget for The Flameless Candles

The brand is another important factor to look at when you shop for the best flameless candles.

Luminari and Homemory are the two well-known brands for having the best flameless candles. However, products from Luminari are quite pricey, whereas Homemomy proposes more budget-friendly options.

If you’re willing to spend more, there are more options that will be sure to amaze you, such as scented candles or even those with Bluetooth connectivity.

Flameless Candles FAQs

How do flameless candles work?

So, there are two types of flameless candles: battery-powered and electric-powered.

Candles run on batteries are more common as they’re portable, meaning you can place them anywhere. Some models are even weather-proof, adding more portability and convenience. However, the process of changing batteries can be quite a pain, especially models that have buttons.

flameless candles

As for electric-powered ones, they require you always to have an outlet to operate. The great thing about them is they won’t go off out of nowhere since they’re powered by electricity.

Yet, they can easily overheat and even get your electric bills going high; you know, excess energy waste. Plus, you can only display them in one fixed place as they’re attached to a bunch of wires (if you put them in a cluster).

How long do the flameless candles last?

It depends on the type of candles you’re using, as well as the time you want to have it on. That being said, if you use an LED flameless candle with AA batteries continuously, it can last for quite some time, up to 2 weeks even!

Are flameless candles toxic?

Not at all.

In fact, flameless candles have proven to be a good alternative to traditional candles as they remove the risk of accidentally setting surrounding objects on fire. Most of the flameless candles are risk-free since they leave no mess, no fuss, and no smell (you can find scented ones if you want, though).

Plus, if you have kids, you know they’re curious about almost everything and willing to use their bare hands to ‘grab’ the candles fire because they look ‘shiny’ and ‘pretty.’

But that’s just a subjective matter. Traditional candles result in much more severe problems – pollution and health.

In case you didn’t know, a study from South Carolina State University found that burning scented candles is the main reason to cause indoor air pollution and respiratory health issues.

What kind of batteries do flameless candles use?

AA batteries are the most common type, seen in different types of candles. For example, pillar candles need up to 4 AA batteries to operate while taper candles use 2 AAA batteries.

As for votive and tea lights, they often use CR2032, which is also used in photography for film cameras.

Can you leave flameless candles on overnight?

You can leave them on for however long you want. Overnight, if not days.

In other words, you can leave them unattended. They’ll stop working when they’re out of battery, which is not going to be awhile. And you only need to replace the batteries for them to work again; as simple as that.

If your kid or pet accidentally dozes off the candles, you won’t have to worry about them getting burned like you will with traditional ones.

Some candles come with a timer to customize the operation time if you don’t want them on 24/7.

Final Words

And that’s a wrap for our article of the best flameless candles.

By now, you must probably have in mind the candle set you want to buy; if you’re still confused on how to choose the suitable flameless candles, you can trace back to the short but detailed buying guide and have another read.

On our end, we highly recommend the Homemory Realistic and Bright Flameless Candles as they tick all the boxes in terms of quality and budget. They will serve as a great decoration for your dwelling as well as others if you decide to give them as presents.

Thank you for reading.

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