10 Best Facial Cleansing Brushes in UK for 2021

“What are the best facial cleansing brushes in the UK?” if you’re looking for an answer to this question, you shouldn’t miss this post!

Facial cleansing tool is a familiar skincare product, especially for women. It removes dead cells and impurities that clog pores and helps your skin smoother and brightener in the log run.

However, not any brushes on the market are appropriate for use. For that reason, we’ve picked out the top 10 best products to help you easily choose the most suitable one. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Best Facial Cleansing Brushes 

Fancii FC-CX3N1 Waterproof Brush Set – Best Travel Kit

Fancii FC-CX3N1 Waterproof Brush Set

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Do you often travel and need a product that is convenient to carry? Do you look for one that is easy to use and store? Fancii FC-CX3N1 is an ideal choice!

Unlike other products packaged in a paper box, this device comes with a plastic case. This case makes it convenient for you to store the brush with brush heads better and protect them from dust, steam, etc.

This device is a great travel companion thanks to the brilliant package. Whether it is a sleepover, a weekend getaway, or a long trip, you don’t have to prepare a bulky pouch to store.

Fancii FC-CX3N1 includes 3 brush heads: 2 soft bristles and 1 silicone. The soft nylon bristles stand out with their ability to effectively exfoliate and remove excess sebum. You can immediately feel an improvement in your skin after a couple of uses.

There are 2 speeds to choose from, depending on each area of ​​your face. When using bristle heads, the slower speed is enough to remove blackheads and make the skin more shiny. If you need deep cleanse, choose a higher speed, but remember to use it only once or twice a week.

Although the manufacturer recommends that a soft silicone bristles head can gently massage the skin for daily cleansing routine, it’s not practical. Especially in the rough and dry winter, your skin can’t stand this high frequency of exfoliation.

  • Convenient for using and traveling
  • Effective in remove blackheads and dead cells
  • 2 speeds and 3 brush heads
  • Affordable price
  • Slightly hard silicone head

Liberex RF100 Facial Cleansing Brush – Best For Deep Cleaning

Liberex RF100 Facial Cleansing Brush

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If your skin usually produces excess oil or is frequently exposed to dusty environments, using a facial cleansing brush every day is essential. You need to prioritise the products’ capability of deep cleaning, and the Liberex RF100 is a prime example for this function.

This device includes 2 bristle heads that are made of high-quality material – Dupont. It’s stiff enough to clean the skin without irritations.

The super-soft brush head is recommended for your regular skincare routine, making your skin feel soothing and smooth immediately after use. And it would be better to use the non-porous head once or twice per week for deep cleaning.

The manufacturer has also integrated a time-reminder feature for this product. It will remind you to change the massage area every 20 seconds by vibrating, and after 2 minutes, it will automatically power off to prevent you from using too long.

One more advantage of the facial brushing device that will attract you is the reasonable price, making it unarguably attainable for any budget.

Because it has deep and effective cleaning capabilities, you need to be mindful of the frequency and avoid overuse. Be extra cautious when your skin is relatively dry, as this facial brush can exacerbate the dry condition if used too often.

  • Deep cleaning effect
  • Suitable for oily skin
  • Include a time-reminder
  • Inexpensive option
  • Not recommended for dry skin

VOYOR FB100 5-In-1 Electric Facial Cleanser Brush – Best Of Full Range Skincare

VOYOR FB100 5-In-1 Electric Facial Cleanser Brush

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A versatile product that can be used on both the face and body is something many people are seeking.

You kill two birds with one stone with just one brush, or maybe three, since you can save money as well. Take a look at the VOYOR FB100 5-In-1 if you are intrigued.

This device includes 5 brush heads: sensitive face, normal face, make-up remove, dead skin removal and body cleaning heads. Depending on the purpose of use and each skin type, you can choose different heads that suit you most.

In terms of heads for the face, they are relatively soft and have a thin texture. The manufacturer aims to minimize any potential of irritation that other brushes often suffer, yet not reducing its cleaning efficiency.

Also, this product’s design contributes to the ease of use. The handle is equipped with anti-slip rubber so that you can use it in comfort and convenience.

However, since this product uses batteries, regular check and replacing are essential. The problem here is that its battery compartment is slightly difficult to open in the first few uses. However, worry not; it will loosen over time.

  • Flexible for face and body care
  • 5 brush heads available
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Affordable price
  • Hard to open battery compartment

PIXNOR B00CGVDRC4 Waterproof Face Spin Brush – Best For Beginners

PIXNOR B00CGVDRC4 Waterproof Face Spin Brush

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Are you an amateur and have no prior experience with facial brush? Don’t you know which device is proper to start your skin care routine? PIXNOR B00CGVDRC4 isn’t a bad suggestion!

Compared with the egg-shaped designs, the elongated arm one will help you control and roam the massage area more easily. For amateurs who always need extra time to do proper cleaning, this brush is better at supporting difficult areas like the nose.

Also, removing the brush heads will not be a problem for you. With just 5 seconds and a simple operation, you can change them easily.

It’s also known as an all-in-one product for being able to perform various functions, including face and body care. In addition to the 3 bristle heads for facial skin, this product has 4 extra heads to remove dead skin, massage, etc., for comprehensive care.

If you’re wondering about the price of this product, please rest assured! Because it’s one of the most affordable skin care products on the market.

The battery compartment of the PIXNOR B00CGVDRC4 may be absorbent. Therefore, be careful when using and not to soak this product in water. Letting it dry thoroughly after use is a must-do step.

  • Easy to use and control
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Bargain price
  • 7 brush options for different uses
  • Loose battery compartment

AEVO B07VFDP1HL Facial Cleansing Brush – Best 2 In 1 Facial Cleansing Brush

AEVO B07VFDP1HL Facial Cleansing Brush

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Usually, a facial brush does a good job in cleaning and removing the skin of dirt. But have you ever thought of a facial brush that also provides relaxing massages? If not, then you might have missed AEVO B07VFDP1HL.

This product includes silicone bristles designed with the most suitable dimensions for optimal skincare and 35 times more hygienic than a traditional one. The 3 vibration speeds are versatile for different purposes, such as deep cleaning and daily care.

Most users appreciate this facial cleansing brush’s massage effect. The 2 heated massage modes, combined with the red light, improve skin pigmentation, reduce ageing and make skin appear tighter.

The battery capacity of this product is relatively large. With one charge for about 2.5 hours, you can use it from 25 to 30 times without frequent recharge.

Another special feature is the brush stand, helping you store this device in a dry and hygienic way and more convenient to charge after use.

AEVO B07VFDP1HL includes one silicone head only, meaning you must pay extra money on add-ons and brush replacements.

  • Dual functions: cleaning and massaging
  • 3 cleansing modes
  • 2 heated massage modes with red light
  • Includes brush stand
  • Includes 1 silicone head only

ETEREAUTY B085ZXK53N Waterproof Facial Scrub Brush – Best Design

ETEREAUTY B085ZXK53N Waterproof Facial Scrub Brush

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The facial brush’s design can significantly affect the way you use it. While other products are complained for being quite slippery or difficult to handle, ETEREAUTY B085ZXK53N captured the user’s love for its ergonomic design.

Its elongated handle has a compact size so you can use it comfortably without getting hand fatigue. The power switch is also easy to switch on and off that contributes to anti-slip grip. Also, this design assists you on cleaning areas like temples, nose and chin without any difficulty.

If you have oily skin that needs frequent deep cleansing, this device is worth considering. It consists of 3 bristle heads with varying hardness, but their common feature is the ability to effectively and smoothly clean.

In addition to the 3 bristle heads mentioned above, it also has 1 pumice brush for body exfoliation, 1 massaging gentle brush for skin revitalization, 1 sponge make-up brush and 1 emery brush for gentle exfoliation. This product has a total of 7 brush heads!

Compared to the other products, its price is considered a bit high. However, the inclusion of 7 brush heads and 12-month guarantee can justify the investment.

  • Ergonomic design to use and control
  • Suitable for oily skin
  • Clean effectively narrow areas such as nose
  • Includes up to 7 brush heads and 12 months guarantee
  • High price

Fashion Base FB-GJH Silicone Facial Massager Brush – Best Budget

Fashion Base FB-GJH Silicone Facial Massager Brush

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You want to find yourself the most suitable brush, but the budget hinders you? There is no need to worry anymore as we have a wonderful suggestion for you!

People are often hesitant when choosing cheap products because most of them are of unstable quality. However, Fashion Base FB-GJH will prove the opposite.

When holding this product in your hand, you wouldn’t believe its price can be that low. Regardless of the price, the waterproof elements and high-quality sturdy silicone case snugly hugging the body successfully prove its value.

The effectiveness that this product brings is also highly appreciated by users. The 100% organic medical grade silicone spikes gently remove dead skin cells without causing excessive friction against the skin, guaranteeing a clean and smooth result after long and persistent use.

Besides, to prove this product is completely safe to use, the manufacturer provides users with a 100% money-back guarantee. So you can rest assured when buying this product.

However, the Fashion Base FB-GJH has an egg-shaped design with a relatively large size, making it a bit more difficult to clean narrow areas like the nose.

  • Bargain price
  • Solid and waterproof design
  • Give smoother and brighter skin over time
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Hard to clean narrow areas, such as nose

Misiki J02 Electric Face Brush for Deep Cleansing – Best Of Dual Colour Rays

Misiki J02 Electric Face Brush for Deep Cleansing

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Colour ray is a feature that is usually only available on slightly advanced facial brushes that give positive effects to the skin. And colour ray is also the factor that makes Misiki J02 popular with many users.

It includes 2 colours rays, red and blue for different purposes. The former helps reduce wrinkles and ageing conditions, leaving your skin shiny and firmer. But if you have acne-prone skin, the blue one will help cleanse and reduce inflammation.

The Misiki J02 includes 3 skincare regimens for you to choose: Deep, Daily and Gentle. Deep mode will suit the forehead while Daily is for the nose and chin, and Gentle toning mode is the right choice for the cheeks.

Aside from the 2 bristled brush heads and a gentle silicone brush head for face care, this product also includes a sponge head and a sanding head. You can use them for other areas of the skin, such as removing the foot calluses.

One thing that might bother users is the battery’s small capacity. Ideally, you should recharge it after about 5 to 10 times use, instead of after 20 days as the manufacturer recommends.

  • 2 colour rays for different effects
  • 3 cleaning modes for various areas
  • Can used for whole-body care
  • Small capacity battery

Tomight TM-2020 Sonic Vibrating Facial Cleansing Brush – Best Automatic Brush

Tomight TM-2020 Sonic Vibrating Facial Cleansing Brush

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As usual, the electric brush is preferred, and if that product is automated with pre-set programs, it’s worth your attention. In case that is what you’re looking for, don’t ignore this product!

TomightTM-2020 is one of the best sonic cleansing brushes on the market. Users appreciate the convenience and efficiency that this automatic product brings.

This product uses high technology – sonic pulsations to gently clean the skin and limit ageing. It effectively removes dirt and make-up, leaving skin clean and clear, combined with the red light that contributes to the circulation of blood for healthy and firm skin.

There is no need to watch the time when using this product since the automatic timer will help you to do that. Every 20 seconds, this beauty device will vibrate to remind you to change the massage area, and after a minute, it will automatically turn off to prevent overuse.

Besides, it’s IPX6 waterproof so you can comfortably use and clean it. With a charge of about 2 hours, you can use it for 45 days without recharging.

However, a downside of the TomightY-2020 is its design. With an egg-shaped design and a smooth plastic shell, it’s relatively slippery to hold.

  • Sonic vibration technology
  • Red light to skin health
  • Automatic timer for suitable using time
  • Waterproof product with high capacity battery
  • Slippery to hold

FOREO LUNA Mini 2 – Best Overall


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FOREO is a well-known brand in the skincare product world, especially facial brush and massager. Luna Mini 2 is preferred for its useful features and the more affordable price than the full-size model.

FOREO’s sonic vibration technology is superior, producing amazing results on the skin after several uses, such as removing dirt, reducing greasiness, acne and inflammation while making skin brighter and softer.

This device’s silicone spikes achieve a moderate hardness with 3 different sizes on dual surfaces for different areas on the face. And it’s also researched and designed with the appropriate inclination for optimum performance.

The big advantage that makes FOREO Mini facial brush popular is the 8 adjustable intensities, making this model versatile and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.

Products from FOREO aren’t only among the best, but also one of the most expensive on the market. You will have to spend 3 times the price of a regular sonic brush device.

  • Best sonic vibration technology
  • 3 size of silicone spikes
  • 8 adjustable intensities for different skin types
  • 100% waterproof
  • Expensive

How To Choose The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes ?

Is Electric Brush Or Manual Cleansing Brush Right For You?

There are two popular types of facial cleansing brush in the market: electric and manual one. Each type will have its pros and cons that you can deliberate depending on your needs and abilities.

Electric brush: The former is more convenient because of factors like speed, time, etc., are pre-set. Thanks to this, it offers a better deep cleaning effect and is suitable for both pros and beginners.

Best Facial Cleansing Brushes UK

The biggest downside is the price; you probably have to pay a fair amount to buy an electronic device. Also, you need to recharge after each use or replace the battery once it’s out of power.

Manual brush: This line of facial tools costs only half the price of the electric one. It also doesn’t require battery replacement or charging after each use, making it convenient to travel with.

However, it won’t give as effective results as the electric type will. And you need to spend time getting used to control at the right speed and force.

You May Consider The Brush Head

As mentioned above, the rotating head will help deeply clean clogged pores, helping reduce blemishes and oil on skin significantly. However, the speed and force it generates isn’t suitable for everyday use; it can make your skin drier and lose the elasticity.

Oscillating movement is the mechanism that the sonic head used to softly clean the skin. It effectively removes dirt without exerting a force on the skin, thus, daily use is acceptable. However, this type will usually cost a lot more compared to the general premises.

Which Material To Choose? Silicone Or Bristle?

If you have sensitive skin type or you prefer gentleness on your skin, silicone brush is worth considering. This type is quite popular as it’s soft and non-irritating, making it suitable for every skin type.

Best Facial Cleansing Brushes in the uk

In case you prefer thorough exfoliation and deep cleaning, the bristle brush would be the ideal choice. This brush will immediately give the soft and clean skin after use but might be a bit rough for sensitive skin types.

Focus On The Variety In Speed And Time Setting

A facial brush with a wide range of speed setting is worth considering because it will be more flexible for different skin types and different uses.

For example, you only need to deep cleanse once to twice a week; for the rest of the week, you want to massage the skin gently.

Moreover, the automatic timer is also a noteworthy feature when choosing a facial brush. You can comfortably relax when cleansing your face without needing to watch out for the time as the brush will notify you.


How Should I Use A Face Cleansing Device?

You can follow these simple steps to use a facial brush properly and effectively

  • Before proceeding to wash face, choose a brush head suitable for your skin;
  • Softly remove the make-up with cotton pads;
  • Wet your face then moisten the brush and add cleanser;
  • Choose a low speed and start from the cheeks or forehead, then rotate the brush gently. You can speed up (if needed) and slowly move to other areas;
  • Gently rinse your face with warm water, then you can continue with other skincare products, such as toner, lotion, etc.

Should You Use A Facial Brush Every Day?

There is no fixed answer to this question. The frequency of using a facial brush will depend on your skin type.

Best Facial Cleansing Brushes

If you have normal or oily skin, using the facial brush every day is acceptable. However, in case your skin is dry or sensitive, skincare experts recommend using only once or twice a week to protect your skin in the best way.

Do Facial Brushes Cause Wrinkles?

This claim is entirely possible. However, this problem doesn’t happen to everyone as it’s contingent on the brush’s quality and how you use it.

According to expert recommendations, using the facial brush at an inappropriate frequency or a too high speed will leave your skin vulnerable to damage. It can cause irritation, inflammation, acne and wrinkles.

A poor quality brush can also lead your skin to age faster. Unqualified materials with the wrong hardness will leave bad impacts on the skin.

Therefore, to avoid wrinkles and other bad results, you should put quality on top when choosing the best facial cleansing brushes and carefully research how to use it.

Do Facial Cleansing Brushes Remove Blackheads?

Certainly! Removing blackheads is one of the benefits that this cleansing and massaging tool brings.

The soft fibres on the brush head have a cleansing effect on the skin. When operating, they will gently remove dirt that causes pores to shut down. Thanks to this, the brush not only helps to remove blackheads but also aids in lightening the skin tone.

Why Should You Not Wash Your Face In Shower?

Facial skin is usually thinner and more sensitive than body skin, so it’s more prone to irritation. Therefore, the manipulation and the water temperature are extremely important in washing your face.

Sometimes, the suitable temperature for the body will be too much for the face skin, resulting in the reduction of moisture content, making your face dry and flaky.

Also, the water flow from the shower will be relatively strong against the facial skin; this force will cause the skin to sag and reduce the inherent elasticity in the long run.


Overall, we have provided you with all the necessary information about the top best facial cleansing brushes in the UK. Hopefully, this article will be useful and support you in choosing the one that suits you most. It’s also worth checking the buying guide as further explanation of each feature is thoroughly evaluated.

In our humble opinion, FOREO LUNA Mini 2 deserves to be the best product on this list, thanks to its perfect design, high functionality and real efficiency. If the budget isn’t your problem, don’t hesitate to buy it!

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