Best Face Washes For Acne-prone Skin

Are you looking for the best face washes for acne? You’re in the right place!

A facial cleanser is a must-have skincare product for everyone. And those with special skin like acne, choosing a suitable one are difficult and need to pay more attention.

We’ve picked out the top 10 best products in the UK market to make it easier to choose. There is no need to wait; let’s start!

10 Best Face Washes For Acne 2021

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Daily Scrub – Best Of Dual-effect: Cleanse And Exfoliation

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Daily Scrub

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One of the main causes of acne is dirt that clog pores, so it’s also important to cleanse your skin and exfoliate. In case you’re looking for a cleanser that can do both of the above, don’t ignore this Neutrogena Visibly Clear Daily Scrub.

This cleanser contains microbeads that give pores deep cleansing that help remove clogging dirt and excess oil. The srub particles also help smooth and brighten the skin by removing dead skin cells.

As this product was developed in conjunction with dermatologists for “spot stress control“, acne will improve significantly over time. The Micro clear technology, combined with ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, Micellar Water Salicylic Acid, Panthenol, etc., will help increase the antibacterial ability to the skin, limit inflammation.

A pretty big advantage of this daily cleanser is its affordable price. If you’re looking for a product with dual effects at a low range, this is worth considering.

While this product’s scrub texture is extremely effective at removing dead cells, it can be irritating to some people. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, then you should consider another suitable product.

  • Double duty: Clean and Exfoliate
  • Deep cleanse and control shine
  • The fragrance of green tea and cucumber
  • Reasonable price
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

Brickell Men’s Acne Controlling Face Wash For Men – Best Acne-prone Cleanser For Men

Brickell Men’s Acne Controlling Face Wash For Men

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Not only do women need to pay attention to skincare, but this is also extremely important for men. And one of the most popular men’s facial cleansers now is Brickell Men’s Acne Controlling.

The ingredients of this wash for acne are prized for delivering positive effects on the skin. 99% of the ingredients in this product come from nature with 60% organic ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about irritation.

Extracts from salicylic acid, grapefruit, and tea tree oil are extremely anti-inflammatory. They will help calm skin, heal pimples, increase antibacterial properties, and also reduce excess oil that clogs pores.

Besides, it contains charcoal – ingredients that help gently remove toxins and dead cells on the skin surface. Your skin will become smoother and more evenly coloured after a few weeks of use.

Compared to the common ground, Brickell Men’s Acne Controlling price is somewhat higher than the others. However, for the values that it gives users, this price is completely worth it.

  • Best for men
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Increase antibacterial properties
  • Acne fighting and make skin tone brighter
  • It’s an expensive option

Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser – Best Of Fast-Action

Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser

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A quick-acting acne-prone cleanser is something many look for as no one wants to endure acne for a long time. And if you’re also finding one, Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser will meet your needs.

With its Alpha-hydroxy formula, this product helps deep clean pores, pushes dirt out and removes sebum. This gives the clearer complexion, and at the same time, minimizes the ability of dirt causing acne and inflamed skin.

AHA ingredients in red grapefruit and papaya extracts contribute to skin improvement and removal of dead cells. This Mario Badescu cleanser helps the skin smooth, balanced, and healthier naturally, not eroding or damaging it.

You could also have this product as a makeup remover to gently clean and clear your skin. It also contains Titanium Dioxide, a skin-safe active ingredient that protects the skin from sun damage.

This product gives a very quick effect thanks to the action of substances. After only about 2 weeks of using, your skin has improved significantly.

The price of this product is slightly higher than the general level. However, remember that you’ll get what you pay for and its quality is worth the price.

  • Reduce spots and clean skin
  • Extracts from red grapefruit and papaya
  • Can be used as a makeup remover
  • Quick effects
  • It’s an expensive option

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Gel Cleanser – Best For Combination Skin Types

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Gel Cleanser

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Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem is a proper product if you have combination skin. And you won’t need to struggle with your difficult-to-indulge skin anymore!

The important ingredient of this product is Neem which is popular in skincare products. Neem is a herb originating from India; it’s famous for cleansing and antibacterial effects.

Acne spots, inflammatory pimples won’t be a problem when you use this product. Your skin will be nourished to become shiny and even colour with the help of fresh turmeric.

Since it’s formulated according to herbal formulas, this lightweight gel will effectively control acne without causing skin irritation. And another big plus that is worth your attention: its price is as a bargain!

This product has the same disadvantage as many other cleansers: the scent. It makes you feel like the cleanser contains a lot of artificial flavours and is quite strong.

  • Suitable for combination skin
  • Neem helps the skin to be antibacterial
  • Rescue and refresh your acne skin
  • Bargain price
  • The smell is strong

SKINKISSED Hydrating Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser – Best For Dry Skin Types

SKINKISSED Hydrating Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser

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For those with both dry and acne-prone skin, besides minimising acne, moisturising is also a requirement. And if you haven’t found a suitable product yet, take a look at this one!

SKINKISSED Hydrating Aloe Vera contains ingredients from nature and is completely cruelty-free. It’s vegan & gluten-friendly so that everyone can use this one.

This cleanser for acne contains aloe vera – a natural ingredient that moisturises, prevents ageing and minimises pores. It’s also helpful in balancing skin elasticity and minimising wrinkles.

Other key ingredients are also found in this cleanser such as Propylene Glycol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Hydroxy Acids. Thus, besides moisturising, acne is especially improved thanks to its anti-inflammatory and cleansing abilities.

This hydrating cleanser contains the main ingredient is aloe vera that helps heal and moisturize the skin extremely well. However, if you’re allergic to Aloe, this isn’t recommended.

  • Nourishes and hydrates skin
  • Increases elasticity and reduces wrinkles
  • Natural ingredients
  • Clean and shrink pores
  • Someone may be allergic to Aloe

Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Wash – Best Values For Price

Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Wash

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When choosing skincare products, instead of focusing on price, the quality deserves more attention. However, if you don’t have a big budget and still want to find a quality product, we have a great suggestion for you!

Certainly, we always appreciate the importance of its effect on the skin. So you don’t have to worry if this Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control is a shoddy product, that is completely wrong!

With fast-acting technology, you will feel changes in your skin after a short period of use. It enhances the process of removing dirt in the pores, helping the skin to cleanse without drying gently.

The spot-fighting formula of this effective cleanser helps reduce acne and blemishes caused by acne. And thanks to ingredients like cedarwood, moss rose and cinnamon oil, inflammatory bumps and redness will be significantly improved.

Although very good for quality, the packaging of this foaming face wash does not make people satisfied. The cap of the tube is quite loose, and it’s easy to spill the cream if you accidentally drop it.

  • Bargain price
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Give improvements after a short period
  • Reduce acne and blemishes quickly
  • Fragile packaging

Cetaphil Oily Skin Types Cleanser – Best For Oily Skin

Cetaphil Oily Skin Types Cleanser

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Do you often have to deal with acne-prone skin which is also oily? You can’t seem to find the right product to improve this situation? Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser will help you to do that!

For oily skin, acne treatment will be more difficult because more oil can increase clogging of pores. When using this product, it can remove up to 60% of excess oil to keep your skin clean and clear. Minimising oil doesn’t mean losing inherent moisture. With a low-lather texture, it gently cleanses without stretching, drying or dehydrating the skin.

With a medium PH level and no strong cleansing ingredients, it’s completely benign and safe for all skin types. Moreover, its relatively low price will make you fall in love with this one.

Compared to other facial cleansers, this Cetaphil one has a rather liquid texture. Therefore you may have to use more, but given its relatively low price, this isn’t a big problem.

  • Best suits oily skin
  • Remove 60% of excess oil
  • Moisture and balance skin
  • Affordable price
  • The loose texture

La Roche Posay Foaming Gel For Acne-prone Skin – Best Overall

La Roche Posay Foaming Gel For Acne-prone Skin

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Is a product that works and proper for all skin types is what you have been waiting? If yes, La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel cleanser is sure to satisfy you!

The bottle-type design of this gentle cleansing gel is favoured and appreciated by users. It protects the liquid inside better than a tube, and it’s also more convenient for taking the gel.

With a pH of about 5.5-6, it’s suitable for gentle cleansing without drying skin or leading to irritation. The soap-free and paraben-free ingredients have also been shown to be completely benign and non-abrasive.

Its acne treatment ability is proven by many users, after only 2 to 3 weeks of use, you can observe a significant reduction of acne and inflammation. This product also supports oil alkali, and skincare experts judge the gel texture to be suitable for sensitive skin.

There is nothing to complain about this product except for the slightly strong scent. However, it will go away quickly after you wash your face with water.

  • Convenient design
  • Balance skin with average pH
  • Reduce acne and inflammation significantly
  • Big bottle saves money
  • Slightly strong smell

Quinoderm Face Wash – Best Antibacterial Cleanser

Quinoderm Face Wash

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Many people who hear Quinoderm Face Wash think it’s a soap and not good for the skin, but it’s not the truth. On the contrary, it brings positive effects and rapid improvement.

This favourite product contains 0.15% chlorhexidine digluconate and 1.5% mytrimonium bromide, making it stand out with antibacterial ability. It helps to protect the skin from the effects of the environment, especially dust.

It helps to deep clean pores while also limiting oil production. There is no need to worry about dry skin as this multi-tasker gently and safely creates positive effects such as drying inflammatory pimples and minimising dark spots.

This cleanser has a thick texture and is as easy to use as hand soap. One more advantage of this Quinoderm Face Wash is the pretty low price. When you buy a set of 3 bottles, you even can save a little more.

One thing to deliberate on this product is its strong mint scent. This smell isn’t a big drawback, but it can make some people uncomfortable.

  • Antibacterial face cleanser
  • Reduce oil and gently clean skin
  • Effective spot treatment
  • Thick texture at low price
  • Strong mint fragrance

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Face Gentle Cleanser – Best For Beginners

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Face Gentle Cleanser

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If this is your first time using an acne cleanser, your advice is to choose one that has natural ingredients and is easy to use. Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil is one of the best face washes for acne that all acne sufferers can choose to start their journey.

The tea tree extract in this product will help increase the skin’s anti-inflammatory ability as well as alleviate the swelling. This extract helps to remove bacteria and give the gentle cleanse to the skin.

While most cleansers contain chemical ingredients that can be harmful to the skin, this Australian Bodycare product has been proven to be safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It cleans and refreshes for a healthier and brighter skin.

Also, it doesn’t require too many complex operations. All you need to do is moisten your skin with water, massage with this favourite cleanser then rinse with warm water.

It has a pretty and eye-catching design, but the cap is a bit loose. You need to pay attention when using, avoid opening and closing vigorously, which could damage the cap.

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Tea Tree Oil extract increases anti-inflammatory
  • Botanical extracts
  • The loose tube cap

How To Choose The Best Face Washes For Acne ? 

Consider Your Skin Type

When choosing a facial cleanser, suitability is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Washing your face with an improper product is even worse than you don’t use it.

Dry skin: If you have dry skin, choose products for acne that don’t contain ingredients such as alcohol, fragrances, etc., to avoid irritating or making the skin drier. Cleansers with moisturising and balancing properties deserve priority.

Face Washes For Acne

Oily skin: Oil alkaline cleanser is an excellent choice for your skin. They usually have gentle foaming action or natural ingredients like green tea, but be aware that they are also potentially irritating. Also, the moisturising factor still needs to be considered.

Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin needs more thorough care, so the cleanser you choose needs to be gentle, benign and non-irritating.

Combination skin: This skin type is a bit difficult to treat, as it usually spills oil in the T-zone and dries off the rest. You can consider cleansers for combination skin, or use two cleansers for different areas.

Focus On The Feeling On Your Skin

The first time you use a new cleanser, observe your skin condition and how you feel. Does your skin feel itchy, dry, or tight? Do you have a comfortable and clean feeling after taking it?

If there are no signs of an abnormality and you feel completely comfortable using it, then you can rest assured. However, you still need to observe your skin in the next few days.

Some Key Ingredients

Some ingredients are considered “keys” and cleansers should contain them. Some commonly recommended by skin experts such as form of Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, etc.

Best Face Washes For Acne in the uk

Glycolic Acid: This is a natural substance found in cane sugar. It can remove excess oil and stimulate the skin to absorb other nutrients better. However, some people are allergic to this ingredient.

Salicylic Acid: It works to clear pores and reduces swelling and inflammation caused by acne, but you should use it in small amounts only. If you’re allergic to aspirin, it’s best to consult your doctor when taking products containing this ingredient as they are related.

Benzoyl Peroxide: If you are struggling with mild to moderate acne, this is the proper kind of substance for you to use. It will help reduce acne thanks to the antibacterial properties.

Price Is Not An Important Factor

Don’t take money too seriously, unless it’s extremely hard for you to buy one. Facial skin is worth investing in and taking care of, so choose the best product as possible.

Best Face Washes For Acne – FAQs 

Does Different Skin Types Require Different Face Washers?


Each skin type will have different properties and characteristics. They need the right kind of facial cleanser to improve blemish-prone, while at the same time keeping skin balanced and healthy.

Best Face Washes For Acne UK

For example, the suitable cleanser for dry skin must remove dirt without losing the essential oils, and contribute to the moisturising process. On the contrary, oily skin needs a cleanser that helps to alkaline oil and remove dirt but still keep the essential moisture.

What Is The Best Skincare Routine For Acne?

To get better skin care, let’s break it down specifically into morning routine and night routine.


  • Cleanser: This product helps to remove oil released during sleep, even without oily skin, you shouldn’t skip this step.
  • Toner: this step helps to balance the skin moisture, prevent excessive oil that can cause breakouts.
  • Moisturizer: many people assume oily skin doesn’t need to use moisturizer, but this is completely wrong. This product helps to keep the skin hydrated to keep the skin shiny and healthy.
  • Sunscreen: It helps prevent skin darkening and skin cancer


  • Make-up remover: removing makeup properly is one of the main causes of clogging pores. Therefore, keep in mind to remove makeup thoroughly and properly.
  • Cleanser: night washing helps to remove dirt and greasy oils of your long day.
  • Acne treatment: Once you have completed the steps, apply the acne cream or medication according to the instructions. You can use them with a prescription or over-the-counter skincare products.

How Often Should You Use An Acne Face Wash?

On the advice of experts, you should wash your face twice daily with a special treatment cleanser for best results. Not washing or overwashing both have negative effects on the skin.

When you don’t wash your face, dirt that needs to be removed will get on your skin, clogged pores and produce more oil. This situation will lead to more acne and dull skin.

On the other hand, many people think that we should wash the face as much as possible, but it isn’t true. Overwash will cause loss of essential oil and moisture to balance the skin. Also, it breaks down mantle acid, which protects the skin from bad environmental influences.

Why Shouldn’t You Wash Your Face With Only Water?

Just washing your face with water is not enough. There are no cleansing agents inside the water, so your face skin can’t be cleaned as it should be.

Besides, acne skin often needs special care. Without using specialized cleansers and skincare products, the skin condition not only doesn’t improve but also makes your breakouts worse.

Should You Wash Your Face In The Morning?

Absolutely yes! Washing your face in the morning  is an obvious thing that any expert would recommend to do.

As mentioned above, the morning routine helps to remove all the excess oil and dust on face during the night. It also helps to protect your skin, making it ready for a long working day.


In general, we revealed to you all the necessary and important information about the best face washes for acne. We hope that you will find it helpful in choosing yourself the most suitable one.

Don’t forget to take a look at our buying guide. The guide will help you to deliberate and select more easily and simply.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Cleanser is the best suitable for all skin types on our list. It also gives positive effects, so we highly recommend it for you as the best product.

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