The 10 Best Epilators of 2021

We may be all familiar with conventional methods of removing hairs, such as waxing and shaving. However, these methods cannot create the satisfying results that you want. Therefore, investing in the best epilator will be a better choice to get rid of unwanted hairs.

An epilator is a handheld, electrical tool that plucks out hairs from the root. It is believed that epilating can soothe your skin for longer and help your hairs grow finer than before.

To purchase the most suitable epilators, refer to our reviews below for the ten best products on the market.

Top 10 Best Epilators In The UK For 2021 

#1 Braun Silk SE9-961 Wet and Dry Epilator – Best Sensitive 

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The Braun epilator is the top runner on the list thanks to its outstanding sensitivity to women’s body skin. The device offers four different body brushes for you to exfoliate so that it could remove hairs from roots and reduce ingrown hairs. It does not cause any pain during the process and make sure that there are no rashes or burns after.

The wet and dry epilator can gently remove hairs four times shorter than when you do it with waxing. Your skin will always be silky smooth. It is advisable to put extra moisturiser for optimal results. The set with different epilating tools can work well on sensitive areas such as bikini or underarms.

You will not feel any pain thanks to the modern design of Braun. Doing it in the bath with some deep massage pads will enable you to improve skin health, giving you smooth skin in the final result.

However, there is no UK adaptor available in the set. You have to purchase an extra one if needed.

  • Great sensitivity with no pain caused
  • Suitable for bikini trimmer
  • Massage pads for smoother skin 
  • No UK adaptor 

The Braun Silk is a wonderful choice on the market for its sensitive features that cause no pain during the hair removal. You can get rid of all hair types, including ingrown hairs for a better skin look.

#2 Panasonic ES-ED93 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator – Best Performance 

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The Panasonic ES-ED93 would be the best epilator for your self-care time. It takes care of the whole body with six specialised attachments for specific areas, ranging from exfoliation to hair removal.

You can remove all the hairs on the legs, arms, bikini lines, underarms, etc. Besides, the two hair removal discs and 48-tweezer set will get rid of unwanted hair to bring you a healthy and silky smooth skin. The epilating discs do not directly touch the skin, making it less painful during the process. There would be no irritation, abrasions, or cuts, even if you are a sensitive skin person.

The 60-degree pivoting head holds the body nicely to offer optimal epilating for light skin. You can also use the device with moistening foam for gentle epilating and skin protection. Massage rollers can do some help as well in case you want a deeper skincare routine.

In return, the product might take a bit longer to fully remove all the hairs than its counterparts on the market.

  • Various attachments
  • No pain or irritation
  • Smooth skin in final results 
  • Takes longer than expected 

The Panasonic is the best epilator UK deal for women when it comes to epilating performance with diversified attachments. You can remove unwanted hair, leaving a light and silky skin as a result.

#3 VeetB078J39LBN Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler – Best Price 

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The epilator from Veet will give you a great option at a reasonable price. This product is perfect for sensitive areas such as eyebrows, underarms or bikini. You can use it as dry epilators as well if you do not have time for a quick shower first.

The cutting blades barely touch the skin so you will not feel any pains or irritation, making it much better than shaving. There is a range of accessories for specific areas on your whole body. By doing that, it gives you precise styling and shaping according to your preferences.

This baby is portable and great for travelling. It only takes a small space in your suitcase.

On the downside, its battery lifespan is pretty short, so you should save some extra ones in the house in case the device runs out of battery.

  • Reasonable price
  • Pain-free
  • Portable 
  • Sub-par battery lifespan 

Veet has always been famous for its hair care ability, and the Veet epilator is no exception. You will be satisfied with its performance and save a lot of money for other health-care products.

#4 Panasonic ES-EL9A Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator – Best Speed Settings 

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The Panasonic  ES-EL9A will satisfy all the women with its great speed settings. The hair trimmer with 3-speed settings from soft, normal to power mode will allow you to utilize an optimal hair care method. Its 30% wider head also makes the hair removal process much quicker, helping you save some extra time for some bath soaking.

You can also use the double disk’s head to meet every direction of the hair and eliminate it all in one stroke. It works as a facial hair trimmer as well, creating a shiny and silky finish. To achieve the best results, you should do it in the bath. First, rinse yourself in warm water to soften the skin, and then put some shower gel on the epilator’s head. Now, it is time to start epilating.

It will not only bring comfortable feelings with no pains or rashes but also leave a smooth and soft finish after everything is done.

In contrast, the battery quality has not met our standard at all, with only 3 to 6 months of use.

  • Great speed settings
  • Double Épil discs
  • Soft finish 
  • Short battery lifespan 

The Panasonic ES-EL9A would be an amazing women trimmer suggestion for the year 2021. It gives you great results and is completely risk-free during the process.

#5 VG VOGCREST B08FFFJ9PH Face Razors for Women – Best For Facial Hairs

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The VG VOGCREST’s compact design makes it the top facial hair remover for women. It offers double blades that help remove facial hair effortlessly with just a few strokes. You can do it on lips, chin, cheeks, neck, eyebrows and so on.

It is a great trimmer for women with light shaving. You will not feel any pain or rashes during the special treatment. Use it with gel or moisturizer after and you would feel the amazing results. The combo uses interchangeable heads between shaver head and trimmer head, enabling you to have the best tools for hard-to-shave areas.

Another amazing feature is the safety. It is totally applicable for all skin types and all ages without causing any allergies.

The only thing that this epilator should improve is the design. It could be more sturdy for better epilating.

  • Double blades
  • Great combo with a shaver head and eyebrow trimmer
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Loose design 

VG VOGCREST will give you a wonderful shaving experience with this facial epilator. You can deal with any type of hair effortlessly within minutes.

#6 Skyfie B08N678VBP Epilators for Women – Best Design 

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A modern and compact design for deep epilating bring you best comfort during self-care time. With the Skyfie cordless epilator, you will enjoy the process fully with pleasure and maximum comfort. The device features tweezer discs to remove stubborn types of hair and even short ones.

It will clear out hairs from head to toe, making sure to return a smooth and revitalizing effect for your skin. The built-in LED light reveals the finest hairs for thorough epilation. Besides, the mini cordless design comes with a pink pouch. It fit wonderfully in your bag or suitcase on trips.

The self-explanatory construction is easy to use, even for beginners. It would be a great present idea for your teenage daughter.

However, you can feel a bit unpleasant with the strong vanilla smell. Other than that, this baby is flawless.

  • Optimal epilating results
  • LED light
  • Easy to use 
  • Strong vanilla smell 

This version of Skyfie would be the new best friend for all starters out there. With a simple design and excellent performance, you can count on it for a better skincare method.

#7 Fortuning B0886H7MKJ Facial Hair Remover for Women – Best Stylish 

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You will be impressed when first seeing this Fortuning hair remover because of its unique colourful design. The rainbow lipstick size that fits the purse effortlessly would be a go-to item for quick trips or convenient grab-and-go.

This facial hair remover comes with a 2-in-1 combo, including a shaver head and an eyebrow trimmer for precise shaving particular face areas. Besides, it uses the electric razor technique, which barely touches the skin.

For that reason, you are completely pain-free with zero risk of getting cut or bumps. As a result, you will experience a silky and glowy finish for the days to come.

It would be better if the brand makes the blade sharper to avoid multiple strokes in one area.

  • Exquisite design
  • 2-in-1 head
  • No cuts and bumps 
  • Need sharper blades

The Fortuning B0886H7MKJ would be a nice decoration in the bathroom, adding excitement and fun to the epilating process. More importantly, it does its job wonderfully with hardly any complaints.

#8 Finishing Touch Flawless B08HMVGWQZ Remover – Best Precision 

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The name: Flawless says it all. You will get perfect results with the Finishing Touch Flawless. Powered by the latest technology, it will remove all the hairs microscopically with optimal precision and guarantees no pain.

The tweezer head is meticulously designed to keep the skin close enough for hair removal at the same time, preventing unbearable pains. You can comfortably go through the process with no tears or suffering.

Another wonderful feature is that it is hypoallergenic, which fits all skin types. You will not have to worry whether your sensitive skin fits the device or not. The delicate and compact design is also a plus if you are looking for some nice items to decorate your private space.

In return, it could be a little bit pricey for someone who wants to save some extra money.

  • Optimal precision
  • Painless
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Expensive 

The Flawless finishing touch remover can bring you smooth and great skin health with its modern technology. You can take better care of your whole face for a more beautiful and refreshing look.

#9 JYPS B07TTWGRPH Facial Hair Remover for Women – Best Experience 

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The JYPS epilator deserves recommendation on the list because of the fantastic feels it offers the consumer. It does not directly contact the skin, thus causing no pain at all and ensuring no cuts and bumps after the session.

Also, the modern mechanism utilizes no force pulling, protecting the skin pores from damage. You will get a smooth, glowy, and soft finish with no reactions for the days to come. There is an extra replacement head for you coming with the set. Thus, you can save a bit of money and use it longer when compared with other products.

The simple design supports not only easy shaving but also deep cleaning after use. For that reason, it is pretty easy to maintain hygiene for the epilator with frequent washing.

You might need a more potent model to deal fully when it comes to stubborn hair.

  • Exceptional experience
  • Smooth skin with no pores
  • Easy to clean 
  • Lack of ingrown hair removing ability 

The JYPS facial hair remover will satisfy you with the best experience. You will feel no pain and be surprised with the final results.

#10 CCHOME B082R6YVCH Facial Hair Remover – Best For Tiny Hairs 

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The CCHOME facial hair remover receives all the best reviews for its ability to clear out tiny hairs. The delicate trimmer will go for the finest hair hiding around on your chin, upper lips and cheeks. With the supported LED light, you will have total control over the hunt for the tiniest hair.

At final results, it will leave you with a hairless finish with zero nicks or redness. Your face would look as if it has not gone through any shaving or waxing session at all. This feature makes it perfectly suitable for urgent occasions.

Its waterproof design allows you to use it in both wet and dry conditions. Besides, the device can self-clean wonderfully thanks to the detachable head through the running water. How convenient is that!

On the downside, it generates annoying noise while in operation, which bothers the relaxing time.

  • Eliminate tiny hairs
  • Great convenience
  • Both wet and dry use 
  • Annoying noise

This version of CCHOME can be your new favourites for 2021 thanks to its remarkable capacity in removing tiny hairs. You can be confident to go out there and express your best self.

A Detailed Buying Guide To The Best Epilator 2021

Buying a suitable epilator for your skin and hair type is essential because it can reduce the pain. There are various epilator brands available on the market, and different epilators serve different purposes.

That’s why you need to understand some common features found in the best epilator to make an informed decision when purchasing. Follow our comprehensive buying guide below to pick the best product for your needs:

Consider Between Wet And Dry Option

Many modern epilators can be used underwater. Because this type of epilator helps to minimise the pain, it would cost you more than the dry counterparts. After wet epilating, your skin would feel less irritated than dry epilation. There will be less bumpiness and redness on the skin.

Best Epilator

If you want to see a long-lasting result and prioritise efficiency, go for a dry epilator instead. However, dry epilation can be painful so prepare yourself for that!

Some models combine wet and dry at once. You may want to go for this kind of epilator if you like to experience both wet and dry epilation.

Think About Corded And Cordless Choice

Several epilators work on standard batteries, which means that you have to replace them once they go off. But their prices are affordable, so you may want to buy it as a trial.

If you epilate frequently, you might need a corded or rechargeable epilator. It can help to retain consistent power when epilating.

Most epilators last up to five years, but their cordless counterparts have a much longer life cycle.

Pay Attention To The Tweezers

Epilators can contain up to 72 tweezers, which can boost the process of epilation. The more tweezers it has, the more hairs it can pluck out in each cycle. However, a higher number of tweezers also means you will have to endure more pain when epilating.

To get a powerful processor, you should look for epilators that have more than 20 tweezers.

Watch Out For The Pain Level

Because epilating removes hairs at their root, it is no doubt that epilation is painful. Based on your pain tolerance levels, choosing the product which guarantees less pain is incredibly crucial.


You might like to choose a model that comes with a vibrating massaging cap. It means that your device works at a slower speed and plucks out less hair so that you will feel less pain.

You can also opt for the wet and dry models to effectively minimise the pain, but those epilators often have efficiency issues.


Is Epilator Better Than Waxing?

While an epilator is an electronic device, waxing requires strips of warmed-up wax that are taken out immediately by hand. Unlike waxing, epilation can be applied wet or dry by plucking your hairs by the root.

Both waxing and epilation work well in all areas of your body. But when it comes to the face, underarms, and bikini area, epilation can hurt a little more.

However, when it comes to side effects, epilation meets fewer risks compared to waxing. Therefore, if you want a smoother skin without unwanted hairs, opt for an epilator.

Best Epilator in the UK

How Often Should I Epilate?

People’s hair grows at different rates. In terms of epilation, it needs to match with your hair growth rate. Moreover, different areas may need different periods to create a consistent growth cycle.

For example, if you are new to epilation, you should epilate your legs once every five or seven days to make hair growth more consistent. Then, start epilating once every two weeks to get rid of unwanted hair.

Regarding the erogenous zones – one of the most sensitive areas on the body, you may want to epilate that area once a week. But if you suffer from irritation or cannot handle the pain, it is best to decrease to once every two or three weeks.

Is It Better To Epilate Wet Or Dry?

Each type of epilation has its pros and cons. Wet epilation helps relieve pain as warm water can relax the body and calm the skin. It is easier to clean up after epilating with wet epilation.

When it comes to dry epilation, it is more efficient because you will undergo a better grip. Your epilator will be able to catch more hairs at a time so that you don’t need to use an epilator for too long. Dry epilation produces long-lasting results compared to wet methods.

Should I Moisturise After Epilating?

After finishing, you should rinse off your skin with warm water to keep the pores open and minimize the risk of triggering ingrown hairs. Because epilation dries out your skin, you may want to apply a non-comedogenic moisturiser. It can soothe your skin and prevent pores from clogging.

It is recommended that you moisturise twice a day. You should also choose gentle, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free products to ease inflammation or redness from epilation.

How Can I Minimize The Risk Of Bumps And Ingrown Hairs?

While it is difficult to ensure a bump-free removal, here are some tips that you can do to cut down the chances of ingrown hairs.

For instance, exfoliation is essential to remove dead skin cells and prevent your skin from irritation. You can exfoliate before using an epilator.

However, don’t panic if ingrown hairs happen. You can use ingrown hair oil in that area to increase the healing process.


Despite the pain it brings when epilating, it is said that epilation is one of the best ways to remove unwanted hairs from your skin and prevent them from growing back faster.

You are free to choose between the dry and wet option; go for the one that you feel most comfortable with.

To get a desirable result, you can consider the Braun Silk Wet and Dry model or the Panasonic Cordless Epilator with six attachments. Moreover, with the comprehensive buying guide mentioned above, we hope that you can sort out the best epilator for yourself.

Thank you for reading!

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