The 10 Best Electric Showers In 2021

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Time spent in the shower is like a relaxation session that relieves the stress and anxiety you experience in your hectic life. But to fully enjoy your shower time, you need the best electric shower rather than some old showerheads in the bathroom.

We have gathered some of the most potential candidates in this article. You can surely find something suitable for yourself out of 10 options below.

How To Choose The Best Electric Shower UK

How much power do I need?

Generally, electric showers are rated between 7kW and 10.5kW. The higher the kW ratings, the more water heated and delivered at a time, hence the stronger, more consistent flow rate.

Best Electric Shower

Nonetheless, a high wattage is not always good. For example, when you live in a house with weak electrical output, a small electric power rated with low kW output (around 8kW) will be more suitable.

That is not to mention the fact a high wattage goes hand in hand with a high price. Also, more powerful electric showers require many different fuses and large cable sizes, which may result in extra installation costs.

What features to look for in a good electric shower?

Size: It depends on how much room you make for it in the bathroom. Make sure you measure the space carefully and check the dimensions of the shower to avoid any costly mistake.

Design: The best electric shower not only works well but also complements your bathroom decor. Take your time to find out the most suitable product out of countless options on the current market. From colors to LED lights and digital displays, every detail plays a role in increasing the visual appeal of your shower as well as your bathroom.

Best Electric Showers

Showerhead: You will choose from two types of showerheads: handheld and fixed. Handheld showers are more flexible since you can either hold or leave them on the wall. Meanwhile, fixed showerheads offer a high-pressure flow and a more comfortable experience similar to rainfall.

Water Pressure: You must know the pressure of your water source first when it comes to buying a shower. As mentioned above, standard electric showers will not be able to support low-pressure water supply. Instead, you need a pumped shower.

Safety: Make sure you read the manual guide and install the device properly to ensure safety. Fortunately, almost all electric showers are equipped with some forms of safety cut-out, which will stop immediately if the water gets too hot.

Cable: The cable thickness varies depending on the kW rating. For example, a 10mm cable is compatible with a 10.5kW electric shower, while a 7kW shower needs a 6mm cable. Nonetheless, some professionals use a 10mm cable for all showers for an extra layer of safety.

Limescale Protection: Pay attention to this feature if you live in an area that has hard water supply. Having limescale protection also extends the lifespan of your electric shower.

Price: How much do you plan to spend on the electric shower? Depending on your budget, you will take other features into consideration again.

Top 10 Best Electric Shower In The UK 2021

#1 Triton Showers MOSV01SG Seville Electric Shower – Best Budget Product

Triton Showers MOSV01SG Seville Electric Shower

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Opening the list is the best budget electric shower by Triton. It is a pretty basic product, but it does the job. If you have little to spare but still want a decent option, do not skip this amazing Triton Seville.

Money aside, the best thing about the Triton MOSV is its ease of use. You will get a dial in the front to switch between High, Cold, and Eco modes. There is another number dial to adjust the temperature.

As for the flow rate, there are three levels to choose from. Generally, most people stick to the highest rate for a comfortable shower. But it might be too powerful with the 10.5kW version, so pay attention.

The package comes with a flexible showerhead, which allows you to switch between five spray patterns, from a light spray to a blast.

Other accessories include a rail rinser kit, a shower hose, a soap dish, along with an installation manual.

As you can see, there are no attractive features to expect from this dirt cheap model. But the fact that it is easy to use and delivers a nice steady water flow does make up for that.

  • Affordable price tag
  • Great ease of use
  • Five spray patterns
  • No advanced features

#2 Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower – Best For Ease Of Use

Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower

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This Aqualisa Quartz electric shower is the best fit for anyone who embraces simplicity. It looks incredibly minimal yet sleek in chrome, white, or graphite grey finishes.

There is only one dial and an ON/OFF button on the control panel without any additional details. Thus, it ensures maximum ease of use for anyone, be it your 10-year-old kid or your old grandmother.

Despite the minimalist controls, the Aqualisa Quartz model still offers several customization features. For example, you get five different spray patterns and a smooth temperature dial.

As an added perk, the shower is equipped with limescale protection that lets cold water run through to prevent limescale from building up in the system.

The consistent water flow, excellent temperature management, and classic look are what earn this electric shower high ratings from customers.

There is one thing the manufacturer could improve, however. It is the power button seizing up after a while. And the 2-year warranty seems a bit short compared to other electric showers in the same range.

  • Minimal yet sleek look
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Limescale protection
  • Power button falling
  • Short warranty

#3 GROHE 26178000 Tempesta 100 – Best For Comfort

GROHE 26178000 Tempesta 100

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Taking a shower should be the most comfortable moment in the day, and this GROHE Tempesta is designed with that in mind.

Apart from three different spray patterns, the option also offers rainfall and rainfall massage mode so that you can totally relax and enjoy the shower after a hard-working day. You do not need any professional massage therapist from now on.

To add to the overall appeal, the water flow is fantastic. It is so strong and consistent that you will want to enjoy the shower as long as possible. Also, the shower is able to maintain a steady temp throughout the shower.

Controlling the electric shower is effortless with three options, including eco, low, and high. The temp dial and power button sit conveniently around.

There are added features to protect the machine itself. For example, the internal water guard prevents scalding, while the hose avoids damaged kinks.

On the flip side, this GROHE Tempesta is available in two high-pressure versions only. That means it is not suitable for households that have low water pressure.

  • Comfortable rainfall massage mode
  • Strong and consistent water flow
  • Internal water guard
  • No version for low water pressure

#4 Bristan BL3105 B Bliss 3 Electric Shower – Best Value For Money

Bristan BL3105 B Bliss 3 Electric Shower

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Following is the Bristan Bliss 3 – it offers the best value for money by delivering great features present in more expensive products.

The most notable thing must be the digital temp display, which allows you to monitor the heat and makes sure it does not fluctuate while you are enjoying the shower. There is also an additional display to let you know when to step under the water.

An added perk is the low-pressure warning light that informs you of low water pressure. In addition, you will get a spacious soap dish to keep all the accessories there.

A unique characteristic about this product is the adjustable bracket on the riser rail. Thanks to that, you can cover any drill holes on the wall to increase the visual appeal of your bathroom decor.

This electric shower offers three wattages, so choose the one that fits your water pressure. Considering the small footprint, it is more suitable for narrow spaces.

Sometimes, the touch controls are too sensitive, which can cause some inconvenience while using. But fortunately, this problem does not happen too often.

  • Digital temp display
  • Low-pressure warning light
  • Three wattages options 
  • Too sensitive touch controls

#5 Mira Showers 1.1746.008 Sport Max – Best For Extra Speed

Mira Showers 1.1746.008 Sport Max

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Due to the Airboost technology, this Mira electric shower is able to pump extra air into the water flow, hence boosting the flow rate by up to 30%. With the same amount of water, you can enjoy the extra speed and more powerful feeling, even if the water pressure is low.

Another innovation is the ClearScale technology, which avoids a limescale blockage. Coupled with the phased shutdown, the risk of leftover hot water blasting the system is reduced to minimum. In other words, your shower will last longer.

Like most reliable Mira showers, this one delivers a strong flow rate and a steady temperature throughout the shower session.

The temp dial is really sleek, so you can adjust the heat at ease. Likewise, the smooth power button responds quickly to your demand. You have three options to choose from, namely high, low, and eco.

A wide range of wattages from 9kW to 10.8kW is available at your fingertips. But keep it in mind that if you opt for the 10.8kW version, you need to pay more than other lower power options.

The main drawback of this Mira Sports Max lies in the sky-high price tag. In fact, the Mira Jump is a better fit if you want to save a little money while still getting an excellent electric shower.

  • 30% more powerful flow rate
  • ClearScale technology
  • Sleek temperature dial
  • Expensive

#6 Triton Showers MOMT014G Martinique – Best Non-Digital Electric Shower

Triton Showers MOMT014G Martinique

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Are you a nostalgic person who always dreams of the past? Then you must be interested in this Triton Martinique electric shower. It delivers a great performance behind the old school design.

Despite the look, the Martinique is actually an upgrade from the Seville. It offers more customization features apart from the basic ones.

For example, you will get five spray patterns that go from a light spray to a power shower to serve your demand. Power settings include cold, high, and eco. The eco mode is great for summer while the high mode is recommended for winter months.

We highly appreciate the shutdown feature that Triton equipped in this model. To be specific, this function will flush the leftover hot water from the system before turning off to avoid limescale blockage. It is helpful in extending the lifespan of the shower itself.

At 10.5kW, this is one of the most powerful electric showers on the market. But the high wattage rating goes hand in hand with high price, so you should take careful consideration.

Included in the package are a spacious soap dish, as well as all brackets and fixings to fit the riser rail.

  • Old school design
  • Five spray patterns
  • Intuitive shutdown feature
  • High price

#7 Mira Showers 1.1788.010 Jump Multi-Fit – Best For Versatility

Mira Showers 1.1788.010 Jump Multi-Fit

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Few can compare to this Mira Jump Multi-Fit when it comes to versatility. With many power options ranging from 7kW to 10.5kW, the model can be fitted in almost any household.

While the designs remain the same, low power options are more budget-friendly.

The Mira Multi-Fit is also versatile in a way that it offers four spray patterns. That said, you can adjust how the water falls until you find yourself comfortable. Plus, the flow rate is excellent, and the water temperature remains pretty steady.

One bonus point goes to the thick control buttons, which provide a firm grip even with soapy hands. That way, you will change the temp more conveniently.

With the eco mode, you can reduce your utility bills and protect the environment at the same time. That is to kill two birds with one stone!

On the negative side, this electric shower is not really advanced. It could increase the appeal by adding some features such as a soap tray and a warning light. Switch to the Bristan Bliss model if you are looking for an option with more bells and whistles.

  • Many power options
  • Four spray patterns
  • Thick control buttons
  • Pretty basic features

#8 Triton Showers RECOL209BRSTL Collection II – Best Stylish Product

Triton Showers RECOL209BRSTL Collection II

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Design is your number one priority? Take a look at this sleek and stylish Triton Collection II right now. It will surely take your bathroom interior to the next level with five different finishes, all of which are visually appealing.

Along with the shower itself, you will get a sleek showerhead that offers five spray patterns. There will certainly be a setting made for you.

Of course, the Triton Collection II’s strength is not just about looks, but its excellent features. Chief among them is the soft-touch control, which is really responsive and makes controlling the shower a breeze.

Next is the shutdown feature to reduce limescale build-up and avoid blockages.

However, there is still room for improvement with this model. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the water pressure is not really consistent.

  • Visually appealing design
  • Five attractive finishes
  • Sleek five spray showerhead
  • Inconsistent water pressure

#9 Bristan GLE395 Glee 3 Electric Shower – Best Mid-range Product

Bristan GLE395 Glee 3 Electric Shower

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This Bristan Glee falls into the mid-range price, but its features are comparable to some high-end showers. You will be saving about £40 if you buy the Glee instead of the Bliss.

The Glee has an edge over the Bliss model in one aspect: the set of controls. To be specific, this one allows you to use dials and knobs on the control panel with more ease, even if your hands are soapy. You can choose between different flow rate levels and power settings.

The shower head comes with three spray options so that you have the best feeling under the shower. As an added perk, it is made ‘rub-free’ for easy cleanup.

The manufacturer equipped the digital display to let you know when to clean the external filter, while the warming button will tell you when the water is ready.

Most Bristan showers are equipped with limescale protection, and this Glee model is not an exception. Rest assured that you do not have to deal with limescale blockages in the future.

Is there any drawback? Unfortunately, yes. The temperature is not always steady, especially when someone turns the tap on.

  • Thick set of controls
  • Three spray patterns
  • Convenient digital display
  • Not steady temperature

#10 Mira Showers 1.1634.011 Azora – Best For Safety

Mira Showers 1.1634.011 Azora

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Last but not least, we will recommend you another Mira Showers. Rather than power or versatility, this Azora model gains its popularity due to safety features.

In addition to the conventional thermostat, this shower is equipped with sensi-flo technology to ensure safety for users.

To be specific, sensi-flo tech measures the back-flow of water to figure out the water temp. When the temp reaches above 50 degrees, it will stop the water to prevent scalding and keeps the users safe.

In addition, there is a thermostat to maintain the temperature and deliver a safe showering experience for your family.

Using this electric shower is extremely easy with its simple control panel. You get separate controls for temperature and water flow. Below these dials is the stand-alone ON/OFF button.

The shower comes complete with a 110mm showerhead with rub-clean nozzles. It offers four spray patterns in total.

  • Sensi-flo tech for extra safety
  • Thermostatic temp stability
  • Four spray patterns
  • Not really powerful

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you need an electric shower?

A: The best thing about electric showers is they provide hot water at your disposal. No worries about running out of hot water while taking a shower or so. Even if your boiler breaks, you can still have a hot shower.

As an added perk, electric showers are pretty easy to install and do not require extra pipework, as long as your house has a cold water source.

Electric Shower

Q: Which electric shower brands should I buy?

A: Following are some of the best electric shower UK brands that offer excellent products.


Triton is probably the most well-known shower brands in the UK. Founded in 1975, the brand was aptly named after Poseidon’s son – the god of the sea, the brand was founded in 1975.


Bristan was two years younger than Triton: it was founded in 1977. It is widely loved for releasing user-friendly products, which are both easy to use and install. The unique features of Bristan showers are several installation angles that make installation a breeze.


Founded in 2001, Mira made its way to the top quickly. After a few years in operation, the brand has become the top choices for households across the UK.


Grohe is the oldest brand leading the industry at the moment. It was founded in 1936 and since then, it has launched extensive collections of best electric showers made for practicality and luxury.

Q: How do electric showers compare to power showers?

A: Despite looking alike, electric showers and power showers are actually two different devices. The key difference lies in the fact that power showers require both hot and cold water sources, while electric showers are compatible with any water system.

Also, power showers provide a built-in pump to boost the pressure, which will be beneficial for households with low water pressure.

Q: How does an electric shower work?

A: Electric showers work just like a kettle – it heats up your cold water supply and gives you warm water through the showerhead. There is a key difference: the water in the shower is always moving at a certain speed, which is determined by the mains water pressure and the heating temperature.

Q: How much does it cost to install an electric shower?

A: The installation costs mostly depend on the labour rates in the area you are living. Typically, a fresh install goes up to £400, and the same applies to a complex work. On the other hand, replacing an existing unit with a new one is much cheaper, ranging from £150 to £200.

Parting Thoughts

A great electric shower is the key to relaxing shower experience. Thus, take your time to decide on the best electric shower for yourself. We also got our favorite – the Bristan Bliss. It is the best value for money by offering advanced features at a reasonable price.

Thank you for reading!

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