Best Electric Grills In 2021 – New Nominations To Complete Your Kitchen

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The traditional way of grilling has somehow bored you with all the annoying smokes and unwanted burns. So how come not put all of that behind and move on with some of the best electric grills?

Now we have some of the best electric grills to recommend for you and a specific buying guide that helps you sort out the most brilliant choice.

Top 10 Best Electric Grills in the UK 2021

George Foreman 25810 Medium Grill – Best fit 

George Foreman 25810 Medium Grill

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If you are seeking the final piece to fit your mini aesthetic kitchen, there could not be a better choice than the George Foreman 25810 Medium Grill. The sleek and compact design (at only 28cm W and 33.5cm L) will complete the hunt. It will help you carry out a warm and cosy BBQ party indoors in your mini apartment.

This indoor grill with sophisticated bevelled upper lines is not all about the look. It will wow you with its speedy heat up. It only takes you less than 6 minutes to go full power which is a considerable upgrade compared to the 10-minute average time. Moreover, its oven grill can heat up to 230 degrees just like a standard size model.

The medium fit construction is also pretty easy to clean. You can give this indoor grill a few wipes after always using it to keep it in the best shape.

However, the grill does not work well with toasting burgers as the grilling space is a little bit small to heat them up evenly.

  • Compact design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Speedy heat up 
  • Does not toast burgers well 


The George Foreman 25810 Medium Grill is an ideal choice with its compact design and brilliant performance. With this buddy right in your kitchen, BBQ parties are no longer a thing you do occasionally anymore!

Tefal GC713D40 Intelligent Health Grill – Best performance

Tefal GC713D40 Intelligent Health Grill

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The Tefal GC713D40 Intelligent Health Grill earns its top rank for one of the best electric grills. It is an ideal electric grill for all kinds of BBQ style; from grill, toast, smoke to fry.

This smart device features a LED display constantly updating the cook with the cooking progress. It indicates the level of cooking; thus, helping you to adjust how you want the dish to be cooked, whether it is rare or well done. It is all up to you.

Another amazing feature of this outdoor electric grill is its diversified cooking programmes. It allows you to cook six different types of ingredients: burger, poultry, sausage, bacon, fish and red meat. You will not have to eat steak over and over for the BBQ party anymore.

However, complicated settings can confuse new cooks when switching between modes.

  • LED display
  • Six cooking programmes
  • Work for all BBQ style 
  • Complicated settings


A home-cook chef would love this Tefal GC713D40 Intelligent Health Grill for its outstanding ability to cook different styles of grilling dishes. It will be a chance to help you express your talents.

Quest 35490 Teppanyaki Grill – Best Thermostat

Quest 35490 Teppanyaki Grill

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The Quest 35490 Teppanyaki Grill is one of the best electric grills as for its superior thermostat. The device’s adjustable thermostat gives exact specs during the process, allowing you to have a precise cooking time over the grilling. You can adjust the temperature you want to make the finest dish of your own.

Moreover, the cooking grate is completely non-stick so that you will not have to worry about any ugly burns on your favourite juicy honey grilled chicken breast. The grill will provide you with numerous nutritious and delicious dishes for cold winter days. It also requires little or no oil, so the cleaning is pretty simple.

Lastly, another feature that makes the Quest such a match is its plain and flat design, allowing you to bring to the table and grill the food in any place.

Unfortunately, its work with eggs does not quite satisfy the most fastidious diners.

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Non-stick grate
  • Convenient design 
  • Subpar egg grilling 


The Quest 35490 Teppanyaki Grill will make the best companion with indoor parties. You can enjoy an intimate and comfortable dinner right in your kitchen, not under the -8oC weather.

Food Party B07VBSX6XN Electric Grill – Best Shape 

Food Party B07VBSX6XN Electric Grill

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The name has already said for itself. The Food Party B07VBSX6XN Electric Grill was born to be the soul of the party. It is perfect for friends or family gatherings where people surround the table. With the rounded hotpot shape, you can get the food from any angle from the table without asking the one besides for help.

Moreover, it is a 2-in-1 hotpot and BBQ device. So, it will offer you a more diversified range for creating a menu for the meal. You can do a Thai-ish tom yum hotpot in combination with grilled shrimp with cheese on the side. We could not ask for more!

In terms of performance, the device will not let you down with the speedy heat-up of the pot in the middle and its consistent control over the temperature.

The only drawback of this grill is its undetachable design, which makes it pretty hard to clean the whole thing.

  • Convenient shape
  • 2-in-1 hotpot and grill
  • Speedy heat up 
  • Hard to clean 


The Food Party B07VBSX6XN Electric Grill will work great as a present idea for this Christmas or maybe a life-changing device to host your next Thanksgiving party. You can host one heck of a party with this handy buddy.

TomYang BBQ GR-01H- The Electric Thai BBQ Grill and hot Pot – Best For Asian Food-lovers

TomYang BBQ GR-01H- The Electric Thai BBQ Grill and hot Pot

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If you have been craving for Asian food for months now, the classic TomYang BBQ GR-01H would be a great idea to soothe your nostalgia. The device can heat the broth super quick and maintain the temperature consistently throughout the meal. With the steamboat and grill combined, you can create the most standard Thai BBQ party.

You can make the famous Thai hotpot with your favourite Thai red curry BBQ skewer for the next family gatherings. Nothing is greater than the smell from your homeland. Moreover, a Thai-themed meal is a great way to warm up your body in this cold weather.

Moreover, the cleaning is quite easy as the grilling surface is non-stick. Just a few wipe and it is ready to use for next time.

Unfortunately, this 2-in-1 product only fit 2 to 4 people.

  • Heat up quickly
  • Nice temperature control
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Suitable for small party only 


The TomYang BBQ GR-01H- The Electric Thai BBQ Grill and hot pot is a great recommendation for those who are deeply hooked on Asian food, especially Thai food. It suits really well with intimate, private parties.

Duronic Electric Griddle GP20 – Best Healthy Choice 

Duronic Electric Griddle GP20

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If you have been pursuing an eat clean diet for a while now and still have a big love for grilling dishes, the Duronic Electric Griddle GP20 is pretty much the option designed for you. The non-stick surface does not require any oil or fat to grill. So you can be healthy, at the same time, freely enjoying your honey barbecue ribs.

The device is also equipped with a slightly slanted plate towards the drip tray to get rid of all excess oils or juices. As a result, it will make sure that the dish is made in a healthy way when still retaining all the original nutrients and flavour.

This outdoor electric grill works brilliantly as an indoor grill for its portable and compact design. So you can be flexible when it comes to the grilling area.

The only thing that has not met our requirements is temperature control.

  • Provides a healthier way of cooking
  • Portable
  • Compact design 
  • Subpar temperature control 


The Duronic Electric Griddle GP20 can lead the trend with its special design to add BBQ parties into the healthy eating menu. Who says you can eat clean and delicious at the same time?

25850 Smokeless George Foreman Grill – Best Cleaning

25850 Smokeless George Foreman Grill

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The George Foreman 25850 Smokeless Electric Grill is one of the best electric grills for its super fast and easy cleaning feature. The construction with removable parts makes it super easy to provide a thorough clean after using. This outdoor electric grill is also dishwasher safe so that you can put it in the washing machine for fast cleaning.

Moreover, the heating element is quite satisfying. There are three temperature modes for you to choose from minimum, medium to high heat. As a result, you can have precise estimation during grilling.

The smokeless grill technology also ensures that you will not be bothered by any fumes during the meal.

However, its small size will not be suitable for big gatherings.

  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Three temperature modes
  • Smokeless technology
  • Fit small-sized party only 


The George Foreman 25850 Smokeless Electric Grill is another convenient device which is perfect for dinner dates. You can give it a fast and easy cleaning to continue the romantic night with your partner after only a few minutes.

VonShef XXL Teppanyaki Grill – Best Versatility

VonShef XXL Teppanyaki Grill

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You are a BBQ addict. You will eat almost all kinds of food when it is grilled. The VonShef XXL Teppanyaki Grill is a device for you. You can do almost any dish you can think of with this grill, from crispy grilled chicken wings, grilled salmon with herb butter to the healthiest grilled veggies.

You can throw a big feast with this buddy. The 2000 watts and large grilling surface make it a promising outdoor electric grills for social gatherings. A lot of dishes can be done in only one go.

The non-stick aluminium plate is an advantage for cleaning after use.

However, it gets pretty hot during the cooking, so try to watch out for your kids.

  • High versatility
  • Large grilling surface
  • Nonstick 
  • Super during the grilling 


You would love the VonShef XXL Teppanyaki Grill for social gatherings or holiday seasons when all family members come back home. This product will satisfy all preferences of yours for BBQ dishes.

Judge JEA81 Electric Tabletop Grill – Best Price

Judge JEA81 Electric Tabletop Grill

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If you are going for a reasonably priced model, the Judge JEA81 Electric Table Grill is an ideal choice for you. The device offers you a competitive price but still carries out an equal performance like other grills.

This outdoor electric grill provides a large cooking area with a nonstick cooking grate which makes the cleaning much easier and faster. It also limits the excessive oil and fat; thus, giving you a healthier way to enjoy grilling dishes.

Another special feature about this outdoor grill is its detachable thermostat. Therefore, you will have greater control over the cooking. You can know the exact temperature you want for your favourite dish.

Sadly, it scratches pretty easily after a long time of use.

  • Competitive price
  • Easy cleaning
  • Detachable thermostat
  • Scratch easily 


The Judge JEA81 Electric Table Grill is an ideal choice for those who want to have some savings left. With the great price, the device would still bring you full grilling experience. Such a bargain!

MisterChef® XL Teppanyaki Grill – Best function 

MisterChef® XL Teppanyaki Grill

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Last but not least, the MisterChef® XL Teppanyaki Grill does not set itself below any competitors. It gives the best performance thanks to the diversified heating modes. You can create a whole new menu for a grand feast at the end of the year.

The device can work brilliantly with all kinds of food, ranging from chicken, red meat, fish to simpler ingredients such as vegetables. You can become a professional chef with this grill.

The large grate is also a big helper for social gatherings. You can hold a whole grilling buffet party with this product.

The only disadvantage of the grill is its unstable temperature control.

  • Six heat settings
  • Work with all kinds of food
  • Large grate 
  • Unstable temperature control


The MisterChef® XL Teppanyaki Grill would help you make a statement as the host of the party thanks to its outstanding functionality. It can be a great companion with you in the kitchen.

The perfect buying guide towards best electric grills for 2021 

The kitchen tools market is always filled with various advanced electric grills that can lead your feelings from amused to confused. With all the outstanding features, it can be a little intimidating if you do not have a basic background to classify the options.

best electric grill Uk

Therefore, we have made a comprehensive buying guide for you, offering ultimate tips and tricks to pick out ideal options for yourself.

No longer will you have to recognize yourself as a rookie in the field! So what are you waiting for?

Always consider the grilling area 

The area of grilling is the determining factor that shapes the size of your BBQ gatherings. It can be an indoor grill for intimate mini parties where only friends of families are allowed or a big feast for at least 50 people.

A grilling device with a suitable-sized area can keep all the work on the right track and operate smoothly without flaws. As it determines how much food is ready to serve in one turn.

Remember to check the cooking grate specs

The grate is the cooking surface section where you put all the food on to grill. You can be satisfied with the cooking space when it can endure high temperature and can be heated evenly during the process.

Certified grills can perform wonderfully in high temperatures without seeing any hiccup. Moreover, it should be able to be heated evenly to make sure that none of the meat is undercooked or overcooked. A non-stick model is a plus as well.

Cast iron grates are one of the most recommended options for grilling. There are also stainless steel grates demonstrating as one of the most promising choices for radiating heat and rust-free.

Keep in mind that power is crucial 

The grill’s power is another factor that you should keep an eye on before sealing the deal. This spec will inform you how much energy it takes to power up the grill. The higher this spec is, the faster the grill goes full power and ready to roll.

An electric grill has an average power of around 1500W, sometimes reaching the peak of 2000W. You should also take note that the power rating goes up along with the price. For that reason, you would better pick one, giving you high temperatures with less energy utilization.

Some electric grills also offer you an adjustable thermostat to set the temperature you want and its limit in which the grill would stop heating.

Temperature control settings is a must 

When it comes to grilling, it is all about the heat. With well-performed temperature settings, you can bring out the finest grilling dish for the night. There are usually multiple temperature control settings in an electric grill when compared with a gas grill or a charcoal model.

electric grills

It often comes with 3, 4, 5, or even 6 different settings with distinctive heating levels, respectively. It is highly recommended that you should pick a model with diversified temperature control settings as it provides you with numerous choices while grilling the steak.

Other features to complete your final decision 

To have the perfect electric grills delivered straight back home, you should consider additional features such as temperature gauge, automatic shutoff buttons, or wheel-based models.

A temperature gauge will let you know the on-grill temperature at that moment so that you can turn the heat up or ease it down to have the perfectly cooked steak for the night.

In terms of the auto-shutoff and timer, the name says for itself. It enables you to turn off the grill when finishing the cooking automatically. It can help you consider while you are busy decorating the dish or preparing the salad for the fam.

Lastly, a wheel-based electric grill or a model with a stand would be amazing if you have always been the core host of an outdoor BBQ party.


Do electric grills work well?

Electric grills are the safest and healthiest replacement for the traditional way of cooking. They do not produce any carcinogens or use gas which is pretty harmful to the environment.

If you are heading for sustainable development, you should not take electric grills off the table. This electric grill will save you a lot of time and money in the long run for the whole family.

Do electric grills produce smoke?

Electric grills are not like the gas grills, do not create any smoke except the delicious smell coming from your favourite steak. For that reason, it is an ideal choice for indoor cooking. You can make a mini indoor BBQ diner for your lovely family without concerning any toxin. It is also an eco-friendly device in your house that utilizing cleaner energy (at least you are not burning any coal or propane in the house)

Can you use wood chips on an electric grill?

The answer is yes. But it depends particularly on the grilling method you are using. In terms of electric grills, you have to place prepared wood chips in the smokebox or the pack. Then set it up directly towards the heat.

Once the chips start smoking, you can move them to the side and start to set the food in the grate for grilling. Wood chips will add a wooded, smokey flavour into the dish.

Can an electric grill catch fire?

Electric grills are much safer than propane or charcoal grills. However, there are always potential risks regarding fire exposure when the extension cord does not match with outdoor conditions. The risk can be even higher if you place the grill on a deck or balcony.

Can aluminium foil go on an electric grill?

The answer is yes. You can add a box of aluminium foil to the electric grill combo in your kitchen. However, you should reconsider this decision if you have always been a fan of those beautiful, satisfying lines marked by the grills. If it is not a problem, you are welcome to purchase one of those foils.

Last words

One of the best electric grills In the Uk could be a great upgrade in your kitchen if you have always loved BBQ parties. It does not only serve the best grilling dishes but also spares you the best moment beside your loved ones.

Our personal winner is the George Foreman 25850 Smokeless Electric Grill because of its great cleanning feature. What’s yours?

We hope that the blog is one more step closer to the next BBQ essentials at the party.

Thank you for reading!

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