Best Electric Cool Boxes

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Without a shade of doubt, a long road trip or far-away family picnics cannot be perfect without the best electric cool box. This must-have item effectively offers you a refreshing drink and fresh meals even under the rewarding sunshine.

Unlike standard coolers, electric cool boxes are much more convenient as you don’t have to carry heavy ice packs to keep things cool. Instead, those products run on electricity from your car or mains power socket. Keep reading our article to find out an ideal companion and its great features!

How To Choose The Best Electric Cool Box?

Useful and versatile electric cool boxes are, it is not always easy as a pie to pick up your ideal one. The best electric cool box should satisfy your demands for cable storage size, smart design, power supply, and cooling functions.

Best Electric Cool Box Reviews

Those considerations must have driven you crazy when shopping for your ideal product. Don’t worry, that’s why we are here to help you solve your shopping headache!

How Big Should Your Cool Box Be?

Size is one of the crucial aspects when shopping for a cool box. A full understanding of your product’s dimensions will help you prepare and pack an adequate amount of food and drinks.

To choose a suitable-sized cool box, you should acknowledge the number of people you prepare meals for. A 25 litre box spectrum is ideal for around two to three people for a whole weekend trip.

Plus, the length of your trip is worth considering, as the longer your holiday is, the larger your food cooler should be.

Which Material Is Best?

Material used to make a cool electric box may directly determine your product’s structure and price.

If you are on a tight budget, let’s go for a plastic shell. A cheap plastic one can allow for low to moderate usage during a weekend festival, party or a short holiday.

On the other hand, a hardened box or a metal one ensures a heavy-duty design that tends to stand the test of time and enables you to pack more food.

What Are Ideal Power Supplies?

Each box comes with various power offerings, which are likely to affect your using plan. Most electric coolers come with a 12-volt cable and connector designed to plug into the car’s cigarette lighter.

Electric Cool Box

Excessive charging from car power like this can cause car battery flattering, so if you are frequently on holiday, this power outlet is not an ideal choice.

Some other products feature an adapter and a second cable, enabling users to use 230-volt mains sockets. If you don’t have access to an electric source, a cool box equipped with a gas coolant system will be your salvage.

How Powerful Should The Cooling Function Be?

Ideally, a cooler box can store your food and drinks for days without spoiling the taste. Most coolers tend to show a 40-degree Celsius cooling function below the ambient temperature. This one can keep food for several hours without being plugged. Therefore, we highly recommend you choose one with a wide temperature range.

Top 10 Best Electric Cool Box Reviews In The UK 2021

#1. Waeco Mobicool U32 CoolBox – Best Overall

[amazon box=”B000SO2FZ6″ title=”Waeco Mobicool U32 CoolBox”]

The first product in our best electric cool box list is this excellent Waeco Mobicool U32, which has successfully won customers’ hearts thanks to its portability, sturdy yet compact design, and affordability.

The product shows up to 29 litres, big enough to store food for three or four-day trips but compact and lightweight enough to easily carry around. Besides, the cooling adjustment knob is thoughtfully displayed on the right top of the box for easy cooling switching and control.

There should be no complaint about its excellent insulation and cooling features with the fan-based cooling system. This feature is designed with different settings, handling heatwaves and keep the temperature as low as 18 degrees Celsius below the outside temperature.

The Waeco box is also suitable for non-refrigerated food without causing any internal condensation. Besides food, up to two litres of beverages can be stored thanks to the stand-up shape.

Made from hardened plastic, the model shows a strong and sturdy design to withstand the heavy foodstuffs and accidental dropping. A mains cable and an additional 12V cable are also included to power this kitchen tool at home and outdoors from the car engine.

Overall, it is undeniable that the best electric cool box UK should receive all the positive feedback. Its excellent features are worth your consideration!

  • Effective temperature settings
  • Portable
  • Two included cables
  • N/A

#2. Dometic Combicool RC 2200 Cool Box – Best For Sleek Design

[amazon box=”B07DTX5H4K” title=”Dometic Combicool RC 2200 Cool Box”]

A high-quality electric cool box should not only show excellent cooling settings, but it should also meet users’ demands for stylish and attractive design. If you are interested in taking holiday photos and selfies, Dometic Combicool RC 2200 electric cool box is a brilliant idea thanks to its structure.

At first sight, you are sure to be attracted by the elegant aluminum housing. This outer coating is fingertip-free and scratch-resistant, thus likely to maintain a new and clean appearance.

The model also comes with two inside handles for easy transportation and an easy-to-use lid for packing and unpacking your food.

The clever three-way absorption cooler is another attraction. This range of portable absorption cooling settings can run on electricity at home or by a portable gas cylinder if you are in the middle of nowhere.

Besides food, fruits, and vegetables, the product also fits up to two litres of standing bottles, while an integrated cradle is thoughtfully designed for a gas canister.

Showing a silent operation, this pick only shows a negligible drawback in which it gives off a little heat. Therefore, you should put it away from tent walls or in an enclosed space to ensure optimal safety.

  • 3-way cooling settings
  • Large capacity
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Gives off heat

#3. ThinkGizmos Coolbox DC/AC – Best For Easy Transportation

[amazon box=”B003UZ83WE” title=”ThinkGizmos Coolbox DC/AC”]

During trekking and hiking trips, it would be frustrating to carry a heavy and bulky food box. But ThinkGizmos Coolbox DC/AC can save you from this burden thanks to its lightweight and convenient carrying handle!

With a large capacity of up to 21 litres, you would never find such a product of such a cool box weighing only over 5 kilograms. Moreover, the product comes with a sturdy carrying handle, removable internal shelves, and a gasket so you can create plenty of space and carry Overhill easily.

More impressively, the model shows two-way functions, in which the cooling one works at up to 15 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature and the heating function heats up at 68 degrees Celsius. Thanks to this feature, your food can be warmed or kept cool to best suit your demands.

There should also be no worry about the cleaning and maintenance steps, as the product is easy to clean, resistant to odour and stain due to its CFC-free polyurethane-foam liner.

The only disadvantage of this cooler is that it should be disconnected from the power source when the lid is open.

  • 2-way power supplies
  • Well-insulated
  • Convenient and easy to carry
  • Undesirable lid

#4. Mobicool MB32 Power DC – Best For Convenient Storage

[amazon box=”B07B9N89RG” title=”Mobicool MB32 Power DC”]

If you have done some research on compact electric cool boxes, you must have once come across Mobicool MB32 Power DC, one of the smartest and most lightweight products on the market.

Unlike other standard electric cool boxes, this one comes with an exclusive design that looks like an attractive shopping organiser bag. This bag is made from heavy-duty jacquard fabric, waterproof to protect the interior, and durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

As a bag, the product includes a comfortable shoulder strap and a carry strong handle so you can carry around effortlessly and without shoulder fatigue. Overall, the Mobicool cool bag is big enough to store the biggest storage needs, and more importantly, it can pack down flat to save storing space after use.

A 12V cooler 2.7 metre compatible cable is also especially useful, as it can plug in anywhere in your car. However, this model doesn’t come with a mains adapter, which can be annoying sometimes.

  • Comfortable and convenient transport
  • Large capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • Well-insulated
  • No mains adapter

#5. Dometic TCX35 Dometic Tropicool – Best For Advanced Features

[amazon box=”B01EMZ9RGQ” title=”Dometic TCX35 Dometic Tropicool”]

Dometic TCX35 Dometic Tropicool has gained customers’ trust and long-term use thanks to its advanced power-saving technology, smart design, and great capacity.

The product shows all the excellent features you can expect from a high-tech and high-quality electric cool box. Controlled over a simple display of a soft-touch panel on the front of the box, this tool allows users to adjust the temperature to suit the food condition perfectly.

The thermoelectric cooling technology is a plus point of this model, refrigerating up to 30 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature and heating your food to 65 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, the Dometic shows a power-saving circuit of A++++ rating, so you are likely to save energy and cut down on your power bills. A 12/24V DC cable and 230V AC one are also included to allow car and mains power use.

With a generous 33 litre capacity, the product shows a very large and bulky structure, perfect for large group weekend trips. However, this bag may be too big for some.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Two power cables
  • Great capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Too big

#6. Koolatron Kool Kaddy P75 – Best For Generous Capacity

[amazon box=”B0001MQ7E0″ title=”Koolatron Kool Kaddy P75″]

Koolantrol Dool Kaddy P75 electric cool box is a brilliant choice for all outdoor activities you can opt for with its generous capacity. Despite weighing only 7 kilograms, the product can house up to 34 litres of food and drinks.

This large capacity allows for three to four-day trips with up to 57 cans, but the model is still compact enough to carry around easily and take up little space in your car.

The item is also perfect for its cooling and warming functions. You can keep your food cool at 22 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature and warm it up at around 57 degrees celsius. This feature is especially handy for winter warming snacks or other takeaway meals.

To save storage, you can use this model horizontally and vertically and use the removable shelves to keep your contents neat and tidy.

The overall problem of the Koolatron is its noisy operation, which is not so negligible but annoying sometimes.

  • Removable shelves
  • Use horizontally and vertically.
  • Use with any vehicle.
  • Noisy operation

#7. Mobicool W40 AC/DC Thermoelectric Cool Box – Best For Camping Fridges

[amazon box=”B00CIUWV8E” title=”Mobicool W40 AC/DC Thermoelectric Cool Box”]

If you are looking for a spacious yet lightweight electric cool box to carry with you during your family camping trip, Mobicool W40 Thermoelectric cool box should meet your demands.

Showing an excellent huge capacity of approximately 39 litres, the product can store the largest amount of food and drinks you can imagine, ensuring that all members of your gang have their portion.

There is also no worry about cold loss, as the handy split lid can cleverly reduce the cold when your friends frequently open the box every five minutes. The special lid and cable compartment is included to properly keep the supplied cables organised so you cannot misplace them.

Although the structure is bulky, the product comes with a wheeled base and a useful pull-out handle for easy transportation.

  • Large capacity
  • Easy transportation
  • Reduced cold loss
  • Quite bulky

#8. Marko 24L Electric Cool Box – Best For Tight Budgets

[amazon box=”B00D8DPWNQ” title=”Marko 24L Electric Cool Box”]

If you are on a limited budget yet still looking for a quality electric cool box to satisfy your passion for outdoor activities, you should never miss out on this Marko 24L.

At such a low price, the item shows all the desirable features of a premium electric cooler. The enormous space with a removable divider allows you to pack a large quantity of food and drink while keeping bottles from falling over and messing up.

When it comes to dual cooling and warming functions, the model can keep your food freezing at 15 degrees to 18 degrees Celsius compared to the outside temperature and heat items up to  50 degrees to 65 degrees Celsius. Cold drinks and hot food are all you can look for with this versatile product!

You will also not have to worry about incorrect temperature settings as there is a LED light display to notify you of the current model. Nevertheless, our pick’s annoying problem is that the cooling mode can cause ice condensation, leading to soggy food.

  • Removable internal dividers
  • Perfect cooler and heater
  • Useful indicator light
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Accumulates condensation

#9. Tristar KB7230 Cool Box – Best For Small Trips And Events

[amazon box=”B002AVU44O” title=”Tristar KB7230 Cool Box”]

Tristar KB7230 Cool Box is an excellent option for those loving couple holidays or hiking and trekking. It is spacious enough to store the needed amount of food and drink while compact and lightweight to carry around.

Weighing less than 4kg together with a useful integrated handle, the product is surely a perfect companion on the road.

Its function should also never be underestimated with the thermoelectric cooling system running on a 12-volt car-type cable. Thanks to this feature, the model can cool the interior contents up to 16 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature.

What sets this product apart from others on the market is its integrated cup holder, enabling users to keep their cups neat and tidy when not using.

The sole drawback of the Tristar is its lack of 230 mains cable, making it suitable for small picnics and trips only.

  • Lightweight yet spacious
  • Integrated cup holders
  • Offers cold refreshments at hand
  • No 230 mains cable

#10. iceQ Red Electric Cool Box – Best For Outstanding Colour

[amazon box=”B01NCI5PGM” title=”iceQ Red Electric Cool Box”]

The final product in our best electric cool box reviews is this iceQ Red cooler, showing a bold red lightweight design with generous cooling capacity for an all-year package.

The colourful and stylish red body perfectly matches a powder-blue lid to offer a striking impression and ensure that your cooler will never get lost. A convenient carry handle is also included to lock the lid, add more superb insulation and enable users to carry the box with ease.

Besides, the lid shows a twist-to-lock storage area to house 2-power input cables, 12V one for car use, and a 230 mains cable for household use. This means you can cool your food anywhere you want!

One downside of this product is its noisy operation, which is not always desirable and can cause trouble.

  • Roomy interior
  • Attractive design
  • Two power supplies
  • Noisy 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that you may have when shopping for the best electric cool boxes:

1. What Should I Store In My Cool Box During My Holidays?  

Cool boxes can perfectly store most of your favourite food such as chicken, sandwiches, meat, and other beverages like milk and juices. While this cooling product is suitable for all food, you should pack them carefully and separately.

Best Electric Cool Box Uk

Raw meat, cooked dishes, fruits, vegetables, and drinks should be kept in different portions. With each part, you should also monitor and adjust a suitable cooling mode to keep your dishes as fresh and tasty as possible.

2. Should I Power My Electric Cool Box With My Car Battery?

Unlike standard coolers, which need a lighter socket and a proper power output, electric cool boxes can run on car engines. Most products are designed with a port, so you can always power it by plugging in your car.

However, though convenient and fast-charging, this activity can make your car battery flattering quickly. For this reason, you should only charge your cooler for less than one hour to keep your car in good condition.

3. How To Increase The Effectiveness Of My Cool Boxes?

Undeniably, electric cool boxes are likely to degrade their cooling effectiveness over time. Thus, during your long trips and summer holidays, it would be best if you carried some ice packs and packed them inside the cooler.

After using, you should store your cooler in well air-circulated places without direct sunlight exposure to avoid harmful impacts.

4. How Can I Pack My Electric Cooler Properly?

Like other products, electric coolers are not always able to stand the test of time; thus, proper use and maintenance are required. Here are some packing tips that you should not ignore:

  • Chill the model before packing: obviously, a cold cooler for summer can keep your food fresh and tasty longer. Therefore, try to keep your electric cooler in the coolest part around your house before the trip.
  • Freeze food and drink: if your trip lasts three or four days and you want to have mouth-watering meals on the last day, keep them frozen food and packed properly in the cooler.
  • Use ice blocks: ice cubes tend to thaw much more quickly than ice blocks, bringing ice blocks to reduce unwanted water mess. Besides, don’t forget to bring a hammer to chip off this block for some cocktails!

The Bottom Line

Long story short, the best electric cool box benefits during summer trekking and hiking are undisputable. Electric cool boxes can keep your food cool and fresh while lightweight and portable enough to carry around. These products are also budget-friendly, making them an indispensable part of any journey.

Concerning all those aspects, Waeco Mobicool U32 Coolbox is undoubtedly the best choice as it is affordable, sturdy, and effective in storing your food!

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