Top 10 Best Disposable Nappies To Purchase in The UK 2021

Do you ever get tired of changing and washing your baby’s cloth nappy every day? If so, it might be time to start investing in some good disposable nappies.

Disposable nappies are convenient, easy to use, and perfect for busy parents. Yet, with countless products coming out recently, finding the perfect fit might not be an easy task. For that reason, we have created a list of all the best disposable nappies for you to consider

Top 10 Best Disposable Nappies In The Uk

Pampers Baby-Dry for Breathable Dryness Overnight – Best for overnight use

Pampers Baby-Dry for Breathable Dryness Overnight

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If you are tired of waking up every night to change diapers, the Pampers Baby-Dry might be a total lifesaver.

The nappies are designed with unique Air Channels, providing

breathable dryness that lasts overnight. They also come from stretchy materials that are very comfortable to sleep in. These all add up to give your baby a good and long night’s sleep!

The Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies is also an expert in preventing

leakages. Thanks to the absorbent core with microfibre, the diapers can lock any liquid or wetness for up to 12 hours.

Moreover, the extra dry layer distributes fluids evenly and

protects the skin from dangerous disinfections. Last but not least, the two-leg cuffs secure the diaper neatly, enabling the babies to sleep comfortably without any leak.

One disadvantage of this product, however, is its high price.

But considering all the benefits it offers, we trust it is worth your money!

Pampers Pure Protection made with plant-based materials – Premium quality materials

Pampers Pure Protection made with plant-based materials

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Regarding materials, the Pampers Pure Protection disposable nappies are the best in the current market.

The nappies are all made of premium cotton soft plant-based fibres. These materials not only boost the product’s absorbency and comfort but also protect the environment.

Additionally, there is no perfume, bleach, or harsh chemical involved in the manufacturing process. Thanks to this, Pampers nappies guarantee to leave no side-effects on babies with sensitive skin.

Moreover, the Pampers Pure protection disposables are highly reliable. Before their release, all nappies are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested with advanced technology.

This process minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and skin infections often seen in newborn babies. You can also test the absorbency of the product yourself with how dark the diaper-prints inside appear.

Unfortunately, there is not a wide range of colours for this product, which does not affect the nappies’ performance in any way, but we advise you to keep this in mind before buying.

  • High-quality cotton
  • No harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process
  • Tested with reliable technology
  • Lack of colours and design

Pampers Premium Protection Size 0 Nappies – Best for newborns

Pampers Premium Protection Size 0 Nappies

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The Pampers Premium Protection Nappies are the most popular products in birth stations for many reasons.

First of all, the superb softness of these diapers makes them ideal for vulnerable newborn babies. This quality is achieved through a great variety of features.

For example, the Heart Quilts inner fleece comes from feather-soft materials, providing a gentle touch on the baby’s skin and absorbs moisture optimally. The nappies also have many unique air channels with which babies can have breathable dryness that lasts up to 12 hours.

Next, these nappies are very convenient to use. Most have navel-friendly fits that perfectly suit newborn babies (size 0, 1, 2). Thanks to this characteristic, parents can save a lot of time finding the right size. Moreover, the wetness indicator makes it easier to determine when to change diapers.

Before buying this product, please note that it is made specifically for newborns. Toddlers from 3 to 6 months old will not fit well in this diaper.


  • Ideal for vulnerable newborns
  • Feather-soft materials
  • Convenient to use
  • Do not fit toddlers ( 3-6 months)

Mama Bear Disposable Nappies – Most comfortable

Mama Bear Disposable Nappies

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When it comes to comfort, the Mama Bear Disposable Nappies are unrivalled.

The diapers come with absorbing air channels to keep the baby dry and comfortable for a long time. Furthermore, the top layer is greatly embossed to increase softness and suppleness during use.

This quality makes it easier for the baby to move around and prevents any potential skin infections. Super safe and comfortable! Besides comfort, the Mama Bear disposables are proficient leakage preventers.

With double elastic barriers on the leg cuffs, the nappy will be a snug fit for your baby, making him feel cosy and safe from any potential liquid leakage. The soft and absorbent inner layer also prevents the baby’s skin from re-wetting. Very convenient for overnight use!

One drawback of these disposable nappies, however, is their inconsistency in production. Sometimes, the size might be different than what the packaging suggests. If you have any problems, contact the Mama Bear hotline for full refunds or replacements.

  • Good leakage prevention
  • Easy for babies to move around
  • Customisable sizes
  • Inconsistency in production

Mama Bear Disney Disposable Nappies – Best overall

Mama Bear Disney Disposable Nappies

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The Mama Bear Disney is one of the best disposable nappies in the current market.

By featuring double elastic barriers and leg cuffs, the nappies can fit babies of any size, making it highly convenient for parents when diaper shopping and provides extra comfort for babies during use.

Likewise, the embossed inner layer is super versatile. Besides feeling soft and gentle on sensitive skin, it is useful for liquid storage and re-wetting prevention.

Furthermore, the technology that makes these nappies is top-tier, which presents in a lot of the product’s unique features.

For example, the breathable air channels promote extra dry comfort and keep the baby’s blood circulation stable. The wetness indicator also makes it easier for parents to specify their baby’s right nappy size and urinary frequency.

Manufacturing these high-quality disposables takes a lot of steps, resulting in a high level of carbon emission and waste. Mama Bear team is working hard to alleviate this problem in their next upcoming products. Keep updated by visiting the brand’s website!


  • Well-rounded
  • Fit babies of all sizes
  • Made with advanced technology
  • Not environmentally-friendly

Muumi Baby Eco Nappies – Most environment-friendly

Muumi Baby Eco Nappies

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Disposable nappies usually have a bad reputation for being environmentally harmful. However, the Muumi Baby Eco Nappies prove this statement wrong.

There are no harmful chemicals or materials involved in the manufacturing process of this product. Muumi Baby nappies are 100% chlorine-free with zero perfumes or toxins added.

Besides, the hydropower technology that makes these nappies is renewable with no carbon dioxide emission. Regarding disposal, all Muumi nappies are packed in biodegradable bags.

The Muumi diapers are made in Finland with the approval of Finnish Skin, Allergy and Asthma Federation. This acknowledgment boosts the quality of the product and minimizes its risk of skin infection to the lowest. The nappies also perform phenomenally when it comes to absorption and leakage prevention.

However, the Muumi Baby Eco nappies have one disadvantage. They are hard to find the right size. Before going shopping, it is advisable to read through the size charts to decide on the best fit possible!


  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Low risk of skin infection
  • Superb leakage prevention
  • Hard to find the right size

Bambo Nature Premium Eco Nappies – Best texture

Bambo Nature Premium Eco Nappies

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The Bamboo Eco Nappies have one of the best textures in the current market.

The nappies are made with organic cotton to provide extra softness and stretchiness on the surface. This quality not only allows for greater comfort but also makes it easier for babies to move around.

Besides, the Bamboo Eco nappies are safe on delicate skin. By manufacturing with little to no chemicals, the risk of skin rashes and infections when using these diapers runs low.

In addition to having a great texture, the nappies are highly absorbent. The new fluted channel system makes storing fluid seamless. Thanks to it, babies can always stay dry and comfortable. The top-dry system, additionally, enhances the absorption speed.

Last but not least, the technology that makes Bamboo Eco Nappies is superb. This characteristic is present in the flexible panel, helping users track their baby’s size and urinary frequency with ease.

Considering all the benefits these Bamboo Eco nappies offer, it is no surprise they are sold out frequently. We recommend checking the brand’s website regularly not to miss any good deals!


  • Good texture
  • Easy to move around with
  • Highly absorbent
  • Sold out frequently

Kit & Kin Eco Nappies Hypoallergenic and Sustainable – Best for delicate skin

Kit & Kin Eco Nappies Hypoallergenic and Sustainable

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For delicate newborns, the Kit and Kin Eco Nappies Bundle is an ideal option.

They are safe for every skin type, including sensitive ones. Made of premium organic cotton, the Kit Kin eco diaper is highly hypoallergenic, meaning that babies are safe from every kind of allergic reaction or nappy rash that may come up during use.

Next, the absorbency level is superb. Thanks to a hyper absorbent core, the Kit Kin nappies can be dry for up to 12 hours. The moisture barrier cuffs, moreover, boosts absorption speed and prevents potential leakage.

The brand Kit and Kim makes great baby supplies but is also committed to environmental protection. Over the last decade, they have won multiple awards for the best sustainable and plant-based disposable nappies. Kit and Kin hope that they can continue their mission of putting out vegan and cruelty-free products.

There is almost no drawback to this product besides its price. Since Kit and Kin use organic materials and advanced eco-friendly technology to make these nappies, the retail price can be higher than regular nappies.


  • Suitable for every skin type
  • Can last a long time
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • High price

Mama Bamboo Eco-Friendly Natural Bamboo Nappies – Most reliable

Mama Bamboo Eco-Friendly Natural Bamboo Nappies

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It is hard to talk about disposable diapers without mentioning Mama Bamboo Eco-Friendly Nappies. Over the last few years, the product has proved its reliability by consistent popularity and sales.

To prove how reliable these nappies are, let us look at its awards over the years. In 2015, it was voted “The Best Performance Nappy Range” by Mother&Baby.

Three years later, MadeForMums named it the “Best Eco-nappy” product. These awards prove Mama Bamboo to be consistent with its performance and reliability.

About the product details, we have nothing to question. All nappies have a higher percentage of biodegradable materials (80% bamboo) than many other eco nappies on the market. Thanks to this, babies are safe from nappy rash and skin infection. The 7-layer design, moreover, provides excellent absorbency and leakage protection.

There is no chlorine, alcohol or latex involved in the manufacturing process. Instead, the natural fibres from bamboo offer excellent breathability, temperature regulation and antibacterial properties for babies.

One common complaint about this diaper, however, is that it is hard to put on. We advise everyone to read the manual carefully before using.


  • High percentage of biodegradable materials
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Excellent breathability
  • Hard to put on

Sensalou Adult Incontinence Pants for Men and Women – Easy to use

Sensalou Adult Incontinence Pants for Men and Women

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The Sensalou Adult Incontinence Pants is one of the best disposable nappies for busy adults.

These diapers are suitable anytime and for every skin type. Sensalou incontinence pants guarantee safety for daily use and sensitive skin for not involving any latex and harsh chemical during the manufacturing process.

You can easily slip this pull-up on without fear of after-effects. Very time-efficient and cost-effective in the long run. Moreover, thanks to a high level of liquid absorption, the nappies can last long hours without causing discomfort.

This made-to-perfection characteristic is all because of the double-absorbent core, which converts urine into gel and consequently, prevents dripping. Reportedly, those who have tried this diaper are very happy with how comfortable and clean it feels.

Last but not least, you can wear these incontinence pants for both indoor and outdoor activities. With a soft and textile surface, these nappies make little to no ruffling sounds upon any movement.

Additionally, the elastic waistband makes it easier to change the nappy’s size and diameter. As a result, both men and women can wear it as a regular pair of underwear.

However, as much as this diaper feels good on your skin, it will not look pleasant if worn beneath tight pants. We always recommend customers to go with loose clothes when using this product.


  • Suitable for every skin type
  • Little risk of skin infection
  • No sounds when walking
  • Bulky if worn inside tight pants

Buying Guide On How To Choose The Best Disposable Nappies

Why should you buy disposable nappies? 


Unlike cloth diapers, disposable nappies require no washing after use. The only thing you have to do is fold and toss them in the trash can.

In addition to that, disposable nappies are easy to use. Most are pre-fold and ready to slip on your baby anytime. Some even have napes that make size adjustments more convenient for parents.

Best Disposable Nappies

Safe for small children

Compared to other types of diapers, disposable nappies have a higher absorption capability.

For example, the crystal technology prevents any liquid from spilling out, minimizing the risk of diaper rash. Moreover, the navel protection design reduces friction against the baby’s umbilical cord. Thanks to this, they are safe from any infectious disease and rashes.

Why should you not buy disposable nappies?


Disposable nappy’s production requires a lot of high-quality materials and advanced technology . As a result, they are more expensive than any other type of diaper in the current market.

It is up to consumers to decide what level of quality and price that suits you the most.

Not environmental-friendly

According to the Environment Agency, a typical child uses 2200 diapers every year. This number means that around 550kg of carbon dioxide will be emitted by one child annually.

Combined with the fact that disposable nappies take 500 years to decompose, we can see that this product puts a heavy strain on the environment.

What factors should you consider before buying disposable nappies?


Since nappies are used directly on babies, it is the safest to choose from established nappy brands. Low-quality nappies can be dangerous to sensitive skin, especially that of babies.

Best Disposable Nappies To Purchase in The UK 2021

For example, many companies manufacture their products with synthetic fibres and dyes. These harsh chemicals can cause allergic reactions and rashes to premature skin.


Absorbency is the number one benefit of disposable nappy. Thanks to this quality, children can go a long time without leaking and discomfort. It also helps save parents a lot of time changing diapers.

One way for you to test the absorbency of nappies is by weight. Usually, highly absorbent nappies will weigh more than the low counterparts. You can also use samples and do the saline solution experiment to test the absorbency before buying.


Finding the right diaper size can take more than a couple of attempts. We advise taking your child to go shopping with you or careful measurements of them beforehand.

A pretty accurate and easy way to determine the right size is with your fingers. This method is done by putting two fingers under the waistband. If they do not fit, the size is too small.

Another way is to notice the nappy’s after-use effect on your child’s skin. If it leaves a red mark on his or her skin or does not fully cover the butt, go for a bigger size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a disposable nappy?

Disposable nappies are single-use underwears that allow babies to urinate or defecate without toilets. Compared to traditional cloth diapers, they have a few differences.

Firstly, disposable nappies are more absorbent, thanks to polyethene – a type of water-proof plastic material that contains hydrogel crystals. Hydrogel crystals store bodily fluid neatly and can make disposable nappies last up to 12 hours.

Disposable Nappies

Secondly, disposable nappies are more convenient to use. Most are single-use and do not require any cleaning.

However, disposable nappies are not as eco-friendly as their counterparts due to the complex manufacturing process and single-use nature.

Are disposable nappies biodegradable?

There are not many biodegradable nappies in the current market. However, many nappy brands have been introducing other environmental-conscious options.

For example, Mama Bamboo nappies have up to 80% of natural bamboo in their manufacture, meaning the nappies are safe for delicate skin while still maintaining a high level of absorbency.

Another suggestion will be Muumi Eco Nappies, which are 100% chlorine-free with zero perfumes or toxins. There are no harmful chemicals involved in the making process of this product either. The hydropower technology that makes these nappies utilizes renewable materials to reduce carbon dioxide emission.

How many boxes of newborn nappies should I buy?

The answer to this question depends a lot on the urinary frequency of your child. On average, newborns use around 8 to 10 nappies per day, meaning parents will have to stockpile around 15 packs of diapers for each month.

However, you can cut this number down by choosing high-quality and absorbent nappies that last a longer time.

A few of our suggestions are Mama bear Disney disposable nappies and Pampers Baby-Dry nappies. Both offer a comfortable and absorbent diaper base.

What are better, reusable nappies or disposable nappies?

Both types of nappies have their pros and cons.

Regarding reusable nappies, they have less environmental impact. Users can also save a lot of money by recycling for multiple uses. This type of nappies are also less likely to cause nappy rash and skin infection.

On the other hand, disposable nappies are more suitable for simple and easy use. Thanks to the absorbent technology, you do not have to change your baby’ diapers frequently. Truly a time-saving solution for busy parents!

Is it safe to use diapers all the time?

It is not advisable to leave your baby in diapers all the time. Baby skin is very sensitive and susceptible to infections. However, if you do not have time to change diapers often, we recommend some skin-friendly nappies brands.

The Kit and Kin diapers and the Bambo Nature Premium nappies are all experts in minimizing the risk of skin rashes in small children.

Final Words

All of the suggested products above are some of the best disposable nappies in the UK market. We guarantee these diapers will be safe, comfortable, and cosy for your baby.

However, before investing in a product, make sure to thoroughly understand what you are looking to find the most secure fit possible.

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