Best Dishwasher Tablets in The UK: A Throughout Review With Buying Guide

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The best dishwasher tablets are always tasked with huge expectations, they have to remove and cut through all kinds of dried, baked-on foods from cookware, flatware, and obviously, dishes. Also, they can work in numerous water hardness and be completely safe for the dishwasher and everything else you put in.

As a result, getting a good dishwasher tablet means a whole world of difference, as you will never have to worry about washing by hand. There are many choices for dishwashing detergent, but the current best method is none other than dishwashing tablets. So, we will introduce you to the current ten best dishwashing tablets on the market.

Top 10 Best Dishwashing Tablets On The UK Market

Finish Lemon All-in-One Max Dishwasher Tablets – Best All-Around

Finish Lemon All-in-One Max Dishwasher Tablets

The Finish Lemon All-In-One Max tablets have the dual tablet tech

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The Finish Lemon All-In-One Max tablets, true to their name, can tackle just about whatever you throw at it with ease.

The main reason for such a strong performance is none other than the dual tablet tech, which provides these tablets with shockingly strong cleaning prowess. Also, this tech gives the tablets the capability to work without the need of you unwrapping.

That’s not all, though, Finish has included another tech to these tablets, the powerball, which will soften the food residues by soaking them in specifically-designed cleaning agents.

As such, these tablets can work with glass and even silverware in hard water conditions, where these things will prove to be quite a pain to take care of.

For these reasons, it is not at all an overstatement when we say that the Finish Lemon All-In-One Max tablets are, undoubtedly, the best all-around option for most situations.

The one weakness that we can find about this product is that the tablets do not dissolve completely. As a consequence, they may leave behind some gritty soap residues, which can take some time to get rid of.

  • Capable of working with just about anything
  • Strong cleaning prowess
  • Quick to soften the stains
  • Leaving behind soap residues

Fairy Platinum Plus Lemon Dishwasher – Best For Machine

Fairy Platinum Plus Lemon Dishwasher

The Fairy Platinum Plus Lemon tablets can soften hard water

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Do you know that too much detergent residue, dirt, and limescale building up inside your machine will lead to a breakdown? However, as they only build up in the pipes, filters, and behind the drum, it can be quite a challenge to take care of this issue. For this reason, the Fairy Platinum Plus Lemon tablets with their hard water softening capability will be a godsend.

Of course, aside from extending the life of your dishwasher, the Fairy Platinum Plus Lemon tablets also have many of the usual features you can find in the best dishwasher tablets such as being capable of breaking down stubborn residues and tough grease or providing your clean dishes a shine as good as what the new dishes have.

Naturally, with such a high quality as well as reliability, there is no way that the Fairy Platinum Plus Lemon Dishwasher tablets can be as cheap as other less powerful options. In fact, they cost nearly double what some of the options in this list cost, but that is indeed a price worthy of their performance, so it all balances out in our books.

  • Built in rinse aid
  • Providing a good shine
  • Good for machinery
  • Relatively expensive

Presto! All In One Automatic Dishwashing Tablets – Best Against Grease

Presto! All In One Automatic Dishwashing Tablets

The Presto! All In One Dishwashing Tablets is best against greases

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With a specialized formula, the Presto! All In One Automatic Dishwashing Tablets can cut through any type of grease, no matter how stubborn it is, with an ease that you have never seen before. In fact, we consider the power these tablets have against grease their best selling point, as we all know just how much of a pain food grease sticking to your dishes can be.

Obviously, that’s not all there is to these tablets, as they also have the famous Presto! rinse and salt tech, which can soften even the hardest of water, stopping any unsightly water or streak marks from happening. As a result, these tablets do not just simply clean dishes quickly, they also make sure that the dishes will also stay in the best shape possible.

Of course, there will always be a trade-off, and in this case, Presto has traded quick and powerful cleaning for being safer and stronger against greases. As a result, you will notice that there are some items that the Presto! All In One Automatic Dishwashing Tablets cannot completely destroy, which means there is a need for a rewash.

  • Strong against greases
  • Leaving no streak mark
  • Protecting your machine
  • Not powerful against specific items

Fairy Original All-in-One Dishwasher Tablet – Best Shine

Fairy Original All-in-One Dishwasher Tablet

The Fairy Original All-in-One Dishwasher Tablets leave no residue

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Combining powder and liquid into just one capsule, the Fairy Original All-in-One Dishwasher Tablets will destroy even the most stubborn grease which has dried up completely for more than 24 hours. While it is named a tablet, this dishwasher detergent performs more as an ultra-soluble pouch dissolving much faster in water than the usual hard-pressed tabs.

For this reason, the Fairy Original All-in-One Dishwasher Tablets can quickly work on the stubborn stains and remove itself with practically no residue. As such, you will get a shine like no other on your dishes after a simple procedure with them. In truth, we do believe that there is no other option on this list as good as the Fairy Original tablets at producing shines.

The one bad thing that we can find with these tablets was not within themselves, but with the way the manufacturer does the packaging. You see, as these are more akin to pouches containing both powder and liquid, if the packaging is not perfect, there is a high chance that the content will spill out and contaminate the whole bag, rendering everything useless.

  • Mix of powder and liquid
  • Quick to dissolve
  • Leaving virtually no residue
  • Bad packaging

Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets Lemon – Best Against Tough Stains

Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets Lemon

The Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets Lemon has a specialized enzyme

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Have you encountered a case where you find an interesting recipe but you can’t do it due to not being able to get rid of the tough food residue on the cookware? If the answer is yes, then the Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets Lemon will be a godsend to you, with their specialized enzyme powder base being capable of breaking down even the toughest residue.

That’s not all, though, as the specialized enzyme is so powerful, these tablets can also remove the hidden dishwasher filter greases, as we observed from many tests. As a result, you can kill two birds with one stone, cleaning both your dishes and dishwashers. In addition, these tablets can fight the build-up of calcium through their anti-limescale property.

Naturally, being such a powerful cleaning tool means these tablets cannot be as gentle to your dishes as other less potent options. Due to their power, you may occasionally find some streaks on the cookware, especially if you are using glass or silverware. Aside from this weakness, there is nothing else to deduct points from these tablets.

  • Powerful
  • Specialized enzyme
  • Can also work on machines
  • Capable of leaving streaks

Finish Powerball Quantum Lemon Sparkle Dishwasher – Best Time-Saving

Finish Powerball Quantum Lemon Sparkle Dishwasher

The Finish Powerball Quantum tablets have a special powerball tech

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Utilizing the most modern three chamber tech, the Finish Powerball Quantum Lemon Sparkle Dishwasher tablets will give you the fastest washing experience out of all Finish detergents.

The reason for this feature is none other than its powerball tech, which will only release cleaning agents to specific target stains. As such, it has quite an incredible working speed, from what we were able to gather from the tests.

To add to this unbelievable speed, there is also the fact that you do not need to unwrap the tablet before putting it into the detergent compartment. For this reason, each time you can save quite a bit of time, adding up to a huge sum. Thus, it is not an overstatement at all for us to call it the best option on this list when we talk about time-saving.

However, due to incorporating some of the newest techs there are, it is only natural that the Finish Powerball Quantum Lemon Sparkle Dishwasher tablets will be a little bit more expensive. As a matter of fact, being expensive is its only weakness, as we simply cannot find any other con in using this incredible dishwasher tablet.

  • Incredibly speedy working process
  • Time-saving
  • No need for unwrapping
  • Expensive

CLARO All-in-1 Phosphate Free Eco Dishwasher Tablets – Best Versatility

CLARO All-in-1 Phosphate Free Eco Dishwasher Tablets

The CLARO Phosphate Free Eco Dishwasher Tablet has three layers

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Having a total of three layers, the CLARO All-in-1 Phosphate Free Eco Dishwasher Tablet is indeed the most versatile of dishwasher tablets we have ever seen.

With the first layer, you have both the rinsing and salt substitute features, so there is no need for additional rinse aid. The second layer provides active oxygen to remove stains with just one wash cycle while keeping the dishwasher hygienic.

Next, there is the third layer, consisting of environment friendly enzymes to take care of the residues while protecting the dish patterns. From our tests, these enzymes are the best performing out of the ten options.

As such, these tablets can handle practically any kind of dish stains or food residues, no matter how hard-headed they are. But that’s not all, as they also have anti-limescale function, so there is virtually no limescale build-up in your dishwasher.

Nonetheless, there are still things that we hope CLARO can improve upon. For instance, these CLARO All-in-1 Phosphate Free Eco Dishwasher Tablets are not that good when it comes to glassware handling. As a result, they usually leave some gritty residue back on the glassware, requiring you to do a hand re-wash.

  • Versatile
  • Three layers with unique use
  • Anti-limescale
  • Not good against glassware

Finish Classic Regular Dishwasher Tablets – Best Quantity

Finish Classic Regular Dishwasher Tablets

The Finish Classic Regular Dishwasher Tablets have pre-wash action

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Having a total of 125 tablets available, there is no doubt that the Finish Classic Regular Dishwasher Tablets have the most tablets out of this list. As a consequence, getting just one box of these can last you quite a long time, no matter how much dish cleaning you do every day.

That’s not all, though, as these tablets do have a unique pre-wash action, so they can effectively remove just about any stains, as our tests have shown. After all, they can work two times, once before the washing process and once during it.

Furthermore, these Finish tablets can soften food and descale it in a matter of seconds, thanks to their special formula. For this reason, they can descale practically any kind of food debris, eliminating without any trace left.

Nevertheless, we are still not that pleased with some features of the Finish Classic Regular Dishwasher Tablets. To be more specific, there is no limescale remover or even shine feature. As such, if you want these, you will have to enlist the help of additional aids, which can be more costly and more time-consuming.

  • High quantity
  • Pre-wash action
  • Descaling feature
  • No limescale remover
  • No shine

Astonish All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets – Best For Glasswares

Astonish All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets

The Astonish All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets have built-in rinse aid

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Thanks to having a pure sodium base, the Astonish All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets possess quite a powerful cleaning capability.

Due to this sodium base, it can remove some of the toughest stains in our tests with just one wash cycle, yet still is safe enough for glass cookware. As we all know, most dishwasher tablets are not safe for glasswares, either leaving streak marks or disgusting residues.

Additionally, these tablets do have rinse aid built in, so you will not have to waste time and money getting them. Thus, you can even use them even in hard water areas, where it is notoriously hard to wash delicate wares without damaging them, with no side effects, at all. Also, these tablets do leave quite a refreshing lemon scent, increasing your mood.

Due to focusing too much on rinse aid and being safe for hard waters, these Astonish All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets have acquired an unintended weakness, being not that effective against glass cookware. To be more specific, they can work on glass, but they will leave behind some murky residue, so you will need to re-wash by hand.

  • Sodium base
  • Safe for glass
  • Rinse aid
  • Still leaving murky residues

Finish 0% Dishwasher Tablets – Best For The Environment

Finish 0% Dishwasher Tablets

The Finish 0% Dishwasher Tablets are completely safe for the environment

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If you love the Finish All-In-One tablets, there is no way that you would not like the Finish 0% Dishwasher Tablets. After all, they deliver 100% the same performance as the Finish All-In-One tablets without any help of preservatives or even fragrance. For this reason, we believe that these tablets are the best for people who are interested in the environment.

To add to their safe-for-the-environment selling point, the Finish 0% has a completely recyclable package. In truth, with the 100% water soluble, biodegradable film, you will not have to painstakingly open the wrapping and then throw them out. Instead, all you need to do is drop the whole pouch into the machine and the water will handle the rest.

The one weakness that we were able to observe from our tests on this otherwise perfect product is that it seems like these tablets do leave behind some powder on glass wares after each wash cycle. As such, you may need to perform a re-wash by hands, which can be a huge minus for a lot of people. After all, the point of a detergent tablet is to save time.

  • Powerful cleaning
  • No preservative
  • Biodegradable film
  • Leaving behind some powder

How To Pick The Best Dishwasher Tablets In The U.K

We have introduced you to the current 10 best dishwasher tablets, in our opinion. Now, it is on you to decide just exactly which is the best for your own situation. Worry not, as we have prepared some specific guide on how to pick the best one and which feature to look for.

Best Dishwasher Tablets in The UK

How Friendly To The Environment Are They?

There is no better measurement for how safe a dishwasher tablet is for the environment than the eco-friendly rating. For the most part, dishwasher tablets consist of harsh additives as well as chemicals, both of which are not safe at all for the septic tank and drains’ waterways. Using those unsafe tablets will undoubtedly lead to harmful reactions for the environment.

Hence, if you are someone interested in protecting your own environment, then the best dishwasher tablets should only have natural ingredients, consist of no trace of phosphates as well as chlorine, and not tested on any animal. After all, there is always a chance of the cleaning tablet leaving behind some residue, which we can accidentally consume.

How Strong Are They Against Grease And Stain?

The best of dishwasher tablets should be able to tackle any stuck-on food residues, even those that have been there for more than 48 hours. For these, we recommend looking at the tablets that have a triple-action layer, as they can combine rinse aid, gel, and powder into one pouch and effectively lift, dissolve, and remove any kind of grease and stain.

How Good Are They At Creating Shine?

Most of us want to see our dishes looking sparkling and brand-new right after a trip into the dishwasher. However, that is more often than not just a fleeting dream, if you do not know about dishwasher tablets which contain the rinse aid feature.

With this feature, you can ensure that droplets of water on your dishes will disperse quickly, allowing them to dry quickly. As a result, you will get shiny and streak-free dishes.

Dishwasher Tablets

Also, the type of water (hard or soft) that you have will also affect the water spots on your glass dishes. Thus, we do recommend testing the water beforehand to know how hard it is. After all, rinse aid can only be highly effective in soft water, while hard water will make them create unattractive water spots all over your dishes.

A good way to fix this issue is to add vinegar to the hard water, as they can significantly lessen the damage as well as the number of water spots.

How Many Tablets Are There?

Most of us will overlook this, but it is, in fact, among the most important features of dishwasher tablets. At the end of the day, it represents how much value for the money a specific type of tablet is, so you can maximize the usage of each pack.


How Do Dishwasher Tablets Work?

There are many ingredients in a tablet of dishwasher detergents working to ensure that your dish becomes shiny. First of all, the surfactants, which mix with water to pick up and then destroy any food debris on any dish.

There are also enzymes, which will break down and then eat away any starchy protein and food residue. Lastly, there are builders which will help with tackling issues coming from hard water.

How To Use Dishwasher Detergent Tablets?

It is actually quite easy to use tablet dishwasher detergents. There are some detergent packs that require you to remove their protective packaging, while others have biodegradable packages. Then, all you need to do is pop that tablet into the detergent dispensing compartment, close it, and turn the dishwasher on, letting the technology finish its job.

Best Dishwasher Tablet UK

Of course, there are also some pointers that you need to keep in mind. For example, you need to ensure that both the tablet and the detergent cup must be dry before placing the tablet into the cup. Obviously, this means you must do things with dry hands. Also, you need to always remember to seal the packs again after each use.

Do Dishwasher Tablets Go Out Of Date?

In most cases, dishwasher tablets’ standard shelf life are somewhere around two years. However, there is always a chance of the product deterioration in quality over a certain amount of time. Hence, it is best if you do not stockpile the dishwasher tablets.

Generally, using out-of-date dishwasher detergents will not harm your dishwasher or kitchenware. Nonetheless, it will surely be less effective than tablets that are still not out-of-date.


After reading through this review and buying guide, we sincerely hope that now you will know which of the ten recommended best dishwasher tablets is the most fitting for your own situation.

However, if you are still not able to make an informed decision, our recommendation is to get the Finish Lemon All-in-One Max Dishwasher Detergents Tablet. All in all, it is the best all-around option, in our opinion.

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